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Boston, thank you. ✌️

From Miguel-Anxo Murado's op-ed "When Terror Visited Barcelona" in the @nytimes. #orwell #stayhuman

An uncannily accurate emoji translation of #1984play, for those who can't make it to NYC. Hats off to the genius who made this, whoever you are. 🎩👇👏👏👏👏👏

A mission to locate and destroy all edible and non-edible items.

#tbt re-reading and then re-re-reading 1984 before the first day of rehearsals of the play. Now we're more than 2 months into the run and I can't remember a time when I didn't work in Times Square or have the inner ear damage of Marilyn Manson's roadies. #calmbeforethestorm

Rabble-rousing with my FBI watch-list buddy. #nosurrender

🐰 🐶

The cast that #resists together, impeaches the maniacal dickhead together. Our theatre is next door to Michael Moore's, and we all hopped on a bus after our shows to protest in front of Trump Tower. (Tom is English but is horrified on our behalf and added his voice to the mic checks like a real New Yorker.) Thank you @michaelfmoore for making this happen. #1984 #TermsOfMySurrender

Brooklyn Children Meusem

Heading to the underground bunker. See you in 2020.

wait wait! *****CUTENESS BREAK***** ok resume existential panic.

#Repost @amberrosetamblyn ・・・ Racism is something you learn. It is something taught. It is something handed down, handed over. It is something allowed, ignored, something we say isn't our problem, something we don't need to deal with because it doesn't effect us directly, or if it does we say we have bigger issues to face. . It's not enough to be white and say you're helping just because you yourself are not a racist. . It's not enough to denounce it to just your friends of color. . Allowing marches like the one in Charlottesville is not a matter of protecting an Amendment. It is a matter of white defensiveness. It is an act of handing down. Handing over. It is an act of allowance, of ignoring. It is a matter of saying it's not our problem. It doesn't effect us directly and if it does we have bigger issues to face. . Racism is learned. It is the deepest shadow excused by White America. It is our blindest of eyes. It is the greatest work we can and will ever do; To look not to people of color for how we can be better, but to turn and hold our fellow whitenesses accountable.


Unnameable Books

Start 'em young.


Message to the people of Charlottesville, from my mother, Leslie Cockburn, who is running for Congress in VA. #lesliecockburnforcongress #charlottesville www.lesliecockburnforcongress.com

#fbf behind the scenes of A VIGILANTE, a movie that kicked my ass and broke my heart every single day, and I loved every second of it. Actors are weirdos. Can't wait to show you this one. #AVigilante #comingsoonish #kravmaga #postbabybalding

Men's shirts are just women's shirts waiting to be stolen. Thanks, @xkarla! Sorry, Jason.

Favorite piece of art in our kitchen (and maybe anywhere).

18 courses later, we still won't leave. Sorry @_o_ya_. It's too tasty. Do you serve sleeping bags? @mollyihoward

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