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Channeling my inner #musketeer! 🤺 Fun fact of the day, the Gadiot’s originated in #Aquitaine, France. I reckon my ancestors would be proud of my twizzled tash! Well, maybe not but points for trying. Horses, hats, pointy facial hair and castles.. Ohh I was born in the wrong century🏰

Happy #valentines day to all you lonely hearts and unrequited lovers 💘

Wake up you sleepy head! Put on some clothes, get out of bed, Put another log on the fire for me, I've made some breakfast and coffee, Look out my window and what do I see..

Throwback to when I was cabin boy on a spaceship 🚀 🛰🌌

Hut life #Aotearoa

This heart of stone has a story! After summiting I spot something- buried in a pile of stones, untouched on that remote mountain for perhaps millions of years, 3000M high, was this rock. Cracked & shaped by the forces of nature over time & forming a near perfect #heart. I thought it was a beautiful miracle. I had to take it home with me. To my partners bemusement I put the heavy rock in my pack. Two hrs later I say “Stop! Listen.” The faintest voice is there in the wind. “Help! Help! Come back!” We look at each other. Shit. I shout “We’re coming!” We turn & climb back up. A solo climber we met earlier fell a nasty vertical drop, hit a ledge & stopped just short of the precipice. His leg was badly broken. There’s no way he could move or that we could move him. We were three days hike from the nearest dirt road. Fortunately we have a satellite phone & call in the emergency. We layered up and waited. But then the weather began to turn. I watched the blue sky disappear and the clouds swirl & encircle us. The visibility reduced to nothing. Bad news. Hidden in the whiteout. Hours pass & the sun dips behind the rocky spine throwing us into shade. The temperature drops. I started to prepare for a night exposed on the mountain. Then we hear the familiar chugging of helicopter rotors. There’s a break in the cloud. We spot it. But it can’t see us. Tiny specs on the giant peak. At last we are sighted, a man winches down, the injured climber is stabilized and flown straight of the ledge, hanging below the chopper. They vanish, the sound fades to silence, until it’s just us, darkness closing in, still 6 hours climb to camp. We made it back, he didn’t, but he lives to fight another day. He was lucky I heard his cry for help. A bit later or if the wind was up, his voice would’ve been drowned out and he’d be up there alone. And the stone heart? I took it out to access my pack in the rescue. Then after, with our need to get to safety, I forgot it. I was so sad when I realized I left it! But, the reason I don’t have it is because we returned to help someone in need. I left my heart on the mountain to help save someone’s life. What else are hearts for right? To give love🖤

On the #summit of Mt Aspiring in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. It’s not the altitude that’s the challenge on this peak, but the unpredictable, variable terrain with high object dangers. Most of the lower ridge is usually covered in snow so this allows a relatively fast ascent on crampons to the upper part, but due to #globalwarming it was all exposed rock until the summit cone, where we encountered steep tricky ice sections. (A guide I met after said in 15 years on that mountain he had never seen less snow.) This exposed rock presented us with dangerous and technical multi-pitches on vertical walls, huge buttresses and gendarmes that added hours and a lot more risk to the summit day. All made harder wearer big bulky high alpine boots. The biggest single danger was the rock itself. New Zealand rock is notoriously poor. The freeze-thaw cycle means that its allways cracking and broken up. It’s a crumbly mess. The rockfall is a huge risk. The previous week on nearby Mt Cook we met a climber who was hit by a rock and broke his arm- we helped him get emergency evacuated- he couldn’t get off the mountain with one arm. Here, I was on belay and then I hear Rock! Rock! A head sized boulder comes hurtling down towards me, bouncing left and right. I’m perched on a tiny ledge, no way to move my feet, really all I can do is move my head, it rockets downs right at my face and I just dodge it by an inch. A few tiny pieces hit me, one acorn sized one smashes my shin and a thumbnail sized stone hits me in the face and nearly knocks a tooth out.. can you imagine if the big one hit me, it’s game over. And it’s a bitch to climb on. Literally most of your hand holds pull away or fall apart, and with a thousand foot drop at stake, it’s very frustrating. And it’s not just small pieces that flake away, but huge boulders that you’re certain look stable, move and wobble when tested. You cannot trust anything. You climb expecting your hold to fail. It makes even a simple scramble section have potentially fatal fall consequences. The two of us made it up and down safely but another climber we met on the ascent was not so lucky. Read my next post for that story.

I present to you the mountain outhouse = No lines and a view🗻🚽 #nofilter !

Sunrise to sunset. Retracing our bootsteps back to camp. Gotta love those long days on the #mountain

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You can #camp with us

..I have slept with you all night long while the dark earth spins with the living and the dead..

In honor of #movember 💂 Also I have noticed recently that some photographers on Instagram post a picture and include a song track in the notes. This song should be listened to or brought to mind at the same time as viewing the photo. It serves to give greater understanding, it evokes the mood, it reveals the deeper meaning and helps the artist and viewer connect sensuously in a shared moment of human creative expression. .🎤Hanson - MMMBop 🎼

Have you ever watched a bird build its nest? Or a rustling hedgehog burrow through the autumnal leaves, or a spider weave her web, the shimmering silk laden with dew. Have you watched while the tree branches dance in the wind like coral reefs swaying in an ocean current. Have you stared in quiet wonder at the murmuration of a flock of starlings in the fading light?

Tb to the talented @johnbrawley making me look cooler than I am 😎

The present is a little too messed up so imma head over to the future a minute.. I'll keep you posted 🛰

'Everybody's dressin' up, I'm dressin' down' 🎼

I deeply whole heartedly love trees

"One day all this will be yours my son" said the Billionaire. Whilst the rest of us struggle to get a foot on the ever increasingly extortionate housing market.

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