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Американский блогер. Его сайт, Perezhilton.com (бывший PageSixSixSix.com), известен своими публикациями новостей, касающихся личной жизни музыкантов, актёров и знаменитостей.
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Los Angeles, California

#MommaPerez does a happy dance when I surprise gift her... pajamas!!! She can add it to her extensive collection! ❤️✌️ P.S. With all the pajamas she owns, WHY DOES SHE WEAR THE SAME ONES TWO DAYS IN A ROW??? 🤣

Smashbox Studios

So happy to support @SafeKidsWorldwide at #SafeKidsDay - and we had a great time doing so!! Swipe through for more photos and check out videos on my #InstagramStory!

Tribeca Film Festival

Those shoes!! 😭 #Repost @cocoperezinsta with @repostapp ・・・ @LenaDunham walked on over to the TriBeCa Film Festival on Saturday and hit up the red carpet. PerezHilton.com/LenaDunham

Los Angeles, California

On the grind again!! Happily! 💪 #Repost @pinkperezinsta with @repostapp ・・・ Back at it!!!

Park Theater Las Vegas

@Ricky_Martin's still got it good! My thoughts on his new Vegas show! Listen to much more from The Perez Hilton Podcast on @iTunes or directly at PerezPodcast.com

Los Angeles, California

This is how I feel right now - on the left. PerezHilton.com/MischaBarton

Coachella Music and Arts Festival

@KylieJenner​ and @TravisScott​! It's on!!! Details at PerezHilton.com/KylieJenner or directly at this link HERE: https://goo.gl/o9uF06

Los Angeles, California

#MommaPerez is having soup with her lemon! 🍋🍋🍋🍜 https://goo.gl/HKbdz8

The Echo Park Lake

Super fun and exhausting Saturday! I got a lot of extra cardio in today!! And we had a lot of fun!! Swipe through for more pics! ⛵️🌴

New York, New York

One of my favorite looks ever from her!!! 💛 #Repost @cocoperezinsta with @repostapp ・・・ Shut. It. Down!! @iamJHUD at the Tiffany gala in NYC. PerezHilton.com/JenniferHudson

Coachella Music and Arts Festival

KENDRICK IS KING!!! So obsessed with him and this!! Listen to much more from The Perez Hilton Podcast on @iTunes or directly at PerezPodcast.com

Malibu, California

This is how I feel right now. PerezHilton.com/JimCarrey

Los Angeles, California

Having too much fun with this app! My mom looks the same as she is now or as a dude or older!! 😜 #MommaPerez

Los Angeles, California

If you want to know what my sister, who likes to be private, looks like - top right!!! Insane! And can I date "hot" me? I want to live in that reality! 😜

Los Angeles, California

My son asked me at bedtime tonight why he wasn't born black. The he asked me why his aunt's boyfriend doesn't have any hair on his head. Love his inquisitive and expanding mind!!! https://goo.gl/zgwxGG #JRhilton

Los Angeles, California

The balance beam awaits her!! https://goo.gl/bVOJTu #MiaHilton

Los Angeles, California

#MommaPerez is a hoarder!!!! 👀🤷‍♀️ https://goo.gl/yF1UNi

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Kate got that real good #Botox done!! #Repost @cocoperezinsta with @repostapp ・・・ Did they all use the same stylist? They look so coordinated and AMAZING!!! #PenelopeCruz, #JuliaRoberts and #KateWinslet at a #Lancome party in Monaco. PerezHilton.com/JuliaRoberts

Los Angeles, California

The face you make when you leave the parent teacher conference at your son's school and you want to document your emotions at hearing from his teacher a glowing progress report!! The thing that really got me was hearing that #JRhilton, who is the oldest in his class, takes a leadership role for his younger friends. Modeling good behavior, helping them and encouraging them to participate. I'm equal parts proud of my boy and proud of myself. Papi's set the bar exceptionally high for himself - and it's working!!! 😭🙏

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