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“ hey girl sustainability looks good on you “ 🌾🌾🌾❤️ so much love goes to @amurofficial

When your dress has the “ swoosh” factor @amurofficial Congrats @loganlaurice for being recognized as a woman striving for a better world 🌷🌷🌷 love you to the moon and back

“Swimming in silk and golden koi “ today I wore @amurofficial and felt like a goddess. AMUR stands for : A MINDFUL USE OF RESOURCES. AMUR believes that nature is the unlimited luxury and their beautiful clothing reflects that. The pieces are made with organic/ natural fabrics, reclaimed fibers, and they utilize the skills and craftsmanship of artisans from developing countries. For example these earrings were hand carved and made by an artist in Korea the silver of which was recycled from old tech such as computers. ( check out the video on @amurofficial site) Sustainability is luxury. Sustainability is sexy. Sustainability is our future.

“ swimming in the sea of the land”

“ we ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept well and warm together and loved each other” Hemingway ✨ cuddle up to your love and exist together.

Re-learning French while reducing my carbon footprint. #multitasking @allbirds just launched their new “ tree collection” footwear. The shoes on my feet are a) ridiculously comfortable and stylish and b) made of eucalyptus fibers !!! That’s right my shoes are made of trees people! Trees!!! The Tree collection features ethically sourced FSC-certified Eucalyptus fibers. @allbirds utilizes the most rigorous sustainable forestry standard, in order to protect trees, wildlife, and people. As a result, the Eucalyptus tree fibers use only 5% of the water and 3x less land, and have an overall environmental impact that is 17x smaller than conventional materials. Because of the closed loop processes, the manufacturing is safer and cleaner than traditional footwear practices. Yes please and thank you @allbirds It’s all about choices ... choose sustainable when you can. #weareallbirds

Portal ring by @jessicaseaton

Self love 101: I started walking around in lingerie or bathing suits in my house. It’s a lesson to love me the way I am. To enjoy the way my thighs touch and my muscles move. To take the time really take the time and see myself. We’re usually only in this state of dress in public or in private with a partner. Trying to impress, cover, showcase, seduce etc. when are we just us for us ? Just existing in our bodies to exist. A little reminder to love the skin you’re in. It’s the vessel for your soul. A home. It doesn’t define you ... it’s not what you are... it just happens to be where you live. #selfcare #bodypositive This suit is @edimo a brand walking huge strides to embrace women’s bodies just the way they are. #nophotoshop #nofilterneeded #realwomen

@j.jute making homes for blankets one basket at a time. Did I mention these beauties are hand made and sustainable? The dyes are all natural and free from harmful azo chemicals making them safe to use in your home, around food items and in the nursery. Thank you @j.jute for helping keep our homes and our earth that much healthier. 📸 the framed images are by @ryanmuirhead who’s one of my dearest friends and one of the most incredible photographers I’ve had the privilege to work with. He somehow allowed me split one image into two and here we are.

Orris Perfumery

In another lifetime I was a “nose”. Today I spent the afternoon pretending to be one at @orrisperfumery and walked away smelling like sandalwood and jasmine with hints of tobacco. Basically my own version of a cowboy. New blog post if you’d like to read all about me trying to find an old lovers scent 💋

#BoyishbyHer I live in these now. Sustainable denim that makes your 🍑 look 👀 all while decreasing your carbon footprint. Did you know fashion is the 2nd worst polluter of our planet right after oil ? Fast fashion is costing us more than $20 T-shirt’s. It’s costing us our homes, our health, and our environment. Invest in high quality sustainable options when you can. We don’t need more. We need less ... but better. @1percentftp @boyishjeans

Hello from me. My favorite corner of my apartment and 4 shutter speed friends 📸 #BoyishByHer

🍋🍋🍋 Make an art out of turning life’s lemons into lemonade. 📸 @michaeladartois

Ojai, California

That time I went to Tuscany for the day and by Tuscany I mean Ojai and by that time I mean 3 days ago. Wearing @zingaracollection ( botanically dyed and ethically made... because if I have to wear clothes ... they might as well be good for me and the 🌏)

Ojai, California

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. What it comes in contact with matters. All wrapped up in @alterrapure organic and non GMO from seed to sanctuary. We’re in bed 1/3 of our lives. Let’s make that 1/3 organic, sustainable, and luxurious. Shot by @michaeladartois

Sending out an SOS ⛵️⛵️⛵️

Shade Hotel Redondo Beach

@shadehotelrb shot by the one and only @shaunashauna_ #sp

When the lighting is so good you don’t need a filter @shadehotelrb thanks for having us 📸 @shadehotelrb

Girl Power #girlpower #learnpeace #teachpeace @teachr1

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