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"Superior" acrylic on canvas 6ft by 5ft #omahyramotaart #QUEENS #LOCALNATIVISM

"Superior" acrylic on canvas #omahyramotaart #licopenarts I love you guys and thank you for letting me show this piece!!!!😘🌟🙌🏽🙏🏾🤘🏾#LOCALNATIVISM #QUEENS

💜💜💜mi amor

🙏🏾💖🎆 #licopenarts


🙏🏾💖🎆🌟🎆Mother's Day xoxoxoxo


So happy!!!!!!

This is gonna be nutty!!!!!

Gracias DIOS por Judah y Zion gracias por darme la bendición más grande del mundo y darme la oportunidad de ser madre de darme ese amor incondicional thank you ALLMIGTHY! Wish my homie was here 💙🙏🏾💙

Happy Mother's Day to my rock my mom the light of my eyes! Thank you mom for who u are and what you have done, thank you for showing me the way the truth and the light! A real blessing to be one of ur 5 children! Quien como tú? Nadie! DIOS en su perfección te hizo y me bendijo nos bendició a los 5 digo a los 8 digo a los 10 😂💖🙏🏾sion mami te amo y DIOS lo sabe!!! Happy Mother's Day Ana Montana!!!!! Love you!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Happy Mother's Day to my sister patty best mother and best sister thank GOD for you Lokina I love you with all my heart! If people only knew that we r one!!! I love u Lokina and miss u lots!!!!! Pic by terry Richardson Space ranger trace tia loves you!!!! And shallah tia loves you lots!!!

Fbf 🌟

Join us this Thursday may 18th Aloft hotel and LIC Arts open presents LOCAL NATIVISM 🙏🏾 opening reception Thursday may 18th 7pm-10pm music and arts festival Saturday 20th noon to 6pm!!!!#omahyramotaart happy Mother's Day to my mom thank GOD for the blessing of been her daughter I love you mami!!!!


☺️😇👯👒👑🐬👾kalypso and #judakokoro ZZZzzzz


Happy 4/20

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