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Before I saw your face, I heard your heart. Thank you, my beautiful song. Happy Mother's Day.


Paris, France

Life is the stairway. The direction is your choice. #BeGreat

#fbf @kodaklens @rocnation #JayZ #tyty #BeGreat

Me telling another crazy story about my journeys in the wild. Long story short, I was in a humans 🙋🏿‍♂️ vs animals 🐅basketball league. And we were playing the The wildcats. Bro, some real, for real....wild ass big faced ass kittens🦁🐯. This one cat on the sideline, was talking so much trash, Hissin all in ya boy face...(first of all you're on the sideline....def means he's kitty litter...right? Right) so I call him a 🐱....sorry mom. Bruh was MEOW mad. I MEAN Mufasa fighting Scar mad🐆! You hear me? So he comes out on the court....I grab the rock. 10 points back to back, mind you, "we're in the jungle' so the lil monkeys are clowning him. OMG OMG I can't watch. 🙈🙈🏀🏀. We're only going to 15. He mad. I didn't even change clothes, and I had some Stacy Adams church shoes on 👞👞....his girl comes out, she ain't looking at NOBODY she's embarrassed cuz she knows, at this point, #heneedsomemilk🥛🍼🍶. All cats do actually. But anyway. I drop 4 more points, he's LIVID now. He spits a hairball.....IN MY FACE....I called 3 pitbulls I knew. Had to let him know I wasn't a punk. He looks me dead in my knees, and with a wolverine like swipe from the Bowels of hell: rips through my trousers like a mighty gust of wind. He starts laughing.....I say, if my other jeans can survive a shark attack...so can these, and I picked him up and threw him in a sharktank for messing up my good Sunday pants. #kittyChow #Kneevage 📸 @7scopemax

If my jeans survived a shark attack....so can yours! #anythingispossible #striveforgreatness #ThighMeatOnFleek shot out to my shooter @kodaklens

Feeding Your Feelings


I think I'm at the wrong family reunion....cousin Zac....dat u? 👱🏼#BROchella #SunkenPlaceFestival #TBT @kodaklens

Fair is Will. #KeepLookingUp 📸 @kodaklens #tbt

🤦🏿‍♂️🦋🤷🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️#SmurfParty 🖲 #BadAndBluejie


@kevinhart4real: ARE YOU REALLY GONNA LET HIM HAVE HIS CHEST HAIRS OUT THIS CLOSE TO THE TOFU!?!?? #HappyBdayLenny #NotTheTofu @kodaklens

If there was an award for what you do, you'd win every year bro. Congratulations on fighting the good fight, always trying to do right and constructing a life that gives inspiration to those who inspire. It's an honor to be in your company Champ. #happybdaylenny @kodaklens

If you guys must know. I took some time off to take mobile singing lessons. This is my guy TraDayveon Shavelle McJackson...hit him up!

@wolfjames: the check just came.... @keithpowers: My Um... @me: STFU keef....u got a Brand new hit show. @famousinlovetv is paying for this. Thank you. You're welcome.

Sorry, my phone was dead. #MissedYou

Dog's best friend.

@djkhaled showing me an email his Son @asahdkhaled wrote while still in the womb explaining to the doctors how he wanted to be born. #They didn't want him to have wifi. But he had wifi. #BeGreat #BeGrateful

Sweet Home

In black and white.

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