Пейтон Лист


Американская телевизионная актриса и модель.
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It was all fun and games until the boat started filling up... 😂 #DeparturesMovie


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How to slide into the dms kids... I'll keep my day job.

#Repost @obsessee ・・・ Happy Earth Day! Today we’re taking a moment to remember how lucky we are to call this planet our home. Let’s pledge to do our part in preserving our world. We want to raise $1000 for the @sierraclub, and we need your help: For every regram of this graphic that tags @obsessee in the next 24 hours, we'll donate $1 until we reach our goal. Here’s to coming together to protect the environment, on Earth Day and beyond. 🌎 Consume consciously. Think before you buy, only purchase things you can use over and over, and reevaluate habits to make sure they don’t negatively impact the planet. 🌎 Strive for zero waste. Resist buying an item that comes in plastic packaging. Take glass containers or cloths bags to the grocery store for things like produce, coffee, beans, nuts, pasta and rice. Bring your own tote bag to the checkout. Always recycle. And while it may seem daunting, look for resources to learn how to compost your food scraps and organic waste. 🌎 Reuse or buy used. Repair or donate items rather than throwing them out, and consider borrowing rather than buying. If you have to make a purchase, buy secondhand or look for goods made with sustainably sourced, deadstock, or recycled materials. One person’s trash is someone else’s treasure! 🌎 Save natural resources. Use public transportation and carpool. Turn off the lights before you leave the room and unplug electronics when they are not in use. Only use the water you really need when showering and doing dishes. And never heat or cool an empty room. Water and energy are precious and finite. 🌎 Support local and ethical businesses. Shop at stores and buy from brands that make environmentally and socially responsible decisions and strive to lower your carbon footprint. Align your spending habits with your values.

Bangkok, Thailand

Lotus water droplets outside the Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Grand Palace


@outcastsmovie is NOW out in select theaters + VOD + ITunes 🙌🏼

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Hey @victoriassecret thanks for having me

Mah girls and I getting ready for Kendrick Lamar

Coachella Music and Arts Festival


Coachella Valley

🌈✨ @popsugar #popsugarcc

Give me that thing that I love...

Palm Springs, California


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