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New tent! Perfect for a rainy Los Angeles day!!

Real talk here! I happily posed for photos last night wearing my #GodLovesGirlsWhoLovesGirls tee. Then, I came home and felt less than happy. I felt deflated in my mind. "I've been working so hard at the gym and eating healthy and THAT's how I look in pictures?" Thankfully, I took my weekly shirtless photo today and I was able to get some better perspective. This is why I do it every week - and why I do it publicly. It's a great way to hold myself accountable and it's an even better way to motivate myself. Inspiration is a constant challenge and this helps! A lot! So, yeah, that t-shirt last night was a bit ill-fitting and the color too light and the jeans too tight - but I still look damn good!!!! And I'm not fishing for compliments here. And I don't even expect anyone to have read this far. This is all about me and for me. Pat self on back and crack on!! #Repost @pinkperezinsta with @repostapp ・・・ The longer I go without a cheat or a drink, the better I feel!!

@Zayn Malik and @GigiHadid should elope! Getting engaged is a curse on their relationship! Much more ore from The Perez Hilton Podcast on @Spotify, @iTunes or directly at Play.it/Perez

This is how I feel right now. PerezHilton.com/CaitlynJenner

Casita del Campo

Date night with @okAnnabel!

Los Angeles, California

Mia's having a real special moment with Cookie Monster! https://goo.gl/DFoK4u #MiaHilton

Washington, District of Columbia

FUCK YES!!! @Madonna's bold message at the #WomensMarch in D.C. PerezHilton.com/Madonna

Los Angeles, California

One of those days! #JRhilton

Stockholm, Sweden

@PewDiePie is the worst! Even when I was at my worst, I was never this awful!!!! Much more from The Perez Hilton Podcast on @Spotify, @iTunes or directly at Play.it/Perez

This is how I feel right now - holding the flag!

Some helpful info to read if you are marching today! #WomensMarch

Los Angeles, California

Friday night realness! #WhatAWeek https://goo.gl/3ZbNRt

So happy I was able to meet up with the talented and very lovely @OfficialAanysa today! Meeting her and listening to some tracks she's working on was such a welcome distraction!! I wish great things for this 17 year old in 2017!!

All is right in the world in this moment. https://goo.gl/gfNYjL

Washington, District of Columbia


Melania's like... "I asked for none of this! I just wanted a sugar daddy!!" PerezHilton.com/DonaldTrump

As seen in D.C. today. #LoveTrumpsHate PerezHilton.com/DonaldTrump

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