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Women make us worth it. They improve our existence in every way. They bring and nurture life. They make America Great. If you're not with it, you're stupid.


5 days away. @bet #NewEdition #NewEditionStory

@realsway @thehappyhourwhb much love to y'all again!!

I'm not sure if @thehappyhourwhb is a #NEWedition fan. 😏❤️ thank you so much for the love! out here on @realsway mama.

@itsalgee is in the middle of a #HarlemShake and I'm watching @keithpowers dignity float away....I don't know what to feel.

No rehearsal. But they asked. So we did. Cause we love. @essence @bet #newedition #movie

this is how we do press!!!! #BBD #NewEdition #neweditionmovie @bet @essence THANK YOU!!!!!

Took my sons to work with me today. Had to teach em how to fish. #BeGreat #newedition •1/24 - 1/26 on @bet directed by: Chris Robinson @mrrobotodirector

This that look when the spaceship land and you know you gonna have to kick somebody alien baby ass.....#YoungBLADE #YoungMorpheous #YoungLukeCage #YoungGreenLantern #YoungFALCON

Rooftop at Gansevoort Hotel Park Ave

You're welcomed guys. #beGreat lol

#NewEditionBet #BeGreat

8 days away. #neweditionbet #BeGreat

The Wendy Williams Show

Security says...."please clear the hallway, we said......👁 #begreat #bet #sexyeyes #newedition

Just touched down in la to be with my bros for the #TCAs (television critics association!!) to premiere clips for this illustrious press group!! @neweditionbet @bet @jessecollinsent @mrrobotodirector @keithpowers @itsalgee @woody_thegreat @wolfjames #beGreat

A little sneak peak of @fatima_noir showing me the ropes! Honoring the music and stylings of the #HarlemRenaissance!! @nmaahc @bet @abcnetwork I'm usually from Brooklyn tho (honorary lolol @vonsmith1) THIS IS AMAZING! Tune into black history tonight! 400 years in the making!!!! #begreat #CabCalloway

It was such an incredible experience to be apart of the opening of the @nmaahc TUNE IN TONIGHT to see all the incredible artists and performers give their all to celebrate the history and UNDYING ascension of our African American culture and its contributions to this land. TUNE IN TONIGHT and watch #takingthestage tonight on @abcnetwork you don't wanna miss it!!! #begreat thank @nmaahc @people and thank you @fatima_noir for having me! #beGreat

It will never be the same.

One of the most amazing days in my life. You opened your home to some of the bravest men to have ever inhaled God's breath on this planet and a few young men who were able to portray them. The Tuskegee airmen. It was this day I saw your humility was much more effective than your power. To see you sit and serve at the feet of the men whom you acknowledged as the reasoning for your existence in office. Kneeling at the feet of those men, some who weren't able to stand anymore. I'll never for get what you did for our hearts, minds, spirits, we KNOW you cared. I'm so proud to be in some way shape or form affiliated with your legacy. Preciate it Mr. And Mrs. O! Forever my President. #ObamaOut

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