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Южно-африканская и австралийская актриса и певица.
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As you know I love talking about this stuff and right now I'm obsessed with everything Matcha, it's definitely having a moment. 😍💁🏼My fav scrub right now is @bikinibabetea Matcha Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with coconut and lime. I wish I had smell-a-vision 😛Every ingredient you can pronounce. Healthy body, healthy life!!#matcha #bikinibabetea #bodyscrub #BBTMETIME

Four days away from shooting our second project in four months. Don't let the lies you tell yourself and the fear of failure hold you back. There is no more time. The time is now. Invest in yourself, be your biggest cheerleader. And love yourself. Unless you have a better idea. ❤️

Behind the scenes shooting out next collection @officialstellaphoenix 💕

Location scouting looks different these days ❤️

Casting film session. I have so much perspective from being on this side of the fence. If you want to be an actor here are my takeaways. - Be on time. - Know your lines. Unless you give the performance of a lifetime, having your script in hand and constantly referring to it will make you look unprepared and sloppy. - Dress the part. If it's a stewardess, don't come in overalls. It matters. - Your headshot doesn't matter. It is only a placeholder for who casting likes. If you forget it and you are amazing, you'll be cast anyway. - If you are so wrong for the part and they call you in, go in anyway. We have rewritten entire roles because the actor blew us away in the room. - Don't take it personally. Most of the time it has nothing to do with how well you performed. It's who embodies the role.

On my blog @bottleandheels today we are talking about building up your spouse. It puts work into making a relationship last a lifeline. Link in the bio. Story by @gutstadt @bottleandheels

Plaza District

She is having the best time making movies with mummy and daddy 🤓 @studiofeiffer


Calm before the storm....

One little girl will win our entire We Are One Collection. To enter, they simply must purchase at least one piece within the collection, be a registered subscriber to the stella-phoenix @officialstellaphoenix news updates which they can register on the website, extra entries for tagging three friends below a picture and sharing the pic on their site. Good luck mommas! There is 48 hours left! Tell your friends!!!!! @officialstellaphoenix photo by @ericaallenstudio hmup @lsgcreative

Finally found the juice place!💁🏼

Wynnewood, Oklahoma



Make yourself a priority. (P.s the body is a miracle. My daughter was 10 pounds and I gained 45 pounds.) It starts with one single step to get in shape ❤️ when I'm at home I follow the #bbg program from my friend @kayla_itsines . Sleep helps too 😝#fitness #fitmama #fitgirls #workoutwednesday

I think Jenna should have worn these glasses 😝



My daughter rocking the Autumn dungarees for the next collection of my clothing line @officialstellaphoenix. These are going fast. Tell all your mumma friends before we sell out! Link to website in the bio.

How I feel about being in Oklahoma and being in pre production for our film.

When I first saw this photo it took my breath away. Not because it was an obvious sweet picture of my darling daughter and I but because it was a true indication of the mother I had just become. Motherhood didn't come easily at first. I thought it would. I was constantly in conflict with myself. Finding it hard to retain the glimpses of my old existence and flailing in my new role as a first time mom. Then something clicked. Around the time this photo was taken, I slowly transitioned into the woman and mother I wanted to be. One of grit and perseverance and grace. One that started living in the mess and chaos of life and one that started to practice gratitude and deep appreciation . Life is confusing and frustrating and hopeless at times but it is also magical and so bloody beautiful. Thank you to my friend, the fine art and film photographer @salowenphotollc @salowenstudio for taking this image of us. I'm in awe of your talent. You take images that honestly portray the human experience. One without lies and filters. But purely that of truth. We need more artists like you. Much love you beautiful people. T xo

Having the best time revealing our home with @okmagazine! @luluandgeorgia @roveconcepts @capsule_home @minted @studiopfeiffer @officialstellaphoenix

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