Кейли Куоко-Суитинг


Американская актриса. В октябре 2014 года стала обладательницей звезды № 2532 на голливудской «Аллее славы»
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!! My heart is so full this year. I have an incredible family, my true soul mate, amazing friends, the best job in the world , epic dogs and I get to ride the best ponies anytime I want. Iam beyond grateful. Sending love to anyone who doesn’t get to be around family today . I promise someone loves you!! ♥️

It’s all happening 😍 🐎 🦄 🐰 🐶 🐱🌲🍃🌾🌟 #bigbaycity

My ♥️ @lifewithshmooshy

Playing with my 📱 X camera... look at that mug!!! #norman

When you think he’s taking a photo lol @mxday 📷 celebrate!!! 💫✨⚡️

All jokes aside, Iam so proud of you and proud to be yours .... @mrtankcook ♥️ ❤️

Thank you @phbenoitdvm for capturing this moment before dinner tonight. And the war continues.....

In honor of this weeks @thelasvegasnational , here’s a pic of me and the epic Poker Face showing at this venue last year! Can’t wait for this adorable goofball to be back in the show ring 🐎 #hismohawkisonpoint

Don’t really think this video needs a description BUT @mrtankcook in Australia, singing Dancing Queen , wearing a boa, drinking bourbon from a water bottle

#payback video. This little gem showcases @mrtankcook tearing up after discussions about the #Snowman documentary. Although this might make you fall in love with Karl even more , so I may have still lost this battle. (Ps see Snowman. It’s amazing 🐴) 😭

Best snuggliest yummiest puppers on the 🌎 #norman

#bekindtoanimals #bantrophyhuntingworldwide 🐘 this is a no brainer!! Absolutely insane

New episode tonight @thebigbangtheory__ ! This is a picture of me drinking the props ! This was also my face before realizing there was only water in this ‘beer’ bottle 🍻 cheers!!!!

It’s that time of year again! 🌟💫✨⚡️Thrilled and grateful announcing another @pawworks colab with @goldsheepclothing 🐑 🐶 🐱 order this adorable outfit now and feel good knowing all the proceeds go to animals in need! Thank you @kerimarie333 and #goldsheep for once again stepping up for our furry friends!!! LINK IN BIO! #adoptdontshop #donate #rescuerepeat 🌈 (pictured with Dino, who my parents adopted from #pawworks) 😊

The last few weeks catching up to us... 💤 😴

So apparently we come with newly adopted animals from every single horse show , and this one is no different 🤣 yes that’s a rabbit, yes Im holding it like a baby and yes there’s 2 more. And yes they are joining our family- meet Oreo, Daisy and of course Peter Rabbit 🐰 Iam obsessed. Adopt don’t shop even if it’s bunnies!!!!!

Netty with the good hair. (And gold boots) @equick_official 🔥🌟

My tried and true #Bionetty gave me a double clear and fast round in our last 1.30 classic of the year 🎀 all the horses ended on a high note this week, placing in the high ribbons in each class. Everyone, including @lifewithshmooshy are headed home for some 💤 and holiday vaca! #bigbaycity 🌟 super grateful to be part of this beautiful sport. Treat your ponies with love and respect no matter what. They always give their everything so we should always return the favor 🐎 💜

1st and 6th in tonight’s 1.35 classic and we were the first 2 riders to go clean ✋🏽 special night with a special guy and two special unicorns!! #bigbaycity @pomponioranch @mrtankcook ❤️🥇🏅💙

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