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Setting aside time for myself can be hard, between child, hubby and work, but I try to find time for a few minutes each day for some self care. What do you do to take care of yourself??

Am I in Cannes or Malibu right now?? 🕶👙

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. I told you last night that I don't know where I begin and you end. We are one, and have been, ever since you came to my hotel room in Missouri after knowing each other for 7 days and saying you thought you were falling in love. We moved in three weeks later. People said love at first sight wouldn't happen for us but I believed in magic. You are my magic. You are the kindest, most intelligent, funniest man I have ever met and you are so GODDAMNED SEXY. Lucky me. I love you now and will until the end of my days. (this image was 2 sec after he proposed). @seanmcewen #10yearsandcounting #10yearsstrong

I wrote about Botox and the message it's sending today on my blog @bottleandheels. Worth the read. Link in my bio and on my stories.


I've always wanted a shoe campaign 🤣🤣👟

#PLL #throwback

So many exciting projects on the horizon, stay tuned! #mondaymotivation

My daughter fell asleep on top of me for the first time in a year. Her face pressed hard against my cheek. Smelling her sweet breath every time she exhales and I start to weep. I weep because her body is so heavy it's overwhelming I can't breathe properly. I weep because she's so long her toes brush my knees. I weep because I know in this very moment she's not a baby anymore. She's a little girl. A sweet, tender, innocent little girl. And time is moving and there is nothing I can do to stop it. So I'm just going to stay here, for as long as I can. For as long as time will allow me. Happy Mother's Day, to all. Time is fleeting. Enjoy every minute ❤️

I've got vacation on my mind. ✨ What's your dream holiday?

This weekend I went to the #newfronts in NYC to present my new show in front on 💯's of people in... that's right you guessed it... a chicken suit. Don't ever worry about what people think of you. Know your name and pave your way. I promise this presentation won't be easily forgotten 🤣 @aussiegirlshow @astronautswanted

Channeling American Beauty. 🌹

Family is everything.

GUYS FINALLY THE WAIT IS OVER! A new IN BED WITH TAMMIN is on my youtube channel now!!! I interview @shanolahampton from @shameless. This is our naughtiest and funniest one yet. Link in the bio!

She's my whole world. Happy Sunday ❤️

Mercury has been in retrograde lately. Anything interesting happen to you because of it???

I came to Los Angeles 10 years ago and was welcomed with open arms. Los Angeles is diverse and inclusive. When I heard there were volunteers holding signs that say welcome in four different languages for the planes at LAX to see as they land, I had to join them. We love you #everyoneiswelcome @discoverla

Hooray for #Friday! I hope you have an amazing weekend. ❤️

#Casual 💁🏻 #Cosmo

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