Элла Хендерсон


Британская певица и автор песен. В 2012 году вышла в финал русск. девятого сезона русск. шоу «The X Factor», но заняла лишь шестое место, несмотря на то, что имела большие шансы на выигрыш.
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Saturday 😍

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the kindest, funniest guy I know!! So glad I met you! & so lucky to have you in my life... never a dull moment when it's the two of us!! Here's to making lots more amazing memories & lying on the floor drunk af thinking we're mermaids!! 😂👌🏼❤️💋 x. X x. Love you Mr @iamrossofficial xxxx bday drinks soon 🍸🍸🍹🍷🥂 Els x

When words take their clothes off for me, I write them. Exactly as they are 🖋

Do something for YOU today

When @teddysphotos suits Game Of Thrones more than Wembley!! LOL 😂 #GOT

Kensington Palace

Midsummers Night Dream 🦋


With my favourites ❤️

Maybe getting too excited that she's back!! #WhereAreMydragons 🐉

London, United Kingdom

Album 2 🎼


Take me back to the night we met 🌙

Even though I love all the small talk & The attention that your giving I know when I turn my back You'll be putting it on other women. 🎼 #EllaAlbum2 x. E

Hope you all have wild wild dreams tonight 🎬 xx 😘 night xx. E x

Sunday, studio & dressing gown 🎹

Denver, Colorado

So lucky to have this strong woman in my life 😘❤️ love you Mama Deb!! We've had some very special moments together!! Many more memories to come with you 😘😘😘😘😘 x. Els

Sunday Feels 🌽 (📸 @frederickardley )

This woman ❤️😍🔥 thank you for doing this @theashleygraham #BeBold #BeBeautiful x E. x


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