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Competition time! 😄 Best caption wins a day #sailing with us in #LA ⛵️☀️

“It’s always winter somewhere” he said “It’s always summer somewhere too” she replied. He looked at her and smiled, for now she understood.

☝️Friendly reminder☝️On this #valentinesday take a moment to reflect on the most important relationship you’ll ever have. The one with yourself. Can you truly #love someone else if you don’t love yourself? I’m not sure you can. Not truly. It seems like today many people struggle to love themselves. That’s undoubtedly a big part of why many people struggle in relationships too. If you don’t accept, support and love yourself, you’re existing in a place of lack, of depravation and you’re seeking someone else to fill that void. If you don’t have self love, you think you aren’t enough. But love is not fearful, it isn’t desperate or needy and despite what the songs may tell you, love isn’t crazy. I believe it’s the opposite. Love is peace. Love is safe, it’s belonging. It’s when the noise stops and things make sense again.


I don’t understand how some people have no affinity for #animals. And i don’t just mean the obvious cute ones. I mean all animals. They’re fascinating and spending time with them you really see that we’re not so different after all! Especially with primates. Hanging out with a troop of mountain Geladas in the wild was a beautiful experience. The interesting sounds they make clearly communicating with one another, you get a sense that their social groups are quite like ours. They have huge teeth but are gentle and calm. They have amazing coats that move like a lions mane as they walk. And watching their hands work and strip away grass as they eat, they seem so human. #africa #ethiopia #nature #mountains #love #conservation

#2019 mode activated 💫

•More oneness •More connection •More authenticity •More creativity This list was part of a post by my friend @kyliebunbury and it really resonated with me. Yes, I want to move towards more of all of these in my life! 💫 But words come easy. Real self awareness and lasting, meaningful change ain’t easy. It requires true diligence. I’m calling on my real #friends, those who have my number, please help by reminding me of this list. This is the path I want to be on, not all the other bullshit 🙏 —— Photo I took of the last #sunset of 2018 in #Africa 🌅

It’s my birthday and I’m old and fat! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ yes indeed I was born on this day in the year 1869. Being part vampire I age a little differently but now I am starting to feel the weight of Father Time on my shoulders. When you’re a young whipper snapper you feel physically invincible, you can do anything and never think it’ll end. But then age creeps up and you start to get tweaks and strains and #fitness is lost quicker and regained harder. My broken hand and knee injury recently put paid to 2 mountaineering expeditions and bouncing back means more time and effort than it used to. I say this because I think it’s easy to take our youth and fitness for granted. I have. But our vitality is a limited resource!⏳ It’s tough to face that fact. But becoming aware of that will make you realize the time is now. Stop putting things off, stop making excuses. Go do it. Whatever it is. Make it happen. Because you will never be as young as you are today😉👵👴 Anyways I’m off to get back into shape 👊 well after a little more cake 🎂

Laughing at all the things I said I’d do this year that i didn’t do... #failure I think I didn’t achieve them not because I wasn’t able but because I was distracted. By travel, adventure, hedonism. I drank deep from the cup of life. I always have. These things are not just great, they are essential to a full life. But, they must be done with balance. Whenever I think or talk about some of the bigger questions in life that word often is the answer: Balance. Life’s about finding the optimum balance. Equilibrium. Harmony. Invariably if you focus too much time or energy in one area, another area flounders. That’s what I realized had happened to me. But failures are fine so long as you recognize them and learn from them. I’ve learnt. I hope. Now I need to have the discipline to put that into practice 😬#newyearsresolutions I’m sure you all have had successes and failures too this year, I think everyone has who is being honest. So I hope you have the humility to recognize your failures, the wisdom to learn from them and the fortitude to put what you have learnt into practice. Here’s to a happy, healthy, successful 2019! 🙌💥🌟❤️

Santaaa?🎅🏼 Where are you? Is it too hot for you now bro? Or have I just been a bad boy this year? 😈 Well to be honest... Good riddance! Have you guys ever thought why #Santa only brings objects. Nothing of real, lasting value, like #selfacceptance or #love or #kindness. Nope, just material possessions. We teach our kids that if they’re ‘good’ then they will be rewarded with lots of #objects, that the more “things” one has the better- that this is a sign of success. So people desire more and more #possessions, more objects, more things. Me personally I don’t want more things, I want less! Less possessions, less #consumerism, less disposable #fashion, less #materialism. Because who does this life long accumulation of stuff actually benefit? Certainly not the individual human being. No, my friends our western culture has been brain washed by corporations whose sole aim is to get you to buy things. Look around you, everything is marketing, everywhere has an advertisement for a new car or a handbag or breast implants or a whatever. They all have the underlying message that “you will be better with our product”. 🎁 Of course it’s all a lie. You don’t need any of it! Multi billion dollar companies exist by profiting from your insecurities. Companies want you to think you’re broken so they can sell you something to fix you. One of the greatest, most liberating powers you will ever know is realizing you are already good enough. Right now. You don’t need to buy all that #makeup, or those new #shoes, or that latest #gadget. You don’t need anything else, you are enough.

Ok, winter needs to end already. I have just become a hot water fiend! Trying to satisfy my insatiable desire for the sensuous pleasure of hot water in all its forms! I mean I already spoke about my love for #spas and saunas and jacuzzis. But the delights of a humble #shower cannot be overstated. We really take it for granted. But it’s magic! Take a moment and look closely at the drops of water falling from the shower head, as the light hits them they sparkle like crystals. Thousands of soft, warm, cleansing crystals rain down upon you. They rejuvenate your body and soothe your mind. 💎 Next time you take a shower don’t think about something that happened in your day or something that you gotta do later, just be present, experience it. Hear the sound of the water, allow it to calm you. Feel the heat as it touches your scalp and runs through your hair, relaxing your muscles. Notice it on the back of your neck, as it streams down your back, falls over your butt, across every inch of your skin down to your toes. Be connected to your senses, quiet your mind and drop down into your body. 🙏 When I rowed across the Atlantic Ocean I went a month and half with no shower. Six and a half weeks of salt sores and sweat rashes and pain. The shower I had when I finally got to land was... indescribable, really. It was healing, in every way. Truly healing. Don’t under estimate, don’t under appreciate the humble shower, because it’s magic. 🚿

Reminiscing on triumphs, remembering my failures. Taking stock. There’s so many great things about traveling a lot. But if you’re not careful sometimes you can not just loose track of where you are, but who you are. Days, weeks, months may go by in a blur of fun, a blur of new places, new discoveries, new faces. No time to feel sad, you outrun the doubt. You keep on moving, keep striding, keep riding that wave, indulging that crave. Another flight another city, another night another... But eventually a pause must come. When you cease to run. A moment of stillness. Just you, alone with your thoughts. Who are you and what are you thinking? Who are you in the quiet of your mind, when the music stops. Who are you when the freebies and the groupies with their selfies and their fuck-me’s stop. Take stock. Pause and stop. Who are you?🌌 ~ #Travel #TheOtherSide #BestReadAloud #WriteWithRhythm #IamLove #CosmicDust ~ Thanks for having me! 💖 @mo_barcelona #imAFan #mandarinorientalbarcelona #mandarinoriental #barcelona

Ahhhhh #recovery 🛀🏽 I fookin love all things hot water related. #spa #jacuzzi #sauna #hammam #steamroom #bath you name it I’m in it. Each city I go to I look for the best ones. My favorite spot is probably in #berlin followed by #amsterdam, I found a great place in #bogota actually and for most unique experience that goes to #tblisi Also interesting to see the different customs in different cultures, some have scents, regimes, rituals, tenchniques. Some places require bathing suits, others forbid them. Maybe it’s because I’m half Dutch but I prefer the latter, it seems a more genuine, healthy experience. I find those who react negatively to that idea are the products of oppressive social conditioning that connect nudity with guilt and shame. This is unequivocally wrong. There is nothing more natural. The repression of our own bodies should give us pause for thought. For example in #america and some other countries the attitude to nudity is that it is sinful. While it is totally acceptable to show the most extreme graphic violence on #TV, a female nipple is taboo and must be #censored. How can the sight of a healthy, normal human body, be deemed more corrupting to the mind than brutal, bloody violence? It’s insane. No other word to describe it. Anyway, this photo is a #hottub in the English countryside, the perfect way to stay warm as the temperature drops ☺️

View from the emergency shelter at the summit of Britains highest #mountain. #BenNevis has various ways up, some easy, some harder. But even the simplest route can become treacherous in #winter. We experienced why... Sub zero temperatures, slippery wet rock and black ice, 90mph winds laced with hail, white out conditions hiding precipitous gullies with thousand feet drops. It’s clear to see how less experienced folk die here every year. The #wind was ridiculous. It was the kind of wind that you could lean into and it would hold you up. The kind of wind that would literally push you over and knock you off your feet. We laughed at the absurdity of it, we laughed at the pain as the sleet stung our faces.  We staggered, frozen and battered into the emergency shelter for a brief pause in the beating.  But we weren’t safe. The most dangerous spot on any mountain is the #summit -- you’re furthest away from help. The #storm could get better, but it could get worse. I decided we should try get down without delay. T’was a fun wee adventure and reminded me of the 3 cardinal rules of #mountaineering: 1- Never trust the #weather forecast. 2- Always come #prepared. 3- Always have #fun.

I’m in the Scottish #Highlands bagging some munro’s enjoying the beautiful #British weather 🌧☺️ Where are you and what are you doing?

Yes iiiiiiiiiiits #movember! Sorry ladies I know you don’t like mustaches but this ones for the fellas. Whenever a man sees a mustached gentleman, there’s instantly a little nod of respect. Because every man secretly wishes he had the balls to rock one 👨🏻 haha. Talking of balls... Movember is about bringing awareness to men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer. Just how breast cancer campaigns advise to feel for lumps, so too must the men’s bits be checked. So let’s help each other out and stay healthy. Be a good neighbour 🍒🤲👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️☺️

Cheers! 😛 Thanks! Just wanna take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for the support. But more importantly thanks to all you good people out there. But what does it mean to be a #good person? Well there’s no one clear defining factor. Most if not all people think they are decent people who are in the right. Even the most “evil” people in history usually believed they were doing the right thing. So it’s not our beliefs that make us a good person. Perhaps our actions? Well even here there’s often not agreement of what’s good. People may have opposite views, so to one group an action is heroic and to the other group it’s sinful. The idea of what’s “right” is hotly debated with vitriol and rhetoric, everyone more certain of the righteousness of their own views, more divided. So it’s tricky. But here’s one thing I have found that to me is a ‘good gauge’. Pun intended. It’s this: Ask are you someone who uses their time, energy and voice to help other people who are NOT like you? People of a DIFFERENT creed, color, country, race etc. People of a different ‘tribe’. • Why? Well it’s a natural instinct to want to fight for the rights of yourself, your family, your tribe. But that’s rudimentary behavior and by definition self serving. It’s easy to help others who are the same as us. Any wild animal looks after their own. The GOOD we’re talking about comes when people transcend this basic impulse and instead stand up for people of OTHER TRIBES. People who do not look the same, people who are not from a similar background, people who do not have the same traditions and beliefs, people who are NOT LIKE THEM. • While not a flawless yardstick I think it’s very revealing to be aware of: Which people are fighting for their own tribe and which people are fighting for others. *To me, good people do not stand up just for their own kind, good people stand up for the others.* So thank you to all the good people out there, the world needs you ❤️ #onelove #unity #equality 📸 by @lanedorsey

People: Peter, are you a morning person? Me: Mornings? I have heard of them.

It’s the Season 3 #finale TONIGHT of #queenofthesouth on @usa_network what does the future hold for James and the gang? I know. But I ain’t telling 🤐 you’ll have to watch. I will be #livetweeting during the episode showing tonight. If you want to #AMA or chat please be sure to follow me on Twitter @ PeterGadiot Oh a note on that, if I don’t answer it’s not because I’m intentionally ‘ignoring’ you, it’s probably because I haven’t seen it- there’s a lot! Be patient please, I will do my best. I’m trying to reply to as many people as possible so it also helps if you don’t ask me something I’ve heard a 100 times 🙂Be original but also make it something I can answer quickly. Questions with multiple choice answers are always a winner. Look forward to talking with you lovely people. Thanks for your support 💕

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