Пабло Эрнандес


Испанский футболист, вингер катарского клуба «Аль-Араби», на правах аренды выступающий за «Аль-Наср».
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How good is morning sex? I take @pureformen twice daily. Take it now. To take it later. #StayReady with my special promo code PABLO20 #pureformen #hygiene #isitdirty

My aunt made a delicious sunset dinner for our March @ursula_hosting group in Havana. Join me August 31-September 7, 2018 for another adventure in Havana! I can’t wait to hang out and show you around this nostalgic city! Book now and let’s make some memories together😎🇨🇺✈️ https://www.ursulahosting.com/week-with-pablo

@pastelpapi got this drawing of me on point. Chest hair and all 👏💯

Gym grind...there’s no A/C. That’s dedication. 😅💪

Check out our new single “At Your Door” by @velosmusic @jdiamondisme and me out now on iTunes!!! Photo by @jefflegere https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/at-your-door-feat-joey-diamond-pablo-hernandez-single/1383388251

What if I didn’t lock the airplane lavatory door correctly? I’d be mbarrassed AF as I stand there half naked...

New York, New York

Because I wanted to add another notch on the belt. Watch #dragbabies https://youtu.be/mow1GGxRMAY #bucketlist

Beard game strong 🧔🏽💪 Sup?

Havana, Cuba

Siempre fue un sueño mío regresar a Cuba, la patria de mis padres. Ahora, quiero compartir esta bella isla con ustedes. Vengan a Cuba desde el 31 de Agosto hasta el 7 de Septiembre, 2018 y gocemos juntos con @ursula_hosting https://www.ursulahosting.com/week-with-pablo

Mexico City, Mexico

Those flowers smell great.

Havana, Cuba

Come explore the crystal clear, blue waters of the beaches of Havana with me August 31-September 7, 2018 @ursula_hosting. Book now as spaces are limited 🇨🇺✈️https://www.ursulahosting.com/week-with-pablo

Here’s a teaser for our new single “At Your Door” with me, @jdiamondisme and @velosmusic. It’s gonna be 🔥 AF. Get ready for it #PHans 🎤😋

Havana, Cuba

This boy @jdiamondisme completes me and every BAEcation with him is like being in a dream that I don’t want to wake up from. Enjoy #PHans #JoeBlo ❤️💎song: ALIVE by Kehlani

In #DragBabies Project 8 - “Work the Stage” I learn how to walk :::emphasis on “WALK”::: the stage like a lady 👠💃 https://youtu.be/Jo1t6ZsZaVs

Boy Bar

Me encantaría conocer a mis #PHans Mexicanos en @boybardf este Jueves 3 de Mayo. Y no me vayan a estar tirando 10 pesos o menos porque esas monedas duelen. Jaja. Gracias por su cooperación en no herirme 🙏💰🤦‍♂️🇲🇽 #pablohernandez #boybardf #andrewchristian #model #CDMX

Havana, Cuba

Who wants me to show them around Havana? I’m teaming up with @ursula_hosting hosting for another memorable group tour of Havana, Cuba August 31-September 7, 2018. Book today as spots are limited. https://www.ursulahosting.com/week-with-pablo

Varadero, Cuba

Weekend at Varadero Beach with my ❤️@jdiamondisme

Casablanca, Ciudad De La Habana, Cuba

Amazon Prime ships everything! I finally got my @jdiamondisme today in Havana!!! #lovehim ❤️ 💎

Who’s a good gerbil?🤳🏾🧔🏽🐹 🚿

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