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Южно-африканская и австралийская актриса и певица.
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@bottleandheels is back Monday! Can't wait to share the stories we have for you!

This little lady is constantly making us smile from ear to ear. 😁

It's almost the #weekend! I've had such a wonderful past few weeks and want to send a big kiss from me to you for adding so much light to my life! 💋 #friyay

Excited to be back in NYC in two weeks! 💃🏻Any recommendations?!

#ad I’ve been drinking @flattummytea for nearly one full month and the results really speak for themselves. I don’t have that bloated feeling in my stomach anymore that I've always had after my little was born three years ago. It's been a long road and this has really helped me. Mummas check it out and let me know your thoughts. I’m sure it’ll get you back on track too :)

Our second collection for @officialstellaphoenix is coming soon, can't wait for you to see it! #artdirector #designer

Wednesday feels.

Tonight's the night! #PLL is on @freeform at 8/7c, and I can't wait for you to see what's going to happen!

@aussiegirlshow just wrapped #pll starts tomorrow, today is a good day

That time Jenna stole the show. #LadyGaGa #PLL

That's a wrap on @Aussiegirlshow. Can't wait for you to see it. It's been a dream come true ❤️

This photo sums up the last 9 days. I have spent the last 17 years feeling like I was confined in a creative box. Teetering at the edge but never really getting to run. Trapped by always having to play it safe for other people. For the first time this week I felt like I was able to race. To really explore why I became a creative in the first place. From the bottom of my heart I thank every person who believed in this vision and not once stifled any creative decision. This week was pure magic and we left all our sweat, tears and chicken feathers on the screen. Here is to "Aussie Girl". @aussiegirlshow

The first time you met Jenna and so much has changed since then...I'll be posting some fun #PLL throwbacks leading up to the premiere, so check in for a trip down memory lane! #FBF

Are you following my new show @aussiegirlshow?! I get to act write and direct!! Be prepared to laugh! 🎭🎬📠

What would you decide to do in your life if you knew you wouldn't fail?

Who's excited?! One week until #PLL returns!

Double duty calls for snuggle sesh + make-up wrapped into one moment 💕 @aussiegirlshow

When your DP trusts you to shoot your own shot! @aussiegirlshow

Follow your dream. Always.

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