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Американская актриса. Дважды номинировалась на премию «Золотой глобус».
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Best 50th B-Day party ever #downtheshore in #seaislecity Check out the beautiful "crown" my nieces and nephew made me:) I am so blessed to have amazing family and friends who never let me forget where I came from. Many thanks for all your birthday wishes and sending love to all!

Celebrating my 50th with the best guy in the world #collegetour #compassionatebadass. My next chapter's theme song - Be fearless of what sets your soul on fire. Follow your bliss for a long,long while. Long roads behind. Long roads ahead. Roaming and rambling in the Green. Over watersheds. Soft and strong. Carrying on to the place where the Queen resides. On the inside. She is self contained she proclaims. The Queen is come. God Bless her Son. Follow, believe, become. She has already won. She knows what it is to love.

#coachella bound !!! Great looks guys😀Have the best time.

"When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt" @therealdvf Passionate inspiring day speaking @womenintheworld Love your activism and loved meeting you @traceeellisross !!!

Yes people!!! So grateful to be with @nancy_cartwright the voice and soul of Bart Simpson and so much more with her film @insearchoffellini ! And the epic @leonardmaltin @sonomafilmfest

The process of repair... @elijah_ab1 @nancy_cartwright @sonomafilmfest

This is what it looks like when you have a high heel wardrobe malfunction @sonomafilmfest @insearchoffellini Perfection!!! 📷@elijah_ab1

By chance I am in London today. #GodBless the beautiful humans lost and injured. Time to stop this madness of hate folks. There are gifts at every corner in the pain. #nottinghill Nothing is forever. We never know the last good bye. Drink it. I am.

I adore you @sophie__nelisse If I had a daughter she would be just like you. #GoGirlGo

#GoGirlGo!!! Break out and live it ALL. Go deep. Go big. Go You.

@katehudson inspired by your hot dance video. Made me want to learn how to twerk. @kikfloyd and I getting our moves on. More like the #monstermash!

Our #CompassionateBadass team in Iraq telling a story that must be told. @celine_tricart @dylan_roberts @christian_stephen You are all as much warriors as the warriors of righteous rage we are inspired by. Go team! Stay tuned World for a Virtual Reality piece that will blow your hearts and minds wide open.

Jersey Family Lobsterfest! #DownTheShore #SeaIslecity #OnTheWayToCapeMay Brings back memories #summerof1985 Proud to be a #JerseyGirl. Love this whacky wild family!

Happy Women's Day. You being You is good. This was Beatrice Wood's idea of Feminism. What's yours? Thank you Bea. GOOGLE HER!!!

16 years ago today 2:22 AM the most amazing kid was born. Close to 22 hours of labor, when I thought I couldn't push for one more minute, HE pushed for me. I said "come on Buddy! We can do this!" And we did. Lucky mom. Grateful vehicle. My unending love and devotion are yours forever Bud.

Ciao Italia!!! Off to the Los Angeles Italia Film Fest, being honored for my roots and work @pascalvicedomini @paulhaggis #markcanton One lucky girl. And I get to eat lots of pasta after:) thanks Pop for always making sure we knew our amazing cousins in Pesaro and Montella.

Sharkies Salem Beach, Jamaica

#OneLoveCelebration 200 people from 43 different countries celebrating the union of @heartofj and her beloved. "Let's Get together and it will be alright." AllLove.

Just a young dreamer in NYC in 1989. #flashbackfriday What will the new dream be? Definitely has something to do with equality, righteousness and revolution. (And better hair).

Proud to be with my sisters tonight speaking for truth and justice @womenintheworld with @kirstengillibrand and @tamikadmallory Keep Marching Ladies!

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