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Американский актёр, наиболее известный по ролям: Донована Рэя в сериале «Криминальные гонки», Карлайла Каллена в фильме «Сумерки» и доктора Фитча Купера по прозвищу «Доктор Куп» в телесериале «Сестра Джеки».
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Catch me on @iamsteveharveytv today Had a blast with Mr. Harvey aka #theblacknikeswoosh

If someone took a picture of my inner child this is what I'd imagine him to look like. #innerchild

Laguna Beach, California

#Father/DaughterGoals ❤️ This girl can sing. #lagunabeach #thetomitomshow https://m.facebook.com/The-TomiTom-Sho-1621587601400482/

New York, New York

Last night I had dinner with the most eclectic group of individuals. We talked Religion, politics, global warming, and favorite foods and as different as our options were we walked away smiling with respect for each other. If only we could do this on a greater scale. Didn't hurt that the food was amazing. That's a dessert board behind us that we all created together with the help of #chefpatrick #unitythroughfood

SoHo, Manhattan

#Wilde Press Day with the amazing Glenn Close, superb director- Damian Harris, and the talented Grace Van Patten #WildeWedding hits theaters this Friday. 🎥

#ClimateChange is not just a bunch of hot air. Put the sound on. This is the sound #Irma screaming at us to pay attention!!! Horrifying. :( We can't ignore this anymore. 🙏 keep safe.


#OldHollywoodGlamparty #nofilter #angelswithdirtyfaces


Old Hollywood Glam Party. Happy29thBdayGaryWalters🎉


#Postcard from #Paradise Hope you all had a great #HappyLaborDay. #Workhardplayhard #aloha 🌼 #nofillter


#Postcard from #Paradise. #aloha 🌸 #nofilter #happylabordayweekend


Postcard from paradise. #happylaborday Aloha🌺

View from my Plane window yesterday. #nofilter

I'm on @TeamNoni Sending you positive vibes and well wishes Antonia. - You go Gurley 😉🎉🎉🎉

Lov! -painted by Fiona Picasso

Before you can love anyone else...you have to love your selfie.

Saturday BBq with Friends. New pellet grill from @greenmountaingrills. So excited. Meat is on point.


Had fun shooting the fall cover of @lapalmemagazine with this cool dude Stylin' Me. Thanks @derekwarburton

A picture of the #Eclipse. Just in case you missed it...

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