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Американский музыкант и актер.
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Didn't like the temperature....so I changed the heir. ✈️✌🏿

Ms. Jackson and I shaking on a deal treaty that solidifies all *whips, *nae-nae's, and *demfolks (if they're hit) will be exclusively created in the southern region of the United States. #Hairspray #premier #tbt double 07' #behindthescenes


#lostfiles I gotta start making some music again #comeBackLove #tbt @itsalgee looks like #theplug @ Harvard. @keithpowers looks like #InspectorRatchet I look like a youth pastor at a club for the first time. TF goin on.

Same you....different view.

Toronto, Ontario

This moment was amazing to me. My mom having went to a segregated school early on in life, I felt this was my contribution to what she endured in some way. Sending her story and the message of equality all over the world. @neilmeron and @craigzadan were adamant this scene resonated throughout humanity. We were in Toronto, Canada so a lot of the ambiance performers were channeling an American race struggle that hadn't occurred there. Most of our black people were Caribbean, Jamaica, West Indian and other places they do jerk recipes amazingly well. I got to learn about their struggles that day too! It was just a dope day! I'm glad we're standing together, but appalled we're fighting the same fight! Let's do better! #BeGreat #Hairspray10 #tbt

It's not everyday you can Star in the movie and compose music to accompany it. I KNOW THIS GUY. His family. His drive! @itsalgee As a friend and brother!!! CONGRATS BOI!!!!! Do that!! EVERYBODY SEE DETROIT 8/4 #blkbyjy amazing work @j0hneley @yasmine_pearl @7scopemax

Funny thing was I was never scheduled to be on this show. Until like two nights before. It was scheduled to air live. plans were made....guest slots were filled and performances were rehearsed and ready to go. But me not having any credits yet, I was the odd man out lol....but @oprah who had never really been familiar about project, Screened it with some friends, loved it, and then inquired about the black kid in the movie, and Asked I be added to the interview, and have time to tell my story and perform. That was strictly Gods favor on my life. I'll never forget it. #ClothesAndFaith sometimes it's all you need. God has been God (not a typo). #thanksMom #PreciateItPops would've never smiled w/o you. #BeGreat #tbt

10 years ago Today was the day God blessed me to say hello to the world in a major way. I'm thankful to everyone that has ever shown me love. Cause All I've wanted to do is show it back. Thank you God for everything. #hairspray ✊🏿 #next10ForTheWin #tbt

I only mail my letters with food stamps. 📬📧

Slauson Supermall

I hope it's some Fries at the bottom of this bag. #overflow

Thinking of all the times my card went through when it wasn't supposed to....🙏🏿thank you #Grateful

Who got the last Capri-Sun.....?


.....And Proud

Soon come.

I hope they all get one! Or ✌🏿 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

No we didn't get nominated. But we won. I love and thank everyone that worked on, dressed, groomed, prepped, choreographed, catered, transported, danced, performed, negotiated, coordinated, accounted, coached, elevated, prayed, Watched, streamed, recorded, and bootlegged(yup, you Unc)!! This was a healing and blessing no one will ever understand! A majestic experience I will cherish as long as I remain. And I wanted to post this to show we got much more out of this than award. We got family. #ne4Life #CongratsToAllWinners #ImRootingForAllMyFolks imma need a after party invite tho. Them gift bags ain't no joke. 👀

Cerise Rooftop


Central Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

#MAGIC #FAMILY Rib Plate $9.98 pull up @grilledfraiche u don't want it with us! #SimpsonFamilyReunion

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