Ноа Линдсей Сайрус


Американская актриса и начинающая певица, дочь исполнителя кантри Билли Рэя Сайруса и Летиции Джин Сайрус, младшая сестра популярной поп-исполнительницы Майли Сайрус (1992).
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cant be asked

ps. i will always love you

last 1z. cograts @iamcardib for your SOLD OUT @fashionnova collection. i love u 🖤

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another heart ache, why do hearts break?

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nothing annoys me more than obnoxiously opinionated people commenting on the internet


went to give calabasas’ brave firefighters some supplies. this is the first fire truck that was sent out to the fire. thank you so much to not only the firemen of calabasas but to every firefighter and to everyone who is working hard to keep people safe.

im so scared to give my emotions and trust to someone again. the thought of being lied to or the fear of having pain in my chest over someone is scaring the shit out of me. the thought of having feelings for someone and really all they want is a game or just someone to occupy them. my anxiety is through the roof. whats more terrifying is giving someone the ability to control how youre feeling. — that said.. how are you guys feeling? all of you good??

kisses for my bff @matynoyes

lonely 💔 @rollothewriter

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