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If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with bees and saving them. Without bees we don't have foods for a healthy diet. All the information you've ever wanted on bees and honey in another #justthebasics @youtube video with the amazing @gregfreyjr at the @thegoldendoor on my channel at 9am tomorrow! Watch. ▶️YouTube.com/tamminsursok

My first ever article was just published called DEAR 13 YEAR OLD TAMMIN. Here is an excerpt.... "Hi, It’s me, your future self. I’m standing on the sideline looking back at your ripe, fleshy, hopeful face and I know what’s about to happen. The boy standing in front of you will break you. He will break your heart in ways you never thought possible. He will embarrass you as you feel the stares of awkward pre-pubescent males all stifling a hearty laugh. You will feel the chambers of your heart beat out of your chest as the blood dizzies around every cell of your body. For what you were waiting for, what keeps you up each night in desperate, feverish anticipation, is not what the boy in front of you feels. Not only does he not have any giddy interest in you, but he will verbalize in front of everyone that you are indeed “FAT” and after he miniaturizes you, he will parade away. And you will feel like the lights just blasted and you are standing on a stage, naked, in all your quarter pounder glory. " I'll be writing on the regular for news.com.au. The rest of the article is in my bio above

Hey guys. :) So I was going through some pictures from my family home and I came across these. It actually took me back to a place of painful memories. I remember the lack of self love and the lack of compassion I had for myself. I think it's important to speak about this around the holidays- especially when all we are seeing is everyones "highlight" reel, the filters, the perfect families, the perfect bodies - and I know there are many people out there who are struggling, who don't feel like they are enough, who have no hope. I PROMISE you, you can change your life. You can get out of a painful situation. It takes one positive step in the right direction. Just one step. This is not about weight, it's about positive change from whatever negative situation you find yourself in. This is coming from me, this was my story, a little girl close to 200 pounds, who woke up one day and decided enough was enough. I love you all and I truly believe in every one of you. #thisisbeautiful.

On tomorrow 7pm!!! @up_tv go watch!


Are you going on a warm christmas/new year break?!? Pick up something from my clothing line @officialstellaphoenix. Working on our next range so don't miss out on this one!! My daughter @whatphoenixtoldgreyson models the #scarlett jumpsuit ❤️❤️ link in bio! Photography @ericaallenstudio @sr12style

#tb happy weekend!

See you soon!!❤️ plus I'll be traveling to London, France and Amsterdam. Can't wait to meet you!

Shooting an awesome commercial! Look at this beautiful winter Californian weather??? No filter just our magical world.

Teaching her like my mom taught me. Can’t stop playing #Solitaire. Check out the link in @mwgames bio to download #partner

Shooting with @thegracetales ❤️ Phoenix wearing @officialstellaphoenix 💗

Loved this interview with @tvweekmag out now talking about all things @officialstellaphoenix Styled by @caleyrinker ❤️ hair by @lsgcreative

Always my baby ❤️

It's #GivingTuesday and for every @SecretExtensions - Double Volume we sell we are giving one to a Women’s Shelter! There is no better time to try Secret Extensions and have fabulous hair this Holiday Season. Link in bio! #regram please! #hairextenstions #secretextensions

This powerhouse @shanolahampton got in bed with me today and got real. You may know her from Shameless but she is even more than that. In this interview she inspires, challenges and makes you laugh your boobs off. Get ready for this interview world. No one holds back. No BS!❤️❤️❤️❤️link to my show in my bio above. #inbedwithtammin

Shooting my show #inbedwithtammin with the icon @therealkateflannery Meredith from the office!!!! Watch the rest. Link in the bio!! #inbedwithtammin


Are you watching the latest episode of my @YouTube show #inbedwithtammin with fashion and instagram trailblazer @25park. Watch episode on YouTube and the rest in my channel. Link in bio above!

On my blog @bottleandheels we have a photoshoot with my daughter @whatphoenixtoldgreyson! Today they are wearing one of my favorite brands @beau_hudson go check out all the images in @beau_hudson clothes, they will put a big smile of your face. Link above ⬆️

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