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Американская актриса. Дважды номинировалась на премию «Золотой глобус».
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Best birthday ever with my favorite human @jackson_mcd I’m so grateful this day to hear from so many - family and friends old and new. Thank you! Today I am celebrating the abundant love and beauty in my life. My wish is that I will remember how blessed I am everyday. Struggles and storms are inevitable, but to hold your own hand while walking through them and feel supported by others is truly a gift. #blessed🙏

A mere five percent of television characters with a disability are played by an actor with a disability, according to a recent study. Tonight’s episode of @ncis_cbs features the hugely talented #Marilee Talkington @anartistwarrior who is legally blind. Get this folks - Marilee may not see perfectly but her work and emotional life can be translated into any character on screen - “disabled” or not. Great work @anartistwarrior and @wilmervalderrama Take a look at @cinemability to learn more.

Threesome on the set of #NCIS @wilmervalderrama and @emilywickersham Watch us tonight on @cbstv!!!

#rilke always feeds my soul. A reminder from my Mama. #mondaymotivation

The boys at #coachella so Mamas go out and produce our own concert and play our own music @camrynmanheim First stop Sell/Buy/Date at @geffenplayhouse magically performed and created by the brilliant @xosarahjones Next @eatalyla Prime rib sandwich divine! Mushroom pizza a symphony! The encore was a luscious ricotta Cannoli and Bombolone. (Plus a little shop @jomalonelondon for Peony and Blush perfume.) Yes boys, @jackson_mcd and @milomanheim we understand that you are currently in a mosh pit with your awesome gang watching Beyoncé and having the time of your lives. But here’s the thing: soon you will not be living with us day to day and we will miss you terribly. BUT “Please accept my shine. Boy I know you love it” @beyonce (Yes, we are already showing signs of empty nest syndrome but are confident in the fact that we have raised some great flyers:). #mamalove #gotoyourdestiny #shineboyshine #miracles

Sometimes when I don’t know where I am supposed to go next - I look up to the sky and ask for a sign. I ask God and the Angels to show me the way. It rarely fails if I keep my eyes and heart open. A butterfly passes reminding me that it is springtime and so time to break out of the safe cocoon and Fly. #faith #signsofspring

Honoring Dr. King today and his message of justice and service. @springsteen brought us a transcendent prayer tonight reminding us that You serve best by doing the thing you love most. True art helps us make sense of our stories. Blew my Heart wide open. God Bless. @obsoleteinc #Grace #ThunderRoad #LoveYouDad

And still they rise. All of those bullied, of different religions, countries, sex and skin - those shot from behind - and still they RISE - with the voices of the just and the kind. #eastersunday #stephonclark #justice

This is called a “tomato pie” from where I come from. @collegevilleitalianbakery Is the best! Go Wildcats! @novambb

“A change of heart had come upon her, she was in Possession. She was standing quietly in her own divine rights” - Isak Dinesen. 1997 Tanzania.

"My friends and I might still be 11, and we might still be in elementary school but we know," says Naomi Wadler. "We also know that we stand in the shadow of the Capitol, and we know that we have 7 short years until we too have the right to vote.” Thank you for the inspiration kids. ❤️🙏

#Repost @lysaheslov with @get_repost ・・・ Love your ferocious spirit @lysaheslov who directed this inspiring piece. GO KIDS! Never stop marching for what you believe in. We are standing behind you. @marchforourlives @bahari @ritaamal @antoninaarmato #linkinbio #buffalospringfield

Happy Spring Everyone! @maxmara

“If you’re looking backwards, that’s a strange way to drive, right?” Front page of @bostonglobe today by my friend Dick Friedman. You gotta know this “Zamboni” guy...

There is a greater force in the universe driving us. Dream, work hard and Conceive something. A Team conceives exponentially together. Conceive it first in your mind. A story, a life, a GOAL. Drive yourself. Force yourself. It is the dreamer, the human with imagination, who makes the world move. #conceive #soccermom

Inspiring night @eyespeakcbs with this incredible coven of powerhouses @therealsararamirez @therealsonequa @hereisgina #lorimccreary #jennieurman #ninatassler “You do not have to invite us (women) to the table, we will invite ourselves. We will pull up our own table”.

Beginning or ending? Inflating or deflating? Learning yet? @oprah @salmahayek #supersoulsunday #inspiration #gratitude

#parkland Young people have been key actors in nearly every major social movement in modern history

I was a grateful guest at a Masters acting class @ucla tonight with the Master Teacher @theartofcircling A magical inspirer who held my hand when my boy was born and taught me to BE and BREATHE. thank you Dear Dre. And to the soulful students who are more powerful than they know. I loved being a student of all of you. I love being a student of life in general. 🙏

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