Ноа Линдсей Сайрус


Американская актриса и начинающая певица, дочь исполнителя кантри Билли Рэя Сайруса и Летиции Джин Сайрус, младшая сестра популярной поп-исполнительницы Майли Сайрус (1992).
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i’ll be there @keithchamberlain_123

lonely in vegas.. who wants to get married

too big of a mood

@VMagazine bee tee ess 📸: @luccoiffait

cheers to 1M streams on “Team” @maxhellskitchen!!! post photos of the people you dedicate the song to, and tag with #AlwaysBeOnYourTeam 🍹

my best friend named Constantine who passed away 7.5.16 I'll #AlwaysBeOnYourTeam buddy 🖤

Happy Mothers Day Mammie ❤️ here's her first time hearing Team after seeing the artwork of her and Glenmore! "We were always on each other's team. That suits us. Together 24/7"

Hey best friend, Happy mammas day AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY. First I wanna thank you for being there for me no matter what the circumstances are. Thank you for helping me become the woman I am today (even tho I'm always gonna b your little baby girl and I wish I could never grow up and could stay in your house forever) Thank you for being the strongest woman I've ever met and the best role model ANYONE will EVER be to me. You raised 5 kids to be healthy, strong, successful, loving, and kind. No matter where you are or what you're doing you still manage to help us all through our crazy shit. Wether we were sick, or I had a broken arm, or we had horse shows every weekend, you still made time for all of us. You went to every single horse show but STILL managed to be there for your FOUR OTHER KIDS! You're literally a super mom. Not to mention co-managing miley and I. How do you do it? We're insane!!! Lol! I am so grateful that you and I forever will be this close cause you're not just my mama, you're my best friend. So.... Mom, I'm 18 now. The last baby has moved out. PLEASE don't worry about all of us so much now! WORRY ABOUT YOU!!!! you haven't done it enough!! I hope you do everything you ever wanted but couldn't because you had 5 of us hooligans to take care of. Last but not least I wanna thank you for doing the Handwriting on the cover art and in the lyric video for my new single "Team". Since the photo is a picture of your parents and your handwriting is so beautiful it only felt right to have you do the lyric video and the cover art. It meant the absolute world to me. Thank you mama. For everything. I appreciate you and admire you so much. One last time, happy Mother's Day & happy birthday!!! ILL #ALWAYSBEONYOURTEAM !!!

pro tip: go outside

the visual for TEAM is up now!! i’ll be in the comments on @youtube for the next 30 minutes replying to you guys & answering your Qs. the dancers, @natsukimiya & @jarvislangster, are beyond incredible and @agentjohnmark, who choreographed and directed it, really took what i was envisioning to an unimaginable level. i love it so much! go check it out!!

interview with my g @momomoyouth is up on @VMagazine !!! thank you to MØ for being an emo-sad but bad bitch with me, and always letting me be myself. #sadgirlsforlife xoxo 🖤🖤🖤 📸: @luccoiffait | styled: @hennakristiina

TEAM is out everywhere NOW!! Exactly one month ago I got to share this song for the first time surrounded by friends, family and my CYRENS. aka the best TEAM evurrr. so happy it’s out in the world! #AlwaysBeOnYourTeam @maxhellskitchen

name a more iconic duo... i’ll wait. #AlwaysBeOnYourTeam 5/11

*goes to the beach once

this song and the way everything came together means so much to me. the cover is actually a photo of my grandparents who met on a Monday, got married on Friday and were together for 29 years until my grandpa passed away when my mom was 19. I wrote this song for someone I love very much and my Mammie and Glenmore inspired so much of it. can’t wait for you guys to hear when Team comes out Thursday night (9pm PST/12am EST)! #AlwaysBeOnYourTeam @maxhellskitchen

blow it up 🌬

#WEdaySeattle kids of the future

Seattle, Washington

food appreciation post

how many Coachella pictures have you seen on your feed. 🙄

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