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Американский актер.
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I had another roommate while I was living in New York…. Ahji. Before there was YaYa, there was Leia. Before there was Leia, there was Ahji, a slippery jindo puppy that Yvonne adopted. We bonded quickly over a walk. Ahji was an anxious pup at first, he’d always be looking over his shoulder to see if you were still with him, or maybe spooked that he was being followed. One morning, one of our neighbors walked over to meet us at his gate. This was a big guy - sleeveless undershirt, hairy, greasy, and it was really hot outside.. He was making those dog/baby sounds that humans make and lurched forward to pet Ahji. Like an eel in a bucket, Ahji inverted to avoid his big ol fingers.#. . I politely kept my laughter inside but as we walked to away, I said to Ahji ‘I wouldn’t want to be grabbed by that guy either.’ YOU DON’T REACH OUT AND GRAB STRANGE DOGS PEOPLE. Especially when they are as badass as Jindos. We’d wrestle on the ground a lot. The more aggressive I got, the more aggressive. We would challenge each other and sometimes he’d gnaw a little too hard, or maybe I’d leg lock him a little too tight. I was able to calm him down. I’d reel him back in, away from his animal instincts, and sometimes he’d do the same for me . Dogs teach me lessons in kindness in ways human’s can not. They are there no matter what - they just want you to be around you, and love you, for you. They don’t hold grudges. There is no ego. They are masters of forgiveness (sometimes to a fault.) It’s pure energy. Every movement, each rise and fall of your voice, dogs see it and feel it. All of it. So be kind. Want to get a good grasp on someone’s level of kindness? Pay attention to how they engage with animals. And also, pay attention to how your dog welcomes new humans into your world. . An old story goes… A Korean cargo boat was at sea, transporting a rare Siberian tiger. The crew was getting desperate as they were running out of food for their precious cargo. They decided to throw in few members of their crew - three Jindo dogs. When the sailors returned later to check on the tiger, they found it dead, with the three Jindo’s sitting patiently by its side. 🐕 🐕 🐕

Things were really starting to pick up in 2010. I was working with big companies like Dockers, Bonobos, Nike - I was traveling all over the country, shooting in places like Death Valley and amazing homes in LA and Malibu. I was getting ready to make my way to over to Paris and Milan to really earn my stripes as a male model. . . I was prepared for Paris since I’d been there before but Milan was a different story. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of male models all trying to book a show or simply be seen by these fashion designers. I remember at the Armani… compound(I don’t know what else to call it) they opened these massive gates and all the male models flooded in like cattle. We slowly snaked our way down into this dark basement that actually had a runway inside. It took about 2 hours to get in front of someone who would look you up and down for a total of 10, maybe 20 seconds and then send you on your way, giving you no clear idea as to whether or not they were interested. . . There was a lot of pressure and a lot of rejection. I remember waiting for hours to get in front of people who took one look at me and said: “you’re too big.” Can you imagine being in Italy, surrounded by some of the most delicious pizza and gelato in the world, and not eat any of it? My roommate Sam and I would occasionally treat ourselves but without a gym, I was limited in my options for training. The gym was like church - its where I worked through everything- physically, emotionally, spiritually(as much as I understood spirit at the time.) Without it, I was a bit lost.... (continued)

When I was 15 years old, I was waking up in the morning with these insane migraines. I’d roll out of bed, start to make my way to the bathroom, and either black out, my vision collapsing in on itself, or I’d make it to the bathroom and throw up. I didn’t know what was going on. My mom, who’s a doctor, couldn’t figure it out so I ended up going to see a neurologist. They took a MRI of my brain and we learned I had Arnold Chiari Malformation - part of my brain tissue extended into my spinal canal creating pressure that would cause these issues. I had surgery a few months, where they drilled away a section of my skull to create room for my brain to rest. . All of my tattoos tell a story, and as I share these stories with you, I’m being reminded how much Japanese culture has influenced me as an artist. Towards the end of college, I decided to get my spine tattooed, beginning on my scar at the base of my skull and making its way down to my sacrum. I have always worked with circles - visually and also physically with my movement practice. . The first photo is from one of my first runway shows, right before I moved to New York. A photographer surprised me with her camera and asked me a few questions about the circles running down my back. I told her these two stories below… . One of my favorite teachers has us drawing circles on newsprint for days. We had to work with our whole arm, extending from the shoulder all the way onto the page. One day, I was so frustrated that I asked Professor Dupree, ‘mannn, are we ever going to move on.” He came over and asked to see my circle. It was aight. He pulled his pencil from behind his ear and BAM! He asked me to measure it with a protractor. It was nearly perfect. He was teaching me about discipline. . I came across the Ensō circle during my Arts and History of Japan class at UArts. The definition of Ensō is as unique as the artist that creates it. It symbolizes strength, grace, balance and acceptance of imperfection as perfect. A zen saying goes “Do not mistake the finger pointing at the moon for the moon itself.” Aka do not mistake the teaching of enlightenment for enlightenment itself. (continued below..)

2009 into 2010, I was commuting from Philadelphia to New York almost every day. I would wake up around 5am, get a workout in, and then hop on the MegaBus from one city to the other. Often time was so tight that I would change from my gym gear into proper ‘model wear’ for castings in a Starbucks bathroom. I’d usually head into my agency to get my castings for the day and then run all over the city meeting clients, sometimes doing test shoots with photographers. Sometimes I would crash on couches or floors because I had early castings the following day. . . And then this happened ^^^ and the grind got a little easier. Tony Duran requested to shoot me very early in my career, something I’m still very grateful for. All of the above, the traveling, long days, sometimes not getting enough food or even denying myself food to fulfill the requirements of the industry - all of that was work. Work that I did for about a year and a half before making any money, grinding. All of that was tough but shooting with Tony nearly made me say ‘fuck it all.’ . . Remember in the Dark Knight, when Harvey Dent says “ The night is always darkest just before the dawn?” Yeah, that’s how this felt. Tony was shooting people like Brad Pitt so I was already intimidated. I flew out there to test with him and be part of a photo-shoot to promote these insanely expensive watches, shooting with seasoned models that made me look like a chump. . . I’m a very sensitive guy and he could give a shit. He was doing me a favor, he didn’t need me there. I was so frustrated, I remember calling my mom earlier in the day saying I wanted to come home. (Momma’s boy). After him laying into me all day, around midnight he asked me ‘do you even want to do this?’ I was tired, and angry, and didn’t have anything left to say. . . He asked me ‘what do you think is sexy about you?’ I honestly drew a blank. I had transformed my body, but after the challenges of the day, in my mind, I was still the chub chub ‘fat friend’ back in south Jersey. He asked me again. ‘What do you think is sexy about you?” Again, I said I didn’t know. This time he yelled.... (continued in comments)

This is the story about how I made my way into the modeling industry, and eventually moved to New York: . One night at the bar, a man approached me and asked my name. Nothing out of the ordinary there. He kept coming back though to ask me more questions. “How tall are you?” “What is your waist size?” “Do you know your inseam?” I was getting annoyed but answered anyway. What did I have to lose? I’m also really awful with sarcasm, he could have just been joking. I didn’t know and I was too busy to care. . At the end of the night, he approached me again and handed me his card. He informed that he was drunk, and probably wouldn’t remember any of this tomorrow, so I needed to email him and remind him where we met. I thanked him and we closed down for the night. . He turned out to be the men’s director for one of the biggest modeling agencies in New York. I didn’t know this at the time, and I was still in school. I thanked him and said that I’d like to continue to focus on my art but I appreciated his interest. . Fast forward to 6 months later, post Eurotrip, laying on the couch with my girlfriend at the time. We were watching one of those who wants to be a supermodel, or America’s next top model. I can’t remember which. I recognized one of the judges - it was the same man that had given me his card almost half a year ago at Pure. . Seeing this guy on television partnered with my new found courage from traveling, gave me the confidence to give modeling a shot. I took a few digitals and sent them out, along with an email that I copy and pasted from agency to agency. An agent at @red_models responded almost immediately and asked me to come to New York the following day. I got along with everyone at the agency and felt a kindred spirit in the owner, a big hearted man that always made time for the models. I was signed that day and began testing with photographers around the city. . These photos some of my first with @jeremykoststudio that had been lost in the ether so I apologize for the quality. Jeremey knew I was a fan of superheroes so he brought along an inflatable Hulk for me to use as a prop. (Props FTW when you have no idea WTF you’re doing.)

By the time I came out of UArts in 2008, I had a degree under my belt, making bank bartending 3-4 nights a week, training clients at the gym, sharing my knowledge and new found love for strength training with the same friends I met at the bars, and I was creating like a madman. The nights I wasn’t bartending, I would work out of my studio apartment, sewing together stuffed monsters. My sleep schedule was so sporadic that I’d often stay up all night, faux fur, plastic eyeballs, and hot glue…. everywhere. Like a muppet horror movie. . . My previous junior and senior theses were three dimensional and interactive. First I made a giant pile of leaf pillows - I drew a bunch of leaves I found in Rittenhouse Park, printed them on fabric, and then sewed them together. I tossed them all in a pile in Hamilton Hall and encouraged people to JUMP in them. My next installation I bought a toy box, painted it and then filled it with random animals that I’d always wanted to see in an animal cracker box - something different from the norm, like baboons, hummingbirds, sharks, and porcupines. Then I drew this giant toddler on the wall, bending down to dig into the box, knocking over a giant glass of milk in the process. (Don’t cry over spilt milk). . . I was dating an amazing girl and decided it was time to take a trip - a big trip. The money I’d saved up got us two plane tickets, two train tickets, and took us all over Europe. London - Paris - Nice - Madrid - Barcelona - Rome - Sorrento - Croatia - Berlin - Munich - Switzerland - Brussels - Amersterdam. We explored the catacombs in Paris, visited Park Guell in Barcelona, did mushrooms in Amersterdam, and swam up and down the coast of Croatia. We visited platform 9 3/4 of Harry Potter fame, had sex as quietly as we could in hostel showers, and I also had my first beer.(Yup, that is accurate, I wasn’t drinking at this point.) This trip opened me to the transformative power of travel - especially backpacking, moving from place to place, on a budget. (Continued in comments) 📸 @taghinaderzad #travelbug #hostellife #europe #eurotrip #backpacking #travelgram


I had just started my fitness journey when I moved to Philadelphia for college. I was starting to see results from my training - physically and mentally. Movement, along with art, was quickly becoming a healthy outlet for me to work through trauma from my childhood. I use to self-harm a lot. Lifting heavy weights gave me the same relief minus the scars, plus a strong body. . . Art schools don’t typically have gyms or sports teams much to my dismay. I joined 12th street, the unofficial gym of UArts. It was full of super fit, super friendly, men. My school was located right next to the ‘gayborhood’- a collection of bars, clubs, and restaurants that proudly flew their rainbow flags and welcomed everybody. . . I think because of being raised pretty much exclusively by my mother I was open to all people. She was always an advocate for ‘do what makes you happy.’ I made friends quickly, including one of my best friends, @kevin.kreider. He was my first trainer. I told him I wanted to look like Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity (forget about Deadpool, y’all remember how ripped he was in that movie?!) Within a few months, my body had transformed. . . I eventually began working at the gym as a receptionist. A handful of members encouraged me to get a job at one of the bars in the neighborhood, enticing me with promises of ‘lots of money.’ I applied to Pure nightclub (@voyeurphilly) and got a job as a barback. I loved it - everything about it. I met people from all over the world, worked with amazing human beings, and basically got paid to work out, carrying boxes of alcohol and beer all night. . . At the end of a very long night, one of my dear friends and legendary bartender, Ricky Mac, asked me ‘Why don’t you ever work with your shirt off?” I asked him what incentive do I have to work with my shirt off (I got tipped out from the bartenders). “I’ll give you 40 bucks to finish cleaning with your shirt off.” (Continued below) #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #movementformentalhealth

This may be my first ’photoshoot’...ever. I was 19, maybe 20, studying printmaking at University of the Arts. I was interning with an artist named Alex DaCorte at the time, spending hours punching out holes from colored paper to be used later for murals. Somehow, he convinced me to throw on colored American Apparel briefs (remember those?) and do a photoshoot. I was nervous so props were helpful, especially this magical globe that would spark in me an insatiable wanderlust. . . Travel has always been one of my greatest teachers - exploring new lands, experiencing other cultures, getting lost in a world that is unfamiliar, is when I feel the most alive. When I’m completely immersed in a place I know very little about is when I’m at my best, because I have to be. It requires a heightened level of responsibility and presence that I often slip away from here amongst the comforts of modern life. . . . I’m prepping for what feels like the most important trip of my life - Japan. The beginning of March, I’m heading to the Land of the Rising Sun to immerse myself in a culture that has influenced me as an artist and a mover in so many aways. The Japanese artist Kitushika Hokusai is why I became a printmaker, and his work inspired one of my first tattoos. I actually start to shake as I’ve been researching this trip - I’m excited. . . . In preparation for my departure, I’m going to take you #humanheroes on a journey from this captured moment all the way up until I leave on the 3rd of March - covering all the places I’ve been blessed to explore/live. I’ve got so much content that I’ve never shared, along with so many stories, which is why I created an Instagram in the first place. So check back tomorrow for the next destination, and in the meantime tag someone who could use a vacation. 👹 #exploremore #exploretocreate #wanderlust #keepmoving #movementformentalhealth

I adopted YaYa from a shelter but it’s more accurate to say she rescued me. She rescues me all the time! She smiles when I come home. She paws at me when she knows something is off. She kisses me when I ask for one. And when I really need it, she lets me cry into her fur. . . She came into my life when I was dealing with heartbreak. I didn’t know who I was outside of the relationship, and I mentally beat the shit out of myself for the mistakes I made. She helped me find myself again and heal. She taught me about patience, and responsibility, and love and how important it is to live for something other than myself. . . YaYa means grandma in a multiple languages. The intention behind her name is to show her the same unconditional love that my grandma showed me especially while she heals and works through the trauma she’s endured. . . . I think that’s what unconditional love is about - forgiveness. Forgiveness and empathy. Our choices define us and my choices, the good and the bad, have lead me here. If I hadn’t made those choices, YaYa might not still be here, and the fact that she is, is only ever going to be a good thing. #gratitude #trusttheprocess #forgivenessheals #dogpapa #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami always makes me think about @mrturk. You are so missed Jonathan. I know you’re strutting your stuff somewhere in a universe-patterned blazer and star-dusted slacks. #restinpeace #restinpower #mensfashion #miami #swimwear #mrturk

Miami Beach, Florida

She makes it all worth it. 💙 #citydog #love #relationshipgoals #healing #growth #change #responsibility #dogdad

A huge thank you to @pigeonma.draws for this AWESOME portrait!🦁 Swipe to see his process from beginning to end. It’s always a treat to see how an artist works. . . Expect lots more art #humanheroes and stay tuned for a HH instagram! #👁⚡️👁 #artistsoninstagram #artistspotlight #illustration #drawingtutorial #movementformentalhealth #movingmeditation

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. “ MLK 🌀 I haven’t posted one of these in a long time. Maybe because I thought they were silly, or they fed the ego. Maybe because I’ve been too self-absorbed and thought I was better than taking a selfie. Unff.. yup that was it. That’s the ego! That is zero - when we compete and compare with any inclination towards superiority. . 🌀 That’s what growth is #humanheroes - getting honest. Not only recognizing when we show up as a zero, but more importantly - acknowledging and atoning. That’s why they’re called growing pains - because the truth hurts, and will continue to hurt until we get honest. . 🌀 Growth is also knowing when to take advantage of a dope dressing room where I couldn’t tell where my hair ends and begins. 🤪 much love #humanheroes #gethonest #ownyourzero #movementformentalhealth

Chelsea Piers Fitness - Brooklyn

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more yoga videos on my page so here is a cut from a #budokon inspired flow. I call it “ground and pound into helloooo tight shoulders.” 😅 Have a great weekend #humanheroes and hope to see some of you at #HeroFlow on Sunday @jameshotels . . PS. We got a “super would blood moon” on Sunday. Start thinking about your intentions for next week and beyond. 🌕🐺

🙇🏽‍♀️ Mental Health PSA 🙇🏼‍♂️ Movement is always my go to when I’m trying to quiet that negative voice that I believe lives inside all of us. It’s part of being human along with giving yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling. . . Sometimes those feelings can bleed into the good forces of our lives. Friends, family, and life-partners are solid support structures but it’s not their job to hold us up all the time. We are responsible for our mental health. . . I’ve been using @betterhelp for the last 6 months. It’s super affordable and you get to decide on the level of interaction between you and your therapist. You can skype, call, or even text(don’t text). The point being you can move at your own speed if you’re still working through some vulnerability or trust issues. . . This isn’t a sponsored post. I don’t work for #BetterHelp. I’m sharing this with you #humanheroes because this service has helped me grow. It’s like getting into the arena of my mind with my therapist acting as the referee. I look forward to it every week. I uncover things about myself I could never unearth on my own. You gotta work for a healthy mind with the same level of discipline you bring to all aspects of your life. . If you’re looking for someone to talk to, check out @betterhelp. Already using it? Still feeling the stigma of speaking to a therapist? Let’s start a conversation about it. Leave a comment or DM me about your experience. #strongertogether #humanheroes #movementformentalhealth #mentalgym #keepmoving 📸 @wadleywadley

Santa Monica, California

Two nights ago I dreamt I was climbing a giant tower. I had one final lesson to learn from an old teacher. Other peers served as check points as I wound my way up the guts of the structure. Some ignored me. Some insulted me. Some told me told me to keep going. . The twisting stairs opened into a circular room. A diverse group of people from nowhere in particular were seated around the perimeter of the space. They were speaking a different language I’d never heard before but I knew they were speaking about me. I kneeled down in the center of the room while my name became distorted as it passed from mouth to mouth. . I sat and eventually closed my eyes. When I opened them again, the people were gone except for one older man with broad shoulders. He had a blond/grey beard with a crew cut to match. He looked like my father but smaller. . He guided me to a staircase that was guarded by two dogs sitting face to face. As I neared the top of the tower, I was immediately blinded by the sun. I scanned the borderless space and found my teacher lying on a grooved rock. The contours of her body had etched a cavern for her form to rest in. She was in shade but there was nothing between her skin and the sun. . I walked under the invisible canopy as I got close to her. I noticed her skin was covered in pin holes, each one making a whistling sound as air escaped her body. She said this is what happened whenever I came for lessons. She told me all the people I met in the tower were there to plug up the holes so she did not completely lose her breath. She told me she had nothing left to teach me. . I asked her if there was anything I could do to plug the holes. She pointed to the sky and willed me with her eyes to the edge of the tower. Then she said to me, ‘you know that the only thing left to do is jump.”. 📸 @wadleywadley

Santa Monica, California

Yo #humanheroes ! How’s your year been so far? What you been up to? Got a good head start on your goals? Getting clear on your direction? I’ve been writing a lot on matters of the heart. Ya know, all those human emotions we deal with as best we can. I’m unsure on which words to share and which words to leave for between the pages. . So until I make a decision here’s a @wadleywadley original of me hanging upside down. 🐒 🌊#lightenitup #keepmoving #movingon #movementformentalhealth

2018 has been a year of grounding. When we fall we are expected to spring back up immediately, like nothing happened. But something has happened, and the ground is where we learn why. It’s where we grow. It’s where we root ourselves so we can stand again. Taller. Wiser. More authentic. More honest. More empathetic. So as this year comes to a close, I think the best way to end it is with an apology. I’m sorry to anyone that I’ve hurt this year. To the friends and family that have stayed and those that have left - Ho’oponopono and Happy New Year💙. . I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you. . . May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be at peace. @humenorg #humenorg #newyear #2019 #newbeginnings #movementformentalhealth #humanheroes

Breaking my detox to send all of you a little more love and positive vibes before the holidays. They can be a super heavy time for a lot of #Us. Be sure to put extra energy into keeping up with your practice!! Reflect from a new vantage point and honor your progress!! Look how far you’ve come!! 2019 is going to be incredible for you! but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the rest of 2018!! . . Ps! I’ve got one more #HeroFlow class at James Nomad before I head home to visit my family. If you want to punch and kick your way into the new year, along with a few pushups and chattarangas, come move with me on Sunday. Much love #humanheroes . . PSS. Thanks for the blue check @Instagram. It must have had something to do with my hair. 💙🙏🏼👨🏼‍🎤

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