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Канадский актёр, известный по роли Карсона Беккета в телесериале «Звёздные врата: Атлантида».
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Reel ‘18 up on the site. Check it out. Link in bio.

Happy Friday! ✨💖✨ I hope you have as much fun as I had tapping with these exquisite dancers! Music Man at @asolorep runs until 12/29!

Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Broadway Belasco Theatre

On nights like this... feeling nostalgic thinking of such a precious time with @johncameronmitchell at Hedwig. That man taught me authenticity, courage, and love. That show taught me that my other half is within, that we are all reflections of each other. Feeling whole tonight, I love you all. I miss my Hedwig team. Simpler times. Obama was president.

New York, New York

Happy Thanksgiving, All! We did an @illbethereproject kindness walk to kick off our holiday season. Get out there and follow suit in your own creative way! • • • #repost @illbethereproject : Happy Thanksgiving from our hearts to yours. Yesterday, we went out to spread love and warmth to our brothers and sisters sleeping on the street. The last person we met was a trans woman named Sasha. We cried, we laughed, and most importantly, we listened to her story. As a trans woman experiencing homelessness, Sasha expressed sadness that she doesn’t feel beautiful. In one of my all time favorite acts of kindness, Sailor and Paul went across the street to buy her an amazing make up set. This intentional act of kindness brought tears to her eyes. We were not able to buy Sasha a place to stay, but she will be warm this holiday and she certainly look fierce!! Thank you to @sailorbrinkleycook @paul_mcgill_ for being the most amazing and caring humans. I love you all!

Asolo Repertory Theatre

The best on the boards: @noahracey and @dannyjgnyc

Asolo Repertory Theatre

The Music Man was my first musical when I was 10 years old. Theater bug: bit. Tonight I am honored to serve this story again as choreographer with top notch cast and crew in a first class American theater. Thank you to @thejeffcalhoun and the rest of you for the trust. Soar. Photo was taken unbeknownst to me by my incomparable associate: @saassybee

I love a studio.

Sarasota, Florida

Was a sunny day Not a cloud was in the sky Not a negative word was heard From the people passing by

Asolo Repertory Theatre

Lil sneak peek at what we’re making down here in FL. I feel so incredibly lucky to be choreographing for and learning from @noahracey and @dannyjgnyc.

Asolo Repertory Theatre

This 9am interview brought to you by the vocabulary words “so” and “and” and the number 76... but if you happen to be in sunny Florida, this production will be off the charts, so come.

Asolo Repertory Theatre

Making a musical in paradise. What could be greater than tap with the gators?

I came out to my parents as bi on Christmas Eve Eve 2003... in a formal letter. I had no model to express that as eloquently as I wanted to other than English class. No tv show (my model was queer as folk haha), and certainly no social media. After some time coming out to friends and classmates, I figured it would be easier to be classified as gay (what woman would be interested in a guy who liked guys anyway?). Besides, theater folks are pretty gay and my attraction felt stronger towards men anyhow. Might as well just go for it. I spent a solid 15 years as a gay man (which I still relate to) but my truest identity is bi. That’s my way through the world so far. I hope it helps someone. Happy coming out day!

Our fast and furious gig for @dcomzombies premiered tonight on @disneychannel. Thanks to these extremely talented dancers for the hard work and time. ✨🧟‍♂️✨

👯‍♀️ Laughter shared with family is just funnier. @emilyannemcg @alisonehrlich @timothyehrlich @chunski

October means Zombie Time! Check out our little spot on @disneychannel all month long starting this Friday. Thanks to @edmundentin for bringing me on board. ✨🧡🖤✨

Had an incredibly inspiring and fun night with these wonderful people and many others. I’m filled with gratitude for friendships (old and new) and unconditional Love. A New York night I’m not soon to forget.

“Happy #BiVisibilityDay to everyone in the Bi+ umbrella. If anyone rolls their eyes at you, I’ll roll my eyes at them. We’re here, we’re queer, and I don’t care if anyone else is used to it.” — @andymientus ... couldn’t have said it better myself. Only love.

New York, New York

Missed this nugget. Much needed cuddle time.

When talent is rightly awarded, we further our art form. Congrats on the victory, DC! Thanks for continuing to be vulnerable, hard working, and kind. 💖

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