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Американская актриса русского происхождения.
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Soho House Malibu

Thank you Mother Earth for your abundance. Your balance Your grace Your wisdom and forgiveness. May we learn to protect you and give you love. #home #earthday If anyone needs a little guidance ... a little personal check in ... to get connected ... or just have a moment and be still... I highly recommend doing an ocean meditation session with @jobimanson @sefarioutpost #waterspirit your way into happiness added bonus you get to be with dolphins and whales 🐳 #climatechange

Dear @hulu , Thank you for this amazing gift. Not only are you pushing boundaries with your original content but you're fighting for equality and encouraging people to read... real books... and then talk about the issues and values which are as relevant today as they were when this book was first written. I'm happy to join the #resistance with you #HandmaidsTale airs April 26 on @hulu #MAIDEZ #strongertogether @elisabethmossofficial 🕊🔥💪🏼

Morning coffee with #bukowski and the most comfortable undies on the planet @kitandace

I'm feeling good. You feeling good ? Let's all focus on doing and feeling good... k thanks. 🕊

" some words. the way they look at you... " @nayyirah.waheed


she was already brave ... so now she was learning patience...

VORFREUDE: (n.) the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures. Ok. I'll wait.

When you just can't anymore... take a moment and just be with the daisies ... @kundalinigown @lackofcoloraus

Staying open ... #kundalini at #work @kundalinigown @ramainstitute

Kundalini in the city. Because you need to get business done in the Aquarian Age #namaste to the movers and shakers 👳🏼‍♀️ @ramainstitute @gurujagat 📿 @kundalinigown @mfpeople

LA mind Bahamas Hair

Moments before I burst out laughing ...

Blended. post vaca vibes #coffeeplease

Give me horizon. Full speed ahead.

ALBANY, Bahamas

The last couple of months have taught me to lean on things. People. The universe. And yes this palm tree. Sometimes you just need ... a breather ... #leanonme

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