Патрик Шварценеггер


Американский актер, фотомодель и предприниматель, сын Арнольда Шварценеггера и Марии Шрайвер.
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Happy birthday Bellzzz! So fortunate to know you & have you as a friend. Can’t wait to see what 21 brings you. Gonna be your biggest/best year yet :) @bellathorne

New York, New York

Can’t believe Ralph Lauren photoshopped all my abs out...Smh 😂

Ralph Lauren for Vogue 💃


Prost. Oktoberfest mit meinem Vater. Seriously one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. 🍻🍻🍻

Armani / Silos

Such an icon. Thank you for having me Mr.Armani. Such an honor

Milan Airport, Italy

🤟🏻Emporio Armani. Milan fashion show. 🤟🏻

Thanks for the birthday wishes 🎂 !! BIG 25! Can’t wait for this year. I really think this will be my best year yet!! Got to thank god for 25years of Health. That’s most important! Birthday wishes: more health! More family time! New experiences! More success! Now.. gonna go eat left over cake 🍰:)

Aspen, Colorado

Love my new hat. Wish more people wore cowboy hats in LA. Happy Labor Day. God bless 🇺🇸 pc: @christinaschwarzenegger

Venice, California

Flaunt mag

New York, New York

One day I hope to have a stash like his. I got u a b day cigar

Los Angeles, California

Happy birthday pops! 71 looking 68! Just playing 😂 ! Looking 50!!!Seriously so lucky to have you in my life & learn from you. Your gonna have a bigger & better year then u can imagine! Better at 71. God bless


Hang looooose. It’s Saturday.

New York, New York

Some cooool kids. Excited to work with these amazing actors/actresses! And I’m excited to play a lil psycho! 🎥 🍿

Stanford, California

Took him 5 years but it’s still great accomplishment. Jjjkkkkk. In all seriousness proud of you bud. Stanford is a serious education & I’m excited for your next chapter in life! Whatever you do I’ll be there to support!!

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Patrick is that a speedo orrrrrr...??

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Humuhumu nukunuku apua’a 🤙🤙

Damn his glasses are fassstt!! & with the high waisted pants! & the pose!!Sheeesh! Happy Father’s Day big man. Lots of love. Hope I’m as cool as you one day! @schwarzenegger

Paris, France

My face searching for Midnight Sun on iTunes, go watch!! AND its out in France 🇫🇷 this weekend!!! AND GO VOTE FOR ME FOR TEEN CHOICE AWARD DRAMA ACTOR!!

Equinox West Hollywood

Proud of all the work @mariashriver does for Alzheimer’s. Continuously raising money and awareness as her father passed away from it. People need to know the important ways to keep your brain healthy..We did Move For Minds sunday... important to be active which also helps activate your mind/brain & keeps It in tip top shape!!!

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