Джоли Вэнир


Американская актриса.
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Merry Christmas from our zany cast to your family! 🎄🎅🏻#merrychristmas @pariwinky

What's better than one big? Two💗💗

When all else fails, be a mermaid

Portland, Oregon

He and I were twinning. Side note: even babies have birkenstocks in Portland

Who me? Look super intense for absolutely no good reason other than a picture? Why, I'd never!


Honorary Angel #Phormal

Paradise Valley, Arizona

Cue Mamma Mia soundtrack

Basic girls and American nights

Individually unique but together complete❤


Chased Grace all the way to Austin #sxsw

4 days till #sxsw

Abott Kinney, Venice

Wild times when a Theta and Pi Phi get together

ΠΒΦ Angel > Disney Princess

Sparkly personalities and a flair for the dramatics - already feeling apart of the pham 💗

Austin, Texas

Don't let the face fool you because I'm stoked about Chasing Grace going to SXSW💙

Proof that I'm actually an angel... #PiPhi

19 and vibing

So long to an uncle I love who took on the role of my grandfather with love, wisdom, and perpetual kindness💗

The cursed year is over✨

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