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Южно-африканская и австралийская актриса и певица.
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Happy Memorial Day weekend ❤️ what are your plans? ✨

I work out 5 times a week. Exercise is a VERY important part of my mental and physical life. And I want it to inspire you to also keep healthy ❤️ I’m personally giving away this outfit to one winner with a personally signed note. All you have to do is follow @CopperFitPro, like this post and comment below about your fitness story. You have until June 7th to enter. Winner will be announced on @CopperFitPro and in my stories. You can also find the entire look at @lordandtaylor. ✨❤️ Good luck!

Who was I meeting in this scene of #prettylittleliars ???🙀😳🙌🏻🤣

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop and look fear in the face - Eleanor Roosevelt


That time I got to hang with Renee 😳

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My post on @bottleandheels about the @seychelles__official is live!!!! Check out what we did and where we stayed and what creatures we ran into!! Thank you to @giltedgeoceanislands for helping us plan the trip and to @constancehotels and @sixsenseszilpasyon for the amazing experience! Link in my bio or swipe up in my stories!

What’s your hair secret? Here’s mine. @sugarbearhair #sugarbearhair

Hi. I’m Tammin. I’m a health nut and I also indulge in fries. Sometimes I feel like I’m failing as a mother and other times I feel like I’ve got this. If I love you, I’ll love you hard but I let very few people in my circle. I have a fear of flying but will travel anywhere. I’m empathetic and I also get irritated easily. I feel strong and sometimes I feel like running away. I am spontaneous and anxious. I am shy and the life of the party. I am flawed and fabulous. I am human. I am me. Who are you?

From the first second I saw you I loved you, I felt like I knew you. You had been with me my whole life. You walked with me in my dreams, in my hopes, my desires. My heart breaks more these days but beats faster. My body is sore and stretched these days but my life is so much sweeter. I love you beyond what I thought was ever truly possible. You are my beginning and my end. My reason. Thank you my greatest teacher. For choosing me to be your guide. Thank you also to my own Mom. Who I now truly understand and have always fiercely admired. Happy Mother’s Day. To all the Moms, caregivers, Dads that had to be Moms and Moms that wish for their rainbow babies. I salute you. ❤️ #mothersday

We went to The Bean, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, went on an architectural boat tour, ate deep dish pizza, ate at Ema, Bad Hunter... and so much more. Thank you Chicago for your hospitality. We can’t wait to come back ❤️

The Bean

Thanks so much for having us @clairesstores & @claireseurope! We loved learning about how Claire's keeps our kids safe with their fun product and awesome messages they're using in their campaigns! Girl power! Make sure you check out the #ClairesCares video on our stories or the link in my bio! #ClairesPartner

When you impulse buy and get four more holes in your ears 😝 @clairesstores

Made it to Chicago baby!!! Any tips and recommendations would be so helpful! #chicago

All your limitations are in your mind. 💋

Piercing, emerald, defiant eyes, you stare me down. Your cheeks flush a strawberry jam-like hue, you stare me down. Queen of your kingdom, Ruler of the land, you stare me down. Commander, head honcho, key player, sovereign- you stand. There you are. Your clumsy legs standing your ground like pillars of the earth. Your lemon colored ringlets brush against that single freckle on your right cheek. By no means will you let me know that you are ill-equipped for battle. For you are new to the game. But what you lack in experience you make up in morale. * * Read the rest of my article “on the sidelines waiting” on my blog @bottleandheels. Link in my bio.

First day I brought my daughter on set! What pink car is in the back?! #prettylittleliars #jennamarshall

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