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Американская актриса русского происхождения.
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Silver Lake Farmers Market

Fine line between shadow and light 🌗

RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology

What are your own rules of morality ? A wonderful question I was asked to today at @ramainstitute • write your own code • follow your own set of guidelines. Stick to them • live in your grace • isn’t that freeing?

Wanderlust Hollywood

This beautiful woman just launched a YouTube channel with free yoga and meditation. If you travel and are on the go check it out. Whether it’s 5 min or 20 center yourself this year with @caleyalyssa ladies supporting ladies 2018! #myfriendsarebosses

✨✨✨ oh time ... ⏰ you tricky little devil

“ the ideal purpose of your life is that you are grateful.... great .... and full ....that you are alive, and you enjoy it “ yogi bhajan #happynewyear #2018 Enjoying every moment of being alive !!!!

It’s it amazing how one can be given the inhabitable and thrive there ? Nothing. Nothing is impossible. Find your space and grow roots there.

Nooks and Books

“ number 1” Taking a moment to reflect and ponder over the power of oneness. Thank you 2017 for your lessons may 2018 and every year after be full of love and harmony and “ oneness”. May we treat ourselves with kindness and may that kindness radiate to others. Let it multiply endlessly. Happy soon to be 2018. XX #silkisagirlsbestfriend

Put me in coach... I’m ready #2018

Going into 2018 swinging ( @mrmoosh28 @sappdiesel you boys ever going to teach me how to swing one of these things) #2018 Ну кто Готовиться к новому году?

Take a breath • as the year comes to an end I want to share a little Russian saying “ if you can run towards your dreams do it. If you can’t run. Then walk. If you can’t walk. Then crawl. If you can’t crawl then lie down in that direction” • The last 2 years of my life have been more than difficult. As that chapter closes and 2018 is almost here I find myself finally exhaling and reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned. This is just a reminder for those on the journey of becoming better beings that no it’s not pretty most of the time; yes you’ll get tired and want to give up; don’t. Maybe lie down for a min ... rest ... but always in the direction of your dreams.

Be a rebel. Rebel with your whole heart! XXX @yung_pueblo @gurujagat

When you live alone and pants are optional

“ The best things come in pairs “ @rosefieldwatches ... keep track of time and have a little extra bracelet bling to go with it #myrosefieldmoment #ownthewrist

My love affair with coffee continues ....📸 @andr3wmaness ( thank you @andr3wmaness for NOT retouching me ... shadows and fine lines and 5 days of little to no sleep. Art is art. Beauty is beauty. Unretouched women. Xxx ) #nophotoshop

It was 90 degrees in LA but @rakhaofficial makes eco clothes like this wool lined trench so f*%k it 📸 @andr3wmaness

Make time for love letters and pen pals #ownthewrist @rosefieldwatches #myrosefieldmoment

On repeat all day every day ... just add water and poof

You know that one ex boyfriend that smelled so good you’d steal his shirts ... well @lelabofragrances bottled him up for you and now you can rub him all over minus the drama ... #win ( and yes I totally look this sexy straight out of the shower ... always 😹😹😹) #plantbased #crueltyfree

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