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View from the emergency shelter at the summit of Britains highest #mountain. #BenNevis has various ways up, some easy, some harder. But even the simplest route can become treacherous in #winter. We experienced why... Sub zero temperatures, slippery wet rock and black ice, 90mph winds laced with hail, white out conditions hiding precipitous gullies with thousand feet drops. It’s clear to see how less experienced folk die here every year. The #wind was ridiculous. It was the kind of wind that you could lean into and it would hold you up. The kind of wind that would literally push you over and knock you off your feet. We laughed at the absurdity of it, we laughed at the pain as the sleet stung our faces.  We staggered, frozen and battered into the emergency shelter for a brief pause in the beating.  But we weren’t safe. The most dangerous spot on any mountain is the #summit -- you’re furthest away from help. The #storm could get better, but it could get worse. I decided we should try get down without delay. T’was a fun wee adventure and reminded me of the 3 cardinal rules of #mountaineering: 1- Never trust the #weather forecast. 2- Always come #prepared. 3- Always have #fun.

I’m in the Scottish #Highlands bagging some munro’s enjoying the beautiful #British weather 🌧☺️ Where are you and what are you doing?

Yes iiiiiiiiiiits #movember! Sorry ladies I know you don’t like mustaches but this ones for the fellas. Whenever a man sees a mustached gentleman, there’s instantly a little nod of respect. Because every man secretly wishes he had the balls to rock one 👨🏻 haha. Talking of balls... Movember is about bringing awareness to men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer. Just how breast cancer campaigns advise to feel for lumps, so too must the men’s bits be checked. So let’s help each other out and stay healthy. Be a good neighbour 🍒🤲👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️☺️

Cheers! 😛 Thanks! Just wanna take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for the support. But more importantly thanks to all you good people out there. But what does it mean to be a #good person? Well there’s no one clear defining factor. Most if not all people think they are decent people who are in the right. Even the most “evil” people in history usually believed they were doing the right thing. So it’s not our beliefs that make us a good person. Perhaps our actions? Well even here there’s often not agreement of what’s good. People may have opposite views, so to one group an action is heroic and to the other group it’s sinful. The idea of what’s “right” is hotly debated with vitriol and rhetoric, everyone more certain of the righteousness of their own views, more divided. So it’s tricky. But here’s one thing I have found that to me is a ‘good gauge’. Pun intended. It’s this: Ask are you someone who uses their time, energy and voice to help other people who are NOT like you? People of a DIFFERENT creed, color, country, race etc. People of a different ‘tribe’. • Why? Well it’s a natural instinct to want to fight for the rights of yourself, your family, your tribe. But that’s rudimentary behavior and by definition self serving. It’s easy to help others who are the same as us. Any wild animal looks after their own. The GOOD we’re talking about comes when people transcend this basic impulse and instead stand up for people of OTHER TRIBES. People who do not look the same, people who are not from a similar background, people who do not have the same traditions and beliefs, people who are NOT LIKE THEM. • While not a flawless yardstick I think it’s very revealing to be aware of: Which people are fighting for their own tribe and which people are fighting for others. *To me, good people do not stand up just for their own kind, good people stand up for the others.* So thank you to all the good people out there, the world needs you ❤️ #onelove #unity #equality 📸 by @lanedorsey

People: Peter, are you a morning person? Me: Mornings? I have heard of them.

It’s the Season 3 #finale TONIGHT of #queenofthesouth on @usa_network what does the future hold for James and the gang? I know. But I ain’t telling 🤐 you’ll have to watch. I will be #livetweeting during the episode showing tonight. If you want to #AMA or chat please be sure to follow me on Twitter @ PeterGadiot Oh a note on that, if I don’t answer it’s not because I’m intentionally ‘ignoring’ you, it’s probably because I haven’t seen it- there’s a lot! Be patient please, I will do my best. I’m trying to reply to as many people as possible so it also helps if you don’t ask me something I’ve heard a 100 times 🙂Be original but also make it something I can answer quickly. Questions with multiple choice answers are always a winner. Look forward to talking with you lovely people. Thanks for your support 💕

Do not trust this man. If you see him approach with caution. His presence spells trouble. He has a problem with authority and shows a blatant disregard for rules. His laissez-faire attitude revels in non-conformity. He lives with reckless abandon. Don’t be fooled by his cheeky smile or the glint in his eye, he has the devil in him. If he is told specifically not to do something, he will do it just for the sheer act of rebellion. He is an unscrupulous trickster, an incorrigible rogue, who doesn’t know when to stop. He is by all accounts a thoroughly naughty boy. He’s the type of fellow who will draw a penis on a post it note and stick it on your back while pretending to give you a hug. You have been warned. Make good choices people.

You don't have to sit around, Complaining 'bout the way your life has wound up! Think of all the time you waste, And time's a precious thing to let go by! Sure you've hit the bottom, But remember you'll be building from the ground up. Ev'ry day's another step, That takes you even closer to the sky, so give a try! You don't have to sit around, Depressed about the way that luck deceived you, Fortune sailed away, you missed that boat And found that you'd been left behind. Fight and fight some more, Until you know the world is ready to receive you! You don't have to sit around Complaining 'bout the way your life has wound up! So be a man you know you can't be certain That you'll lose until you try, so give it a try! #WordsNotRelatedToPicture #IDGAF #ButILoveIt #DownButNeverOut

As I broke my hand in a training accident, I’ve had to cancel this summers #mountaineering trip ☹️ so I’ll just have to reminisce on my last outing. Because of my busy work schedule, I can’t go on many expeditions each year, so it’s frustrating to miss an opportunity. Ugh I miss the mountains ⛰ But I guess as the saying goes “when one door closes another door opens”. I wonder what door will open for one armed Pete..? Perhaps I can still sail.. I mean Captain Hook managed🤔 #itsapirateslife4me☠️

I’m not always smiling when I’m #sailing but usually 🧜‍♂️

#Treehouse dreams 🌳💚

Spirit. Animal. ~ That name on that birth certificate, That ain't the real me. The lies can't conceal me, The sun rise and the moon tides and the sky's gon' reveal me.

I only went out to borrow a cup of sugar and the next thing I knew... 😛 #behindthescenes #queenofthesouth P.s I am NOT on Facebook, the person with the “Official Peter Gadiot” FB is a fraud, don’t follow them, don’t send them money, don’t send them nudes or nothing, they’re fake. My only 2 social accounts are this one and my Twitter, all others are imposters and idiots. Stay safe✌️

Thinking, thinking, what ya thinking? Me, I’ve been thinking about #KeepFamiliesTogether & #EndFamilySeparation I’m sure you know what has been happening. But how? How can a country that calls itself “the land of the free and the home of the brave” do something so cowardly and cruel? The United States government is literally torturing children. Look up the UNHCR definition of torture- it exactly matches what these children are suffering. This isn’t conjecture or speculation, its documented fact. Not to mention it’s certainly a “cruel and unusual punishment” that directly contravenes the eight amendment. So what this administration is doing is illegal and unconstitutional. And yet the government still has not reunited families. Children are still imprisoned at detention centers and authorities are admitting they don’t even know who some of the parents are. To be ripped from your parents and locked up alone in a cage is an unimaginable horror to experience as child. This terrifying trauma will stay with them and haunt them forever. It is literally destroying their lives. If you have supported this president in the past, does this act make you feel #proud of his #leadership? Do you feel this is making #America #great? Does this reflect you and your #values and create the kind of world you want to live in and to pass on to future generations? America is a #democracy. Are you a citizen? Then this act that is destroying children’s lives is being done in YOUR name. Are you okay with that? If not, do something about it. #AbolishICE #FamiliesBelongTogether #SchoolsNotPrisons

If you don’t know, now you know.☮️ #happiness is a #choice It is not your external world that dictates your wellbeing... #lookinside ❤️ 🙏

Mug shot #guilty

Great to get back behind the camera and be #director again! It was a tough production, where almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but we persevered through adversity and made it! The cast and crew were fantastic and I think we got something special. I look forward to starting post production and sharing this story with you. #FEAR coming soon. I’ll drop updates on my Twitter.. so if you don’t follow me already, head over to @petergadiot on twitter and we’ll talk there🎥

Is that an air bubble in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? 🤦‍♂️🙄😆🌬 #carribbeansea #mexico

I was glad to see that this #worldenvironmentday there was a focus on plastic. People are starting to understand the devastation a throw away single use plastic society can cause. Make no mistake it’s a massive, serious problem. Our oceans are choked with plastic, killing wildlife in huge numbers. And the reason is... us. Yep, you and me and our friends and family. It’s not other people who are to blame, it’s us. We have to start taking responsibility for our choices. It’s strange how I hear so many people say they love nature, they love going to the beach and swimming in the oceans and snorkeling, they love animals and yet they blissfully throw away lots of single use plastics everyday. Plastics take HUNDREDS of years to breakdown. So that little plastic stick you used to stir your coffee for 3 seconds will still be on this planet in the year 2518. Think about that. The same with the that plastic fork you used for a couple of minutes with your take out lunch. The same with that plastic bag you didn’t even need. The same with that plastic water bottle, that plastic straw and on and on and on. It’s crazy that something that is used for such a short time lasts so long. Governments and companies are slowly starting to take action, but it’s too little too late. They never lead, they only follow the tide of public opinion. We lead them. So let’s step up. We’re kinda addicted to single use plastic cos it’s just so easy. But the thing is, today it’s also pretty easy to #passonplastic you just have to be mindful and make the choice. The easiest thing is just say “No thanks”. Ask yourself do you really need it? Probably not. Every time you say no to single use plastic, it matters. Every little helps. There’s many alternatives out there to use and it’s kinda fun looking for them.. portable bamboo utensils.. I’m in! Reusable hemp shopping bag.. duh! Foldable metal straw.. sold! Collapsible water bottle.. yes please! There’s loads. And then a year or two later when they’re still serving you well, you look at them and you know, that one little item has saved so much plastic being thrown into our eco system. If that ain’t cool I don’t know what is. #SayNoToPlastic 💚

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