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Американский блогер. Его сайт, Perezhilton.com (бывший PageSixSixSix.com), известен своими публикациями новостей, касающихся личной жизни музыкантов, актёров и знаменитостей.
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Role modeling fun for his sister. 😜😜 #JRhilton

West Hollywood, California

Smoking up while driving is very bad judgement!! PerezHilton.com/MischaBarton

Los Angeles, California

Her favorite new thing to do! 😜 #MiaHilton

Milo just quit Breitbart. Now hopefully the world quits Milo!! PerezHilton.com/Controversy

Drai's Beach Club Nightclub

@ChrisBrownOfficial deserves JAIL! Instead, @DraisLV JUST signed him to a big bucks new deal to perform a residency there!! Get all the details at PerezHilton.com/ChrisBrown or directly at this link HERE: https://goo.gl/G6AMXW

Calabasas, California

This is how I feel right now - on the left. PerezHilton.com/KimKardashian

Rockwell Table & Stage

Watching @BarrettFoa tonight at @la_rockwell recreate a New Jersey production of #LesMiserables he went to was one of the most thrilling pieces of cabaret I have ever seen!!! https://goo.gl/QDlIIG #GrinAndBarrett

Calabasas, California

This one is so ridiculous!!! WILL NOT WORK!!! #Repost @perezhilton with @repostapp ・・・ @kyliejenner is trying to sell you more junk! Read more at PerezHilton.com/KylieJenner or go to http://goo.gl/xHFuPq

London, United Kingdom

Definitely a wig! But she couldn't get a better one?? #Repost @cocoperezinsta with @repostapp ・・・ This has to be a wig, right? please tell me it is! @KatyPerry at the #ChristopherKane #LFW show today. PerezHilton.com/KatyPerry

Breitbart News Network

This is how the cookie crumbles!!! Get all the details at PerezHilton.com/Controversy or directly at this link HERE: http://goo.gl/2t2wUO

Los Angeles, California

Kowabunga, dudes!! ⚔️🗡 #BirthdayPresent https://goo.gl/JaGbqy

Los Angeles, California

I think she likes it!! P.S. That tongue thing is next level cute!!! https://goo.gl/nnkqyr #MiaHilton

Los Angeles, California

He's just one hit away from heartthrob status! #MCM #Repost @pinkperezinsta with @repostapp ・・・ Hello, daddy! @HartleySawyer #MancrushMonday

New Orleans, Louisiana

This is how I feel right now - in the middle. PerezHilton.com/Beyonce

Los Angeles, California

Such a fun party!!!! Thank you for having us, @amberrose!! Happy birthday, Sebastian!!! https://goo.gl/6EeqUq

Los Angeles, California

This weekend is so super!!! 🕸🕷 https://goo.gl/ZD3MQI #JRhilton

Los Angeles, California

Finally starting to feel happy with my 2017 progress!! #Repost @pinkperezinsta with @repostapp ・・・ Getting there!

Le Cirque New York

This is how I feel right now. https://goo.gl/qiSPjo

Los Angeles, California

And that's a wrap on two days of celebrating the best decision I ever made in mg life - to start a family of my own! Check out more photos and videos from J.R.'s party on my #InstagramStory.

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