Нил Патрик Харрис


Американский актёр, певец и иллюзионист. Номинант на «Золотой Глобус» и лауреат премий «Тони» и «Эмми». Наиболее известен ролью Барни Стинсона в телесериале «Как я встретил вашу маму».
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A Series of Unfortunate Events lost the Producers Guild of America Award to Sesame Street last night, a repeat of the Emmy Awards a few months ago. I’m starting to understand why Count Olaf loathes children as much as he does... @netflix #pgaawards

This could be us… on a double date… at the Central Park Zoo! But it’s your LAST CHANCE to support a great cause and ENTER through my bio link or at http://omaze.com/zoo #onlyatomaze @omazeworld

I just served my time as a potential juror for our judicial system here in NYC. Proud to have taken my part, proud of all those today who did the same. It’s a fascinating process, watching how jury trials work. How we all play a necessary part. Don’t throw away your jury summons - instead take pride in your power. It’s quite important. #jury #peers

Sailrock Resort

It’s cold in New York. Can’t stop thinking about our last week of 2018 in Turks and Caicos. Stayed at the awesome @sailrockresort, which was perfect: intimate, private, remote, and the ideal way to end the year. With family. Can’t wait to go back. Swipe through these pics and you’ll see what I mean. That sunset?!? Whaaaaat?!? #grateful #missit #sailrockresort #thanks @dbelicious


The G’s. Just readin’ a book. Hangin’ out. #gideon #gidget

I partnered with @Jif months ago to help solve snack time struggles. Well, my kids are back in school after the holidays, but still want holiday treats. With delicious flavors to choose from and peanuts as the first ingredient, #JifPowerUps are my win-win snack time secret. Lunchbox Stuffer is the new Stocking Stuffer.

Blue Haven Resort - Turks and Caicos Collection

Harper, quite bothered at the popularity of Gideon’s pic, insisted on doing one of her own. Sooo, Harper apparently maaaay have put a bit too much soap in the bathtub. (Pause for effect. Better the second time around?)

Grace Bay Club

So happy. This one.

Gideon maaaay have added a bit too much soap in the bathtub.

Sailrock Resort

Happy New Year Thoughts. 1/1.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Spend 2019 thinking about things you love. About things you want to improve. About looking forward to mishaps, as they will make you wiser. About wanting to grow. Wanting to smile. But... mostly things you love. #happynewyear #2019

Vancouver, British Columbia

All hail the King!! The @Netflix adaptation of A Series of @Unfortunate Events is nothing without our fearless, creative, hilarious leader - Barry Sonnenfeld. His knowledge of shots, lenses, pacing, and comedy is nothing short of brilliant. Bravo, @bsonnenfeld. Bravo. All hail the King!!

Stop monkeying around and go watch season three of A Series of @unfortunate Events this instant! I hear the lead is very, very handsome! #streamingnow @netflix @themakingofasoue

Turks and Caicos Islands

Last day of the year. No complaints. Watch Series of Unfortunate Events, starting tomorrow. It ends badly. #grateful #sailrockresort #tattoo #vfd #hammock #notwearingpants


Post-Christmas workout at the awesome @rumble_boxing in NYC. Working off the dessert. Working on my form. #rumble #sweaty #stance #comeon #boxingday


And we end our Christmas with spectacle - the @rupaulsdragrace Holiday Special. We’re traditional like that. #sleigh #AChristmasHerStory #jingleballs @rupaulofficial


When my husband and I exchange gifts, he always writes on the cards that mine are from someone else. It’s a comedy runner that I look forward to every year, and this year he didn’t disappoint. @dbelicious #xmas #random #grateful


20% Elf. 30% Father Christmas. 40% Old Man Winter. 100% joy. #merrychristmas #terribleatmath


And it begins...

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