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Американский актер, известен ролями в фильмах "Бесславные ублюдки" и "Доказательство смерти".
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LOT 613

I’m playing my entire new STRAIGHT RAZOR album on 11/22 - 11pm at LOT 613. @adultperiod & @blackasteroid_official after. TICKETS-> @softleatherclub (FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO)

Throwback to Halloween last week as #AdamAnt


Good job @lilysauria 👌🏻

Camp Crystal Lake

HAPPY FRIDAY the 13th! Steve Miner and other American slasher directors were very influenced by the 70’s Italian horror films (“Giallo’s”) To the point of making direct rip-offs like this one from Mario Bava’s BAY OF BLOOD. Look familiar? Miner lifted it for Friday the 13th part 2. He didn’t come close to besting Bava’s original Kill Scene though.

#WCW #sylviaplath

Sometimes I just don't feel like yachting.

Farewell Jerry. #ripjerrylewis

Nice one Utivich (@picturesoftext) Looks like we may need to get the Basterds back together

#RIPjeannemoreau 🖤#JulesEtJim

...and #RipMartinLandau 📸: James Dean


More bodies marked by Doom. I like how this one looks like colored pencils. Pretty neat. 👌🏼🇮🇹

Chamberlain West Hollywood

Chamberlain West Hollywood

Maiden is doing better but after a second opinion there still might be leg surgery in her future. 😢🙏🏻 #pitbull #labpitmix 🖤🖤🖤

Hermosa Beach, California

Happy 4th! 🇺🇸#chickswholoveguns #jackiebrown (short edit)

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