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Muscle Beach

blue sky's smiling at me

this show brings me a shameful degree of joy #thegreatbritishbakingshow

raffles and pas de deux, is there anything funnier? no. #newgirl

San Jacinto Mountains.

home sweet home . . . or is it . . .

San Jacinto Mountains.

desert✖️mirage house

Palm Springs, California

tequila sunset💥

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

bumps on a long o gong

Los Angeles, California

a little sweaty after kundalini yoga I offered to clean us up a bit 🎨

Lake View Terrace, California


Thanks to all who tuned into the Baby Daddy Season 6 Premier 👶🏼 #Repost @melissapeterman with @repostapp ・・・ This killed me every time. Love you @peteporte @babydaddytv @freeform

Los Feliz, Los Angeles

tough cookies

San Fernando, Sonora, Mexico

animal farm

Los Angeles, California

all you need is ❤️#hermesdwntwnmen

Hollywood Hills

dumb and dumber #hogs

渋谷駅/Shibuya station

Why did 500 people cross the road at the same time? To get to the other side. #shibuyacrossing

Bourbon Pub and Parade

my 👵🏼 told your 👵🏼 I'm gonna set your 🚩on 🔥

Mardin Gras New Orleans


St Charles Parade Route


FrenchQuarter NewOrleans

suppa time 🦐🦐🦐 @jjulesvillere

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