Нил Патрик Харрис


Американский актёр, певец и иллюзионист. Номинант на «Золотой Глобус» и лауреат премий «Тони» и «Эмми». Наиболее известен ролью Барни Стинсона в телесериале «Как я встретил вашу маму».
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Eight years ago David and I got the two greatest presents imaginable. Eight years later we are still counting our blessings. Happy Birthday, Gideon and Harper. You rock our worlds. #grateful #love @dbelicious

Let the games begin! Earlier this year, I worked with @theory11 to create a crazy awesome board game that's in @Target stores everywhere NOW! Solve puzzles, riddles, and secret codes to PROVE your wits - on a brilliant maze-like game board that opens 16 different ways. It's called AMAZED. Tag a friend to play with - and go get it @Target! AmazedGame.com #theory11


Look what metal mound of awesome just arrived..! On this day five months ago I wrapped production on A Series of Unfortunate Events for Netflix. I’m deeply proud of the show. Season Last is a few months away yet, but I can’t wait for it to be seen. I miss that circus a lot. @bsonnenfeld @netflixasoue @netflix

The Magic Misfits debuted at #1!! It dethroned the brilliant book Wonder- after 163 weeks!! So stoked, proud, appreciative. Thanks to everyone who purchased it and are learning more about magic, Mineral Wells and the secrets within. For those who haven’t, there’s no time like the present. And, btw, it makes a terrific present...😬 #linkinbio #grateful #themagicmisfits

Hanks PumpkinTown

October is awesome.

As you can see, the pillow aisle might be my favorite. Someone told me they’re available for purchase. Who knew? Ah, #Tarzhay, you spoil me. @Target #TargetStyle #TargetMyWay #ad

New York, New York

Missing Harper and Gideon SO much!When I see pics like this, my heart beats faster. #behomesoon #kalidescope

BTS shots from last night’s Magic Misfits Book Event in San Francisco. 1st is of me, nervous, about to go onstage. 2nd is mid-signing over 800 copies. Thanks to all who came to play. Hope you dig the new book! #themagicmisfits 📷: @theory11

To kick off the Halloween season, I’m joining @Target’s interactive Halloween fashion show, live on Facebook on Monday 10/1. You control the action, so I’m packing lots of options, just to be safe. #carryon #choices #rainbowunicorn #werewolf #avocado #skeletondog

Austin, Texas

BBQ deliciousness for lunch in Austin. Thanks @ironworksbbq, well played. #satiated

Austin, Texas

Book tour. Landing in Austin. Bringing the rain. And the funk.

So proud of my new book. Available NOW! It’s the second installment in the adventures of a group of young friends in a small town called Mineral Wells, who join forces, through their love of magic, to right rights, foil the villainous, and protect those that need it. The Magic Misfits: The Second Story involves clairvoyants, Morse code, angry monkeys, skeleton keys, magic tricks, and yes, second stories. There’s a link in my bio for ordering. Please do. It means a lot to me. Thanks!

New York, New York

My book promotion for Magic Misfits: The Second Story began today on, well, Today. Thanks, @klgandhoda for the fun, although I did miss my morning wine... #daydrinking #kidsbook #nevermind

Amagansett Beach

Yesterday was a son of a beach. #endofsummer #nofilter

Lyceum Theatre (Broadway)

Taking David and the kids to see a Broadway play today. What could possibly go wrong..? @dbelicious

Central Harlem

Loving the German edition of The Magic Misfits. Especially what they did with the dedication. #hilarious

New York, New York

Spent a day last week with @dbelicious celebrating the new @CapitalOne Savor card. It rewards you on dining and entertainment - two things we love. So we celebrated by… doing two things we love. Meta? Awesome? Both. #SavorMoments #CapitalOnePartner


First day of school! Gideon and Harper are officially second graders! #proud #papa #timeflies 📷 = @dbelicious

Unbelievable anniversary flowers from @dbelicious, courtesy of @michaelserrato at @theemptyvase. Just, wow. #thanks

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