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Can’t stop won’t stop. @thetinychefshow.

Artist Jenny Holzer was honored last night at the incredible Sexy Beast Gala for @plannedparenthood. These are some of my favorite pieces of hers. The last one, from her “Inflammatory Essays”, truly blows my mind. Let’s project it onto the White House, on behalf of women everywhere.

Dress up to get down.

I found my people. 🙏 @thetinychefshow.

Oh hello there. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of going to the @unitednations to discuss @mattel’s new @thomasandfriends show, which incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals into their storylines, to help raise a new generation of Global Citizens. It’s a smart, sweet show that the kids love! #choochoobaby #nonewfriends #exceptforthomas #AllAboardForGlobalGoals #MattelPartner

Ana Lily Amirpour. Director. Who is also female. Who has also made one of the best horror films ever. See “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night” if you haven’t already. @lilyinapad 👊

It’s true what they say about Virginia. Hope all you lovers got registered today! ❤️🌊❤️

Canvassing is fun. Canvassing with your mom is also fun. Canvassing with your mom who is also the candidate is the FUNNEST. Go mama go! Thank you to everyone volunteering out there in Virginia’s 5th! This is a movement. Her opponent is against net neutrality, the ERA, and believes hunters should be able to shoot hibernating bears and wolves with cubs. He said preventing sexual assault begins with educating women. He’s owned by the Freedom Caucus, the Koch bros, and Paul Ryan’s PAC. He does not represent the awesome people in this district! My mom is refusing all corporate PAC money, and has grown a grassroots movement led by thousands of incredible volunteers and small donors. Stay strong, my friends!!! @leslieforcongress #VA05 ❤️🌊❤️🌊❤️🌊

Love this. Spotted in Charlottesville, VA. Registration deadline is TOMORROW! @leslieforcongress 💪

Whoop! Let’s DO this, VA!!!! We’ll also be canvassing all day so please let us come in and use your bathrooms because Jason drinks too much water. SEE YOU SOON! @leslieforcongress 🌊❤️🌊 #VA05

Ma’am Mix-a-lot. #booksmartmovie #midnightsoundmix #tiredfemalefilmmakerfriday

My daughter, my teacher, my best friend, I love you with everything I’ve got. Of course you were born on #internationaldayofthegirl. Happy Birthday, Daisy Jo!

2 years ago exactly, the night before Daisy joined the party. Whoa. #thassabigbaby

Nerds. 🥂 @veuveclicquot #VCPOLOCLASSIC #VeuveClicquotPartner

MOOD. #novemberiscoming 👊 @banksy

Ready to day-drink. #coping

fired up, pissed off and ready to go. ・・・ Thank you, @feministabulous 💪❤️💪

DANCE IT ALL OFF, NYC. ・・・ My sister @kristinsudeikisdance just opened this dance workout studio in NYC and it’s about to change your life. Get there! @forward____space #beatshighlightslow

“Smile so your kids don’t know their future is in the hands of a maniacal misogynist dickbag of a president.” Portrait by Otis, 4 yrs.

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