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@theharveyfierstein @maddiebaillio @arianagrande y'all were AMAZING. It was incredible getting to see you live! We needed to see that message again right now. So happy to have been there! @nbchairspraylive #hairspraylive #begreat

#HairsprayLive @iamkennyleon ALWAYS demanding the Truth! And you always get it! Amazing to watch you chronicle history once again. @ephsykes way to make it yours Bro! Amazing Job! I'm proud that you have this role all of you bro. Live in your moment! Great job man! #Seaweed #hairspraylive

A year ago today! We made history! @common @queenlatifah @therealmaryjblige @msamberpriley @uzoaduba @iamstephaniemills @neyo @luvbeingshanice @davidalengrier @fatima_noir @charmladonna @harveymasonjr @stevenoremus @neilmeron @craigzadan @iamkennyleon @nbctv #BeGreat #TheWizLive

Back at my old stomping grounds. Where it all started. #ThankYouGod #youcantstopthebeat #runandtellthat #hairspray

You cannot fully access your future living in your past. #NoPainNoGain #BeGreat #SavourLife

Me and @wolfjames #BELLY moment @soultrainawards weekend #nas #dmx #newedition #bbd #poison @faarrow @shopfaarrow thanks for the #vibehat #beBreat #fbf #SavourLife

@617mikebiv @bigrondevoe @kingbobbybrown @rizztrizz @realjohnnygill22 How we do? @mrrickybell That skip tho 👀

Mom, our movie is trending on #twitter. #NewEditionBET

-you might wanna move your face bro, this thanksgiving gas is still on Go Mode.

And then came The Mash-up. Had to recreate this one!! Did we Nail it? Watch the full vid tomorrow on @bet after the @soultrainofficial awards #BeGreat @itsalgee @keithpowers @wolfjames @yazzthegreatest @jessecollinsent @bet #NewEditionBET #NewEditionMovie

"@mrrickybell: E, is that a 50 piece lemon pepper chicken wing at the soul train awards just chillen in the crowd!?!? ME: YUP! Now Let's make it a 5 piece lemon pepper Wing" #SideBar this is Waaay too much velvet between you and I, one of is gonna catch on fire!!

•BELL •BIV •DEVOE @keithpowers @yazzthegreatest

Just like the song...SOOORRRY!! Love y'all so much, you know I got the plug to the whole video, but they'll stop my checks....so I can't show you!!! TUNE In to the Soul Train Awards Sunday, November 27th at 8PM Eastern Standard Time to see the entire exclusive music video featuring The WHOLE cast of the New Edition Story which comes to BET this January 24th 25th and 26th LET ME KNOW WHOSE GONNA BE WATCHING IN THE COMMENTS! @wolfjames @itsalgee @keithpowers @yazzthegreatest @jessecollinsent @bet THANK YOU GOD FOR KEEEPING US, SO WE COULD DO THIS INCREDIBLE TRIBUTE TO ONE OF THE GREATEST R&B GROUPS OF ALL TIME. @mrrobotodirector you a bad man (Big letters means I'm yelling....I'm also at monastery).

🎱 corner pocket. #BeGreat

WHAT IS THAT....VELVET!? #velvetsauce #TrapLuxTux #RealMenWearVelvetPants thanks @zara

Congrats @issarae #season2 real life show! #genius see this show! @jayrellis good stuff



The show must go on! #spreadlove

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