Нил Патрик Харрис


Американский актёр, певец и иллюзионист. Номинант на «Золотой Глобус» и лауреат премий «Тони» и «Эмми». Наиболее известен ролью Барни Стинсона в телесериале «Как я встретил вашу маму».
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Central Harlem

So yesterday afternoon I went out to run some errands and when I came home my family had thrown me a surprise Welcome Home party! Gideon and Harper planned the whole thing - friends, balloons, my favorite foods (oysters, sushi, nachos, enchiladas, peanut butter cups), running charades, and lots of laughs. I’ve honestly never been so appreciative of what I have in my life. My husband is spectacular, sure, but the fact that our seven year old kids spent all day planning, decorating, lying to my face, just to make me feel special... Well, I’m a lucky man. It’s so so good to be home. Thanks, @dbelicious #grateful

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

‪Just saw both parts of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on B’way (@hpplaynyc) and...wow. It is spectacular. It is to plays what Hamilton is to musicals. Stop what you’re doing and see this magical show. Poetic, dramatic, respectful, exciting. The cast is sublime. Must. See. #grateful #gobsmacked‬

Who will be crowned Genius Junior Champions? Tonight is the two hour finale of our inaugural season - tune in and find out!! I’m sure their moms are extra proud tonight. I know I am. These kids represented themselves so well - they gave me hope and evidence that the next generation will be in very good hands. Please watch @nbcgeniusjunior starting at 7pm ET/6pm CT. It’s the smart thing to do.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there. If you are lucky enough to be half as awesome as my mom, Sheila (pictured above), ya done good. I’m so proud of her and all she’s done - as a person, as a parent, as a friend. I love her so much. #grateful

Vancouver, British Columbia


Hiking in B.C. - while I’m anxious to get back to my life in NYC, I’ll sure miss the nature and majestic beauty of 🇨🇦. Vancouver is extraordinary.

New York, New York

May the Fourth be with you. #Halloween2015 #outtake

Watch Genius Junior tonight! The semifinals are coming up, and surely you’ll want to be in the know. See what I did there? In the ‘know’? Cuz these kids ‘know’ an extraordin...okay, yeah, sorry. Just watch. You’ll love it. @nbcgeniusjunior

The Daryl Roth Theatres

Congratulations to @derekdel for this recognition of his astonishing work in @inandofitself. So proud. Just, so so proud. If you haven’t seen this show yet, you really are missing out.

New York, New York

I’m proud to support @RED in the fight to #endAIDS with the new @RED iPhone 8. Every purchase fights AIDS. Get yours now! #secretselfie

Behind the scenes at Genius Junior. I’m about to ask rapid-fire questions to wicked smart kids, but in this pic it kinda seems like I’m levitating. Which I’m pretty sure I wasn’t. Just excited. Watch tonight 9pm/8pm central on #NBC. @nbcgeniusjunior

Prudential Center

Watched @pink absolutely crush it tonight in Jersey. Best concert I’ve seen in years, maybe ever. @dbelicious and I were gobsmacked by all of it - the production, direction, acrobatics, musicality, inspiration, empowerment, and vocal astonishment. So, so good. I’m completely spent and yet fully replenished. #loved

Love all the details at the new @thenomadhotel in Los Angeles. A bathtub in the bedroom? Yes, please. #chic #sexy #awesome

Los Angeles, California

Had a blast with David Franco on @latelateshow with incomparable host @j_corden. We talk projects, VR, and dominatrixes. Watch it tonight!

Big fist bumps to the amazing kids on tonight’s @nbcgeniusjunior. Check ‘em out - you won’t believe what they can accomplish! @nbc #geniusjunior

Detective Dupin. The Vile Village. Season 2, episodes 5&6. Dead effing sexy. @netflix @unfortunate

Malibu, California

Happy Easter from these two egg-straordinary collectors of ovoid containers. #grateful

Malibu, California

I’m no fool - asking @dbelicious out on a date 14 years ago was perhaps the best decision I’ve ever made. He’s my partner in crime, my moral compass, and my studly baby daddy. Happy Anniversary, DMB. You’re better than best, and I love you so much. Xo, NPH

Coach Genghis. The Austere Academy. @unfortunate Season 2, episodes 1&2. Watch now and marvel at Olaf’s handsomeness and prowess. @netflix

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