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🎯. #1984play #rehearsalroomreminders

Morning hush hour, brought to you by candy crush.

Happy 3rd birthday, magic boy. I love you even more than you love chocolate ice cream. ❤🎂🎂🎂❤

Have a cool Tuesday, everybody. 😎


In 2013 I walked into the Bowery hotel for a meeting with a director named Reed. I knew she was cool, one of the best cinematographers alive, about to become the most interesting new director on the scene, and I knew I wanted to work for her, and by the end of the meeting, I knew we would probably end up with matching tattoos. She is, quite simply, the fucking best. And today is her birthday. I love you, @reedmorano. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! 🎂💋🎂#rideordie

#1984 #2017

Except when it rules. #doublethink

It's rare, I think, to see something that makes you feel seen. @derekdel's show "In And Of Itself" did just that to an audience of stunned, moved, delighted, magic-loving humans tonight. Go feel it for yourselves. These identity cards play an important role. I won't spoil it for you. #inandofitself #darylroththeatre

#Repost @__nitch: ・・・ George Orwell // "In a time of universal deceit...telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Just a reminder that this is a real thing he said. G'night. 😶

This is me doing my best candid casual "oh what, who, me?" coffee drinking pose. I'm wearing my favorite @lalignenyc sweater that I've taken off maybe once in the last year. I also happen to be drinking from a cup I stole from @mollyihoward who happens to be the co-founder of @lalignenyc. I revere the badass women in my life. I also steal things from their kitchens. Happy Sunday.

This is what you see when you enter the theatre to see #thehairyape at the @parkavearmory. (Look it up for better pics cuz I was too stunned to take any more) That is, if you're lucky enough to score tickets to see this unbelievable play, which is only up for another 2 weeks. The space, (stage and beyond) is unlike anything I've ever seen. @bobby_cannavale is fucking unreal, as is the entire production as a whole. Run don't walk. Wow.

Move over Marvel Universe: These two real-life superheroes, @gloriasteinem and repro-rights activist @DrWillieParker brought down the house tonight at a celebration for Dr Parker's new book "Life's Work". Go buy a copy and read his incredible story. This man is ASTONISHING. "I can't experience my full humanity if I'm willing to accommodate subjugation of women. My humanity is at stake" 🙌 What a profoundly moving and inspiring conversation this was. 👏👏👏👏👏 @reprodocs #LifesWork

My bro sent me this to show off that he reads the paper. Oh also also because tickets are available now so don't sleep on it! Revisedtruth.com


About last night... wrapped #lifeitselfmovie and karaoke'd our balls off. This is the only evidence. What an amazing group of people. Gonna miss this one. 🎥🍺❤ #DanTHEMANFogelman #givehimanOscarIsaac

United we stand for the fundamental right to control our own destinies. This is not an easy or simple or unemotional battle. But the basic truth is that our current gov't is willing to use twisted ideology and flat out lies to strip women of access to crucial healthcare. One way to help: 20% of sales of this @amodenim tee goes to @plannedparenthood. Unite, babes. We have to take care of each other now more than ever. 💪❤💪

I s'pose some people prefer jewelry. #miniac

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