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Британский музыкант, участник группы Years and Years (с 2010 г.).
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bursting with pride to see @georgeener work the runway in SILK at @jayjayrevlon circus ball (also she made the outfit herself 💀) - thanku jay jay and family for putting on an awesome night ✨ (photo by @____elainezyx )

happy easter 🐯

i spend every day of my life with them and then i kinda miss them when theyre not around (mostly just mikey) happy birthday mikey you beautiful meerkat x (also im obsessed with this gorgey pic by @louiebanksshoots wow glamour !!)

what does it mean

thanku @thebeatjuice for makin me a covergirl x

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

round the world in 80 gays

so proud of my super talented BFF4eVA @jrtjoe making his new york theatre debut in @sweeneytoddnyc IT WAS AMAZING !!! 💓💕 photo cred @twocolours xx


consequences with @sophsie1 ❤

got to be part of a super cute converse look book :-) thanks @converse for having me and letting me talk about my love of Sabrina the teenage witch and how i like to make the boys look with high tops and short shorts xxx #ForeverChuck


I want - I want - I want - was all that she could think about - but just what this real want was she did not know.

thursday night

#ChooseLove this valentines day helprefugees.org.uk xx

earlier tonight outside Downing Street. ✨ watching our prime minister Theresa May ( who was not elected by anybody ) do and say anything to appease her new bff whilst she merrily dismantles our NHS, our economy and our public services is blood-chillingly disgusting. i feel so safe knowing our political leaders are such rabid lie-spewing human-rights hating besties! whewwwww it ain't cute ! we are living through a critical time in history and we gotta keep fighting, stay focussed, and get organised. love to you all ❤️💛💚💙💜💙💚💛(Shout out to the girl who just had '"Statistics" - Kim kardashian' on a poster ) xx #NoBanNoWall

new year 🔹 new mexico 🔸happy new year guys here's to a magical 2017.... 🔸

three generations of bad gals

we played at union chapel a week ago and I said hello to lots of people before the show and they gave me so many nice presents, really i am very lucky boy (altho I forgot about the cheese sandwhich rob gave me and i only just threw it out) I get given a lot of amazing drawings and pieces of art like this one by Connor AKA @communi0n and I thought it was super cute. I read everybody's letters and cards and I just wanted to say thankyou :-) thankyou 🌹#MerryQueermas

people were running around asking what was on fire but it was just Dinah's trousers getting burnt outside the ladies toilets. thankyou to @dielamb for an amazing night congratulations on your new book Home ❤️

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