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Azulik Hotel Tulum & Maya Spa

Swinging into Memorial Day weekend like.... 👋🏼 What's everyone plans this weekend?? 🌊🌸 @azuliktulum | @foxswimwear | @sunbum

Olympix Fitness

New leg day video on YouTube 📺 👉🏼 Full Workout - Link in bio | featuring - @coryg_

Buenos Dìas Tulum 😽🌸☀️ Last day in paradise | @azuliktulum @foxswimwear

Azulik Hotel Tulum & Maya Spa

Buenas Noches Tulum 😬😬 photo | jasegraphics l hair/makeup @naomimua location @azuliktulum | swim @foxswimwear

Azulik Hotel Tulum & Maya Spa

Feeling much better today... came down with a bacterial infection yesterday 🤕 Thank you for all the well wishes. @azuliktulum @jasegraphics @mochiswim

Tulum, Mexico

Exploring #Tulum 🌍🌸👋🏼 @nativus.tulum

Azulik Hotel Tulum & Maya Spa

So this is what paradise looks like 😍😍 TAG SOMEONE YOU WANT TO COME HERE WITH Location | @azuliktulum #nofilterneeded

Playa Vista, California

Here's a fun workout with 5 🤚🏼BACK exercises ONLY USING CABLES and one attachment for people who are limited on gym equipment! 😬😬 #trythisout • Wide grip pull downs 12-15 reps x3-4 sets • Pull downs behind the head 12-15 reps x3-4 sets • Pull downs to bottom of chest 12-15 reps x3-4 sets • Lateral pull downs 12-15 reps x3-4 sets • Bent over rows 12-15 reps x3-4 sets - TAG YOUR WORKOUT PARTNER AND GET BUSY 💦 🎶 LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI. by @kendricklamar @zacarip

New YouTube video LIVE! (Link in bio)

Cardio Fartio... 😝20 mins ... FULL BEAST MODE! We all know cardio sucks but let's make it fun! TRY THIS: 30 sec SPRINTS! 30 secs off but no rest.. use that 30 seconds off the treadmill to do (5) high knee burpees. IF you get tired halfway through. Don't quit, just do to regular burpees! Oh and use my code PHFIT on all @sweetsweat products.... save you tons! 😚😚 more money for cute workout clothes and protein shakes!!

Just crushed chest and triceps 👀 #mirinthosegains 💪🏼 WHAT DID YOU WORKOUT TODAY!?

Las Vegas, Nevada

..... Meowww 🐯 Photographer | @kai.york.photography Hair and makeup | @sarahscotfordmua - See my snapchat | phfit | or Instagram story to see how you can win one of my personally signed calendars!

Las Vegas, Nevada

MONDAY M•O•T•I•V•A•T•I•O•N Photographer | @kai.york.photography Hair and makeup | @sarahscotfordmua . When I first got into this Instagram fitness "thing," my goal was to show people that muscles on a female were feminine. That it represented beauty not masculinity. And that it makes you shapely not bulky like most had assumed. Many people had this misconstrued idea of the benefits on lifting weights for females and even society wasn't very accepting. I remember I used to get tons of comments like.. "You look like a man," "Why would you want to do that to your body." and "You lost all your all your femininity." But in the midst of all the crazy comments, I just remember how weight lifting birthed confidence in myself along with many other characteristics such as dedication and self-worth. I'm glad I didn't let those negative comments effect me and I hope that if you're dealing with something similar, You don't give up on something that you're passionate about and brings you happiness because you never know what could come of it.

San Francisco, California

Rallying with these crazies 🏁🏎💨 NAME THIS CAR.... WHATS YOUR ALL TIME FAVORITE CAR? @goldrushrally @taylorlynnfoundation @bc @protectivefilmsolutions @klingdog

A little AB- spiration for this Friday! Holy shredded wheat... I've enjoyed this process of being on a bulk.. it actually allowed me to press the reset button. (I needed this🙌🏼) I've been back on my "shredding" plan for a little over a month now and I can already see all the gains I have made! (This is so exciting) I'm pumped to get back to my little shredded self.. a bit anxious if you will but slow and steady wins the race. Granted I could cut a bunch of carbs out and shred down pretty easily (I am naturally a ectomorph) but I don't want to sacrifice any muscle I put on during this transition. The new goal for myself has been focused more on performance and not solely bodybuilding. I do still very much incorporate compound movements in my daily routine but I also have been doing a bunch of high interval training, speed work, athletic training, endurance work, olympic lifting and even boxing. To me, training is not only about looking your best but also about feeling the part as well! It's my therapy and something I look forward to everyday. Working out should be about making better choices in life not about making poor decisions and being unhealthy to achieve something society might portray. Working out should be about you and the way YOU feel. Happier, healthier and doesn't hurt that it makes you look better too! This is a your journey and it should change yourself for the better. - Get your #FlexFriday photos in! 1,2,3 gooo Hashtag me :) Sports Bra - @publicmyth | Song - Make You Feel by Alina Baraz

New York, New York

Feeling Accomplished! 😬😬 New YouTube VLOG is live! My trip to NYC, a chat with the one and only @garyvee and my workout at @tonehouse! - I will also be filming a Q & A on my channel! If you have any questions you wanna ask me. Comment them here below! 👇🏼If your question is picked, Both your question and your name will be featured on the video! - Go watch the video and don't forget to subscribe!

Los Angeles, California

Waiting for the weekend to be here like... TAG SOMEONE WHO LIVES FOR THE WEEKEND 🙋🏼 @jasegraphics |@naomimua | @thecinematographer

I'M SO PROUD OF MY CLIENTS!! 😬😬 Some of the amazing people I got to work with this last #Fitin5 and what they had to say about their experience! This is hands down one of my favorite parts of what I do and my clients inspire me with how hard they work! - I'm taking new contestants for my SUMMER challenge NOW (starts this weekend) Serious inquiries only! Click "EMAIL" in my bio and email me for more information!

Playa Vista, California

In honor of humpday... 🐪 Heres a fun circuit with 5 🤚🏼BOOTY and LEG exercises ONLY USING CABLES and one attachment for all my gym goers 😬😬 #burnssogood #trythisout • Squats 12-15 reps x3-4 rounds • Deadlifts 12-15 reps x3-4 rounds • Lunges 20 reps alternating x3-4 rounds • Good Mornings 12-15 reps x3-4 rounds • Weighted Jump Squats 12-15 reps x3-4 rounds - TAG YOUR LEG DAY PARTNER AND GET TO WORK 💦 Sports Bra | @aloyoga Song 🎶 Whippin (feat. Felix Snow) by @kiiara, @felixsnow

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