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Resorted to eating roses 🌹 #lovelovelove 📸 @davisayer

White Witches casting spells 📸 @davisayer Dresses @ramainstitute #prosperity #aquarianwoman

VORFREUDE: (n.) the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasure. #lovelovelove Breathtaking art comes to you by @benjaminshinestudio

I'm in love with you everyday ... but the roses are a nice touch 🌹 #lovelovelove

All day every day Getting excited to play with @davisayer again this week... white witch series... we be brewing up a cauldron of magic ✨

"Be creative or you will become destructive" Im truly happy that I'm an artist today. I've spent 18 years of my life trying to stay open. Trying to tell stories. Just trying ... and isn't that what makes us extraordinary? Our ability to keep trying. Xxx #lovelovelove #fullmoon ( please respect my art and the work of the photographers I work with and not leave sexual comments below )

it's a star balloon kinda life

" sacred outlook means perceiving the world and oneself as intrinsically good and unconditionally free" @gurujagat #hystericallyoptimistic 📸 @ryanmuirhead ( from 3 years ago)

just for tonight ... just for tonight ... be the tenderest thing, in the universe. Words by @nayyirah.waheed #lovelovelove #selfcare

What can I do When the night comes And I break into stars 💫💫💫 @ramainstitute

Here's my heart. There's your heart. Yours matters. Mine does too. Let's do all the things. TOGETHER TOGETHER TOGETHER What a magnificent day of community, will,belief and unity. I know it's hard for everyone right now. We are all upset. But wherever you are. Whatever your "stance" is let's all take one long inhale and one long exhale and remember even if it's for 5 seconds of how beautiful and delicate we all are. #unitewithlove Poem by @theclassbytt #lovelovelove

🐎🕊 " imagination time"

" the odds are in your favor "

Captured moments. I collect little moments ... sounds people utter ... then type them up and keep them safe. Enjoy

lucid dreams of wilted cherry blossoms #lovelovelove

To those that dare to see the beauty. You rebels you.

he gave her flowers and asked if she was afraid of heights ... and just like that she was on top of the world. - artistic romance - @davisayer

" I was raised pulling food out of the earth,I know where joy comes from. How to make it" 🌾🌾🌾 Yrsa Daley-Ward

... ... ... ( sigh)

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