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Hands up who's surfed an Iceberg 🙋🏽‍♂️

Me thinking about 2016 Shot by the talented Michael Avedon for 'The Last Magazine' It's been a divisive year. Yes it's true division exists, but so does unity. You have countless similarities to the people who may seem the most alien to you and you have many differences to even the person with whom you are closest to in the world. The extent to which you see and value difference or similarities is a CHOICE. You choose weather to focus on the things which divide you or the things that unite you. It's as simple and as powerful as that. I'm hoping in 2017 more people realize that their choices create their reality. Happy New Year ❤️

A behind the scenes shot of Zoltar and I giving it our best blue steel. I enjoyed working with Zolt, he's a quiet unassuming guy, not trying to be the center of attention, he goes about his job with studious calm and he knows that when it comes to words, less is more. My kinda guy. "Fools talk, wise men listen"

Regardless of political affiliation or who you chose to be president, there is only one planet you can choose to live on. So let's be sensible shall we and take care of it! #waterislife #nodapl #standwithstandingrock #UpToUs #fightwithlight PC-@overpasslightbrigade

One of my favorite shoots ⚔️ #TUT @spiketv

I'm chuffed to be featured in @jonmagazine Photography by @leighkeily grooming by @melissaadelaide styling by @martinwaitt Full interview and pics coming soon :)

I talk @queenonusa (on tonight!) and much more with @indiracesarine for my feature with the awesome @theuntitledmagazine with photos by @carterbsmith 🙏🏽💫 http://untitled-magazine.com/peter-gadiot-on-playing-conflicted-characters-and-rowing-naked-across-the-atlantic/

One of the shots from my Monrowe magazine feature! Photo by Stefano Ortega, Styling by Caitlyn Leary, Grooming by Korey Fitzpatrick. Full article here- http://monrowemagazine.com/2016/08/09/peter-gadiot/

What is James up to? Find out Tonight! #queenofthesouth @usa_network @queenonusa

'Carribean Zen' Finding stillness, re-centering = Life essentials 🙏🏽

Me on stage as PETRUCHIO in "The Taming of the Shrew" It's a true honor for an actor to play a leading role in a Shakespeare play, to explore the thoughts and speak the words of our greatest playwright. Magic. Thanks to the STC, the brilliant cast and crew and all the people who came and watched and shared in the experience over the whole run! If you missed it, you missed out 🎭

TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT Episode 2 of #queenofthesouth on USA Network we are introduced to JAMES 👊🏽 Don't miss out! 😎 @queenonusa

💀 'Queen of the South' premieres Thursday JUNE 23rd 10pm on USA network! Although my character JAMES doesn't appear in the first ep, you'll be seeing a lot of me in the show! I am in every episode after that. Just wanted to give a heads up incase you watched and were wondering! So the first episode I am in is ep 2 that airs on the 30th but please tune in for the premiere on the 23rd, you're gonna love it!💸 @queenonusa

Reminiscing about Wonderland🐇🍄 #cyrus #ouatwonderland #ouatw #oncewonderland #oncers

Official criminal evidence, recently released! This pic is of me sitting on a train. Half way thru the photoshoot a cop car pulls up and this guy was one of those cops who, shall we say shouldn't be in a position of authority. He gets all angry that we don't have the right permit to be on a locomotive and it's an offense (even tho it's in a public yard not on live tracks). Despite all our pleas for him to listen to common sense and reason he wants to make a thing of it and as I was the one actually on the train I am to get prosecuted! Long story short, I went to film for 6 months in Texas and I had to fly back to LA to go to a court hearing twice! Of course once it did finally get heard the prosecutor threw out the case and I didn't even have to pay a fine. She was kind of embarrassed it made it that far, because of one over zealous cop. Yeah no kidding. Moral of the story? Heck if I know. 🚋 @carissaferreri @izakr

That's a wrap 🎥 #QueenoftheSouth It has been an intense 6 month long shoot, but with an awesome cast and crew. The drug cartel world is a fascinating and frightening place to explore. My character JAMES is like nothing I've ever played before and I can't wait to see how the show turns out. Hope some of you will come along for the ride this summer @queenonusa 🔫

I woke up like dis..

Love this shot! Photography by @grayhamner styling by @toyeadedipe Fine work gentlemen, fine work!

High altitude mountaineering is a strange beast. If you haven't experienced the effects of altitude it's basically like kryptonite, where by the strongest, fittest athlete at sea level is suddenly reduced to a decrepit shadow of his former self where literally just putting one foot in front of the other is a titanic struggle of mental will. Your lungs heave, your head throbs, your shoulders, neck and back burn from the heavy pack, you feel weak, dizzy, dehydrated, add to that a little sleep deprivation and repeat for days or weeks on end and you got yourself an expedition! Sounds fun right? The best part is all this don't come cheap! You have to pay for the pain. So why do I do it- repeatedly? Well for starters please see the photo above. Epic beauty. Unspoiled, pristine, remote, timeless nature. Also the camaraderie, nothing will bring you closer to another person than going thru something brutal and surviving. But mostly it's the personal challenge, quite simply, the harder something is to achieve the greater the feeling of joy upon success. So to me and my fellow adventurers it's a no brainier. We want it to be difficult or there's no point. If you don't break down it wasn't tough enough. And not tough to be macho just for the sake of it. It is pushing yourself to the limit, suffering, doubting, fearing and then finally succeeding. Through all the struggle- only because of the struggle, comes the accomplishment, the elation, the fulfillment. You can only reach the highest highs after hitting the lowest lows. Broadly speaking there are two kinds of people in the world, those who innately understand this and those who don't. Which one are you?

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