Паркер Хёрли


Американский актер.
  • Все 2001
  • Фото 1862
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“The evening bell, solemn and bronze in the grandfather temple down the hill. Sounds dimly here. Slow beat of the mountains heart, perhaps, or determined pulse of pine tree(gift of birds) Growing out of a crotch of a slippery monkey tree. All one, perhaps— bell, mountain, tree and steady cicada vibratto and little white dog And quiet artist-priest, carver of Noh masks, Fashioning a bamboo crutch for the ancient peach tree— symbol of strength, symbol of concern. All cool under nodding crowns of the vertical forest. All seeking in this place, all finding in this place— hidden yet open to all— the spirit in the cedars heart. “ ‘Summer’ Sai sho-in Nanjenzi Temple - Kyoto Happy Earth Day #humanheroes. What are you doing to be of service to the great Green Kingdom? #natureisqueen #natureisking

🖤💜❤️🧡💛💚💙 (I hoped there was a ninja emoji 🙃) @teamlab.planets #liveincolor #ninja #yogi #yogisofinstagram

Mount Misen

Exploring Itsukushima aka Miyajima was one of the many highlights of my trip. Sooo many highlights. I took a ferry from Miyamaguchi towards the famous orange tori gate that seemingly floats on the water. . ⛩ There were so many people that I opted to visit some local temples first and then hike up Mount Misen which had an incredible view of Hiroshima Bay. The whole island is home to hundreds, maybe thousands, of deer (shika) much like Nara. . 🦌 After the hike I was still overflowing with #goodvibes so I decided to get a flow in before running down the other side of the mountain. I didn’t notice how close I was to the edge until after filming. Sorry Mom. I love you. . 💙 I’m actually back home in New York with HeroFlow back on tomorrow. (Link in bio). The trip is going to continue through the content I’ve yet to share and I’m writing up a long blog post also about the entire trip. Thank you #humanheroes for joining me on the journey and I’m soooo excited to share more and more with you. This trip changed everything. #gratitude #japantrip #mountmisen #yogaflow #hiroshima 🎶 #thehumanexperience #theobrama


“It doesn’t come easy, that clear line of distinction. You have to suffer to find it because how else would you know the difference? How could something feel so good without bitter afterthoughts when it fades. ⚡️ I promise, in time, it will come. The veil will be lifted. All the thrown stones will bounce off like pebbles. You will forgive what was unforgivable. Any attacks will prove futile because there will be no ammunition provided. ⚡️ You will have stopped confusing pain for love because you will have known both. Now that you’ve known both, you will fear neither. And when you fear neither, you are unstoppable.” #keepmoving #nofear #trusttheprocess #humanheroes #gratefulforitall 🙏🏼

Travel is like living a whole life, condensed, into a short amount of time. A few days, a week, maybe a month. The stories and situations I thought I had all figured out have become exposed throughout this incredible journey I am currently on. I see and feel things that I couldn’t see or feel before. I process them. I release them. I feel at ease and I move forward. ⚡️ And I’ve been moving a lot... so far I’ve been through 10 cities in 10 days. Whoa. Wow. Really? Yeah, that’s accurate. I’ll start my day in one city, travel to another, and then finish in the third. I want to see, taste, touch, smell, hear, feel as much of this land as I can, and I’m grateful for every moment... including this quick flow I got in with my new @rhone shorts before Kojima-San told me it was time to check out. My feet hit the ceiling in my handstand.🤣#tallpeopleproblems #im oteventhatttall #lifeisthejourney #ryokan #fuzukumiro #hakone #nippon

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.” R.W.E . . Familiar flavors. New memories. And a whale shark spotting! 🐋 life is good #thankyou

Baba Beach Club

I have sooo much to share.... Beach. Diving. Whale shark! 🦈 Tokyo! Hokusai.🌊 Omikase! 🍣 Nikko. 🌲 Temples. ⛩ Nature. Speaking with trees and spirits.👺 But now, I’ve gotta get to bed. Tomorrow I visit the Ghibli Museum. 🐉 Let’s just say I’m in my element. 🐒 Sooo much good is coming from this journey #humanheroes. I’m looking forward to sharing more and more with you all! 💙

Baba Beach Club

There is something about traveling that allows you to see and accept things as they are not as we think they should be. The clouds of modern life tend to spread us further apart instead of connect us. All the experiences you’ve been through have brought you to where you are and there is no better place for you. Don Miguel Ruiz calls it the mitote, or the fog that blocks us from seeing ourselves as we really are - beings of light that are connected to all and exclude none. ⚡️ This trip is bringing all of this to the forefront of my awareness. Everything that at the time felt confusing and painful was a gift so I may better remove the walls that separate me from you. So I may better understand how my words and actions effect those around me while at the same time understand that not everyone is going to get me, like me, or understand what #humanhero is about. The space between the words, the journey between. I think that’s what life is really about, removing the layers of separation. ⚡️ Please, do what you need to do on your devices and then put it away. Put down your phone for a day, a week, maybe even a month and explore. Go somewhere you’ve never been, somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. There is so much to be found in silence and new experience. The massive moments of growth we experience as human beings don’t come from school, articles, degrees, or even books. They happen with our heads up and our hearts open. ⚡️ A friend recently posted something that unfortunately felt very true. “Remember when we used to say “BRB” all the time when we were online? We don’t say it anymore. We no longer leave. We live here now.” What is it that you’ve been putting off by burying yourself in your phone? What books have you been dying to read? Where have you always wanted to go? Who do you think about often and wonder how they are doing? Take risks! Be bold! Forgive often. Love the process. Keep moving! ⚡️🙏🏼 @bababeachclub

Baba Beach Club

I’m in a fancy, gold, honeycomb patterned private van driving me from my incredible stay at the @bababeachclub. I just finished meditating from a comfy cushioned seat. The sweet smell of Thailand filled the space around me. I thought to myself “I’m so lucky to be able to do this.” To travel. To dive. To go to Japan for a month. I’m so fucking lucky. ⚡️ I was overwhelmed with gratitude but it wasn’t a happy feeling. I wasn’t smiling. Tears weren’t welling up in my eyes as they tend to do when I’m washed with blessings. ⚡️ I felt undeserving. I felt like a fraud. I felt like I was being irresponsible for being here. Then I felt a strong sense of obligation to the people that I love and that love and support me. Family, friends, and all the human beings that have been part of my journey so far. The underserving feeling started to fade away and the gratitude took over again, gratitude for it all. ⚡️ For the Bluetooth earphones in my ear holes. For the green kingdom and the red/brown earth that frames my vision. For this happy man driving me to my next destination. For everything that came before, and everything that comes next. ⚡️ When you have faith, it’s much easier to move forward. For even the moments of doubt will one day become the missing pieces you were looking for. We are only here for so long and there is so much to see and experience. To feel undeserving of all the good in your life pulls you out of that good. Give yourself a few minutes of silence. A few minutes of just Being and the smile will follow. It always does. ⚡️#gratitude #yoga #keepmoving #humanheroes #movementformentalhealth

Baba Beach Club

The journey to Japan has begun! I left New York around 6pm on Sunday and landed in Tokyo at 10pm the following day, Monday. From there, I hopped on another flight at midnight that put me in Bangkok around 7am on the 5th, followed by one more flight to Phuket. ⚡️ As soon as I stepped off the plane in Bangkok I was hit by that hot, humid, sweet smell that is native to Thailand. This place is very special to me and full of memories. Its my third time being here, my second time on my own. That familiar scent hugged me like an old friend almost saying welcome back, where have you been? That welcome continued when I arrived at the @bababeachclub , this amazing resort I’ll be staying at for the next few days. ⚡️ A lot of you have been asking me what it’s like to travel on my own. Sometimes, its amazing! Sometimes, like when I first arrived here, it was hard. The last time I was in Phuket, I was with a partner so a lot of memories were stirred up as I looked out over the sea. The last time I was here we dove and afterwards I stayed to film and train Muay Thai. I realize now how lucky I was to have a partner that enjoyed travel as much as I do and trusted me enough to stay here and film. After a few years, I’m finally getting a trailer together with the help of #humanhero @pmarra. I’m excited to share it with you #humanheroes soon! ⚡️ This resort is definitely made for couples 👫👭👬...but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by a solo traveler. I think this can apply to anywhere. I made a last minute to decision to bring my spirit animal cards with me for some added insight and on the flight over I pulled the dragon card. The 🐉 represents courageous, visionary, awakened energy. “It’s almost as if we are traveling with a great friend inside of ourselves. Transformation is being breathed into every cell of your body.” (Continued....) ⚡️

El Nido, Palawan

I had this big realization yesterday on the subway about what ‘human-hero’ really means. It is not the words, or even the ideas, that hold the meaning so much as the ( - ) in the middle. The space between the language. The movement across this little line of time that we are all given. That connecting thread that unites both but touches neither is where we want to balance. ⚡️ I’ve been sharing all these stories the last few weeks. I thought I’d be able to get through more of them but I stopped at my first trip to Thailand back in 2013. Since then, I’ve traveled to South East Asia two more times, along with Hawaii, Norway, Mexico, and all over the US. Prior to all of these trips, I had my first experience with another kind of journey - falling in and out of love. ⚡️ I spent a lot of time and energy trying to be on one end of the spectrum or the other. I see now all of that was part of the in-between. This trip is very much about honoring the artist, mover, and man I want to be while also saying goodbye to a previous life that I’m as grateful for now as when this photo was taken. I’m ready to write new stories. So to end this chapter, the words that really matter are Thank You 💙 #movementformentalhealth #keepmoving #humanheroes #lifeisthejourney

must move . . be back tomorrow 🙂 . . #movementformentalhealth #priorities #rituals #prayer #humanhero

⚡️Never forget where you come from. ⚡️ Thats what this photo makes me think about - where I came from. Where I’ve been. All the cool a$$ sh🗼t I’ve done. This story time with you all has reminded me of that. I have so much to be grateful for. Thank you for that. ⚡️Japan is right around the corner and I’m not ready. Not yet. There are some last minutes things to do and today Mother Nature reminded me who’s boss. The windstorm last night brought a tree branch crashing down onto my car. No one was hurt and that’s really all the matters. ⚡️Question for you #humanheroes. Ever have those crazy, unexplainable things happen right before a big trip, a new job, or any other life-changing moments that you’ve been prepping for your whole life? It feels like those gifts we all receive from the universe but in reverse. “How bad do you really want this? How much does it mean to you?” ⚡️ If I’m going to challenge what it means to be a human being. If I’m going to challenge what being a hero means. Then its only fair that I’m challenged even further. Feeling the challenge #humanheroes, feeling it. So instead of continuing on with these words, I’m going to share this ⚡️ Liono photo @byronlkeulemans shot in South Africa and then get my ass into a yoga class. So much to love you all. You help me #keepmoving. More challenges?? Bring em on! 🙃

⚡️The summer of 2013 began with a trip that would change my life forever. I’d remember hearing incredible things about south east Asia from friends and co-workers. One of my favorite people and photographers Gabe shared his intinerary with me - waterfalls, temples, rolling mountains, street food, and some of the kindest people on the planet. Culture can’t exist without the people. New York is what it is because of the level of diversity that exists nowhere else. Living and working here, and even in LA, I had a very rigid view of what the rest of the world was like. Europe was different but only so much. The people above would teach me that happiness does not come from money, or material things - but from love, connection, and experience. This story is about them, in order of appearance. ⚡️I found this first munchkin while hiking through Sapa Vietnam. There is another post I put up a few months ago describing the Hmong - a nomadic people that live throughout south East Asia and other parts of the world. I asked this little one’s mother if I could pick her up and carry hear around the small village. Once she was up there she didn’t want to come down. She also insisted on sticking her fingers in either my mouth or hers pretty much the entire time we were together. ⚡️The Hmong woman in the second photo, and the two girls, hiked with us for hours. The woman is holding a little horse she made for me out of a fern. She folded this thing together in like 30 seconds. All the women and children that accompanied us were talented artists, often walking for hours, every day, to sell their wares. I signed up for a homestay - we would walk down through a beautiful valley of rice fields, cross a small river, and hike up the other side to stay with a family for the night. Somewhere along the journey I managed to rip a small hole in my dri-fit pants. When we stopped for lunch this woman kept asking me “give me your pants.” uh…. Excuse me? I thought I wasn’t hearing her correctly. “Give me your pants.” She kept repeating over and over, until she finally pointed at the hole and then mimed sewing them up. She sewed them up for me in 5 minutes…. I think I still have them.

I lived in Koreatown but I really LIVED on the beach or in the sky - like a seagull. Movement has always been where I find peace. Eventually though you gotta supplement the physical practice with something that grounds you. I couldn’t fly all the time. But here, it was hard not to. LA was a playground for me. . Outwardly I was soaring - but internally I was seeking. I was moving constantly and my body was stronger than ever. I wanted to be those characters that inspired me as a kid - I wanted to look like them, move like them, pretend to be them without giving much thought to what it actually meant to be a hero. (Continued...) 📸 @wadleywadley

In 2012, I bought a car, packed up the few material belongings I had, and drove cross country towards the ☀️ with friend Krystal. I’ve been chasing the ☀️ ever since (hence the squint). I lived between two separate households growing up, both parents moving often. Home always felt like transitory thing. Perhaps this is why its so hard for me to be in one place for too long, or to commit to a relationship or project. The in between - the moments in the middle of action and response - travel draws those moments out into an experience. Being in the car for long periods of time brings me peace. It literally is a moving meditation. . We started the trip in South Jersey and headed down to Nashville. (Hold on while I check a map) From there we made our way over and up into Arkansas where we stayed on a ranch of a client I had previously worked with. That night, as we were nearing the ranch, Kelly (the owner) mentioned if we hit the river we had gone too far and missed the turnoff. This was the first test Abilene ever got(my car got her name in Texas). Its was late and we were so eager to arrive that we zoomed down the rocky hill right into the water. Luckily my car managed to get us out and back up the hill. The next morning, a young couple that looked over ranch took us by horseback across the property - a valley that dipped down between two green mountains. What made this place so beautiful was its seclusion. There is soooo much space in the middle of the United States. From there, we began the long journey through Texas. Land……….. and road……. and land….. . The highlight was making it to White Sands New Mexico - these giant white dunes that transported you to the moon. We met a few guys and I pulled out my frisbee, along with my camera to grab a few shots of this amazing place. We continued on to Albuequre, which was full of character because of all the art. I bought a few things there, including the Blue Lady that we would serve as the ‘protector’ of my future home in LA. (Continued ⤵️⤵️⤵️)

When I was 15 years old, I was waking up in the morning with these insane migraines. I’d roll out of bed, start to make my way to the bathroom, and either black out, my vision collapsing in on itself, or I’d make it to the bathroom and throw up. I didn’t know what was going on. My mom, who’s a doctor, couldn’t figure it out so I ended up going to see a neurologist. They took a MRI of my brain and we learned I had Arnold Chiari Malformation - part of my brain tissue extended into my spinal canal creating pressure that would cause these issues. I had surgery a few months, where they drilled away a section of my skull to create room for my brain to rest. . All of my tattoos tell a story, and as I share these stories with you, I’m being reminded how much Japanese culture has influenced me as an artist. Towards the end of college, I decided to get my spine tattooed, beginning on my scar at the base of my skull and making its way down to my sacrum. I have always worked with circles - visually and also physically with my movement practice. . The first photo is from one of my first runway shows, right before I moved to New York. A photographer surprised me with her camera and asked me a few questions about the circles running down my back. I told her these two stories below… . One of my favorite teachers has us drawing circles on newsprint for days. We had to work with our whole arm, extending from the shoulder all the way onto the page. One day, I was so frustrated that I asked Professor Dupree, ‘mannn, are we ever going to move on.” He came over and asked to see my circle. It was aight. He pulled his pencil from behind his ear and BAM! He asked me to measure it with a protractor. It was nearly perfect. He was teaching me about discipline. . I came across the Ensō circle during my Arts and History of Japan class at UArts. The definition of Ensō is as unique as the artist that creates it. It symbolizes strength, grace, balance and acceptance of imperfection as perfect. A zen saying goes “Do not mistake the finger pointing at the moon for the moon itself.” Aka do not mistake the teaching of enlightenment for enlightenment itself. (continued below..)

2009 into 2010, I was commuting from Philadelphia to New York almost every day. I would wake up around 5am, get a workout in, and then hop on the MegaBus from one city to the other. Often time was so tight that I would change from my gym gear into proper ‘model wear’ for castings in a Starbucks bathroom. I’d usually head into my agency to get my castings for the day and then run all over the city meeting clients, sometimes doing test shoots with photographers. Sometimes I would crash on couches or floors because I had early castings the following day. . . And then this happened ^^^ and the grind got a little easier. Tony Duran requested to shoot me very early in my career, something I’m still very grateful for. All of the above, the traveling, long days, sometimes not getting enough food or even denying myself food to fulfill the requirements of the industry - all of that was work. Work that I did for about a year and a half before making any money, grinding. All of that was tough but shooting with Tony nearly made me say ‘fuck it all.’ . . Remember in the Dark Knight, when Harvey Dent says “ The night is always darkest just before the dawn?” Yeah, that’s how this felt. Tony was shooting people like Brad Pitt so I was already intimidated. I flew out there to test with him and be part of a photo-shoot to promote these insanely expensive watches, shooting with seasoned models that made me look like a chump. . . I’m a very sensitive guy and he could give a shit. He was doing me a favor, he didn’t need me there. I was so frustrated, I remember calling my mom earlier in the day saying I wanted to come home. (Momma’s boy). After him laying into me all day, around midnight he asked me ‘do you even want to do this?’ I was tired, and angry, and didn’t have anything left to say. . . He asked me ‘what do you think is sexy about you?’ I honestly drew a blank. I had transformed my body, but after the challenges of the day, in my mind, I was still the chub chub ‘fat friend’ back in south Jersey. He asked me again. ‘What do you think is sexy about you?” Again, I said I didn’t know. This time he yelled.... (continued in comments)

This is the story about how I made my way into the modeling industry, and eventually moved to New York: . One night at the bar, a man approached me and asked my name. Nothing out of the ordinary there. He kept coming back though to ask me more questions. “How tall are you?” “What is your waist size?” “Do you know your inseam?” I was getting annoyed but answered anyway. What did I have to lose? I’m also really awful with sarcasm, he could have just been joking. I didn’t know and I was too busy to care. . At the end of the night, he approached me again and handed me his card. He informed that he was drunk, and probably wouldn’t remember any of this tomorrow, so I needed to email him and remind him where we met. I thanked him and we closed down for the night. . He turned out to be the men’s director for one of the biggest modeling agencies in New York. I didn’t know this at the time, and I was still in school. I thanked him and said that I’d like to continue to focus on my art but I appreciated his interest. . Fast forward to 6 months later, post Eurotrip, laying on the couch with my girlfriend at the time. We were watching one of those who wants to be a supermodel, or America’s next top model. I can’t remember which. I recognized one of the judges - it was the same man that had given me his card almost half a year ago at Pure. . Seeing this guy on television partnered with my new found courage from traveling, gave me the confidence to give modeling a shot. I took a few digitals and sent them out, along with an email that I copy and pasted from agency to agency. An agent at @red_models responded almost immediately and asked me to come to New York the following day. I got along with everyone at the agency and felt a kindred spirit in the owner, a big hearted man that always made time for the models. I was signed that day and began testing with photographers around the city. . These photos some of my first with @jeremykoststudio that had been lost in the ether so I apologize for the quality. Jeremey knew I was a fan of superheroes so he brought along an inflatable Hulk for me to use as a prop. (Props FTW when you have no idea WTF you’re doing.)

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