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Американский вокалист, композитор, гитарист, продюсер, участник поп-панк группы Fall Out Boy.
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A friend just sent me this flier from a basement show I played with my old band (Patterson). Roughly 2001. Memories.

This was so much fun.

Me. 16 or 17, don't remember. Weird little coffee shop performance. Think I played "Let's Get It On." Thanks for keeping embarrassing photos Dad.

This is how I spent my morning. Thanks Portland!

Now with The Shower®, I don't have to stink anymore!!! Thanks The Shower®! (Not a paid actor)

Credit where credit is due; My wife took this (because she is considerably better than I with photos).

Watching my friends @officialNKmusic soundcheck

If I were trying to protect my voice today, I'd be pouring you on everything Mr. Ghost Chili Sauce. So close, yet so far away.

"There's a road I'd like to tell you about/lives in my hometown/Lake Shore Drive the road is called/and it will take you up or down..."

This is the venue before the audience gets in. Also; This is what venues looked like during our first year or two of shows.

A fan made me this shirt. I am still no better at athletics though.

Indian fooooooooood!

May the 4th be with you!!!

The resemblance is(n't) uncanny!

Come on music. May I please go to sleep yet?

My finest impersonation of an adult. Or maybe a 90's ska band.

Celebrating with an unreasonably spicy ramen.

#1 album!!! Woah.

Hard to tell, but that's a big/angry camel spider underneath a cup. Escorting him out of my house like a bouncer.

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