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Американская актриса. Дважды номинировалась на премию «Золотой глобус».
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Dear last cigarette. I want to thank you for being such a good friend for the last 35 years. You helped me to hide from large crowds when I became anxious. Relationships have shifted and gone away but you have remained solid in my life. You have helped me to push down all of those painful feelings I didn't want to feel. You have hidden my heart in a smoky haze when it felt too vulnerable to open. You have filled me up when I felt empty. But now I choose to let you go. It's not that I don't appreciate your years of service, it's just that now I WANT to feel ALL OF IT. to let my feelings have their say and not be blocked by you. To open to a spirit larger than @americanspiritcigarettes I promise in 20 years, when I am 70, I will come back for a visit. But for now, Good-bye. Friends and fans - if you are struggling with an addiction - I so understand. Please send me your prayers as I mourn what has been a gigantic part of my life. Here's to #livingsmokefree love love love to all.

Starting the New Year right

Captured essence of me. "If you do not have a dream in your pocket, run, don't walk, and find yourself a dream to become and be."Harry Lee McGinnis. Here's to new dreams for 2017 and becoming even more who we REALLY are. #fiercewomenfiercedreams #findyouressence What's yours?

Let's RELAX, eat, jump, sleep, drink. We need it. Because we will wake on January 1st ready to RELAX, protest, mourn, connect, and love bigger than ever. Marry Christmas #McCooperXmas.

#culinarycrescendo in Napa yesterday with my favorite old man @_tfl_ Food as art. Goat cheese balls are better than you could ever imagine . And they are vegetarian as well.

You serve best by doing the thing you love most! Was a lot of soccer being served up today #carosschool @cosmicbirdayiti in Haiti and caring for patients with #AngelFatherRick @apjnow My son is a #CompassionateBadass. So proud. Thank you my hero's Father Rick and Caroline Sada. You teach us all to live kindness in action.

"Be Here Now" - Ram Dass

Congratulations BILLY BOB #goliath #davidkelly @amazonvideo for the @goldenglobes nom. Spectacular performer and human!

Saturday night alone writing and wrapping. Perfection with some red wine and @mariobatali #cacioepepe recipe! Why don't more people know about Locatelli cheese? It's not all about the parm people.

20 years ago we were baby goddesses! Now teacher and inspirer @carrieannemoss is lighting fires for all women who want to sink into themselves. Join her #fiercegracecollective @loveannapurnaliving This month we are "by the fire" stoking flames of serenity and power. Go goddesses!!!!

This is so right, my love. Thank you for reminding me. Imagination is the thing that keeps us alive and growing.

My heart was blown wide open last night @equalitynoworg event. My heroes - @gloriasteinem #janefonda and all the women and men speaking out and taking action to make equality for girls and women a reality - I honor your deep commitment and compassion.

Me and my boy enjoying opening day #deervalley for @waterkeeperalliance ski fest fundraiser. Keep our water clean at#standingrock! Follow Robert Kennedy Junior to see the inspiring video.

When we don't know where life is taking us, we are never lost. - Paulo Coelho

When in doubt...take a walk in nature. One of my favorite places in the world - Tofino, B.C. Known for its wild storms. THIS wild storm needs a respite. Love to all.

Happy thanksgiving from our family to yours. We are so very BLESSED.

"It's love's illusions I recall..." #jonimitchell

No matter what is happening in politics,People are doing some amazing stuff in this world to make it a better place!. Using simple technology so that the blind will see again, using robotics to allow stroke victims to walk again and many more. Check out #rolex awards for enterprise. Inspiring! Love my necklace @urbanzen @donnakaranthewoman

#trumpland. He's changing the world just being himself and sticking to his beliefs. #michaelmoore genius. Watch the doc on @itunestv

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