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Американский актёр и режиссёр, наиболее известный благодаря роли Кастиэля в сериале «Сверхъестественное».
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This weekend, I'll be at #SPNJAX! I'm hosting a live panel on the perils of workplace pranks. You can watch from the comfort of your own home Saturday, Dec. 8 at 6:15 PM ET: http://bit.ly/2PqjoUu LINK IN BIO https://www.creationent.com/cal/supernatural_jax.htm

I've been reading my kids "Gmorning, Gnight! little pep talks for me & you" every day. It's a soothing balm & a great reminder to stay focused on optimism even in a sometimes tumultuous world. Thanks for sending it my way, Lin-Manuel & @penguinrandomhouse! PS: Congrats on your @goldenglobes nomination, Lin-Manuel!

This is in the #Supernatural Makeup trailer. I think @jensenackles made it.

So @tumblr officially banned “adult content” including something called, “female-presenting nipples.” I can only assume my nipples will now sadly be banned there. But hopefully @twitter, @facebook, and @instagram will let them stand. PS: @tumblr, your new policy phrasing is irking non-binary people. You might want to more carefully choose your words. https://www.newsweek.com/tumblr-adult-content-ban-adult-content-purge-1241587

If you missed out on the signed script during the #D2N Mandatory Cheer sale today, don’t despair! You can bid on another signed #Supernatural script (and help @aclu_socal) here: http://bit.ly/2z1icBJ LINK IN BIO

The frost still on my car windshield this afternoon...

Whistler, Canada

We just swept the podium in the snowplow event.

My next door neighbor brought over his homemade bacon this morning and said, “This is good marathon recovery food.” He’s not a nutritionist or a doctor, but the “healing power of bacon” sounds scientific enough to me, so I took him at his word. This was my recovery breakfast this morning. (I feel better already.)

This photo was taken 40 feet from the finish line. My calf is DEFINITELY NOT cramping. BadIdeaTour.com

The executive director of the @amicainsurance @seattlemarathon, the amazing Louise Long, is personally driving us to get post-marathon massages (I think she’s afraid we are going to perish on her watch). #TheBadIdeaTour #BadIdeaTour BadIdeaTour.com

The road so far... #TheBadIdeaTour BadIdeaTour.com

The @amicainsurance @seattlemarathon is about to start! If we don’t make it through this, try to always remember us the way we were at this moment: full of trepidation & despair. #TheBadIdeaTour DONATE to help @randomactsorg fight child hunger: BadIdeaTour.com

The @amicainsurance @seattlemarathon is tomorrow! We’re doing our last-ditch preparations & planning. (If we trip the other runners, is that frowned upon? Asking for a friend.) Donate to help @randomactsorg fight child hunger! We’ll match your donations up to $100K: BadIdeaTour.com #BadIdeaTour

Thank you, @amicainsurance @seattlemarathon, for your generous support of the #BadIdeaTour & @randomactsorg’s #E4KRA18 efforts to fight child hunger! (Does anybody have a giant wallet we can borrow?) Help if you can! We're matching your donations up to $100K: BadIdeaTour.com LINK IN BIO

Every proper Thanksgiving feast should end with pie and poetry, so here’s one from (and by) me. #happythanksgivng

This weekend, I’m running the @amicainsurance @seattlemarathon with #TheBadIdeaTour (a bunch of out-of-shape #Supernatural actors) to help @randomactsorg fight childhood hunger. Make a tax-deductible donation by this weekend & our team will match your donations up to $100K! Please help if you can. You can donate here: BadIdeaTour.com (LINK IN BIO) Thanks, guys.

Those of us running for #TheBadIdea tour this weekend are putting our money where our sore legs are. We're matching your tax deductible donations up to $100K to help fight childhood hunger. Watch this BTS video of how we train for the @amicainsurance @SeattleMarathon. Donate: BadIdeaTour.com LINK IN BIO

Not to brag, but in this video @jaredpadalecki, @JensenAckles & I exemplify the “bad idea” method of training for the @amicainsurance @SeattleMarathon. We’re running to help @RandomActsOrg fight child hunger. Join us! #TheBadIdeaTour team will match donations to $100k! BadIdeaTour.com LINK IN BIO #RunAmicaSeattle

Want to grab lunch with me—and help alleviate hunger for those in need at the same time? https://www.gish.com/lunch-with-misha/ LINK IN BIO #GISH #LunchWithMisha

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