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Американский актёр и режиссёр, наиболее известный благодаря роли Кастиэля в сериале «Сверхъестественное».
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Hip hop angel/demons.

The little demon/angels are not very good at taking @dicksp8jr’s direction. (Photo credit: @creasser)

My friend, @gish #ChangeALife Ambassador @gilesduley, is a great dancer (and an even better person). Tomorrow at 10 AM PT, I'll be live with Giles on Facebook to discuss his moves— and the moving stories of some courageous women we're going to help. http://www.facebook.com/officialmisha @randomactsorg

Cas has two demons (disguised as angels) on his shoulders.

Happy birthday to @rachelminersgram, the most angelic demon I’ve ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. Love, Clarence

My son and Maison and West came to set!

Last year, gishers saved a ballet school in South Africa that provided hope to its many impoverished students. (They saved the school from closing when its founder passed away from cancer.) Just got a note saying that some of the students at that school are now participating in this year's @GISH!

My friend @gilesduley is en route to a location somewhere on Earth as a secret agent of @gish. With Giles, we’ll be radically changing the life of someone in need for the better. Stay tuned as the mission unfolds this week. @randomactsorg

I’m not sure how I ended up with bed-head, given that I’ve barely slept. The inaugural @gish Hunt is officially open! Have fun, guys... gish.com

In episode 1402, Cas befriends two small demons.

Hey, guys! @randomactsorg has partnered with @peacetea to help spread kindness (and raise up to $75,000 for Random Acts)! Check it out to see how you can help: https://www.peacetea.com/peaceteam/ #ChoosePeace

I don’t want to be a lecherous perv about this, but the girls at #comiccon are stunning! #sdcc2018

I don’t like to brag, but as this #Supernatural high school yearbook page proves, I was quite the child prodigy. #WBSDCC

The midterms are coming, & @jaredpadalecki, @dicksp8jr & I want you to VOTE! Check your status & register here: vote.org Then, set up a registration drive (it's so easy, even we could do it.) bit.ly/RunAVoterReg VOTE!

Slow-mo makes everything better.

I, Misha Collins, totally of my own free will, am thrilled to announce I am keeping GISH registration OPEN! gish.com

Move over, Mary-Kate & Ashley: Congrats to @jensenackles & @jaredpadalecki on their new line of designer totes, available only at #SDCC2018! (Too bad about the creepy voyeur on it. No idea how he got on the design.) #WBSDCC

Hey @creationent, thanks for facilitating letting me and @dicksp8jr set up the voter registration table (with all the work actually being done by our awesome volunteers) at your Chicago #supernatural convention this weekend! Makes us proud to work with you! #VOTE! #spnchi

Persistence pays off! We told @tvguidemagazine we'd hold our breath until we turned blue if they didn't put us on the #WBSDCC cover, so they gave it to us. @jaredpadalecki @jensenackles @alex8calvert

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