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Американская актриса. В октябре 2014 года стала обладательницей звезды № 2532 на голливудской «Аллее славы»
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Kentucky 🐎💝

Blonde beach babe 🦄 @lifewithshmooshy #bigbaycitymascot

Words can't describe my love for this little Shmoosh!!!! It also took me an hour to go through photos cause there are so many! The brightest light on 🌏. Keep shining teenie!' I love you!!! ❤️😘 happy birthday !!!!!!!!!🎉 (this picture was taken in NY, right after I forced Teens to treat herself and purchase a Chanel bag) hehe

Already misses you @mrtankcook ❤️🐴🦄

Just wow

Please follow @lifewithshmooshy for details on our newly adopted dwarf mini's new life ! 🦄🎀🦄🎀

Well our phenomenal trip @kyhorsepark has come to an end.. Benji ended the week with a double clean ride in the medium classic this morning in the pouring rain btw!! ☔️ Bo and Escarlata were also fabulous in the classic as well. We have had the best time with our @pomponioranch roommates drinking bourbon 🥃 and riding 🦄🐴! Don't wanna go home but excited to give the horses a much needed break. Oh and we are bringing home a rescue dwarf pony 🎀 😂

The 🐴🦄family expands 😂 welcome Shmooshy!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @mrtankcook #bigbaycity #mascot

Welcome to the squad, miss Shmushy !!!! Thank you @mylittlepeepers foundation for helping us adopt this little lady.. we are so in love!!!! #minidwarfpony #bigbaycity #mascot #braidsfordays 🎀

I love this mare more than life itself .. we have given her almost a year off, then she made her debut this last week @kyhorsepark ... she has not touched a rail, she thinks she's the fastest horse on earth , and only wants to win. #nettypie you are everything! ❤️❤️❤️🦄 #bigbaycity

My friend Nikki has an new collection that I love! @nikkilundclothing 10 Essential Pieces, It's easy, versatile & animal cruelty free! Check her insta for more info! ✌🏽💁🏼

So proud of my new mount Bound to Be today, who was double clear in the open 1.35s and a very large class ! 🐴☑️ @kyhorsepark #bigbaycity

Mini heaven @mrtankcook @mylittlepeepers

Unbelievable experience visiting @mylittlepeepers foundation today!!! Thousands of minis, horses and lamas being rescued every single day from terrible situations!! Amazing work 🙌🏽 thinking of talking one back home... what do you you think? 🤔😍

When you like the same things... ahhhh 💕💕💕

🥃 yes thank you

Well that's a wrap on our first week of @kyhorsepark ! Horses have been spectacular and tomorrow they will have a much needed day of R and R 💤😚


The Vulcan loves Kentucky! 💦🌱🍃🌾💐

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