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All episodes are out of our brand new show The Oxford Circus! Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0z-XxbFkXE&t=10s Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep updated and don't forget to subscribe and share this post if you like the show and want your friends to see it!

Hey all! I'm so proud to announce that the series that I wrote, produced, directed and was in is finally up to view on youtube! Please watch, like if you like it, subscribe to be notified when we upload behind the scenes and extras, and don't forget to share this post and send to your friends! Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard to help this show come to life and I really hope you all enjoy it. Here is the link to the show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0z-XxbFkXE

Found these cute photos filming the pilot and thought I’d post them. The pilot can now be seen on hyvio.com so if you wanna see it go over there! Directed by Stephan Elliott (#pracillaqueenofthedesert) and he did an amazing job. Had a blast doing it. #thehorizonseries #jicky

Another shot of Francois Dahlvinyer Von Vundahkint, scourge of the night and lord of the dance in my new web series @theoxfordcircusshow ! Follow the Instagram and Facebook pages to keep up to date for when it comes out and behind the scenes footage! #webseries #keepsydneyopen #theoxfordcircusshow

Check out this amazing drawing done by @chouaiebsaddem of my new character in @theoxfordcircusshow Francois Dahlvinyer Von Vundahkint! So cool I had to share it. If you haven’t seen the trailer for the show yet go to https://youtu.be/ZWV9yQC-Yb0 to see it and follow on instagram and FB! 😝

Ok, so. There’s a scene in my new show where me and the co-creator of the show (also the two vampires) are wrestling with nothing on but faux leather pants and oil. This is a behind the scenes photo of that scene, now I’m not saying it’s my favourite scene in the show, but I’m sure you’ll all like it all the same. Ha ha. #theoxfordcircus #theoxfordcircusshow #vampires #webseries #keepsydneyopen #wrestling Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/ZWV9yQC-Yb0 Follow the show: @theoxfordcircusshow

Behind the scenes of me directing seriously for the first time @theoxfordcircusshow with the wonderfully talented @billiewilliamscott !!! If you haven’t already followed the Instagram page for the show and Billy please do to keep updated with it! The trailer is out too so go watch that! 😝😘🙃❤️ #theoxfordcircus #theoxfordcircusshow #vampires #webseries #keepsydneyopen

Go to https://youtu.be/ZWV9yQC-Yb0 to watch the trailer for my new show, “The Oxford Circus”! The culmination of a lot of work from a lot of people, thanks so much for everyone involved! Coming soon! 😝🤙🏼#theoxfordcircus #webseries #vampire #comingsoon

The two creators of @theoxfordcircusshow @solanojosh and me! Can’t wait to show you all the show, it’s gonna be great! Lots of laughs so far 😂😝😘 #webseries #comedy #actor #vampires #vampirelife #ilovevampires #sydney #lockoutlaws #keepsydneyopen #comingsoon #entertainment #theoxfordcircusshow #creative #bar #sydneybar #vampiresarecool #vampirelove #ilovesydney #actorslife #behindthescenes #bts #itsallfunandgames #rehearsal

A new character I play in @theoxfordcircusshow his name is Francois Dahlvinyer Von Vundahkint! He’s very naughty but lots of fun! Can’t wait for you to meet him 😝

My new show The Oxford Circus has completed production and is now in post production! Hooray!!!

Two months in, two months to go till I film my new web series. Been an effort to get this far with @solanojosh but almost there! Stay tuned for more updates about the new show!

Walked in front of a projector at an art installation, typical deer in headlights look. Heh...

This one is for you @jamescolmann Love of my life. Heh heh ❤️ 😘😝 #yasqueen #paullayton #reallove

Been working on my poetry lately, finished my first book! Trying to get it published now 😝 #writing #poetry #actor #paullayton

New head shot! With chin whiskers! Heh. #actor #headshot #paullayton

Getting in shape again for a new project! With @solanojosh More news about it in time. Thanks to @cmfitness_health for the threads! Represent!

Photo by @glenwards

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