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Британский музыкант, участник группы Years and Years (с 2010 г.).
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new year 🔹 new mexico 🔸happy new year guys here's to a magical 2017.... 🔸

three generations of bad gals

we played at union chapel a week ago and I said hello to lots of people before the show and they gave me so many nice presents, really i am very lucky boy (altho I forgot about the cheese sandwhich rob gave me and i only just threw it out) I get given a lot of amazing drawings and pieces of art like this one by Connor AKA @communi0n and I thought it was super cute. I read everybody's letters and cards and I just wanted to say thankyou :-) thankyou 🌹#MerryQueermas

people were running around asking what was on fire but it was just Dinah's trousers getting burnt outside the ladies toilets. thankyou to @dielamb for an amazing night congratulations on your new book Home ❤️

#tbt to Shifen in Taiwan ✨ you can't move for all the lanterns people are painting their wishes on and letting off into the sky ✨ I went to Taiwan by myself earlier this year and I really liked it, I ate taro buns and saw lots of waterfalls. I also had tea in the town that inspired spirited away, I tried to walk through an old cemetery but there too many huge spiders so I caught the bus instead. I only went for four days, but I'd like to go back. I didn't light a lantern but I have lots of wishes so I just say them quietly under my breath and hope they come true.

tea with mama ❤️

i got to perform with the legend @kylieminogue for two nights at the @royalalberthall and it's safe to say it was a sparkling sequinned dream come true, I cannot express how wonderful and kind queen minogue is, I'm so grateful for this experience (me and my mum got so emotional watching the show, and drooling at all the dancers) thankyou to kylie and her team for having me and being so welcoming and lovely (especially as I was mostly a mess the whole time) and to kylies crowd who were (obviously) so aliiiiiive. the show was amazing, can't really believe I got to do that, and all in a glittery jumpsuit (by the genius @thelarajensen ) WOWWWWWWWWWW ON QUITE A HIGH TBH . also it's my mums birthday and she's really happy so I'm happy :-) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💙

❤️ so happy i got 2 be a part of this #bands4refugees night thankyou @wolfaliceband @swimdeepbaby @blackhoneyuk for having me ❤️please go to @helprefugeesuk to find out how we can all help ❤️ #ChooseLove (also i found this video on tumblr uncredited i hope whoever took it doesn't mind !!🐱) #hq

just a couple of crazy chicks ! Charlotte told me I had a beautiful jawline sorry but !!!! genuinely star struck, also i met Mel blatt who was a babe. thanks @sinkthepinkldn for a gr8 night. Have to get up and sing tomorrow for the first time in ages im a bit scared I've forgotten how to do it, better go to sleep xoxox #DreamsComeTrue

this is a painting by malangatana ngwenya, i saw t at the Tate today and i liked it a lot. somebody is teaching me to meditate and it makes me feel sleepy. i'm currently reading Future Sex by Emily Witt, it's really good - ! i don't ever want to get married, and im not sold on monogamy either - (Dan Savage says him and Terry are monogam-ish ) - I don't know. I'm going to go to my friends house and watch YouTube clips of Jessica Simpson and maybe play some video games (i still think about him tho)


whew! feeling fizzy tonight! glamour girls lets go ! #vogue

so fun going down the rabbit hole with @sinkthepinkldn - go see their panto in the basement of selfridges if u can ! thanks @glynfamous for inviting me 😘 x


went to the @stonewalluk end of season fundraiser last night and CEO Ruth Hunt gave a really great speech about the work we LGBTQ+ people and our allies need to do over the next few years, particularly in light of president Trump. The rise of bigotry and hatred will continue and we will continue to fight, harder, so that our trans brothers and sisters do not die, so that gay and lesbian POC will not be killed. If we are privileged, we cannot let others suffer whilst we hide. Equality means equality for all and a life free of oppression and hate. Right now I am putting my energy into being my best gay self and being creative and looking at the things I can do to help, to ask uncomfortable questions and to join hands and support the people who will not give up. I love you guys thank you for being little pockets of joy and hope for me and to lots of other people everyday. 🕊 Love

watching back to back episodes of rick and morty cos i don't know how to txt u back

home (thanku @itboygregk for the RihRih hat x )

as soon as i pressed my lips to his moist green scaly back i knew he would be mine 4ever 💜🐸💜


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