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Британский музыкант, участник группы Years and Years (с 2010 г.).
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about a year and a half ago I got asked if I would be interested in making a documentary, Its not something I ever thought I would do but I'm so grateful and happy that I did. It's been life changing. This entire process I've felt supported and encouraged to explore an area I feel extremely passionate about, mental health, and what it's like to grow up gay. I felt very nervous along the way, conscious that I couldn't represent the incredibly diverse LGBT+ community and that I couldn't do justice to the many different experiences, but ultimately I did not want to let fear stop me from trying to make a difference. I am very lucky I have this platform and I'm trying my best to acknowledge my privilege and do some good with it. If this film can help one person, then I will be happy. It's really just the tip of the iceberg, one film is not enough!, we need to carry on this conversation and get each others voices heard, we can do it !! Thank you to all the wonderful people I met during filming, my life has been truly enriched by meeting all of you and getting to know you, you've inspired me so much! Thank you to production company Antidote for getting this made and for making sure we had a badass queer team, our glorious director @cooper_vicki and kindest man on Earth @petegrant , thankyou to the whole team behind the camera and to @martha_kinn for always making it work. And thank you @bbcthree for putting it out !!! finally thank you to all of YOU guys, I never dreamed I would be in this position, that I could be this outspoken person, and that is all down to the support I've been given from all of you and I will forever be humbled and grateful !!!FOREVER !love to you all xxx be safe be kind aaaaand yeah 😘😊 ❤️ x ALSO FORGOT TO SAY THE DOCUMENTARY IS CALLED OLLY ALEXANDER: GROWING UP GAY hahah x

feeling nervous but hopeful 🐉

when the d is real good

two prides later :) thankyu to New York and Toronto pride for having us - it was a real honour xxx

we went to MOOD !!!! #madeitwork #avantgorge @georgeener

bb b good

monday motivation #blessed #throwingelbows #asslesschaps

📸 @anaisaida

yu garden in shanghai ❤️

happy birthday to the og kweeeen @martha_kinn , I'll never forget sharing a bedroom in the holiday inn when you tour managed our first tour and we watched sun sex and suspicious parents (I think?) UPDATE: it was coyote ugly. Of course. and the next day played to about four people, memories. Love you girl, thankyou for everything xxx ❤❤

signs preceding the end of the world - yuri herrera ✨

wearing my feelings on my legs

with this little angel today @breerunway ✨

very excited and very fortunate to be working on this documentary for @bbcthree ✨ more info on the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/gaybritannia/bbcthree xxx ❤✨

bursting with pride to see @georgeener work the runway in SILK at @jayjayrevlon circus ball (also she made the outfit herself 💀) - thanku jay jay and family for putting on an awesome night ✨ (photo by @____elainezyx )

happy easter 🐯

i spend every day of my life with them and then i kinda miss them when theyre not around (mostly just mikey) happy birthday mikey you beautiful meerkat x (also im obsessed with this gorgey pic by @louiebanksshoots wow glamour !!)

what does it mean

thanku @thebeatjuice for makin me a covergirl x

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