Ноа Линдсей Сайрус


Американская актриса и начинающая певица, дочь исполнителя кантри Билли Рэя Сайруса и Летиции Джин Сайрус, младшая сестра популярной поп-исполнительницы Майли Сайрус (1992).
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blue 💙


make big deposits, my gloss is poppin we see it, we like it, we want it, we got it @mileycyrus

noah x tankgod in the making

even tho the quality sucks it’ll always be one of our fav pictures that we ALWAYS talk about. happy birthday Lili i love u so much and so happy youre in our lives. cant believe youre FINALLY my brother-in-law. bout damn time. happy birthday bud @liamhemsworth


pink matter

birthday mood

happy birthday to and from me!! who else is a capricorn?

new way2 get around

physically&mentally drained

hate on it i kno yall will

Aspen/Snowmass Ski Resort

las night was fun n all but new years is the same as yesterday but at least i spent it wit some of my favorite people. 🖤 hope all of you were SAFE last night ily

my surgery this morning was a success!! goodbye shitty tonsils and fuck you! 🖤 thank you to my family, friends, and FANS for all the love. 💌🌹

its not your fault that you make me crazy.

chill the fuck out and eat a damn popsicle

im ready for thanksgiving round 2.

happy birthday lil girl. i love you endless amounts!!! 🖤🖤🖤 @mileycyrus

supppp bbs 🖤 follow me on @spotify and unlock a special little zine with some bts photos from the #MadAtYouVideo! shout out to my bros @samm @domstills @akabundji @flyingbeardphotography for helping me bring this to life 🔥 link in stories for more info 🖤🖤🖤 @sogallant

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