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Pizza Express

Here’s an up-close photo of my face and neck if anyone was wondering what that looked like.. 😎💚 #happystpatricksday #whatseveryonedoing - Photographer | @samuellathrop Hair and Makeup | @jazelle_makeupartist

M25 motorway

I’ve got a challenge for you... Let’s see who can type out “I L O V E P I Z Z A” in the comment section below one letter at a time without getting interrupted.... First one to do it WINS! - Photographer | @samuellathrop Hair and Makeup | @jazelle_makeupartist

Notting Hill

I’m kinda feelin the... “I’m cute” but I can still kick your arse look... lol 😜🤷🏼‍♀️ ....What do you think!? (Ok, maybe I can’t kick anyone’s arse because I can’t even write a caption with the word arse without typing arse) lol #youknowwhatimean #ihope . Photographer | @samuellathrop Hair and Makeup | @jazelle_makeupartist

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Congratulations to my 1st place Winner! Joshua Pritchet won $5,000!! YOU KILLED IT 💀 👏🏼👏🏼 . Starting weight: 190lbs |Ending weight: 175lbs Joshua Pritchet’s Success Story: “My goal has always been to get lean and stay lean, this has always been my biggest struggle. I have a very busy life, I have an 8 month old daughter, I work night shift as an RN in a critical care unit, mom is in nursing school and on top of that I am organizing a move from Texas to Arizona to begin a rigorous anesthesia program.  Its not always easy for me to stay on top of my diet and stay consistent. Through the challenge, Paige gave me all the tools and resources I needed to reach my goal and more, I feel healthy, I feel strong, and motived to keep going. The challenge is over but I am not done on my journey, I feel empowered to keep going and bettering myself. Through the challenge although I have a bit of hectic life I never lost my drive, the knowledge I gained through Paige was extraordinary and if I ever had questions she was very receptive and eager to answer them all. The biggest point I would like to say regarding this challenge is the dedication Paige puts into us and the information she provides us. It is extremely evident that she cares about us and is passionate about us reaching our goals. This challenge was one the best decisions I could have ever made for my health and fitness.” IG: @jmp_9 | Facebook: Joshua Pritchet . DONT WAIT - START YOUR TRANSFORMATION TODAY!! Tap link in my bio or email me to reserve your spot!✨

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Congratulations to my 2nd place Winner! Suzi Miskolczi won $3,000!! YASSSS GIRL, YAS! 💁🏼✨ . Starting Weight: 180lbs | Final Weight: 157.6lbs Suzi Miskolczi’s Success Story: “The challenge definitely tested my ability to have self control and maintain my motivation.  I really pushed through no matter how tired I was (I work 2 nursing jobs) or how sore I was. The #FitIn5 challenge is without a doubt no joke, the workouts were intense, but I kept my mind right through it all (especially starting off from being so OUT of shape!)! The challenge has left me more motivated than ever, and I plan to continue my fitness journey to become even better and healthier! My SINCERE thanks, Suzi Miskolczi” IG: @v8rumbl3 | Facebook Suzi Miskolczi . If you want to join my Next #Fitin5 challenge, Group 1 is now closed but I still have some spots open in Group 2! DONT WAIT - START YOUR TRANSFORMATION TODAY!! Tap the ‘EMAIL’ button or link in bio👆🏼@PaigeHathaway

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Congratulations to my 3rd place Winner! Austin Duncan who won $2,000!! ....Job well done! 👏🏼🤗 . Starting weight: 205lbs | Final weight: 188lbs Austin Duncan’s Success story: “WOW. What an experience. This was probably honestly one of the toughest things that I have put myself through! This challenge not only helped me get into even BETTER shape, but it really taught me a lot about myself, and it taught me self-discipline when it comes to my eating habits. Through everything, this has been such a fun experience, especially just to be able to see the fat just practically melt off!” Instagram: @AustinDuncan - If you want to join my Next #Fitin5 weeks challenge, I am only accepting a few more clients for group 1! DONT WAIT - START YOUR TRANSFORMATION TODAY!! Tap link in my bio @PaigeHathaway or email me to reserve your spot! PaigeHathawayFit@gmail.com

London, United Kingdom

💥 #FITIN5 CHALLENGE FINALISTS 💥 Narrowing it down!! Here are the 6 top finalists (Top 3 girls and guys) This is the LAST VOTING ROUND before we pick the top 3 grand prize winners! - Top 3 transformations will take home grand prizes totally $10,000! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW and vote 1-6 by choosing your favorite transformations! - 1 - Joshua Pritchet 2 - Suzi Miskolczi 3 - Austin Duncan 4 - Jessica Craig 5 - Ryan Mullins 6- Tori Tesch - Taking new contestants for my next #Fitin5 challenge RIGHT NOW! Start your transformation here!! Click the ‘EMAIL’ button in my bio and message me to join!

London, United Kingdom

Obliques of peace 💪🏼✌🏼😝 What body part is your strongest feature? - For everyone asking, My new #fitin5 challenge starts this weekend. Spots are filling up extremely fast! Link in bio @paigehathaway | Save your spot! 🦋

London, United Kingdom

Your uniqueness is your advantage 💚✨ - DOUBLE TAP if you want to see more photos from this photoshoot!! Hope you guys are liking the new stuff! - Photographer | @samuellathrop Hair and Makeup | @jazelle_makeupartist

London, United Kingdom

💥 #FITIN5 CHALLENGE FINALISTS 💥 WOW, this was prolly the hardest challenge I’ve had to narrow down for top 10 transformations so far! Each of my clients brought their A-game!! So proud of everyone who entered! These are the TOP TEN CONTESTANTS from my last #Fitin5 week transformation challenge! - Top 3 transformations will take home grand prizes totally $10,000! This is so tough and I NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW 👇🏼👇🏼 and vote 1-10 by choosing your favorite transformations! - 1 - Joshua Pritchet 2 - Suzi Miskolczi 3 - Austin Duncan 4 - Jessica Craig 5 - Flyner Portugal 6 - Hillary Cox 7 - Ryan Mullins 8 - Chelsie Miller 9 - Chad Miller 10 - Tori Tesch - Taking new contestants for my next #Fitin5 challenge RIGHT NOW! Start your transformation here!! Click the ‘EMAIL’ button in my bio and message me to join!

London, United Kingdom

That look you give bae when he wins 1st place in his class! 🤗🥇Good job babe! Off to celebrate in London! 😈 - I hope everyone is having a great dayyy! What’s everyone doing this weekend!? 🤷🏼‍♀️


My king 👑🖤 Wishing the most amazing man I know good luck tomorrow in his competition! I’ve never seen someone work so hard and I’m beyond proud of him. @dickersonross Comment on this photo to help me wish him good luck! 🍀


My Workout bands have launched! 🍑✨ They come in 4 different resistances (light, medium, heavy and ex-heavy... for all my glute masters) AND THEY ARE LESS THAN $20.00 on my website (link in bio) - 💥GIVEAWAY TIME ⬇️💥 - WANT MY NEW MINI LOOP BANDS FOR FREE!?? All you have todo to win a pair is right now is: • COMMENT your 3 favorite glute exercises below & • TAG your glute partner! (both you and the person you tag will win a pair) Winners will be announced on my story next week!!!


There are no short cuts about it, it’s like you've gotta tune out everything else in the world and have tunnel vision towards that one goal to make it happen. -ph - I have worked my butt off and I had to have strong mentalfocus to get where I am at this moment. I sacrificed my time, spent countless hours at the gym, read books, studied and worked on myself to become what I knew I wanted to become. I planted a seed of faith inside my head even when everyone else called it impossible. Through the many years of chasing my dreams, I've felt the greatest of joys and even the lowest of lows.... but I guess that's just life and what real growth really looks like, right!? Fitness to me was never about looking the best. Working out turned into my escape, it gave me life, drive and passion to push myself to better myself every single day. It forced me to become a goal getter; where I would look at myself in the mirror and tell myself not to give up and too keep going no matter what obstacles lie in my way and that mind set trickled upon different areas in my life. It has and will continuously allow me to physically and emotionally grow to be stronger. Honestly, I owe a lot of who I am today because I found the gym and for that I am forever grateful. WHATS YOUR STORY WITH THE GYM? Has it helped shape you into the person you are today!?


Happy International Women’s day! ❤️♥️ I tagged 20 amazing women in this photo because I think they are independent, fierce, confident, strong, powerful and they inspire me and others every single day! TAG AT LEAST 3 WOMEN BELOW THAT INSPIRE YOU!

F45 Training Culver City

Because if you’re not having fun when you’re working out, you’re doing it wrong! 😝🤘🏼 - Crushing the #angrybird workout with my BFF @coryg_ 🎶💪🏼 Angry bird is a timed @f45_training workout that uses different tempos and timing to really shock your muscles! I’ve fallen in love with the way we train here at @f45_training and one of the best parts about it is I get to share it with people I love! #teamtraining @butters986

North Hollywood, California

This is for all the people out there working late nights, early mornings and loooong hours with BIG DREAMS, CLEAR VISIONS, and not just a voice but a PLAN OF ACTION. Don’t stop your hustle because it’s only a matter of time before you WILL ACHIEVE GREATNESS! 🖤 - P.S. What are you thoughts on abs on a girl? 🤷🏼‍♀️ - I’m taking new clients for my next #fitin5 challenge! 👉🏼 Dm me your email if interested!

Los Angeles, California

Made it back to LA but only to leave to Europe tomorrow! 🛬🤘🏼🖤 If you want some tips on how I stay in shape while traveling, PEEP MY IG STORY! .....What tips should I post on my story next!?

Columbus, Ohio

TAG SOMEONE (and please read👇🏼) If you're going to try... GO ALL IN!!! If you're not then don't even start. Chasing your dreams, is an all out war. You gotta be willing to sacrifice and work hard to achieve great things. You might lose friends, you might “miss out” on somethings and at times you might feel so alone that you’ll want to give up but you must acknowledge the temporary insulation you might endure to really be great at your craft. Despite rejection, failure or even if all the odds are against you, YOU WILL do what it takes and YOU WILL believe in yourself because this will be the greatest thing you have ever done.. Better than you have ever imagined.. Because YOU have achieved this. There will be no better feeling.. YOU achieved this, YOU went all in, YOU believed in yourself and YOU gave it all you got. You're life is your life. No one else is capable of making you achieve something or obtain a goal if you don't set forth to do it yourself. You can't beat death but you can beat death in life. SO, GO ALL IN!!! 💙💙 It's the only way to live. - Photographer | @samuellathrop Hair and Makeup | @jazelle_makeupartist Jacket | @lioness_official

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