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Американский актёр и режиссёр, наиболее известный благодаря роли Кастиэля в сериале «Сверхъестественное».
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Griffith Park

I ran across the world’s largest stalk of asparagus in an LA park today.

Happy #EarthDay! To do my part to fight climate change, I’ve been recycling old jokes all day today. But if we’re gonna save the planet, we need to make a bigger difference. So I'm launching a @gish Challenge with @nowandgen & @hopecampaign to do something far more impactful: bit.ly/GISHeARTh #GISHeARTh

Maison made a surprisingly realistic Easter Bunny costume...

Trudged around in the open sewer that is the LA river with the kids today collecting garbage. This is what we found... @folarorg Also, can I just say, proud of my kids that they were among 3 people brave enough to wade in the sludge of the LA River today?

Atwater Village, Los Angeles

Brought the kids to the annual @folarorg river cleanup, where volunteers pull plastic bags and tires and shopping carts and human remains out of the LA River. It’s more popular than an @banksy opening!

The #WomensMarch paparazzi are everywhere...

This morning, the kids said, “Dad, we want to do Jackson Pollock-style painting."

Today I took 3 kids out for an adventure day. I told them they could choose what we did. West said he wanted to go the car museum. Ezra wanted to go to the bookstore. Maison wanted to go to the bank.

You’ve heard of “Batman”, but Hatman’s powers are much more impressive.

I've been in the mood for a good cup of tea, so I'm heading to London May 24-26. Come hang out with me at @mcmcomiccon! bit.ly/MishaAtMcm LINK IN BIO

This makes me feel so lonely.

We’re not even off the air yet, but the @artinstitutechi has already put us in an exhibit with the ancient Incas.

We're all going to miss you on set, @samsmithgrams —and there'll be no living with your incorrigible on-screen sons now. Thanks for the memories! #supernatural

Brasil, eu te amo! Então meu pai e minha irmã cantam para você essa serenata. My father and sister are showing off their Portuguese.

West said he was “starving” and then made himself this. It’s kale. Just kale. Must be a gene mutation.

This truck is obviously, embarrassingly, copying my style.

Thinking of you today, Olive, and of all the Rwandan genocide victims & survivors. I’m so proud that through @gilesduley, @GISH & @RandomActsOrg, we could be a tiny part of your incredible story & help you build the bright future you all deserve. #Repost @gilesduley ・・・ Today marks 25 years since the start of the Rwandan Genocide. On this day my thoughts are with Olive. In April 1994 her children, husband and parents were all killed. She herself was nearly killed on numerous occasions during the following 100 days of genocide. In the years that followed she endured unbearable suffering, but still managed to bring up six orphans whom she had adopted. When ten years later she returned to her village, she chose to forgive the killers of her family and through that, found her peace. . She set up a small cooperative with other women survivors, growing potatoes. Last year @gish @randomactsorg and @legacyofwarfoundation were able to raise the funds needed so that the collective could own the land they work on. The cooperative now enables one hundred women to work for themselves. . @legacyofwarfoundation’s Land for Women project hopes to start three other farms this year. This project is all thanks to Olive and her example and inspiration. I’m proud to think of her as a friend and she, all the other survivors and a country that suffered so much pain, are in my thoughts today. #rwanda

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