Кейли Куоко-Суитинг


Американская актриса. В октябре 2014 года стала обладательницей звезды № 2532 на голливудской «Аллее славы»
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When you design the room to match your epic dog @jeffandrewsdsgn #norman 💫

New bar complete 🥃 🍷 🍺 🎉 #jeffandrewsdesign 😍

After 10 years, we still laughin 😂 @bigbangtheory_cbs @sanctionedjohnnygalecki #comiccon2017 ⭐️

Thank you #wbsdcc #comiccon2017 !!! You rule all 🤓

Comic con with my twin @bricuoco ❤️

Ok time to swap lives! Had the time of my life horse showing with my favorite people these last few weeks. Iam so grateful to participate in this sport along side my 4-legged partners and #bigbaycity ! ⭐️⭐️horses ready for some 💤 and I will see you at #comiccon2017 tomorrow! 🤓😍🎞📽📺 (📸 @irenepowlickphoto ) #Bobo

Love struck and weak in the knees 🌈 👫❤️⭐️ @mrtankcook

Just Shmoosh and her 👑 @lifewithshmooshy ❤️

Goes rafting once and literally looks like I've gone rafting once. Unlike @mrtankcook 👍🏽 😂 @mxday @devvinzwick

Our adventures continued with @clearcreekraftingcompanyrg ! We survived and had a blast! 💦 🚣 @mrtankcook @mxday @devvinzwick

Day off in beautiful Vail 🌦 🌲@mrtankcook @mxday @devvinzwick

7 straight clean rounds in a row for Netty! Here's her jump off from today- Love her!!! 💨

Escarlata takes 4th in today's Medium classic and Netty takes 5th in the lows. Fantastic ponies all day long!! @coloradohorsepark 🦄 🐴 ❤️ #bigbaycity

Bound to Be flying his way to 4th in today's High Classic @coloradohorsepark 👑🛥 photo cred @mrtankcook ❤️

#bigbaycity mascot @lifewithshmooshy 🦄 #rescuealways @mylittlepeepers

Golden girl in her golden boots ⭐️ @equick_official @equsani #bionetty #bigbaycity @irenepowlickphoto

Thank you @irenepowlickphoto for this photo!! Ps Miss Netty always pins her ears after running to the final fence!!! #truewinner ⭐️

Today was a dream. My tried and true mare of a lifetime #bionetty sped to the win in the open 1.30s @coloradohorsepark 💨 Thank you @equick_official @equsani for for sending her some very special golden boots that helped her fly extra high! 💥#bigbaycity 📸 @irenepowlickphoto (thank you) @samshieldamerica @ariatequestrian @horsepilot

Horse showing be like 💤 😅 @mrtankcook

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