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You can #camp with us

..I have slept with you all night long while the dark earth spins with the living and the dead..

In honor of #movember 💂 Also I have noticed recently that some photographers on Instagram post a picture and include a song track in the notes. This song should be listened to or brought to mind at the same time as viewing the photo. It serves to give greater understanding, it evokes the mood, it reveals the deeper meaning and helps the artist and viewer connect sensuously in a shared moment of human creative expression. .🎤Hanson - MMMBop 🎼

Have you ever watched a bird build its nest? Or a rustling hedgehog burrow through the autumnal leaves, or a spider weave her web, the shimmering silk laden with dew. Have you watched while the tree branches dance in the wind like coral reefs swaying in an ocean current. Have you stared in quiet wonder at the murmuration of a flock of starlings in the fading light?

Tb to the talented @johnbrawley making me look cooler than I am 😎

The present is a little too messed up so imma head over to the future a minute.. I'll keep you posted 🛰

'Everybody's dressin' up, I'm dressin' down' 🎼

I deeply whole heartedly love trees

"One day all this will be yours my son" said the Billionaire. Whilst the rest of us struggle to get a foot on the ever increasingly extortionate housing market.

Come at me #newyork excited to be in the city for a while! Ps if anyone can do a better impression of a flying squirrel than me I'll buy you brunch.

Come into the light! Captured by @alicerabbitshoots


Magical nights #burningman Freedom can only be found in a society that is without judgement ♥️

That's all folks! Thank you for your support 🙏🏽#teamjames #queenofthesouth

Uh oh double trouble. Throwback to this time last year, treading the boards. When I'm in a theatre city I go see plays all the time, it's one of my favorite things to do, I think the stage is such an immediate, moving, magical place. I wish a more diverse cross section of society would go and make an effort to see plays, if you haven't you should give it a chance, there's all kinds of productions and stories out there, the theatre really is for everyone! I absolutely love love love the theatre! #theatreslut

Here I am straight off a long flight, deliriously jetlagged, having a bad hair day, but very grateful to be recognized with the Imagen award for best supporting actor 2017. Acting is not an individual pursuit but a collective endeavor. So many people put their time and energy and often blood, sweat and tears into making any production possible, every single persons contribution is invaluable. Although as actors we can face the brunt of criticism or the bulk of praise, we are a team, a family, we all feel any failures and we must all share any success. So I share this award equally with the hundreds of people who I am fortunate enough to call my colleagues and friends, this is as much yours as mine. Thank you all ❤️

I'll meet you in the clouds

Actor life

Come away with me, let's go on an adventure. Don't think about the money it'll cost, don't think about the organization or about how "busy" you are, don't think if you can or if you should, don't think about what you'll miss. Think about what you'll gain. Think of the warm breeze ruffling your hair, think of the laugh we'll share as the wind catches the sail, think of the drink we'll sip as we sit watching the rosy fingered sunset paint a trail of gold from horizon to lapping shore, think of us laying on our backs, wide eyed, the infinite starscape blowing our minds, think of waking up to sights you've never seen before, to a new bay to swim in, a new beach play on, a new island to explore. Think of the moment, think of the memories. Come away with me, let's go on an adventure.

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