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I'M SO PROUD OF MY CLIENTS!! 👏🏼😩 Hellal's @hankyblueeyes SUCCESS STORY: I firstly just want to say THANK YOU again!! You truly changed my life, and made me realize that I deserve to be the man I was put on this planet for. I started appreciating who I was as a person, and I have never EVER been more sure of myself than I am right now! - "It's still surreal to me to think that I finished 2nd in your #Fitin5 challenge and I go back to your insta page on the regular just to make sure its all real! I cannot express what this has done to me. I just got back from a wedding in which I was the MC, and a Groomsmen, and there was nothing greater than standing up there next to my best friend in confidence, not having to worry about what I look like, whether the suit im wearing fits properly or what people are saying about me. There were many guest at that wedding that I had not seen in years, and I cannot tell you what an unbelievable feeling it was to have these individuals tell me how amazing I look, and that I have inspired them to start their own journey on getting healthier. I recently posted the attached photo on my social media accounts, and I was extremely embarrassed about who the person on the left is/was, but after this challenge I know exactly who I am, and can sit here today writing you this email and tell you that I WILL NEVER EVER be that person again! (the scary part is that I was 40lbs heavier when I started my journey last Jan). The more I spoke to people about my journey, the more I realized what I actually want, what im willing to sacrifice to get it, and how hard im willing to work to achieve my goals! This is not the last you will see of me, and I promised you a full before and after transformation picture when I reach my goal at 220, and will not be stopping until I have reached it! I want to again say thank you! You have truly been the biggest motivation for me, and I love following you!" - MY NEW #FITIN5 SUMMER PROGRAM STARTS IN 2 weeks. CLICK the "EMAIL" button in my bio to inquire and sign up today! (Hard working, serious inquires only!! Don't wait, Spots are limited and filling up fast)

Playa Vista, California

That feeling when you get your meal prep!! A big THANK YOU to @megafitmeals for being so tasty and keeping me on track! I'm super picky about meal prep food companies but they have never failed me! - Use code PHFIT for 10% off at checkout for your meals. They are delivered straight to my door step every week!! 💃🏼🍴#preparationiskey #healthylifestyle #foodprep

Azulik Hotel Tulum & Maya Spa

Thinking about pizza 🍕 #always If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life... What would it be? 🤔 - photo | @jasegraphics l hair/makeup @naomimua location @azuliktulum | swim @foxswimwear


Tulum was such a magical place... Tell me, Where have you always wanted to travel...?! - photo | @jasegraphics l hair/makeup @naomimua location @azuliktulum | swim @foxswimwear


Chill Weekend Vibes 🔛🏝☀️🍹 COMMENT BELOW what you're doing this weekend! - photo | @jasegraphics l hair/makeup @naomimua location @azuliktulum | swim @foxswimwear

Downtown Los Angeles

As promised 😘 ....The @unwiredtv exclusive is LIVE!! For everyone that could not watch it on TV in #Japan, LINK IS IN BIO. Go check it out and let me know what you think. Commenting back on questions you guys might have below! Special thanks again to producer @jerrycoriaa and his team.

Downtown Los Angeles

It was great working with @unwiredtv for an exclusive interview which will air in Japan but u can check out the video THIS FRIDAY on un-wiredtv.com. Special thanks @jerrycoriaa ...We totally rocked it! ✌🏼☺️

Los Angeles, California

When your girlfriend is stronger than you.. Featuring: @treynkennedy

Playa Vista, California

Smith Machine Circuit 😤😤 A lot of people are intimidated of the gym because they might not know how to navigate their way around and they are afraid of looking silly. If this is your fear.. a recommendation I have is - START with a piece of equipment like the Smith Machine where you can do various exercises until you start getting comfortable going and then slowly make your transition to other pieces of equipment! Here is a SMITH MACHINE CIRCUIT for legs: • SQUATS (12-15 reps x 3-4 rounds • DEADLIFTS (12-15 reps x 3-4 rounds) • WEIGHTED SISSY SQUATS ON SMITH MACHINE (12-15 reps x 3-4 rounds) Song 🎶 @bigsean Moves | Pants 👖@publicmyth

Los Angeles, California

I'm sending weekly newsletters starting tomorrow! Get on the list tonight by commenting your email address below! People always ask how I stay so energized throughout the day... In my first newsletter, I will be sharing my secret along with other really cool information and its all FREE! - COMMENT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS below (or DM me) to get on the list ASAP!


Did you fart? Cause you blew me away 💨 WHAT'S YOUR BEST PICK UP LINE?! 🙈🙈 Outfit by @stealmylabel

The Home Depot

Here's something I do often but don't post on here 😬😬 Obsessed with this outfit by @stealmylabel


I never post selfies.. but this makeup was too good not to! #nofilter 😍😍 @lindsaymakeupmadame

Riviera Maya

Do your squats, eat your protein and don't let boys be mean to you 😜 Photo by @santiagopgm Bikini @foxswimwear

Los Angeles, California

Hows the summer treating you so far?! Loving this Sunset watch from @mvmt! Use my code "phfit" for a discount! #jointhemvmt #mvmtpartner

Playa Vista, California

In honor of @stealmylabel 's NEW WEBSITE launch... Im doing a ✨ GIVEAWAY ✨ 3 lucky ladies are going to win @stealmylabel CHOKERS! - Here's how you enter: 👉🏼 FOLLOW @STEALMYLABEL 👉🏼 COMMENT BELOW would you describe your style more 'BOHO CHIC' or 'GLAMOUR' (Winners will be announced this Friday)

Los Angeles, California

OTHER GIRLS..... | ......ME 😝 #nailedit

Playa Vista, California

Happy Monday, Let's start off the week with some solid core exercises using cables and resistance 😥😥BRACE YOURSELF, These burn like crazy! TAG A FRIEND AND TRY THESE 3 MOVES! * CABLE PLANK KNEE TO ELBOW PUSH-UPS * CABLE REVERSE CRUNCH * CABLE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS Do each move for 30 - 60 seconds and repeat 4-5 times! Try @sweetsweat for your first time or even to restock your supply with my code PHFIT always receive 20% off! 🎶 Falling In Love by Dennis Kruissen, Andrew Langston

Whatever you do, be different..... Be vulnerable to what life has to offer but be strong. Being yourself is the first step of being vulnerable and being yourself is being different. Different than anyone else in the world because you are like no one else! See there's this secret magic to being you and that's what sets you apart from the masses. So, whatever you do... be you, don't try to be anyone else. It's easy to go out and seek what others are doing and copy but to be you.. that's unique and beautiful. Now while you are on the road of being yourself and no one else.. don't forget to be strong. Being strong doesn't mean that you're immune to fear.. In fact, I don't think anyone is really fearless.. I'm sure everyone fears something in life but you've gotta go out there and face those fears every single day with your head held high. No matter what anyone says stay true to yourself, stay strong and know that you are capable of overcoming anything life tries to throw at you. Because you are you and you are strong and no one can take that away from you. - Magazine | @LividMagazine | Photographer @Lizrosa Mua/Styling @missdinh | Editor/Interview @_danny_david_

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