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A new character I play in @theoxfordcircusshow his name is Francois Dahlvinyer Von Vundahkint! He’s very naughty but lots of fun! Can’t wait for you to meet him 😝

My new show The Oxford Circus has completed production and is now in post production! Hooray!!!

Two months in, two months to go till I film my new web series. Been an effort to get this far with @solanojosh but almost there! Stay tuned for more updates about the new show!

Walked in front of a projector at an art installation, typical deer in headlights look. Heh...

This one is for you @jamescolmann Love of my life. Heh heh ❤️ 😘😝 #yasqueen #paullayton #reallove

Been working on my poetry lately, finished my first book! Trying to get it published now 😝 #writing #poetry #actor #paullayton

New head shot! With chin whiskers! Heh. #actor #headshot #paullayton

Getting in shape again for a new project! With @solanojosh More news about it in time. Thanks to @cmfitness_health for the threads! Represent!

Photo by @glenwards

Another from @glenwards Good guy, great eye, follow him if you like his stuff. Heh.

Another great shot by @glenwards from a shoot we did a while ago. A wonderful artist with an insightful eye.

My first book. Been writing this for ten years, end of a long road, and another one begins.

Another shot by @glenwards wonderful use of colour again, almost like you've got you 3D glasses on. Heh

Great shot by @glenwards ! Great photographer if anyone needs any kind of photos done. He shoots on film, ain't no school like the old school...

For all my American friends at the moment. Stay strong like super man by friends. Sending love ❤️

Reflecting... heh.

Please go to https://m.facebook.com/Detsofnoirtown/ and like our page to support us. Would mean a lot to me 😋😘 And it might help us get the show up and running!

Our short film #thedetectivesofnoirtown can now be watched!!!! http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/flickerfest/ZW0908A020S00

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