Шепард Фейри


Современный американский художник и дизайнер.
  • Все 1970
  • Фото 1893
  • Видео 77

Be on the lookout for my “Power Up Windmill” poster I redesigned for @350org at today’s People’s Climate March. To change everything, we need everyone. Get out there today and march! #PeoplesClimateMarch #ClimateMarch #EarthCrisis

The crew and I just finished a mural on Sunset Blvd in #EchoPark and it is nice to have a big piece of art in our neighborhood. Echo Park is not as rough as it used to be, but some areas are still rough… specifically the brick wall we were painting on! The mural looks good in the end but it was very tough to get clean lines. Take a look at it up close if you are headed to Little Joy Cocktails or @theshortstopechopark. Oh, and thanks to @catherinefulmercollection for the satin #Bowie jacket! 📷: @amandafairey


After 10 amazing years, @vnamagazine is coming to an end. The team behind VNA decided to draw this chapter to a close with an exhibition and forthcoming book. In celebration of the whole crew that made the magazine what it is, VNA invites you to their 10th Anniversary group show with some of their favorite featured artists, which I’m very flattered to be included in. Showcasing works from all over the world, “All Good Things” features original artworks, exclusive artist proofs, and hand-finished prints from some of the leading international artists who have helped shape the scene as we know it today. London: The exhibition opens TODAY and runs until the 30th of April. Drop by @stolenspacegallery to view the show. All proceeds will be donated to @macmilliancancer. #ShepardFairey Hong Kong Visual Disobedience, 2016 AP Silkscreen and Mixed Media Collage in Wood, HPM 18 x 24 inches

The Ideal Power print was inspired by the need to address gender inequality regarding both wages and basic respect. I believe power should come from the quality and merit of one’s work only rather than being influenced by any other variable including gender. Equality is important on every front, but I chose to focus on discrimination and double-standards toward women because I think the prejudice is so insidious and pervasive that most people only recognize the most inflammatory instances of sexism if they recognize it at all. As a husband and father of two girls, I want to see women treated with equal dignity and respect, with access to the same opportunities and wages as men. Though gender inequality is a global problem, studies show that in the U.S. women make about 80 cents to the man's dollar for the same jobs according to the latest report by Pew Research Center (link in bio). I’m ashamed when I read a statistic that illuminates how far we have to go as a nation to achieve the standards of morality, fairness, and equality that we claim to aspire to. I’d like to see legislation that fines and penalizes companies that consistently and measurably pay women less related to men. Let’s face it, capitalism and corporations get away with whatever they are allowed to get away with. We can punish the most egregious corporate offenders with our spending choices only if we fully understand the scale of their gender bias. In that regard, I’d like to see both government investigation and regulation as well as consumer awareness groups that alert the public to the companies who disrespect women’s rights to equal pay. A portion of proceeds from this print will benefit the United Nations Population Fund (@unfpa), who advocates for women and girls, promoting legal and policy reforms and gender-sensitive data collection, and supporting initiatives that improve women's health and expand their choices in life. - Shepard Ideal Power. 18 x 24 inches. Screenprint on cream Speckle Tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 450. $55. Available Tuesday, May 2 at 10AM (PST) on ObeyGiant.com in Store under Prints. Limit 1 per person/household.

Launching today at Art Market San Francisco (@artmarketproductions), @theskateroom collaboration is an evolution of the DIY silk screened skateboard I began making in the 90’s as an art canvas that could go on four wheels or a wall. These new boards are more refined art pieces, but the spirit of skateboard culture is what drives this new collaboration. ‘No Future’ is a response to the election of #Trump. My art is usually social and political regardless of who is in the White House, but my concerns and frustrations are amplified by the election of #DonaldTrump. I joked while Trump was campaigning that his slogan should be ‘Manifest Density,' a parody of ‘Manifest Destiny,' which was an embarrassingly egotistical pronouncement by rich white men that it was God’s desire for them to conquer ocean to ocean in the territory that would become the United States. Trump appealed to an uninformed electorate who looked for scapegoats and were driven by most likely one or more of the dark impulses listed in the image. I’m pushing for a future where those impulses have no place and definitely no traction. Let’s move forward, not backward! You can purchase my series exclusively on theskateroom.com or during Art Market San Francisco. Set of 3 hand screen printed 7-ply Canadian maple skateboards. 31 inches x 8 inches. Limited edition of 450. Following The Skateroom business model, 20% of profits from this edition will be donated to a cause having an impact on society. For this collaboration, I’ve decided to support The Amplifier Foundation (@amplifierfoundation), an art machine for social change. For further info, visit theskateroom.com. 

Made Nice

I teamed up with the extremely talented @wguidara and Chef @danielhumm of Eleven Madison Park to paint a mural and create art for their new fast-causal restaurant in #NewYork called @made_nice! The restaurant is officially open so to all you New Yorker’s out there, head over to 8 West 28th Street today for lunch or dinner. You’re in for a great meal! 📷: @evansungnyc

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, a tragedy that took the lives of 1,100 garment workers in Bangladesh in 2013. We now refer to this day as #FashionRevolutionDay, and use it as a time to reflect on how we can respect the process of how the clothes we wear are made. I’m proud to join @obeyclothing and the fellow @fairtradeusa activists including Rose Marcario (CEO of @patagonia), @kellyslater (Pro Surfer), and Nancy Green (CEO of @athleta) to kick off #FashionRevolutionWeek. Social responsibility and justice have always been very important to Obey in both message and practice. A longstanding challenge for Obey Clothing has been how to bring high quality clothing to our customers at an affordable price while adhering to our moral code from a human labor standpoint. In other words, how do we reconcile our value system with the pressures of the economic system? We have always researched diligently and chosen to work with manufacturers who provide a fair wage and ethical working conditions. We made the further step to become an official FAIR TRADE USA partner. Fair Trade is a program in apparel and we hope to grow with it as more Fair Trade Approved factories become available. Our hope is not only to benefit the workers of the Fair Trade factories, but to lead by example and promote the expansion of the Fair Trade program. - Shepard You can shop the Fair Trade Collection now on ObeyClothing.com! #WeWearFairTrade #WhoMadeMyClothes

From the Archives: #ShepardFairey Berlin Tower, 2011 Mixed Media (Stencil, Silkscreen, and Collage) on Canvas 30 x 41 inches

Check out @nathanbell’s show #MixedFeelings which opens TONIGHT at my gallery @subliminalprojects! Email rsvp@subliminalprojects.com to RSVP for tonight's opening reception happening 8-11pm. See you then!

From the Archives: #ShepardFairey Andre Warhol, 2015 Mixed Media (Stencil, Silkscreen, and Collage) on Canvas 60 x 60 inches

The High Line

I’m incredibly proud of this new billboard now up at @highlinenyc in New York at 17th Street and 10th Avenue. If you’re familiar with my work, you can see this is a mash up of my “Demagogue" collab with #franzferdinand and "No Future” art, both inspired by a certain demagogue’s arrival to the White House. I am glad that people are taking a stand against the destructive politics of fear and division that continue to be the calling card for the Trump Administration. These first 100 days have been brutal, but we have to continue to push forward for a future with no ignorance, no sexism, no racism, no xenophobia; a future where apathy is the exception NOT the norm. Every act of moral courage makes a difference. Thanks for caring! - Shepard Thank you @turtleconservancy for the billboard space! Check out #highlinenyc for their opening day of the summer season tomorrow from 1-6pm! 📷 by @turtlesarentslow #resist #westandunited #obey #obeygiant #shepardfairey #resist #westandunited #nyc #newyork #demagogue

Corporate donations create a distorted influence in politics and corrupt our democracy. This is an issue that effects all Americans by insuring that corporate interests are put before the interests of the average person. Californians, please sign this petition for AB 14, a crucial bill to get Big Money out of our state politics! I’m proud to live in California because our state leads on so many of the issues I care about. We MUST pass this petition to continue to support genuine democracy! Link in bio. #obeygiant #obey #corporatefinancereform #ab14 #cleanmoney

I first illustrated the Dark Wave piece in 2010 as a response to the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I made some fine art pieces of the image that I liked even more than the screen prints and decided I’d like to release an offset of the fine art version. I am releasing this both because I like the image, and because unfortunately, the environmental hazards of off-shore drilling are just as relevant today as they were in 2010…especially with the relaxed regulations under the new administration. I enjoy doing illustrations of water with its hypnotic ripples and reflections. There’s oil in this water, which mixes ok in an illustration, but not so well in real life. I want future generations to inhabit a livable planet. - Shepard Dark Wave. 24 x 36 inches. Offset poster on thick cream Speckle Tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Open edition. $35. Available Thursday, April 20 at 10AM (PDT) on ObeyGiant.com in Store under Prints.

I couldn't be more proud to share the logo I designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of my favorite bands - Misfits! As a teenager growing up in South Carolina, the #Misfits were a revelation for me. Aggression, style, irreverence, AND parent-baiting lyrics... the Misfits served up the incendiary cocktail I had been searching for. The Misfits art is pure alchemy genius and the best example of remixing marginal subculture imagery into a cohesive cult brand in history. The thing I love about the classic Misfits imagery is that it is well designed, but has a do-it-yourself charm that is organic and unfussy. With the classic Misfits iconography so well-known and revered, I decided to put my ego as an artist and designer aside and focus on an approach for the band's 40th anniversary logo that builds upon and remixes some classic Misfits images while creating some new elements. In my tribute, I wanted to channel the attitude and be true to the Misfits irreverent four decades in horror business. Like it or not.. you think they really care? Visit ObeyGiant.com to learn more about what this project meant to me both as a fan and as an artist/designer! You can get the all-new Misfits 40th Anniversary Tee before its available in any store (link in bio). Please note, all orders will be shipped the week of May 1st. I'll also be doing a poster variation of the Misfits 40th art and there's talk of a Misfits x OBEY Clothing collection in the works. Stay tuned for more! - Shepard #Obey #ObeyGiant #ShepardFairey #MisfitsxObey

From the Archives: #ShepardFairey God Save the Queen, 2012 Edition 2 of 6 Silkscreen on Wood Panel 18 x 24 inches

Seoul, South Korea

Thank you, Seoul! @thegreatgraffiti @obeykorea #obeygiant #shepardfairey #seoul #seoulartscenter #obeyworldwide

Seoul Arts Center

Bring 'em out, bring 'em out! @thegreatgraffiti #obeygiant #shepardfairey #obeyworldwide #seoul

Watts Towers

#FBF - My daughters have been learning about the #WattsTowers and artist #SimonRodia in school, so my wife Amanda and I thought we'd take them to see the sculptures in person! While there, we got to visit our friend Roy Choi (@ridingshotgunla) at his restaurant @welocol. Stop by, you're in for an amazing meal. #RoyChoi #Locol

#TBT - I'd like to thank everyone who purchased the "Spirit of Independence" print today! For those of you living in #RhodeIsland who were unable to get one on ObeyGiant.com, 100 prints will be available for pre-sale at @niceslice_pizzeria this Saturday. Here's a throwback shot Al Read took of me skating back in #Providence!

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