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Американская актриса. Дважды номинировалась на премию «Золотой глобус».
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Wild Geese by Mary Oliver. #truth

I don’t give a shit if you are a Republican or Democrat - THIS is something we did TOGETHER. Trump just signed an executive order to “maintain family unity”. And why? Because of all of us kindred spirits, good ass humans, Republican or Democrat stepping up, making this call and using our voices. The COUNTRY has spoken. We are citizens of the left and right and every place in between who believe that children should not be ripped out of their parents arms and put in cages. Many of my friends and family are Republicans and there are some things we agree on and some things we don’t. But ALL of us agreed that the family separations were beneath the dignity of our great country and violated all the decency and love that we stand for. It gives me hope that our common humanity will begin to win out over our bi-partisan bullshit. Let’s keep marching together folks. See - It worked!

These two guys have been best pals since March 5, 2001. The younger guy was the older guys best man at his wedding. The older guy taught the younger guy how to be a lot like himself - kind, charming, smart, authentic and funny as hell. Thanks for bringing such joy and laughter into my life guys. #HappyFathersDay Dan. Seriously you are the #BestDadEver and a #TrueFriendForever

“But who can withstand fear when the divine intoxication and madness comes to him? Love, Soul and God are beautiful and terrible” - Carl Jung

The last face I saw last night before I went to bed was @anthonybourdain in Parts Unknown. The great traveler/writer/foodie/adventurer/inspirer was in San Sebastián. - Eating, drinking, living, learning. I want to remember him how he LIVED- dining with princes and paupers and finding the common humanity between us all. He not only explored with us parts unknown in the world but braved the journey to find unknown parts of himself and soulfully shared them with us. Living life so intimately, is a brave choice. My heart goes out to his family and may he continue to inspire us all to have the courage to live rich, extraordinary lives. - We will miss your face. Bless.


“If we are always broken, we can never break”. @megganwatterson Even jumping off of this heli into a sulfur pool in Ethiopia didn’t break me. But it sure helped me to love all of my beautiful broken pieces. Vulnerability is Queen. Essence. Life. 📷 @elizabethjordan1

I honor all of you Dear Veterans today. To all of those families who have lost a loved one or have children, husbands or wives in the armed forces - I send prayers. Truth is we need to be doing MUCH more for the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our country. I’m happy to finally see both sides of the aisle coming together to pass a bipartisan bill last week that will help vets access health services more easily. But the rate of homeless vets (almost 50,000 last count) is a tragedy. And women vets and their children are the fastest growing homeless population. And more devastating is this truth - 22 veterans a day are dying from suicide. That is just not right. These folks need psychological and emotional support to deal with the PTSD that many experience after they return. It’s our job to advocate for them. To push for a leader in the VA who will overhaul the broken system. To volunteer. To speak out. And to give where we can. One of the organizations that I support is finalsaluteinc.com. You can watch the story of its founder in the incredible documentary #servedlikeagirl by @lysaheslov I’m proud to represent our military on @ncis_cbs And to have met some incredible folks this year who have served. God Bless.

My wild woman heart, seeing once again through the eyes of a child.


Seeing astounding new landscapes, we have each glimpsed the unknown territories within ourselves. Here’s to Life. To Love. To Faith and Forgiveness. To Seeking and being Found. To Seeing and being Seen. To the grand adventure of Becoming. #ethiopia


“Her father would have pointed to his lame leg, an injury from war, and told her that what is left holds its own promise, that what remains will give birth to hope. Her mother would have understood the grief, would know, as only a woman knows, that it burns hot and rests close to the heart. Maybe, she thought, maybe the body can only contain so much of a given memory before it begins to make room for more.” - from the book Beneath the Lion’s Gaze by Maaza Mengiste

Tigray Region

Danakil Depression Ethiopia. Cannot believe these colors actually exist in nature! #nofilter

“And yet as exposed as I felt, there was also the consoling flicker of being seen - even for a moment, even by a perfect stranger.” From Love and Ruin by Paula McLain. #ethiopia #thejourneyisthedestination

Day #1 - The Omo Valley with the Karo tribe. #Simplicity. #Connection. #Joy.

My dreams have died and been reborn on this sacred continent. I’m called again to touch her soil and embrace her soul. I’m off to Ethiopia. I dreamed of Africa since I was a kid. My first time there was 24 years ago - a young searching me, alone for three weeks. I was afraid, I was humbled, I was emptied and filled up again. Since then I have been blessed to travel to the continent often. I’m always surprised finding the stunning and shadowy landscapes outside and inside of myself. I know now to expect nothing. I know now it is never what i plan it to be. Great joy, great sorrow, great change always seem to be themes of the journey. She is a powerful force. I’m ready to walk into the fire again. I will share my walk with all of you. #africa

Maybe in the end it’s true - our biggest job as a mom is to give them Roots and Wings. Fly son Fly!. #HappyMothersDay to all of you mothers, step-mothers, mother figures - may you Soar with them. 🙏💃

Yes, this is my Mom. How beautiful is she? Just from seeing the photo and words on the front of her self published cookbook - Do you get her joy? Her love? Her passion for bringing together people with her food and love? Aunt Kath, Kathy, Nurse, Teacher, Activist, Healer, MOM. She lights up my life and everyone’s around her. Seriously. She’s an angel. All good. All kindness. She really believes that all of you - whatever your political affiliation, sexuality, religion or nationality are Beautiful. That’s what she’s taught me. We are all the same. I get messages everyday from folks she has affected with her generous and loving spirit. I hope one day to be like her. I hope one day to choose Love over any of my shittier instincts. Thank you Mom and Happy Mother’s Day. I’m so grateful to be your daughter. I know from the faith you have instilled in me what a blessing it is to share my table of life with everyone everywhere. #happymothersday #kitchenwitch

“Spring has come with its cool breeze..” @dominiquecrenn - chef, poet and goddess. Lovelies - I’m not a fancy gal but I do love good food, good wine and good communion. Perfect meal with @lolosilvera @atelier.crenn in San Fran. Divine. Poetry for the mouth and soul. 🙏❤️

Love fiercely AND consciously @wake_the_witches #timesup

15 years ago??? How could it be? #lovethehair #TheCooler @williamhmacy

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