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Head is clouds ☁️☁️☁️ @woolnia

“ sweet love of mine” More copies of my book of poems Hounds of Love getting ready to be shipped to their new homes xxx thank you for all of the support.

“ she’s kiln it” @kaitlynmikayla at @patrickjohnstonceramics ( thanks for letting me literally steal the shirt off your back Patrick and putting up with my one finger in the air dance moves)

Sunday’s are for books and nudes 📚 and mini apples on fancy plates ( @michaeladartois books and nook my apples)

This and so much more coming your way tonight 9/8c for @sealteamcbs I’ll be sharing my b roll on IGTV tomorrow ... isn’t Hollywood glamorous ? 🙄 #onset #sealteam

New year. new me .new episode of @sealteamcbs airs this Wednesday on @cbstv 9/8c with yours truly.

I live in rays of light ✨✨✨ ( No makeup today and Loving my skin )

@ctilburymakeup for that movie star glow xx

Currently open to dog toy sponsorships

Katsuya - Brentwood

Salut!!! As 2018 comes to an end all I can say is cheers!!! I simply can’t wait for 2019 to start! Thank you @freeandnative for getting my manifesting skills in tip top shape

Prussian Blue and #oldceline

“ my bold stong lover” fell off the no coffee wagon and it feels so good ... and bad ... and good. Dammit. I also ate this mini soho house cookie... #bikinibodyprep

As part of my conscious gift guide this year I want to introduce you to @freeandnative. Lacy’s workshops teach you to manifest things such as opulence, love, and not settling for less than your worth. Her approach is rooted in psychology, neuroscience and energetics. It’s a female founded, woman run business that’s zero waste. This isn’t a woo-woo this is wellness. The sessions are 20 min each day with an easy formula to follow. I’m currently doing the Opulence course. Give a gift that will actually keep on giving. #FNManifestation #manifestationisaPRACTICE #inmagneticpursuit #consciousgiftguide . . . . . shot by @michaeladartois wearing @the_wylde ( this is an #ad and a partnership I cherish. Thank you @freeandnative for your work I truly believe in what you do and am grateful to be on the journey of unblocking my own potential)

Know your worth Don’t ask for it State it And never accept anything less - words by @spiritdaughter . . . . . . My skin is glowing thanks to @valentinabelova__ and this was shot by @michaeladartois

@rowsebeauty saving my skin from this harsh LA winter ... no but really this oil is wonderful.

My Russian genetics kicked in and now I wear leopard 🐆

“ core values like love, hard work, and honesty will always be essential to the foundation of our lives, and from there, how we want to color our lives with individuality is the greatest discovery of all” Words by @gabbyreece from the book @femininerevolutionbook

Still life

“ Don’t worry I got it “ Boss jeans for boss ladies @boyishjeans

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