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Южно-африканская и австралийская актриса и певица.
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This is what 21 years of friendship looks like on your birthday xo @pinkladyshopsalot @zoeamberrobinson

Too much fun yesterday at @Chinadollsydney

Fight 💪🏼

Hair done in Sydney with the same bestie for 11 years @lsgcreative ❤️

#ad Who knew setting up a mattress could be so easy and fun! Check out all the shenanigans in our video. @lullbed you are the best sleep I've ever had. Get $50 off your mattress at lull.com/sale. We love you! #getyourLullon

No rest! Shooting with the best.

Found this gem at my parents house in Sydney. Where it all began 17 years ago😬

Last month making memories. ❤️

See you in Sydney!

Pilot Phoenix. Thank you @americanair

Gonna miss this one. @t22felton. That's a wrap on our movie Whaling ❤️

Humbled and honored to have these incredible actors join our film Whaling. @wendi_mclendon_covey @t22felton @davidkoechner

Look who's joining our film.

So... this little unassuming older-than-dirt vehicle has meaning beyond what I could ever explain. She existed in mine and @seanmcewen imagination and rolled right in to existence to transport our heroes on their journey. A road trip picture. She was birthed in Ontario California, made the trip all the way to Oklahoma (needing four, count 'em four!) extra tires along the way. And as soon as we started shooting, she was as reliable as they come. So now, we put her to rest. She is officially wrapped. And she will spend her final days here, in the Sooner State, never to be driven again (and believe me, she shouldn't). But she will live on forever in our little gem of a film... carry on, wayward-girl... until we meet again... 📷 @wolfgang_henning

The last few weeks have been crazy, on set filming, late nights, different foods and it's time for a reset. This month I’m starting my @bikinibabetea 28 Day Detox , where I will be focusing on nourishing my body with healthy foods and exercise. I want to finish this month with a healthier and more vibrant body. I encourage you to do the same, just 28 days! I’d love for you to share your journey with me by tagging #bbtmetime #bikinibabetea #14days14ways

Last week of our movie Whaling. It's hard to gain perspective when you are in the middle of something to which you've attributed so much significance. The exhaustion and the adrenaline kicks in and you seamlessly move forward on auto pilot. But as the weeks come to a close, one is able to look back and see how far they have come. I'm so proud of my hubby and I who won't take no for an answer. Maybe not always the best tactic in life but one that is vital in the film business. Here's to Whaling and many more poignant stories to tell in the future. @seanmcewen

I'm going to miss her 😭 #Whaling.

More amazing cast announcements coming soon for our film Whaling. Link to the article in my bio#writing #producing #acting ❤️

So EXCITED to finally share my home tour with @okmagazine with you guys!! My home has quickly become my favorite place so check out all my tips on creating a comfortable and relaxing environment. (Starting with my amazing bed from @leesasleep!!!) Check out the video. Link in bio.

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