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“ i am young. my ears hear promise. my mind is power. my eyes see dreams. my thoughts are high. and my body is strong” • • • This is 32!!! Thank you for being with me on yet another rotation around the sun. 📸 by @johannasiring

Take me to church. @drewmerritt

Goes to @yeahfieldtrip once and now she thinks she’s a photographer. Thanks @ryanmuirhead for teaching me how to use this thing right 📸 @drewmerritt art behind me. * side note I’m in complete awe of my friends. Each one has such great talent.

@drewmerritt your art sets my soul on fire

“Go ahead underestimate me. That’ll be fun “ @impulsings @motherdenim

“ Strong like Mother Nature” Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for my upbringing today. Spending my formative years living off the grid, off the land, with my family in Russia has given me a deep understanding of the seasons in life. Take a second today and reconnect to your roots ... our planet... our home. Xx 🌱 @impulsings 📸🙏🏼✨ • • • • #blueplanet #offthegrid #farmgirl #organic #motherdenim #climatechange @motherdenim #motherlovesyou

“ I am grateful to be a woman, I must have done something great in another life “ Maya Angelou • today and every day that I get to wake up in this body of mine I am thrilled that I was born a woman. I don’t know the words to describe the strength, capacity to love, endure, and succeed that women have. I’m in awe of every single one of us. Cheers ladies. Today is OUR day! #internationalwomensday

El Capitan Canyon

11 days to my 32nd birthday and the horizon has never looked brighter. What I’ve learned is “ I’m exactly where I need to be “ ✨✨✨ taking the time to realize how awesome it is to be a complete woman is pretty mind blowing. My road getting here hasn’t been a calm nor easy one but standing in my power now just makes the journey that much sweeter. XXX @impulsings 📸

It’s all about alignment. Aligning with your strengths. Your weaknesses. With your core truths. Your limits and boundaries. Then you create your own path, your own sense of direction, an internal compass for the wilderness of life. @impulsings for the 📸 win

El Capitan Canyon

“ oh the places you’ll go “ Self discovery, self acceptance, self love, self worth, all the steps we take to get to the self that is ourselves... the journeys not always pretty and sometimes you’re running after the light ... through bushes and branches and it’s all uphill. Keep going. Keep climbing. Let the moon be your guide.( here’s the first of some incredible shots by the talented @impulsings who I had the privilege of working with last week)

Same same but different; because @ryanmuirhead is here and he rarely shoots digital so I’m going nuts.

“ the best things come in small packages “ • • @rosefieldwatches just launched the new vintage inspired Small Edit Collection (the smallest 26 mm timepiece) to celebrate @rosefieldwatches is gifting a Baxter Bracelet from their Downtown Chic collection. Use my gift code OLESYARULIN XXX #myrosefieldmoment #ownthewrist

“ accept yourself early in the morning when you look in the mirror or when you open your eyes ... just say “ by the Grace of God, I am a complete woman “ one affirmation only, and remember it through out the day. Dress up for yourself, be for yourself, and carry yourself. You will never be handicapped “ Yogi Bhajan @tamaramellon xxxx thank you for my now favorite t shirt.

“ Kaleidoscope kinda life “ Every moment changes second to second. After spending the weekend with @yeahfieldtrip and listening to @ryanmuirhead speak about the lack of printed tangible photos in today’s world it got me thinking. I don’t print my images nearly enough. No one will look through my hard drive and I don’t back things up the way I should. I grew up with photo albums. Black and white film we cherished as the books of my lives. Enter @pictime_us upload and create gallery quality photo albums and prints ( art prints as well) that come in linen covers. The program is easy enough for anyone to follow. Click. Drag. Done ! The albums come to your door 2 weeks later and before you know it you’ve made your moments last. Forever. Make tangible art. Your life is tangible art. ( sidenote I have no clue how @impulsings finds rainbows everywhere I go)

Santa Barbara, California

“ fieldtrippin” #womensupportingwomen #photography #shoplocal @shopfieldtrip 📸 @impulsings

Santa Barbara, California

“ city girl getting clean air in her lungs” • • Day One of @yeahfieldtrip wearing @johnnywas and trying to wake up. Shot by @littlegreeneyes • • • #womensupportingwomen #art #photography

Hello to the skin we are in. I love my body and this place my soul calls home. By no means is it perfect but I try and keep it as healthy as I can. For years I’ve lived with a lymphatic disorder that causes me to gain rapid water weight and basically makes my life uncomfortable and frustrating. It’s like walking around in a water suit regardless of diet and exercise. I have my good and bad days ... when I want to cry and scream when in a day I can’t fit into clothes I did the day before. it’s something I’ll have to live with my whole life. I wrote about the body treatment I’ve done for 10 years to try and keep my body flowing in the hopes that if you’re struggling you can find some relief. New post up. Link in bio. 📸 @_gabrielflores wearing @thegreateros_ ( comments turned off because I don’t have the band width to deal with any sexual comments today) #healthy

Do I love luxury... yes... who doesn't? Allow me to define what luxury means to me. It means sustainability, it means fair wages, environmental awareness, it means quality, not quantity, it's transparency in business, it's hope for our future... and sure... a high thread count. Meet @alterrapure your new luxurious organic sustainable friend who cares about our planet... and your comfort. Alterra Pure guarantees that your sheets are organic, sustainable, committed to the farmers that make their products, committed to the environment, and to their customers. I choose to work with and highlight companies that make a difference ... take the steps to ensure a better planet... because we only have one. Please check out @alterrapure on their site and the Indiegogo campaign: bit.ly/fundalterra.

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