Ноа Линдсей Сайрус


Американская актриса и начинающая певица, дочь исполнителя кантри Билли Рэя Сайруса и Летиции Джин Сайрус, младшая сестра популярной поп-исполнительницы Майли Сайрус (1992).
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im too tired for this. @disneyland 🖤

broken hearts inspire me

still here 🌩

@diablo 😈 last ones from the night of emo. i promise

@emonitela x @diablo #llj 🖤

drip drip 💦

kinda sweet.. not rly. 🖤

@emonitela TONIGHT at 11:30 w/ @diablo 😈


@oddamagazine  @cameronpostforoosh @georgiatal

ODDA! @oddamagazine  @cameronpostforoosh @georgiatal

ODDA! @oddamagazine  @cameronpostforoosh @georgiatal

hey rockstar!!!! happy FUCKING birthday. would give anything to be with you today BUT UR IN FUCKING VEGAS! i may just need to go and surprise you. i wanna give you the biggest hug and let you kno how much you mean to me. thank you for offering to punch people in the face for hurting me since i can remember. youve always looked out for me and scared lots of bad guys away ha thank god! no one knows your heart of gold like i do. you ALWAYS have known i love you so so much and hope u never forget it. and when and if you start to, just remember the little girl crying in your room at age 6 begging you not to leave when you went off on your first tour. youre my idol tracey. i love you happy birthday @tracecyrus

night night ☁️💙

i 🖤 @soto.gang 🍒❤️

@soto.gang thank you for putting your vision of me, on me. my favorite tattoo yet. 🖤🌹

it snowed in malibu...?

i WILL be happy if its the last thing i do.


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