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All you do, do it be with your heart.

Que nada nos detenga para disfrutar de este fin de semana largo. #EnjoyLifeNow

Haz que la felicidad sea tu mejor hábito. @voss_mx #voss #vossmoment

Toma riesgos sin temor, si ganas serás feliz y si pierdes habrás aprendido..

I still can’t get up! Crazy day yesterday. Like every day I stretched and meditated for 20min to get on my game. Drove to my set & shot 13 scenes, flew by the gym in between breaks, then got called for an emergency self-tape which I studied all day inbetween shooting my other scenes. Then 2 conference calls for a movie in NY. Had a meeting with some producers and posible investors for a horror film. Talked to a foundation about fundraising, and did 2 phoners for some magazines. Also landed a movie half way during the day and read (86 pages) before saying yes. Got home and studied 10 more scenes for next days shoot. After that I went back to getting myself on tape and sending the material which is due this morning in LA. Yes, I drink my coffee while I shower in the morning because time is money and there really is no fast-pass to living your dreams. Repeat, repeat, repeat for success. I told my wife something before we married. I said everyday something extraordinary must happen to us, good or bad it will be distant from any mundanities. This is the reason I don’t believe people when they say I don’t have time for the gym, or to meditate, or to learn something new, or to help others in need, or to call someone you haven’t called in years saying I’m “busy” I don’t have time. Inspite of my heavy scheduled days I still have time to raise twins and keep my marriage afloat. What’s your excuse? The universe was created by positive momentum so your negativity is not following through with the plans the universe had in mind for you. But today I decided to wake up late because I deserve it.

Porque cuando los sentimientos son de verdad, siempre permanecen intactos. Alberto @sintumiradaof

Gratitude is the key to transform problems into opportunities and the unexpected into blessing to grow as human beings 🙏🏼

Disfruta de todo lo que te rodea, inspírate y toma la energía suficiente para toda la semana. #HappySunday

El café no produce insomnio, sólo nos hace soñar despiertos ☕

‪Los sueños por cumplir son el motor que nos hace avanzar ✨‬

Este camino no sería lo mismo sin ustedes. Gracias por estar conmigo ✨ #tbt

Una sonrisa tiene la fuerza y el poder para derribar cualquier muro.

Silence isn't empty, it's full of answers 🙏🏼

Like sí todavía están en pijama disfrutando del domingo.

Sí cambiamos la forma de ver las cosas, las cosas cambian de forma.

Tu energía es la mejor moneda de cambio, inviértela en cosas positivas y serás rico en bendiciones 🙏🏼 #montblancmexico #montblanc

Recordando #CambioDeRuta un gran proyecto, de esos que te hacen crecer. Gracias @chrishool por la gran experiencia de aprendizaje junto a un equipo increíble. #TBT

El secreto de una buena escena: Dos personas que aman lo que hacen y así se hace la magia ✨✨ @scarlet_gruber #SinTuMirada

Pon tu mirada hacia adelante en lo que puedes hacer y no hacía atrás en lo que ya no puedes cambiar.

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