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Американская актриса. Дважды номинировалась на премию «Золотой глобус».
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#wemetinthebathroom @zeldakoziebrocki Inspired by your presence and fashion @gjelinarestaurant And now your beautiful ART. Thank you.

This is me two and a half decades ago at the beginning of discovering my shadow. "I've always been a big believer that you can't really move into the future unless you have a complete solid basis of understanding and empathy about the past". @stevenspielberg_official

Try this writing prompt - grab a journal or piece of paper. Imagine you are the bored Alice in Wonderland sitting around waiting in the grass for something to happen. Suddenly a white rabbit runs by saying "I'm late!" You follow him. Where do you go? What and who do you find? I'm finding lots in the upside-down place. ❤️

"The world shifts and the climate alters. Safe passage cannot be bought. We have no holy passport to protect us. And so we venture forward, fragile maps in hand, flying our banners of courage and hope" @call_the_midwife @lolosilvera

Prom night. Beautiful. Blessed.

Says it all.

Maybe love is just the majesty of being invited to touch another's skin.

Luckiest human alive to be this boys Mama. To all you Mom's out there - happy Mother's Day! We ain't perfect but we are theirs. Forever. 💜

Isn't it crazy wonderful to reconnect with an old friend? @drrezanabavian Thinking of you all @paulhaggis @artistsforpeace @brynmooser #haiti

Connor Day, you lit up the world and we will miss you. We are mourning the passing of your son, my dearest Kelly Day. He will forever be in our hearts. Through you, we all learned to laugh through our pain. Even my small one of being the girl with the bad shoes in high school. You took me under your wing with your unbelievable humor and resilience. You did that with Connor and do it still for Sami and Leo and everyone. And you won the Price is Right last year! No easy feat. (Watch her on YouTube - Kelly Day wins the showcase #priceisright) I am lucky to call you my best friend for 35 years and to have known Connor. Dear all - if you have lost a child - I can't imagine the pain you feel forever. But Kelly teaches us all, even in the most awful circumstances, that God has a plan and to be grateful for the blessings of her child. If you want to laugh hard, read her blog "adaywithaday.com". It makes me smile everyDay. Makes me remember "we're only dancing on this earth for a short while". And to be grateful for my own son every single Day. Please pray for her and her family and send them love.

Best 50th B-Day party ever #downtheshore in #seaislecity Check out the beautiful "crown" my nieces and nephew made me:) I am so blessed to have amazing family and friends who never let me forget where I came from. Many thanks for all your birthday wishes and sending love to all!

Celebrating my 50th with the best guy in the world #collegetour #compassionatebadass. My next chapter's theme song - Be fearless of what sets your soul on fire. Follow your bliss for a long,long while. Long roads behind. Long roads ahead. Roaming and rambling in the Green. Over watersheds. Soft and strong. Carrying on to the place where the Queen resides. On the inside. She is self contained she proclaims. The Queen is come. God Bless her Son. Follow, believe, become. She has already won. She knows what it is to love.

#coachella bound !!! Great looks guys😀Have the best time.

"When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt" @therealdvf Passionate inspiring day speaking @womenintheworld Love your activism and loved meeting you @traceeellisross !!!

Yes people!!! So grateful to be with @nancy_cartwright the voice and soul of Bart Simpson and so much more with her film @insearchoffellini ! And the epic @leonardmaltin @sonomafilmfest

The process of repair... @elijah_ab1 @nancy_cartwright @sonomafilmfest

This is what it looks like when you have a high heel wardrobe malfunction @sonomafilmfest @insearchoffellini Perfection!!! 📷@elijah_ab1

By chance I am in London today. #GodBless the beautiful humans lost and injured. Time to stop this madness of hate folks. There are gifts at every corner in the pain. #nottinghill Nothing is forever. We never know the last good bye. Drink it. I am.

I adore you @sophie__nelisse If I had a daughter she would be just like you. #GoGirlGo

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