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"There's no excuse for the young people not knowing who the heroes and heroines are or were." Happy birthday, Nina.

Happy Presidents Day. 🤢

Those two windows were my home for the past week in Beacon, NY, as we kicked off our epic shoot for A VIGILANTE. This hotel, @roundhousebeacon, is friggin lovely, gorgeous, and delicious (best ramen in my long, ramen-slurping life). The waterfall flowing right outside your bedroom window is insanely beautiful and doubles as a pretty reliable sound machine. Go stay there!

#❤ #giantbabyhand 😂



Day 1 on our film, A VIGILANTE, left me bruised, bloody, sore, wrecked, and, apparently, pretty fucking satisfied with myself. This is a special one, hence the new hair, new scars, new level of exhaustion, and a new love of bed-drinking. #aVigilante #aWino

Couple things. This is my botched attempt at taking a pic of my super cool #fashionstandswithplannedparenthood pin, but my phone sticker also #standswithplannedparenthood so I'm covered (unlike millions of women if President Dickhead has his way). Also important: my new #girlgaze @amandadecadenet & @warbyparker spectacles. I wear my heart on my sleeve and face and chest and phone I guess. 🤓🙄🤷🏼‍♀️ #IStandwithPP #AdeCxWarby @girlgazeproject #morrissey #ittakesstrengthtobegentleandkind

My mom and the Irish Sea. 📷 by my little bro, Charlie. Good one, Chaz.

Wannabe Debbie Harry wannabe.

Damn straight. #warrenwarrior

Go see this awesome play before it closes! Cast is spectacular. Writing is spectacular. Directing is spectacular. It is a spectacle, is what I'm saying. Go feel it for yourself. #yen @mcctheater

When you roll up to the party with your new look and it turns out you just single white femaled your friend you haven't seen in a year. 😂 So fun checking out the new #TiffanyHardWear collection tonight. Thanks for having us @tiffanyandco! #TiffanyPartner #iloveyoukatemara

Oh what's up, BLONDE LIFE 🤘

Word. Via @houstonkraft ❄️💪❄️

Baaahaha. #PresidentBannon @nbcsnl 🎯

This dance / this dancer / this song / this power. Giving me LIFE on a cold Saturday morning. @thatgirlbishop let's make this video happpppen. 💪🔥💪 @stevielyne #river choreography by @galenhooks

My wonder woman. #whyimarch


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