Кейли Куоко-Суитинг


Американская актриса. В октябре 2014 года стала обладательницей звезды № 2532 на голливудской «Аллее славы»
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Norman dum dum dummmmm 👅 @sonyalpha

Shirkey shark says it's too hot and we must swim 💦 @sonyalpha #nofilter

#mcm ❤️ @mrtankcook

2 for 2 with mr Bound to Be! He helps me take home the win In today's 1.35 speed class 💙🥇🔥 what a horse! #bigbaycity PS miss Escarlata was also a gem taking 2nd place in the 1.30 speed ! Lovely ponies!!! ❤️

First win today with this stud muffin, Bound To Be in the 1.35 open @blenheimequisports ! 🥇👑 #bigbaycity

@jamiemakeup and I can't wait till our baby is born so we can dress her exactly like us 😂😍

Happy Father's Day to the best there is 💙💙

Sorry @mrtankcook .... he has chosen 💁🏼😂 🐶

Had to post this again cause Norman's 'dive' almost made me fall over and die from laughter and tears 😂

Thank you @faye.woods for giving me some dreamy sherbet hair 🍬 👩🏼 #nofilter 💜💙

Our kind of day date 💋❤️

Bo 🔝💥

Well. This says it all. @jamiemakeup you are everything ! Happy birthday to my soul sister 👅💋💋

The cutest morning snuggle sesh with the exception of a glaring Shirley on the side 😂

@variety 👠 @bradgoreski @daniela_viviana 💇🏼 @christinesymondshair 💄 @jamiemakeup 👅 📸 @williamshirakawa

Buds ❤️ @mrtankcook

So sorry to hear about the passing of Adam West. Still can't believe we worked with him on our 200th episode @bigbangtheory_cbs ❤️ he was as cool as you would imagine him to be ... #batman

Just accept it 😂 😁💑 #braceface @mrtankcook ❤️❤️❤️

Ok ready to start showing again... #theobsessionisreal Bo 🐎

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