Педро Паскаль


Американский актёр, чилийского происхождения. Наиболее известен ролью Оберина Мартелла в телесериале «Игра престолов».
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#BobbiJene, a documentary film by Elvira Lind, one of the best filmmakers I know. Available in iTunes. See it, it’s gorgeous. @elviruz1 @bobbijenesmith

Goin out. Thanks to @mirachai , @jenquinn and @dolcegabbana #oscars2018

Stuck. #Edgar

The new eyes of sci fi are @crtcaldwell and @zeekearl. Their movie #Prospect is premiering March 12 at #sxsw2018 with #JayDuplass, @soapy.t, @dontworryitssheila and yours truly. It’s next level.

Took sis to the #AnnihilationMovie premiere. It opens today. We were blown away. I predict it will be the most underrated movie of the year and talked about for years to come. Óscar, @tessamaethompson and @hereisgina are at the top of their gah’ damn game. I’m going back tonight, will be the only movie I see more than once this year.

C**ts on the Corner. Coming to HBO this Spring. #GoingtoBlackPanther

Happy President’s Day

Swear I thought he was in the living room #Edgar

Thank you @nickiacar

I think we all do this, Mom. Happy Birthday.


I think it’s a dog. #Edgar

Gorgeous Gloom. #Montmartre #Paris #NoFilterBitches

If you can’t march w the women at home, dance w the Wonder Woman in Paris. @mankocabaretparis

Nuit a Paris

Paris, France

Come up with us the show starrrrrrrting ! #valentino Paris 2018

Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT)

Rise up. #MLK

“My brother made me do it.” @bubilibubilibu 2018

“Fuck you 2018, 2019 come get me.” @tylenolprincess

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