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Beverly Hills, California

When she’s a beast and a boss!! 😤💪🏼 outfit and sneakers: @ryderwear

Los Angeles, California

💥 #FITIN5 TOP 5 FINALIST💥 Top 3 transformations will take home grand prizes totally $10,000! Everyone did such an amazing job! 👏🏼😁 I need your help! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW AND VOTE 1-5 by choosing your favorite transformation! - 1. Jessica Cupp 2. Leana Gallegos 3. Martin Engster 4. Ana Almaguer 5. Lorena Santens - Taking new contestants for my next challenge RIGHT NOW! Start your transformation today!! Click the ‘EMAIL’ button in my bio and message me to join!

F45 Sherman Oaks

TAG A FRIEND AND TRY THESE MOVES👇🏼 Here are 5️⃣ EXCELLENT @f45_training functional moves that work all over 🏋🏼‍♀️ but target more of your lower half! 🍑 The awesome thing about working out is there are sooooo many different to SWITCH IT UP! #challengeyourself - * Weighted Box Step ups * Squat Walks (front to back) * Kettle bell single leg RDL * Ball Slams * Kettle bell figure 8’s - The key 🔑 to success with your fitness goals.. Find something you enjoy + Stay consistent + and have fun with it. No magic potion.. #simple #success 🖤💪🏼✨

.....When life is good and you #dgaf 😆 ◻️IDK ◻️IDC ◻️IDGAF ✔️all of the above. #savethedramaforyourmama #positivevibesonly 🌈

Mustang, Oklahoma

💥 #FITIN5 CHALLENGE FINALISTS 💥 So tough to narrow it down but THESE ARE THE TOP 10 CONTESTANTS from my last #Fitin5 weeks challenge! - Top 3 transformations will take home grand prizes totally $10,000! Everyone did such an amazing job! 👏🏼😁 I need your help! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW AND VOTE 1-10 by choosing your favorite transformation! - 1. Leana Gallegos 2. Stephanie Caligiuri 3. Beau Leven 4. Jessica Cupp 5. Ana Almaguer 6. Kimberly Jones 7. Lorena Santens 8. Martin Engster 9. Esther Evans 10. Stephanie bowman - Taking new contestants for my next challenge RIGHT NOW! Start your transformation today!! Click the ‘EMAIL’ button in my bio and message me to join!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Box squats: 225lbs for 10 reps... 💪🏼😤 Playing around with some box squats. Whats the most weight you’ve ever squatted and for how many reps?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Music 🎵 Dirty Sexy Money @davidguetta

Mustang, Oklahoma

Sometimes you may feel like you have life figured out and the next you might be wondering how your world was somehow turned upside down. Like dark clouds over a sunny day 🌦..Life hits you. It happens to all of us. We all go through hard times at some point of our life... - I believe life brings hardship hoping you will take the obstacles in front of you and train yourself to become stronger. This is ultimate how we grow 💪🏼 and become better humans. When you train your mind to become stronger, you allow yourself to let go of the past, forgive yourself or the situation and move forward. When you train the mind to become stronger, you become better. We must remember to not lose hope 😰or motivation even in the darkest of days. I know that this is much easier said than done but we must not lose sight of ourselves. This is where our bad days test us. They test our will-power and our ability to stand strong. They test our endurance and how bad we might want something. Our trials and tribulations want us to fail but we must ☝🏼 not give up! - If you don't allow the dark clouds to take over, hardships will soon pass 🖤 and you will feel the sun on your face and sound of birds chirping again. If we continue with strength, hope and perseverance..🌈We in the end will be better and have so much more to triumph because of it. - Photo @samuellathrop | MUA @jazelle_makeupartist

Topanga, California

I DARE YOU... to follow your dreams. I dare you to live without regret. I dare you to chase what makes your soul catch fire. I dare you to be vulnerable, to be open minded and optimistic. I dare you to not let the word “no” stop you from reaching your greatest potential. I dare you to know what your greatest potential is. I dare you to fight the negatives in life. I dare you to not let life win. I dare you to wake up every single damn day and make something of yourself, to be kind and to grind with passion. I dare you be passionate, to be the hardest working person in the room and to never quit. I dare you to reach your dreams and then set more dreams. I dare you to dare yourself to live a life that YOUR proud of.... because the biggest let down is letting down yourself. I dare you.. now dare yourself. 💫💛 - Photo @samuellathrop | MUA @jazelle_makeupartist

Toluca Lake, California

Don’t let bitter, unhappy people drag you down to their level. They may judge you, misunderstand you, or gossip about you but their opinion isn’t you. Some people are simply going to reject you because you shine too bright for them and THAT’S OK! Stay kind, free in your authenticity and keep shining. No matter what, don’t you dare doubt your self worth or the beauty of your truth. Do yourself a tremendous favor and let go of people who poison your spirit. Ban then from your life. Forget what hurt you but never forget what TAUGHT you. This world is full of so much heartache and struggle and it will hold you down if you let it. Always remember that if you want to go forward you must LET GO of the things that drag you down and JUST KEEP SHINING LIKE YOU DO. 🦄✨ - Photographer | @samuellathrop Hair and Makeup | @jazelle_makeupartist

Hollywood Hills

When he comes home after a long day... - Photographer @milianeyes | Stylist @alexisfallon_ MUA @jennanicoleofficial | Hair @peterhairbh

F45 Training Prahran

If I’ve inspired you, drop me a 💪🏼 below

Los Angeles, California

Happy Monday! Let’s build those legs 🐎 • Heavy squat with bench (185lbs) for 10 reps • Burpee jump lunges (bodyweight) 5-8 reps ** Repeat 4 rounds It's not what we do once in a while that changes our lives. It's what we do consistently, everyday, over and over again. Success in all forms is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is consistently applying basic fundamentals everyday. There is no other way to do it. There are no shortcuts. ✨💪🏼 #consistencyforthewin Outfit: @cleoharper_activewear Music: Howlin for you | @theblackkeys

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Look #✌🏼for Bodypower! & since I hardly post close ups... Comment your thoughts on this look! 👇🏼 Hair @jaybirminghamhair | @beauty_worksonline Makeup @keshiagolbourne - I’m always still so speechless, overwhelmed, full of joy and so happy from all the love I receive from you all each and everyday! Expos are always one of my favorite things to do because I get to meet all of you in person! I love you guys so much! xx

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Apparently my friends are dimes 🤤🤤 @buffbunny | @jenselter

Los Angeles International Airport

Getting on a plane to the UK!!!! ✈️😬 I’m excited to be at BODYPOWER with @ONEATHLETIC THIS weekend!! I had a such a great time at FIBO with the team last month and I know bodypower is going to be EPIC!!! COME FIND ME 👋🏼 @oneathletic booth J55 THIS Saturday May 12th and Sunday the 13th *12-3 each day!! 💪🏼😤 #soexcited #epicthingscoming #oneathletic

Hollywood Hills

Ok.. last one from this set☝🏼☺️ Which photo is you’re favorite from the last three?! This one.. Standing or the first one? 🤷🏼‍♀️ - Photographer @milianeyes | Stylist @alexisfallon_ MUA @jennanicoleofficial | Hair @peterhairbh

Hollywood Hills

Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been to stand back up taller than you ever were. ✨🦒🧡 #standup #standstrong - Photographer @milianeyes | Stylist @alexisfallon_ MUA @jennanicoleofficial | Hair @peterhairbh

Hollywood Hills

Modeling Pro Tip: Always pose like your crush / imagine husband is watching. 😏🧡 - Photographer @milianeyes | Stylist @alexisfallon_ MUA @jennanicoleofficial | Hair @peterhairbh

When you run into the homie @maxthebody randomly while you’re in Australia so you have a QUAD FLEX OFF... WHO DID IT BETTER? 🤷🏼‍♀️😤💪🏼 #ithinkioutangledhim

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