Кейли Куоко-Суитинг


Американская актриса. В октябре 2014 года стала обладательницей звезды № 2532 на голливудской «Аллее славы»
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Norm and Shirls are ready to party for National Puppy Day!! 💤 💕 💭

All suited up for tonight’s @paleycenter event. Thank you to everyone who came out once again to support us. After so many years , it means the world! @thebigbangtheory__ Glam on point 💄 @kmannmakeup 💇🏼‍♀️ @christinesymondshair styling @bradgoreski @daniela_viviana 💛🧡

‘Act like a lady, think like a boss’ 💁🏼‍♀️💪🏼 #yesnormanproductions

Today epic fun with #vogue 🤭💁🏼‍♀️ ⭐️

Happy happy birthday to my darling sister wife @mxday ! The only girl I know who loves strange creatures as much as I do!! 🐰 🐴 🐓 🐥 🐶 💕 👯‍♀️

I asked @mrtankcook to take a cute selfie of us from up high which is a way better angle. So naturally he took this lol till next year ! @hitshorseshows 🐎 after a fantastic circuit , it’s time to go home 🤩💕

Because he is still my favourite ever #santos 🐴 💋 #happyretirement #triedtobuckmeoffalot #lovedhimfromday1 (📷 @claudcraig )

It was truly such an honor getting to work with the incredible Stephen Hawking.. He made us laugh and we made him laugh. His life and career workings have been many a subject matter on @thebigbangtheory__ and we are all better for it. You will be missed but the world is grateful for the knowledge and courage you leave in your path. Thank you for being an inspiration to everyone 🙏🏼 #stephenhawking ♥️

Check out our fabulous Pawworks short film courtesy of @kelseysante and @joshuaevangreenberg 🎥 💫 @bradgoreski #bradcantdoitalone #adoptdontshop LINK IN BIO 🐾

So thrilled The Flight Attendant is finally available for all to read! Anywhere books are sold 💫 enjoy this awesome page turner before we bring it to the screen next year!! @chrisbohjalian #theflightattendant #yesnormanproductions 📖 💜

‘Those who teach the most about humanity, aren’t always humans’ 🐾 🐴 💕

Zane 💙 📷 @claudcraig 💙

I wanna thank all my girls (and guys) for coming out and supporting last nights @pawworks event! 🐾 💕 I have the sweetest friends....❣️

Baby Zane!! 💙 my heart can’t handle the cuteness. He’s so friendly, nosey, brave , silly, and wants to kiss everyone he meets. I think we have a good one @mrtankcook !!! @pomponioranch #bigbaycity 💋 Zaza X Conquistador

Nailed it ✅ @pawworks partner in crime @bradgoreski always time for a selfie 🤳 🐾

I wasn’t excited at ALL co-hosting tonight’s successful @pawworks gala ! 🐶 🐾 can’t thank everyone enough for attending and supporting this incredible cause. It takes a village trying to save every animal possible and we need all the help we can get! Thank you to my partner in crime @bradgoreski and endless gratitude to @katharinemcphee for lending her beautiful singing voice!! 🎵 💋 also all the volunteers and sponsors . We couldn’t do it without you!! 🙏🏼

Best crew on the planet. My face hurts from laughing @bradgoreski @jamiemakeup @christinesymondshair @daniela_viviana 💫 @pawworks

Tonight’s the night! Can’t wait to host tonight’s annual @pawworks Ties and Tails gala alongside my darling @bradgoreski 💫 we hope to see you there!! 🐾 🐶 🐱 #adoptdontshop

He’s here!! Conquistador X Zaza 💙💙💙 #bigbaybaby #bigbaycity @pomponioranch no name yet!!

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