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Американская актриса мыльных опер. Она начала свою карьеру с ролей в сериалах «Холм одного дерева» и «Поверхность», однако в 2006 году ей был поставлен диагноз — Лимфома Ходжкина, что привело её к двухлетнему перерыву в карьере.
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He calls it a “Jeff”... why? I don’t know.. but I love my beautiful weirdo. ❤️

Another piece from the insanely talented @rosabelrosalind! Please head to her page to check her out! Her art is for sale and she’s available for commissioned pieces as well! Rosie’s Art is completely up my alley! I missed Wednesday mostly because I’m not sure what day it is today.. #WeeklyArtWednesdayonFriday

It’s been a minute since I’ve boxed and sometimes I box and parent at the same time haha! But it felt so great to be back at it! Still shaking off some rust!! If you’re up in the valley you should check out @pullmansgym! John is the best!!

#KingOfHeartsChallenge to help @project_orphans fundraise to give John life saving heart surgery. I challenge: @camryngrimes @ellen.monohan @kimbpics Download the brilliant @jen_lilley new single “King of Hearts” and upload a happy video of you dancing and challenge 3 other friends! Tag me in the post so I can repost it!

This is 235lbs!!! My bum and @thomasjankas both hate me. Hahaha! This was my last and heaviest set so it’s sloppy but it was so awesome to be able to do this! I also squated 115lbs but there isn’t a video..

Weekly Art Wednesday I just wanted to highlight my favorite artist who just so happens to be one of my best friend’s daughters! @rosabelrosalind is currently in Vienna on a Fulbright scholarship! Her artwork is INCREDIBLE and so unique! She was recently commissioned to do a rendition of The Last Supper and it was nothing short of spectacular! I’ll be posting it soon as well!! You can purchase her work and get in touch with her if you want something commissioned! She can also design some fiercely insane tattoos!

I did a movie last December called Fatal Fashion, I play Jennifer, a fashion photographer turned teacher who becomes obsessed with her student. Check it out on @netflix

Damn @brunomars puts on a good concert!

My little tree climber

Little shit

Khaleesi of the rainbow isle


@smallfootmovie premier with my man. Photo: @kiki.willow

Don’t you dare tell her I love her and that she won me over Brecks! Also ignore all the makeup under my eyes, I’m an idiot that rubs her eyes when she’s wearing eye makeup! Haha!

Take a moment to read. I love her message so much. There is so much pressure on women to look a certain way even if it compromises what is healthy for them and their body type. I’ve definitely been guilty of not only conforming but perpetuating this thought process. I’m harder on myself than need be. Love YOU ❤️ #Repost @mybodywpg ・・・ ✨Restriction does not equal being healthy. ✨Losing weight does not equal being healthy. ✨Body size does not indicate body health. ✨If it sacrifices your mental health it is NOT worth it. ✨We have been trained to believe that unless we are restricting ourselves with food and compensating for what we ate with exercise we are “not healthy” or “not taking care of ourselves”. This could not be farther from the truth. There are so many more significant reasons to move and nourish your body in a way that’s appropriate for you other than losing weight or satisfying beauty standards! Also, people who want to lose weight are not always doing it for aesthetic reasons and if clients come to me with the goal of losing weight I will dig and dig for the real reason behind why, and the majority of the time it has nothing to do with appearance. ✨So let’s Stop assuming that the only reason someone would want to exercise is to satisfy beauty standards!!! You CAN be healthy at any size!! You CANNOT assume what someone’s health is based off of their physical appearance! You do not know their story or their capabilities just by looking at them. And finally: ✨You CAN trust your body✨ We are taught that unless we are restricting ourselves in some way we are not taking care of ourselves but we are also taught that we cannot trust our bodies. That we need to restrict ourselves, give strict guidelines because we cannot rely on our own body’s natural cues and ability to take care of us and allow us to thrive. The truth is that when you restrict you lose those natural cues of hunger, satiety, and you lose the trust you once had in your own body to know what’s best. You do not need to listen to diet culture telling you that you need restriction! Eating and living intuitively is possible! ❤️Your body knows what’s best, trust it. And ask for help if you need it.

Here’s a scene from the movie airing tomorrow night on @lifetimetv Sunday 9/2 8pm! I’m so lucky to get to share the screen with such amazing actors! And our fearless leader @stevenbrandesq! I learned so much from him! Thank you endlessly @marvistaent and @michaeltesta8!! #HesWatching

Sunday 8pm @lifetimetv! Check out #HesWatching #Repost @stevenbrandesq ・・・ Trailer for He’s Watching, a film directed by yours truly. Premieres on Lifetime this Sunday at 8pm Pacific. @heymcneeley @ohmygodfrey @tilkyjones @thedarri @juliette.audrey @michaeltesta8 @shidevil @presciliana.e @harrisonleahy

I mean.. this kid kills me! 😍❤️👩‍👧

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