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Fits like a glove 👀 TAG SOMEONE WHO COULD ROCK THIS OUTFIT -choker and suede bodysuit @stealmylabel

Flex Friday Winner @taylorwallacefit @taylorwallacefit @taylorwallacefit - Is this strong babe! Talk about Ab motivation 😍 Go check out her page @taylorwallacefit

It's Friday but we still getting gains! Reverse hack squats (Heavy) 10-12 reps Here I'm doing 270lbs for 12 reps 😤💪🏼 TAG YOUR LEG DAT PARTNER AND DO THIS! - Don't forget to hashtag your best gym photos for Flex Friday and to be featured #PaigeHathaway

TIPS ON WHAT TO WEAR ✨ New YouTube video live! Visit my YouTube channel! Youtube.com/paigehathaway

DM ME FOR MORE INFO ⬆️ Here's a clip from what some of my last contestants had to say about the #Fitin5! These videos always make me smile and I find them so inspiring! - My NEW YOU #Fitin5 weeks challenge STARTS THIS weekend and I'm accepting new contestants now! For this challenge, each contestant receives: - • Entry to the challenge - 11k CASH PRIZES! • 3 part/ 5 week diet and workout program. • Weekly question and Check-in days. • FREE "blueprint to a new YOU" EBOOK. • FREE #SweetSweat jar. • FREE SweetSweat gym bag. • Personalized autographed photo. - Only a few days left to sign up! Spots are limited! Male and female contestants world wide welcome!

It's crazy that through social media we can connect with the whole world! I am from the midwest but now reside in sunny california, USA! 🇺🇸 I wanna know where my followers are from... Where are you located!? - Photog @_efig | @MostMagazine Style @manejay | MH @leibi_carias I will be showing love to 4 people who make me their #WCW and reposting their IGs on my page! Just hashtag me so I can find you! #PaigeHathaway


Spice up your Meal Prep!!!! One thing that everyone has in common is that EVERYONE HATES BORING FOOD! I know I do 🙋🏼 and one misconception that people have is that healthy food tastes blah! Well I'm here to show you a super quick way to spice up your food without breaking the calorie bank: -WHAT YOU NEED- • CHICKEN BREAST (I used pre-seasoned for extra flavor/plain chicken will do great too) • SALSA (any kind that your craving) • RICE (either white or brown rice) • Fresh CILANTRO • LIMES • salt / pepper / garlic powder optional* - WHAT TO DO - Place chicken breasts in crock pot. Pour salsa all over chicken breast. Either slow cook all day while you're at work or place on high for faster results. (I like to slow cook all day) Follow directions to cook desired amount of rice. Place cooked rice in a large bowl. Finely chop cilantro and mix into rice. Squeeze a few limes in the mixture as well.. (TRY AS YOU GO) so you know how sweet and zesty you like your rice! (Remember when cooking) It's easier to add more then it is to take away. Salt, Pepper and garlic powder are also great additions to the rice. Serve zesty rice with salsa crock pot chicken ENJOY!

Congratulations to the 1st place winner of my #Fitin5, Zoe Griffith 💪🏼✨ (IG @zoey_michelle77 / FB https://www.facebook.com/zoe.griffith.7) - Zoey's Success Story - "I began my journey 2years ago after going through somethings in my life. I lost 10lbs & enjoyed the way I was feeling. I decided to sign up to a gym & change my eating habits. It was no time before I had lost 30lbs. People began to noticed quick changes in my size, some individuals were very kind, others not so much. I was accused of having a weight loss surgery & even being on drugs. We live in a stereotypical world people think you have to take drugs or surgery to lose weight! This is so not true! I had a goal that I wanted to reach. This was to weigh what my drivers license said! After a 1.5years of kicking butt, I finally hit my goal (Losing a total of 55lbs) After hitting my goal, I plateaued & only managed to maintain my weight for six months. I've followed Paige on Instagram & seen the amazing transformations from her #Fitin5. I thought about signing up many times but it wasn't until November that I finally took the step! When signing up, I never expected to make the top10. I thought to myself there are so many people that get abs & have amazing bodies there's no way it will be me! I was ECSTATIC to find out I made the top 5!! But then came the criticism for putting my body out there. I saw numerous comments about "#10" got a tummy tuck & "#10" is not real or that can't happen in 5weeks. Well I'm here to tell you IT CAN! Starting at 5:30am. Many times I wanted to quit but I didn't want to disappoint myself! I completely dedicated myself for 5weeks! I learned so much from participating in this challenge! I hope women like me can see my transformation & see that YOU CAN DO IT without having to result to surgery or drugs! I hope that critiquing individuals realize that they should raise someone up for their efforts rather then put them down! I also want to thank @PaigeHathaway for creating this amazing program!" - If you want to join my Fitin5 week challenge, I am now accepting new contestant applications! START YOUR TRANSFORMATION NOW!! CLICK the link in my bio to sign up today!

Special Announcement 💪🏼 Congratulations to the 2nd place winner of my Fall #Fitin5 week challenge, Michelle Hunter (IG @chelle_812 / FB https://www.facebook.com/michelle.hunter.39395 - Michelle's success story: I started the Fitin5 to get my life back on track. I enjoy going to the gym, but needed the motivation to go when it's not swimsuit season. I like sweets too much, and needed a plan to sub out sugars while still feeling energetic. The challenge was not always easy, hence the word "challenge". I decided just to be transparent with Paige, and always let her know how I was feeling on question/check-in days. One day I expressed how hard it was not to eat the junk food people bring to my office. Paige gave me some tips and said, "...AND, and just realize if you stick to YOUR diet, you will look and feel better than everyone there ;)" That resonated with me, and inspired me that it can be simple-just commit and do it! Her motivation throughout reminded me why I started and pushed me to stay on track. By the end of the challenge, I was super pleased with my results, not only in the mirror but also with how much better my clothes fit. Even after the progress I saw, I still wasn't at my end goal. Paige emailed asking about joining her New Year's challenge to continue with my fitness journey. I decided to accept the invitation, and I am pumped to keep going in the new challenge to further tone my body, and cement these changes into my lifestyle permanently. Once I saw that I had made top 10 in this challenge, I was so shocked! After I processed it though, I actually felt more justified with my results. I am further motivated to stick to the plan for even more progress, and can't wait to see what the new challenge brings! - If you want to join my NEW YEARS Fitin5 week challenge, I am now accepting new contestant applications! START YOUR TRANSFORMATION NOW!! CLICK the link in my bio to sign up today! Email : PaigeHathawayFit@gmail.com

Special Announcement 💪🏼✨ Congratulations to the 3rd place winner of my Fall #Fitin5 week challenge, Jonathan Fuller!! (no IG / Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jon.fuller.758) - Jonathan's Success Story : "I was very hesitate about doing an online challenge and possibly exposing myself to the world. I appeared skinny and went to the gym on occasion when it was convenient for me. That may have been once a week or so. I married in August of 2015 and got in decent shape just for that day. Since that moment fast food, candy and especially beer were routine for me. I inquired about the challenge in April and put it off until I finally grew the nerve in November 2016 to put health first. I wanted to show my oldest son (9) that if you give everything you have to something anything can be achieved. This challenge and you have helped me see what a healthy lifestyle and some accountability can do for an average guy. I am the celebrity to my kids and my wife believed I would make the top 10 and possibly win the moment she took my final pictures and I can't thank her enough. Thank you Paige for bringing a healthy living back into our lives!!" - If you want to join my New Years #Fitin5 weeks challenge, I am now accepting new contestant applications! START YOUR TRANSFORMATION NOW!! Tap in my bio to sign up today or email me!

I don't wake up everyday feeling motivated. Some days I don't feel like working out and other days I struggle eating healthy. If I have a bad day, I most certainly do NOT let that bad day turn into a bad week, month or year. If you feel yourself slipping, STOP and evaluate your priorities. ➰Take a step back so you can see what needs to take place in order for you to continue reaching your goals. Don't allow yourself to keep slipping. This is where a pool of dissatisfaction with yourself and your life are waiting. Life is a "mind over matter" game. ➰Once you learn how to control your thoughts, magnificent things begin to happen. Of course hard work pays off and the results are fantastic but know that there are many sacrifices that have to be taken along the way. The process of setting goals and your journey to achieve them will test your true strengths. ➰There will be times when you question yourself and during this time you need to force yourself to look at the positive. Always reminding yourself that results and conquering your dreams dont happen over night. Be patient and stay consistent. What ever you put into the world will come to you. If you let this way of thinking sink in and keep your heart aiming for the stars, nothing will be impossible for you!

Here's a video of the top 5 finalists from my Fall challenge! Please help me choose the 3 top transformations! (COMMENT BELOW YOUR FAVORITES 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼) Top winner(s) will take home grand prizes totaling over $10,000! 1.) Michelle Hunter 2.) Hellal Jawhari 3.) Michelle Montinieri 4.) Jonathan Fuller 5.) Zoe Griffith Spots are filing up fast. Email me to inquire about my New Years challenge... Starts NEXT WEEK!

Weekend attire @stealmylabel So obsessed with this fur sleeved sweater 😍 TAG SOMEONE WHO WOULD ROCK THIS LOOK

Throwback to 2016 reminding myself that the gains will be better this year. #lit 💪🏼🔥#summerbodiesaremadeinthewinter MOVE OVER 2017 - we comin' for you!

Watch my new YouTube video by clicking the link in my bio @PaigeHathaway 😂 ⬆️ GIVEAWAY: Comment on this video on my YouTube channel for a chance WIN a signed 2017 calendar AND the must say it game!!

So let me tell you how much I love @bigsliceapples! If you follow me then you know how on-the-go I am often. It can be difficult staying healthy and on track when your super busy or maybe you just don't know many healthy snack options! This is why these unique travel size snacks are my favorite! They are naturally fat free, full of fiber and depending on flavor under 100 calories! They are extremely delicious by themselves or you can use them as toppers for things like oatmeal and yogurt! - You can get nationwide at all GNC stores! #bigsliceapples #bigslicelover #healthysnack #asparklelife #GNC #Sprouts #HEB #TheFreshMarket

Here's a video of the top 10 finalists from my Fall challenge! Please help me choose the top 5 week transformations! (COMMENT BELOW YOUR FAVORITES 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼) Top winner(s) will take home grand prizes totaling over $10,000! 1.) Teresa Scanlan 2.) Hellal Jawhari 3.) Katelyn Lewis 4.) Harry Saputra 5.) Michelle Hunter 6.) Michelle Montinieri 7.) James Esper 8.) Lauren Rosier 9.) Jonathan Fuller 10.) Zoe Griffith - spots are filing up fast. Email me to inquire about my New Years challenge... Starts very soon!

Waking up in a new year like... 😬👋🏼 - I will be showing love back by randomly selecting 4 people who make me their #WCW and reposting their IGs on my page! Just hashtag me so I can find you! #PaigeHathaway

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