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Американская актриса. Дважды номинировалась на премию «Золотой глобус».
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Me and my boy enjoying opening day #deervalley for @waterkeeperalliance ski fest fundraiser. Keep our water clean at#standingrock! Follow Robert Kennedy Junior to see the inspiring video.

When we don't know where life is taking us, we are never lost. - Paulo Coelho

When in doubt...take a walk in nature. One of my favorite places in the world - Tofino, B.C. Known for its wild storms. THIS wild storm needs a respite. Love to all.

Happy thanksgiving from our family to yours. We are so very BLESSED.

"It's love's illusions I recall..." #jonimitchell

No matter what is happening in politics,People are doing some amazing stuff in this world to make it a better place!. Using simple technology so that the blind will see again, using robotics to allow stroke victims to walk again and many more. Check out #rolex awards for enterprise. Inspiring! Love my necklace @urbanzen @donnakaranthewoman

#trumpland. He's changing the world just being himself and sticking to his beliefs. #michaelmoore genius. Watch the doc on @itunestv

To our kids - Sometimes you need to reach the very bottom of the pool to have something to push against to get back up to the top. Bigotry and hate are what we need to push against no matter who our president is. And if you all join together, we will RISE to an even deeper place of love and understanding for each other. This is my wish for you.

Proud to vote for my son's future. Excited to say Mrs. President (or will it be Ms?) #imwithher

Family day in venice! @ralphlauren and vintage mix. And my ma's necklace from the '70's. cute photo bombers.

Had a great time chatting with @harryconnickjr on his show. Tune into FOX today at 4pm EST/PST to watch! #HarryTV

At least Trump inadvertently brought the conversation of sexual violence and misogyny to the forefront. #enoughisenough

What a beautiful night! Proud to be a supporter of @thejhf thank you #InspireADifference @investigationdiscovery and @glamourmag Love my @urbanzen dress @donnakaranthewoman !!!

So honored to accept the Inspire A Difference award on behalf of the Joyful Heart Foundation. ENOUGH with sexual and domestic violence and the rhetoric that normalizes and encourages that behavior. #InspireADifference #joyfulheart #DVAM #SupportSurvivors @glamourmag @therealmariskahargitay

Geeky fan girl and my chill boy @thewalkingdead premiere. Lucille REALLY killed it! And bravo to the rest of the awesome cast and creators. SO RELIEVED TO FINALLY KNOW!!!

My love @elijah_ab1 spreading compassion in life and work. Download the LIFE VR APP from @time to see a recreation of the boat ride that saved 27 children from the Nazis in 1940

For all of my fellow warriors. Peace in action and thought. Xo

You can walk where things are predictable or you can enter the wilderness. Without terror and the joy of the wilderness, there can be neither reverence or revelation. - Rabbi Kushner @festoffaiths #louisvillecompassion

@stlukehaiti is working hard to provide basic needs to areas cut off from help and in desperate need of food and water. To help please visit http://bit.ly/2d12bCN

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