Патрик Шварценеггер


Американский актер, фотомодель и предприниматель, сын Арнольда Шварценеггера и Марии Шрайвер.
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Good Morning

Took Ma to lunch. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love yah ❤️

New York, New York

Patrick smile on 3! Congrats to my brother @johnelliottco

Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren

Would only do hot coffee for Ralph

Sorry one more. With the legend himself @tomford

New York, New York

Rockin @tomford

Los Angeles, California

Hey! So I read yesterday 80% people drop off their New Years goals in February.... maybe this will help some of y’all... maybe not. Worth a shot. Hope It does. I’m huge believer in writing goals down.. iT HELPS!! I’m tellin yah! doesn’t hurt to try It. Happy hump day! Also don’t judge my blue light blocking glasses lol #goals #newyearsresolution #advice

Los Angeles, California

7 months till football. It’s Monday. & It’s raining. Have good week...

@mariashriver new journal is out! I’ve Been Thinking. Go grab one. I’m a big fan of writing down your goals or what’s on your mind—has a positive effect on your mind set. My first thing I wrote was what I left behind in 2018 which was social media on Sunday’s. Only few weeks in but feels good to be more present on Sunday

Repost @katherineschwarzenegger So happy to see u both so in love & having the best times of your life. I know y’alls love will only continue to grow, & can’t wait to watch grow a beautiful fam. Couldn’t ask for better big bro. LoVe you both. Congrats 🎊🎉 💑💍

Malibu, California

Had the privilege to play in the California Strong softball game yesterday. Raised money for the victims of Malibu fires, & Thousand Oaks shooting. Thank you again to all first responders. Thank you Ryan Braun @christianyelich @mikeyattanasio for putting this on.

My best friend

@abbychampion Caught me after Day 1 of “juice cleanse”

1 too many Piñas

Sun Valley, Idaho

Jacuzzi. Cigar. Mountains. Few my fav things. hope you’re enjoying few ur fav things as the year closes out. Happy New Year! 🎊 God bless.

Sun Valley, Idaho

Always Ice Coffee

Happy birthday 9ft @mahhhc love you bro. Ladies, you want yo man to look like this get some @fastglasses


I dunno why I look so awkward in this 😂😂 Anyways, @rumble_boxing opens Tom in San Fran FIDI!!! Proud to be part of this company. Go try this fun/ass kicking workout. Shout out to @eugeneremm for building great company & to the other boys for having me along the journey @markbirnbaum @noahdneiman @joeferraro7 @stenz18 @andrewgstern

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