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My nieeeeeeeece. ❤

No matter how much Young Thug I play her, she just wants to be Mozart. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

Authors pic for my inevitable self-discovery soft-porn novel set in Cape Cod and/or Wales. It will be huge at airport retailers and Diane Lane already has the rights.

Last night was really special because I got to hang with this amazing family. Fleeing across the border from Syria to Jordan on foot, Faiqa, Ezaat, Faour, Bashar, Mohammed, Mahmoud and Zaid, became refugees. They lived at the Za'atari camp, where I spent some time last year with @savethechildren, and I can assure you it would not be an easy place to raise kids. Nevertheless, they persisted, enrolling in the STC child education programs, and after years of extensive vetting, they were allowed to come to the US, where they now live. The boys seem to be adjusting well, but it's not easy. What they've endured at their young age is more than most of us could handle. I'm honored to have met them. Thank you, @savethechildren, for everything you do. #investinkids

Johnny's to-do list. 🙌 @boingboing

Not sure what I was doing here on the red carpet today... but I think I'm in a good place? Thank you again @chanelofficial & @tribeca. 📷@slovekinpics #powershoulders

An uninteresting picture of a very interesting conversation. Spike Jonze, Chris Smith, and Jim Carrey at the q&a tonight at MOMA for "JIM & ANDY, The Great Beyond..." .... Wow. Do yourselves a solid and see this incredible documentary, which is hilarious and profound and kind of mind-blowing. One of my favorite take-aways was Jim's point that it's far more heartbreaking to fail when you've compromised than when you've reached for your dreams. Failure can happen either way. So you might as well go for it. 🙌. Check it out on Netflix Nov 17.

Gussied UP for @Tribeca's #throughherlens women filmmakers lunch. (My shoulder pads refuse to be contained within a single photo. They cannot be held back.) #BOSSladieswhoPOWERlunch. 🎥💪🙋🏻 @gitabass @owengould @chanelofficial @xkarla

Sweet arm burn. 🤦🏻‍♀️ (evidence of why I should never be trusted with a curling iron or any equipment that isn't child-locked)

I just baked. I'm a baker now. And my repertoire has finally expanded beyond my botched 11th grade pot brownies. This is banana bread that is actually full of nutritious cauliflower and my kid has NO CLUE. Baaaahahah, suckerrrrr. 😝 You see, my friend @jessseinfeld wrote a book a few years ago called #deceptivelydelicious that is all about tricking your kids into eating fruits and veggies by hiding them in the tasty stuff they crave. Since Otis won't eat anything that he suspects might not be 99% white flour, this book may save him from developing scurvy. THANK YOU, @jessseinfeld 🙏

Always so good. @santigold ❤

Fashion is life.

#fbf The great Reed Birney making his first entrance on stage as Obrien, in #1984. I watched him to do this 160 times from backstage and just seeing it here gives me stage fright. #nostalgia #ithasntevenbeenaweek #iloveyoureedbirney

@aiww is wei wei cool. Unbelievably cool, actually. And brave. Imprisoned for using art to speak truth to power, he approaches both art and activism with pure empathy. SEE HIS FILM @humanflowmovie . It's astonishing. And walk around NY to see all his amazing installations as part of the #GoodFences exhibition! Thanks for the inspiration, @aiww. And for this pic I ripped off your instagram. 👊

Behold. Thanks to @publicartfund, @aiww is taking over all five boroughs with his new 300-site exhibition, #GoodFences Make Good Neighbors, which responds to the worldwide plight of migrants and refugees, making a powerful statement about division, separation, and our shared humanity. I get to introduce the artist himself today in Washington Square park at 5:30pm as he officially unveils the project, and we discuss the refugee crisis worldwide. Come on by!

My curious, courageous one, I promise we'll work hard to make this place better for you and your sisters everywhere. We've taken some hits recently, but I believe we are even more determined because of it. We dream of a time when you won't have to apologize for your brilliance, or sacrifice your self-respect to prove your worthiness. This world is yours, kiddo. We're just the cleanup crew. I love you. Happy birthday. ❤ #internationaldayofthegirl

A year ago, today, juuuuust as the drugs kicked in. 😂. Daisy's birth was a little bit complicated and I'm deeply grateful for Sharlene Pope, Dr Caitlin Fiss, Nurse Helen O'Keeffe, and the whole life-saving team at Mount Sinai hospital in Manhattan. Together we pushed out a gorgeous almost 10 lb (😱) baby lady. Let's hear it for modern medicine. It shouldn't be reserved for the lucky few. Happy birthday, Daisy girl! 💕

Oh haaaaaaaay, it's my mama on the farm in VA. 😌

"They do not bear arms... They would make fine servants." How is this still a holiday? #christophercolumbuswasanasshole #peopleshistoryoftheunitedstates

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