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Oh hey it’s me again being moody chillin on a vintage bathtub #fashion. No but really this shirt is ridiculously comfy and I ❤️ @modern_society_london

Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Los Angeles

There’s power in a great dress. Somehow it can transform a woman... it’s magic. The second I put on this silk @loupcharmant piece all I wanted to do was dance. I felt free. So here you go ... shot by @saoriwall on Abbot Kinney in the guest house I used to live in. (When I lived here there was a motorcycle in the living room... now a bike. Somethings never change)

Abbot Kinney

Little time travel the other day back to my Venice days ... surfer boys and Abbot Kinney ... bike rides ... and skinny dipping. Wearing my new uniform: this button down baby soft blue shirt by @modern_society_london 📸 @saoriwall @amanda__weir

Los Angeles, California

I love being a woman. The flow of it. The shapeshifting. The mystery. Beautiful partnership with @modern_society_london coming your way. Shot and creative directed by me modeled by @whitstreet in @jessicaseaton studio. Xxx 🕊🕊🕊 I’m wearing @sandyliang

How I feel wearing @loupcharmant surrounded by @jessicaseaton art. Xx

Liquid Gold @africanbotanics making my fine lines melt away xxx

When the light is just right... in my office ☀️ dome ring by @mejuri

Mood this morning ... also no filter cause Mother Nature does it right every time. Fog curtesy of @nitsacitrine

She lives on a mountain top that faces the ocean. Dragonflies dance outside her kitchen window. Haven for art and yes business. Creativity and light. Plus curry she makes amazing curry thank you @nitsacitrine 🕊✨🌈

No matter where I go ... how far I travel ... I always rest in Art. #linenandleather @estiloemporio where quality and craftsmanship thrive.

Art holding Art. @lilahbeauty and Rodin

Feeling like a magician in @hedonies

Don’t worry. I’ll hold it open for you. We’re all going up. Get in. #womensupportingwomen * feeling my heart expanding on all kinds of levels today ( and every day) thank you to the women in my life that have showered me with guidance and love. I’m in awe of you. @_moniquecoleman @johannasiring @michaeladartois @sophieoat @silklaundry @rossmorela @boyishjeans @eileenfisherny @veritewoman @nourishedjournal @sansceuticals @africanbotanics @localrose @nitsacitrine @gurujagat @saoriwall @amanda__weir @burrogoods and thousands more. @aprilsteiner @simplylom @michellesfarzomakeup @isanoyjewelry @loganlaurice @j.me.moore

Dreaming of Etretat France today @_anni_lu_

Parking garage golden hour lighting ✨✨✨ • • • • • @elleme @eileenfisherny @flattered @silklaundry @hatattackny @_anni_lu_

It’s insanely hot in LA today so here’s me trying not to melt 📸 @remytortosa

“ if the ocean can calm itself so can you. We are both salt water and mixed with air” - meditation - words by @nayyirah.waheed It goes without saying that the world is going through massive changes right now. The U.S is going through shifts and lows and valleys. I don’t know about you but I feel it in the people I come across every day. In traffic. In the “ I don’t have time for this “ attitude at the coffee shop. Let’s all take a collective inhale and calm ourselves. Calm our own internal world. Maybe then our inner peace ... can ripple out and coat the outer world ? You with me ? 🕊 @remytortosa 📸

Thank you to my friends and family who always encourage me to step into my power. You’re the loves of my life. ••• enjoy the next photo series by the talented @remytortosa

Oh how wonderful to be a woman ✨✨✨ love being part of the @estiloemporio family. Quality vs quantity made to last. Made to live in. Made to travel in. #linenandleather from the Welcome Traveller Collection. 🕊🕊🕊🖤🖤🖤

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