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Scored this beauty at our preschool auction. 2 yr old artists rule. Also full disclosure I bought this thinking it was a full size surfboard. Oops. ❤ #tinyStonehenge #donttellbasquiatslawyer


It is deeply disturbing that the disappearance of dozens of young girls is "business as usual" in our nation's capital, my childhood home. The response that these numbers aren't any higher than normal should only make us more horrified. Kids of color have been unrecognized and uncared for by law enforcement, the education system (as a whole, not the heroic teachers working hard every day for far too little pay), and government in general, for far too long. It's a deeply rooted issue, ingrained in our sadly flawed social fabric, but it is within our power to CHANGE IT. It starts with us demanding justice, demanding equal media coverage, and voting with vulnerable kids in mind, instead of dollar signs and fear. #findourgirls

Pretty psyched with my new @Shinola turntable situation. ⚡️⚡️⚡️#fuckyeafriday

#Repost @sarahsophief ・・・ This is a photo of lawmakers discussing taking away maternity, contraceptive, mammogram coverage & blocking access to @plannedparenthood..... in case anyone thought misogyny wasn't a thing. The delayed vote does NOT mean we've won. Don't let up; don't stop calling. Reps ARE tallying calls. Give them backup to vote no. Your calls are working keep Showing Up! #healthcareisahumanright #resist #stayhuman #trumpcare #istandwithpp

Breakfast burrito hit the spot. #newgig #oldfeeling #realburrito #fakebaby #ididntknowiwaspregnantwithabreakfastburrito #LifeItselfmovie

In 1977 the Voyager Golden Record was launched into space, and included "Johnny B. Goode". SNL predicted the first response from the aliens would be these four words. #RIPChuckBerry

Bittersweet but... That's a wrap on @sarahdaggar's #aVigilante. Time to shake this fierce woman off, though I hope I soaked up some of her badassery. This is a movie about strength (those scars are all from kicking serious ass), sacrifice, and love (the real kind). I'd like to thank the survivors of domestic violence who shared their stories with me, and helped me to understand what it means to be brave. And to the best film crew on Earth, you know how much I love you. I'm going to go cry now. ❤🎬❤ #femaledirected #femalewritten #femalerepresentin

Mmmmmm hmm. I ❤ you, @scribnerslodge.

Everyone needs a good beanie. Maybe even the world's greatest beanie? One that is not only cozy but ethically and environmentally on point. We at @consciousco have partnered with @krochetkids to bring you the #worldsgreatestbeanie, made, humanely and adorably, in Peru, from enviro-friendly alpaca yarn. The jobs you'll support by buying this soffffft hat empower women through employment and education. It's an all around solid investment, and they even fit my giant head. 👍

RIP birthday balloons.

Update: conditions have improved.

Cabin fever 😬

Bike ride anyone? #stella

Blizzard prep. #aVigilante ❄️

Happiest old lady on the block. #mo

33, you're alright. 😌❤


Quintuplets. (Appreciate this freaky masterpiece by @_____jaz___ )

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