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Thinking, thinking, what ya thinking? Me, I’ve been thinking about #KeepFamiliesTogether & #EndFamilySeparation I’m sure you know what has been happening. But how? How can a country that calls itself “the land of the free and the home of the brave” do something so cowardly and cruel? The United States government is literally torturing children. Look up the UNHCR definition of torture- it exactly matches what these children are suffering. This isn’t conjecture or speculation, its documented fact. Not to mention it’s certainly a “cruel and unusual punishment” that directly contravenes the eight amendment. So what this administration is doing is illegal and unconstitutional. And yet the government still has not reunited families. Children are still imprisoned at detention centers and authorities are admitting they don’t even know who some of the parents are. To be ripped from your parents and locked up alone in a cage is an unimaginable horror to experience as child. This terrifying trauma will stay with them and haunt them forever. It is literally destroying their lives. If you have supported this president in the past, does this act make you feel #proud of his #leadership? Do you feel this is making #America #great? Does this reflect you and your #values and create the kind of world you want to live in and to pass on to future generations? America is a #democracy. Are you a citizen? Then this act that is destroying children’s lives is being done in YOUR name. Are you okay with that? If not, do something about it. #AbolishICE #FamiliesBelongTogether #SchoolsNotPrisons

If you don’t know, now you know.☮️ #happiness is a #choice It is not your external world that dictates your wellbeing... #lookinside ❤️ 🙏

Mug shot #guilty

Great to get back behind the camera and be #director again! It was a tough production, where almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but we persevered through adversity and made it! The cast and crew were fantastic and I think we got something special. I look forward to starting post production and sharing this story with you. #FEAR coming soon. I’ll drop updates on my Twitter.. so if you don’t follow me already, head over to @petergadiot on twitter and we’ll talk there🎥

Is that an air bubble in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? 🤦‍♂️🙄😆🌬 #carribbeansea #mexico

I was glad to see that this #worldenvironmentday there was a focus on plastic. People are starting to understand the devastation a throw away single use plastic society can cause. Make no mistake it’s a massive, serious problem. Our oceans are choked with plastic, killing wildlife in huge numbers. And the reason is... us. Yep, you and me and our friends and family. It’s not other people who are to blame, it’s us. We have to start taking responsibility for our choices. It’s strange how I hear so many people say they love nature, they love going to the beach and swimming in the oceans and snorkeling, they love animals and yet they blissfully throw away lots of single use plastics everyday. Plastics take HUNDREDS of years to breakdown. So that little plastic stick you used to stir your coffee for 3 seconds will still be on this planet in the year 2518. Think about that. The same with the that plastic fork you used for a couple of minutes with your take out lunch. The same with that plastic bag you didn’t even need. The same with that plastic water bottle, that plastic straw and on and on and on. It’s crazy that something that is used for such a short time lasts so long. Governments and companies are slowly starting to take action, but it’s too little too late. They never lead, they only follow the tide of public opinion. We lead them. So let’s step up. We’re kinda addicted to single use plastic cos it’s just so easy. But the thing is, today it’s also pretty easy to #passonplastic you just have to be mindful and make the choice. The easiest thing is just say “No thanks”. Ask yourself do you really need it? Probably not. Every time you say no to single use plastic, it matters. Every little helps. There’s many alternatives out there to use and it’s kinda fun looking for them.. portable bamboo utensils.. I’m in! Reusable hemp shopping bag.. duh! Foldable metal straw.. sold! Collapsible water bottle.. yes please! There’s loads. And then a year or two later when they’re still serving you well, you look at them and you know, that one little item has saved so much plastic being thrown into our eco system. If that ain’t cool I don’t know what is. #SayNoToPlastic 💚

Season 2 of #QueenOfTheSouth is streaming on #netflix now! Go binge and let me know what you think #teamJames 🙏 @queenonusa

Literally my office 🎥🤷‍♂️

Love that even the most random crappiest of side streets looks so beautiful in the #mediterranean Also love when random chairs are left in the middle of streets, cos I’m gonna sit in them. Don’t really love my cheesy man in a watch #ad pose though. Or maybe it’s a sunglasses #ad, hmmm. No actually I’ve decided it’s a chair #ad. Buy wooden chairs, second hand ones. Old wooden chairs make your life better.👍 (Full disclosure: I was paid handsomely for this #ad by the SPOWC - Society for the Preservation of Old Wooden Chairs. Thanks)


I played the lead guitarist Stephen in the rock n roll mini series “All You Need Is Me” that’s available to stream now- check it out and let me know what you think! 🎸@studioplus_app @canalplus photo by @marie.parent📸 #allyouneedisme

BULA! Love #Fiji So much fun sea kayaking around the islands and exploring mangroves and deserted beaches, wonderful, friendly people open to sharing their unique culture and traditions. Your heart is full but there’s a troubling side here too.. I never like staying in resorts, I like to adventure more and explore local life and I was struck at the massive contrast of how lots of locals lived in the main island- in abject poverty and yet there’s hundreds of luxury resorts that charge $thousands$ a night to stay in. But where’s all that money in the local community? Seems like none is invested for the benefit of Fiji, it’s all syphoned off to western businessmen, with no care or consideration. Ofcourse this happens many places in the world, but I’ve rarely seen this extreme contrast. It’s maddeningly unjust. I strongly encourage you to visit Fiji but do so in a way that will benefit Fijians not a greedy multinational hotel. This profit over people mentality has to stop. #votewithyourdollar

Deep in thought. Can’t figure out if it’s Peter debating if he deserves some cake at lunch or James debating if that mofo deserved to die 🤔 Cake or killing, pretty much the only two things I think about on set. Behind the scenes shot from last year by @nick.gomez

Inspiration. Role model. Hero. #RIPstephenhawking

Channeling my inner #musketeer! 🤺 Fun fact of the day, the Gadiot’s originated in #Aquitaine, France. I reckon my ancestors would be proud of my twizzled tash! Well, maybe not but points for trying. Horses, hats, pointy facial hair and castles.. Ohh I was born in the wrong century🏰

Happy #valentines day to all you lonely hearts and unrequited lovers 💘

Wake up you sleepy head! Put on some clothes, get out of bed, Put another log on the fire for me, I've made some breakfast and coffee, Look out my window and what do I see..

Throwback to when I was cabin boy on a spaceship 🚀 🛰🌌

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