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Южно-африканская и австралийская актриса и певица.
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3 weeks until the premiere of #PrettyLittleLiars...stay tuned.

Taking a 5 minute break from a crazy busy preproduction day.

Hollywood Hills

Weekend vibes.

It's Friday!!!! 😘

My first ever professional photo. Aged 16.

#ad Tummy/New Year game plan? Bring it on @flattummytea. It's a new year and I'm ready to work hard. No excuses 💪🏻 Put @flattummytea in your online cart, it’s 20% off today so make sure you check them out now while it’s on sale!

Jenna is back!! Last ten episodes. So sad 😭😭 shared via @prettylittleliars #jennamarshall #prettylittleliars

#tbt to the first time I brought Phoenix on set @itsashbenzo

Partner in crime. @seanmcewen

#ad Tummy game plan? I’ve got mine @flattummytea! You know I’m all about staying active and eating right. This tea is a great addition to my healthy lifestyle :)No one has time for bloat to get in the way of our busy lives and girls… we’ve got this. I’m using this tea to help with my tummy after baby and you can too because it’s on sale and 20% off right now!

#mother Be who you be.

Hollywood Hills


Hollywood Hills

@bottleandheels live chats every Monday at 9.30 am PST. Follow @bottleandheels and come chat.

Are you following @bottleandheels ?! We do live chats on Monday. We are talking to @jillsimonian in 30 min !!!! Come chat!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to @thegrovela yesterday for the @fashionmamas event for my clothing line @officialstellaphoenix. We sold out!! Special thanks to @chantalreneeblog and @cecilia.tripp who spent 6 hours with me in the sun! And to my incredible husband @seanmcewen who came up with a solution when all our clothes were held up at customs for two weeks!!! I will always remember you steaming our outfits at midnight. I'm so grateful to be your wife. I'm excited for you to see the next range for www.stella-Phoenix.com. #KellieBeattie we got this 💪🏻This has seriously been a dream come true. @officialstellaphoenix was a product of us wanting to create beautiful clothes that didn't fall apart that could be handed down through generations. Timeless and beautiful. That you for the support. I love you. 📷 @matilda_bear #kidsstyle #kidsclothing #kidsfashion

Things I did wrong as a mother today: 1- My daughter was the only kid not dressed in green today as we arrived at school. 2- I dropped some iced coffee on her skirt 3- At the coffee shop she mentioned to everyone that she was mad because she revealed I actually forgot to put her undies on. Things I did right as a mother today: 1- I told her the gold on her skirt she was wearing was a pot of leprechaun gold and that she was the most unique and special at school which made her completely light up with her head held high feeling like she was so special. 2- I apologized profusely when I dropped some coffee when she told me "it's ok my mummy, accidents happen". I told her I loved her so much 3- we found some undies in the car and we made a game out of it and laughed until we couldn't breathe. You are as good or as bad of a mother as you want to be. It's all your perception. Happy Friday mommas/mummas.

In 13 days together with this man we will co-direct a TV project we have co-written and co-produced. This is the start of many creative projects together. We have worked out a$$ off and I can't believe we are finally here. Watch this space ( we are also shooting our film in June) dreams come true if you are passionately relentless 💗 @seanmcewen

Can't believe the show is over...😭😭😭

My essay I wrote on news.com is out today this one is very personal. I hope you can read and share with anyone struggling :) it's about postpartum anxiety which hit me like a ton of bricks after I had my daughter. Often misdiagnosed and just as dangerous. Here is an excerpt below. Please read the whole essay and share it with anyone struggling. Link in the bio above. "I remember that day. Even in my detachment from my newly formless world I remember it so vividly that it burns bright in technicolor. “Mum, I need help.” I faintly whispered that morning. “I can’t do this anymore.” I’ve never really asked for help. I spent my life trying to pave my own road like a relentless, tunnel-vision warrior, reframing every painful experience into that of a positive one. But then again I’ve never really suffered so much that it broke me. Suffered so much that I felt like my entire body was made of glass and a mere touch would create hairline fractures that would slowly break, like pieces of a puzzle, and take my soul away with it."

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