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A video to keep it real #motivation #snapchatsawitfirst #minibulk - TAG A FRIEND

We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that might feel is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don't have something better. Comfort isnt always a good thing. Being comfortable means that you have accomplished what you think is necessary and have no further interest in pursuing goals of self-improvement in your health, career, love, mind and overall life. This type of comfort can be poisonous to your soul. We each come to a crossroad in our lives where we have to make the decision to let go of something in order to grow and make room for something better. Don't fear being uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid of change. You may lose something seemly good in the present, but you may gain something beyond what your mind could have imagined forever. - Magazine | @dakinimag Photographer | @sarahorbanicphotos Glam | @jey_ventura Wardrobe | @heatherwbcolors

30 degrees in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I'm loving this rooftop workout! I did my entire LOWER BODY WORKOUT ONLY USING DUMBBELLS! (I posted the full workout on my snapchat! Go SCREENSHOT it! (Username | PHFIT)

I must say, I have never been to anything like a Green Bay game before at Lambeau field with snow in 30 degree weather... I mean WOW!! What an EXPERIENCE!!! #bucketlist #gopackgo #lambeaufield #ihaveneverwornsomuchclothes

Throwback.. because my NEW "THE BEST OF" Calendar is releasing very soon and this photo is one of the images! #DailyMotivation TAG SOMEONE WHO NEEDS MY NEW CALENDAR - Email me to get on the 'first come / first serve' waiting list for my NEW 2017 CALENDAR!! - EMAIL ➡️ PaigeHathawayFit@gmail.com - PHOTOGRAPHER @lkbphotography - MUA @leahdarcymakeup | HAIR @fpinasco

TAG SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO GAIN SIZE IN THEIR GLUTES AND LEGS 😤💪🏼 - SCREEN SHOT THIS AND Add this circuit to your next leg day routine! • 15reps - Leg Press - (heavy heavy heavy) - I showed the vertical leg press using the smith machine yesterday! • 10reps CURTSEY LUNGES with the bench - using the same leg go straight into the next set.. • 10reps REVERSE LUNCH with the bench - now switch legs - Rest 2 mins between Circuits - Repeat 3x

TAG YOUR LEG DAY PARTNER 💥 - The VERTICAL LEG PRESS has all kinds of advantages but isn't as common as a hack squat or angled leg press. This laying leg press using the smith machine is variation of a vertical leg press! The vertical leg press allows you to target specific muscle groups more intensely! A WIDER STANCE will put more emphasis on the inner thigh muscles while a more NARROW STANCE requires strong quads! You can also get more depth with the vertical leg press! For safety, you can set the smith machine where it can't go farther than a certain point. - Add this curcuit to your next leg day routine - 3x • 15reps VERTICAL Leg Press on Smith Machine • 10reps Curtsey Lunges using the bench • 10reps Reverse Lunge using the bench (I will go over these bench exercises tomorrow) - Rest 2 mins between Circuits - Repeat 3x

Elev8 Performance

The real challenge of growth comes when you get knocked down. When you feel like you've hit a dead end. When it seems like the world is against you, when things don't completely go your way or when it feels like your whole world is crashing down on you. If we choose to stay down, we choose to give up. Bravery is not found in getting knocked down. Bravery is found in getting back up knowing that you’re going to get knocked down over and over again. Growth is about learning and perseverance. If you are brave enough to stand up against fear, You will then recognize that getting knocked down is all about where life begins, and has nothing to do with where it ends. - Just incase you guys missed the Cyber Monday sale - use my code PHFIT for 20% all @SweetSweat products - Photographer @samuellathrop - Hair and makeup @foreveruntamed

My type of Romance 😂☔️🍕💑 TAG SOMEONE WHO WOULD SAY THIS

Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on and if you do... eventually it will be your time to shine. 🙍🏼💎✨

Happy Monday! Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your body! Since there are so many different facials and treatments out there, it can be little overwhelming and expensive. I wanted to share an affordable facial with you guys that you can do once a month called #Hydrafacial (guys can get this too!) - It removes dead skin and impurities, does extractions for clogged pores and rehydrates the skin to leave it fresh and glowing. It's a great add on procedure as well to do before Botox, filler or laser procedures. Since several lasers attract the water in the skin, freshly hydrated skin will heat up more effectively. - Thank you @lindseypa and @advancedaesthetics for taking such good care of my skin when I'm back home in Oklahoma for the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving 🍽🍁🦃 The secret to this day is to make a giant t-shirt look like a fashion statement so no one can tell you have a food baby.

I love the holidays🎄☃️✨ COMMENT YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY MEMORY - One of my favorite holiday memories is chopping down an real Christmas tree. We would decorate it while listening to Christmas music and eating my Mom's homemade yummy treats! #takemeback 😩

Kissing burns 6.2 calories per minute ... Wanna work out? 😝

Ladies if your boyfriend ever acts up, stare dead into his eyes and show him this video. 😳😳😳 @kortney_olson - TAG A FRIEND BELOW #shewouldliterallybreakyouinhalf

I always get motivated to eat healthy and workout everyday but then someone mentions pizza and burgers and it's all over. 💭🍕🍔🤗 #MotivationMonday #unedited | TAG A FRIEND

Still waiting for someone to teach me how to use this thing so I don't look like a new born baby giraffe. #weekenddontleaveme #unedited

I told Lambert to tell me his best joke and this is what he came up with.... 😂😭 Not really sure what Germany has to do with the joke haha Does anyone know how this joke really goes? - Feelin fresh and loving the hair thanks to my babes! 💇🏼✨Cut | @leerittiner • Color | @joeycarrerahair

Two pieces and messy buns 👸🏼 What's everyone doing tonight?

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