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Мексиканский актер театра и кино, модель.
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¿Que vestir mañana? ¡Casual! #WTWT #HibridoMx #HombreHibrido #HibridoMan #MenFashion #MenStyle #SummerFashion #HibridoSummer #Actor

In normal everyday life you usually always want to look your best before cameras. With acting, the more you show your imperfections to the camera, the better your going to be. #acting #tbt

Puerto Vallarta's El Malecon Boardwalk

I love working outdoors// Me encanta trabajar en lugares bellos. @cinelatinooficial @cinelatinonews #setlife

Good weekend to y'all....// Buen fin a todos... #smile #behappy

Had the best Father's Day... 💕(obviously my wife had everything to do with it) @camachovictoria

Multitasking fathers all the way... #fathersday everyday

Let's eat! Los brothers chancla y xoloizcuintle @carlosyorvickoficial 🌮🥙🌯🥑

Lo mejor del partido , ellas 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧#mexicovscroatia

Ritual de noches. "greca , cafetera". Café expreso a lo Caribeño. Un buen libro, un texto dramático de ser posible, y/o una buena serie, convivir y lo que incita al tiempo de calidad. #actorslife #cafe #coffee

Happiness is a choice and you can decide on it everyday// Ser feliz es una elección.

Be happy that's why we came to earth in the first place...// Se feliz a eso venimos a la tierra... 🌎

by @dddanya #mysister #artist 👁👁👁👁

Los Angeles, California

🎎❣️👁‍🗨 Mi casa es donde estés tú....🌎🎏🏡

Become the person that you would be proud of if you where a kid again // Conviértete en la persona de la cual estarías orgulloso/a si volvieras a ser niño. #felizdiadelniño

In the blender: Black berries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, baby kale, almonds, chia, sunflower seeds, honey 🍯. #antioxidants #fiber #breakfast #polyphenol #healthyfood #healthyeating 🍓🍃🍃

Skylight Theatre Company

If your in town you gotta go see this play: "Lord of the Underworlds Home for Unwed Mothers" with my bud @el_adriangonzalez cc @jcardenas711 @_bethanywhite @skylighttheatre #RGV #theatre

Atlanta, Georgia

Bonito día a todos!!! "Stop and smell the flowers" - refrán popular

Have a nice weekend y'all !// buen fin a todos! Gracias por sus mensajes y likes. ☀️🏞 Know yourselves ti be able to strive for goodness in a chaotic world. Remember to always create positive momentum, catch your own character flaws and then when your alined, tuned, turned on and in control all will unfold before your eyes, just like road signs on the way to your very own unique successful life adventure. If you are knowing what you want and you have absolutely no resistance to anything in life you will simply flow with the current and not against it. 💥

I was thinking of her when I saw this on the way back home. I should've been more careful taking this shot while driving a vehicle though // Pienso en ti y tengo fe en la ley de la atracción. Como cuando dicen "cuando algo es para ti aunque..." @camachovictoria

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