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Мексиканский актер театра и кино, модель.
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Los Angeles, California

People love to see actors that carry the essence of life in their hearts and thus in the midst of their eyes. We must strip ourselves from our own mask(ego). The characters we come to do today reflect the society we are creating as a whole. #art #actor #hollywood #ego #pencildrawing 👊🏼 ✌🏼PIC by @pargalau


Always do something to make your dreams come true... @televisa #workinprogress

LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I’m finally home! Enjoy your weekend y’all. I know I will! #weekendvibes

San Angel Inn Restaurant

Una de anoche con mis queridos linebackers dominicanos @ #sanangelinnrestaurante #producer #filmmaker #guacamole #escamole #mezcal #blessed 🇲🇽🇩🇴

Mexico City, Mexico

Adivinen que??!!??? . . . . . . . . . Puesssss Me encontré a mi queridísima compañera @claudia3martin. Me dio gusto verte y escuchar tus logros. Felicidades 💍 🍾 también!

Mexico City, Mexico

Llegue a Mexico!!! 🇲🇽 Les cuento que tendré una semana muy importante en cuestión de trabajo aquí en tierra azteca. Prenden una velita por mi? Esta selfie me gusto porque parece que hay un aura especial que me protege ahora en este viaje en particular. :) Los amo y gracias por sus comentarios!! Besos y más besos!

Los Angeles, California

I grew up at the border crossing the Rio Grande River (Rio Bravo) to school everyday. I witnessed people swimming across, people detained or sent back almost everyday. A great nation has now decided to enforce immigration laws and without any moral consciousness deem to separate children from their parents without thinking about any possible psychological repercussions. I’m sure there’s a humane way! Today is also Father’s Day and on this day of reflection any negative feelings should find a way to manifest into something positive. Don’t swallow this anger of injustice; find a way to do something to help these immigrants. It really hurts me to see Immigrants treated this way and even more so my Mexican brothers. Something isn’t right. I’d love to know how we could help at a larger scale but for now you can help these immigrant families through places like https://www.KinoBorderinitiative.org We have a moral obligation to stand up for these refugees and/or immigrants. Praying for change is not enough sometimes so I invite you to take action. Talk up to your legislators, senators or even the White House. I’m sure many will say they are illegal they don’t deserve our attention. To them I say - “your vision of life is only limited to the mundane and still you do not see God asking for your help”. Is there any feeling of injustice in your mind? If there’s just a little this is an indication to tell you something is wrong. I flew to Mexico to become an actor and I’m currently fighting my way to US-soil to give myself and my family a better life, away from excess-corruption, away from insecurity’s or dangers. Am I not acting like an immigrant looking for a better opportunity? Pray for those children that today where separated from their fathers. Children should NEVER be separated from their fathers under any circumstance. We don’t want resentful children #immigration #fathersday


Feliz día a los padres que celebran hoy! Mi padre, el hermano mayor y ahora también abuelo se merece un aplauso de píe. Gracias padre por ser estricto, enseñarme con disciplina, tenacidad, pasión, pero sobre todas las cosas GRACIAS por el amor que nos tuviste a tus hijos. #blessed #happyfathersday

West Hollywood, California

— Life will give you what you deserve, not what you want — #goodvibes #blessed #goodweekend

Los Angeles, California

Hope you had a nice day! I know I did. 🙌🏻💚😎 #home #finallyhome

LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Wake up and say THANK YOU every day! Thank you for Grace... Prosperity and thanks for my all time favorite word Resilience! Your dreams are going to come true believe me! So even say thank you in advance. Have goals but don’t forget about consistency and discipline. Have daily goals, monthly, and goals 10 years ahead of yourself. Becoming successful is a progression of steps, so you must take your FIRST step feeling successful already or you’ll never get moving. This first-step filled with faith and love is your goal already set in motion. Above all recognize that there’s something greater, way beyond our comprehension. It has placed out of pure-love this whole setting in-motion for us. So thank your god, your energy, your light or whatever because where all so lucky to be alive today. Thank you 🙏🏻

Los Angeles, California

“There is no turning back” #positivevibes Pic by @zosiaphotography

Santa Monica, California

When I was a kid I’d always worry about making other kids happy and making them smile, laugh or simply just make their day a bit better. I was always interested in other people’s problems. I feel so blessed to have a job/passion that let’s me keep doing all of this everywhere I go.

Hollywood, California

(Saw the poster to our next movie filtered-out on the web so I thought I’d share it.) Here’s #WelcomeToAcapulco soon in theatres! @goldenceiba #Film #Actor #Hollywood #movie #action #setlife #NewYork #Acapulco

Que sea una noche llena de éxito para #LaHabitación con sus 7 nominaciones en la 60 edición del premio Ariel. ¡Gracias a la @academiacinemx por el reconocimiento a esta gran producción! #Arieles2018 #Ariel60

Los Angeles, California

How’s your day kids? 🤔 _________________________ Qué tal su día chavos? 🤨

Venice Beach L.A.

🌴🚶🏽‍♂️Venice’s unmistakable #streetart 🏄🏽‍♂️

Calabasas, California

Reason, uncorrected by instinct, is as bad as instinct uncorrected by reason. 🇺🇸 .................................................. 🇲🇽 La razón aislada del instinto es igual de malo que el instinto sin apoyo de nuestro razonamiento.

No olvides que la vida es como el eco, lo que das recibes y lo que siembras cosechas.

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