Джоли Вэнир


Американская актриса.
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Austin, Texas

Don't let the face fool you because I'm stoked about Chasing Grace going to SXSW💙

Proof that I'm actually an angel... #PiPhi

19 and vibing

So long to an uncle I love who took on the role of my grandfather with love, wisdom, and perpetual kindness💗

The cursed year is over✨

Leaving finals in the dust #chasinggracethemovie

Thanksgiving be lit

Life may not be a box of chocolates but there's always macarons to fix that

Austin, Texas

Common knowledge that I was stoked to drive our @chasinggracethemovie cars but terrified of a stick shift

Missing our beach shoots😘

Because we're Trojans ❤️✌🏻️💛 #FightOn

Fridays on the bluff

Loyola Marymount University

She's a lion now🦁

Austin, Texas

Keepin' it weird in Austin while chasing Grace #chasinggracethemovie

The Grove

Vibing avec le sis🍭😘

Mr Chow


Hudson's On Mercer

Thanks to the most bomb glam squad🤘🏻#chasinggracethemovie

Malibu, California

In the 'bu

Syros, Kikladhes, Greece

What an adventure💙

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