Педро Паскаль


Американский актёр, чилийского происхождения. Наиболее известен ролью Оберина Мартелла в телесериале «Игра престолов».
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Grateful for these turkeys. @javiera72 @theperkypat

Harvard, Massachusetts

Punched by a movie star. And I liked it.

I’m just so down for this. @alonatal #famousadjacent #MakeThisShow!!!

Boston, Massachusetts

Drinking... lemonade. @dameluce

Throwback Thursday (except it’s Tuesday). #AnitaHill #OriginalWarrior

View from the top.

I don’t know. Just showing off. @markruffalo and I #resist ing at the start of the year. Feels like a century ago as this administration seems to turn each day into an unbearably long one.

#Psycho kills the cow. Halloween '99. #NormanBatesinDrag #HappyHalloween @nomajosh

Duxbury Beach Park

Goo morning Massachusetts.

"Stop taking my damn picture, Pedro!" @ashtondsanders

We Equalizing. @ashtondsanders #TheEqualizer2 #Boston

Combativo??? @gqmexico @giampaolosgura

#Narcos artwork by @bygundersons

#Narcos artwork by @bygundersons

#Narcos artwork by @bygundersons

Town of Randolph

Cotton candy skies this early morn in #Boston

Boston, baby.

@parkercote who will train the hangover out of you on a Sunday. Planning on getting through this job injury free thanks to this guy. #Boston

A moment before feeding. Happy birthday to the greatest of the greatest of great sisters.

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