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Santorini livin😇

Santorini - Greece

This view is why people come to Santorini!😍 Comment your video ideas.❤


Find out in today's vlog why I'm never riding one of these things again.😀 LINK IN BIO. 📸 @williepnelson


We love adventure. 🕊 Taking the ferry to Santorini today!😍 Living out my dream.🌞

Hi I'm Nina and I like rom coms, baby animals, and sunflowers.🌻


I love me a 15 euro smoothie bowl.😀


We like plants. 🌱 📸 @williepnelson


We're painting the roses red.❣️


Happy as the sun.🌞 -- responding to comments

Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece

Mary-Kate and Ashley... I mean Nina and Randa romp around Mykonos talking about boys of course.😀 thank you @williepnelson for taking this photo!


Tiny dancer takes on Mykonos.🌺

Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece

Classic 🇬🇷 Let's chat in the comments!

Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is like nothing I've seen. Tonight we watched the sunset and pirate looking ships sailed across the pink sun. Can't wait for you guys to see our Mykonos vlog. We posted our Athens vlog yesterday and you can click the link in my bio if you haven't seen it yet!❤

Pireo -Porto Di Atene-

Up before the break of dawn because we've got a boat to Mykonos! 🛳

Athens, Greece

Had a blast at our last minute Athens meetup. It's amazing to meet people from across the world because of Youtube. It blows my mind every time! Some of my favorite memories of Europe are getting to meet you guys face to face.❤ Tomorrow we are off to Mykonos! 🇬🇷

Mount Lycabettus

Hi I'm Nina and sometimes when I smile I get a weird forehead vein, but hey that's me and I embrace it!😄 It just means I'm happy!🇬🇷

Athens, Greece

We are having a meet up TODAY September 8th at 6 pm (18:00) 🙂 We are meeting at Park Maxis Analatou! The address is: Pl. Machis Analatou 68, Athina 117 44, Greece. Meet in front of the fountain.🇬🇷 We'd love to meet some of you!!❤

Mets, Athens

It's 2:45 am in Athens right now! Jet lag at its finest 🙃 let's chat in the comments!😘 Ps I got this little 5 Euro gold crown to feel like a Greek God at the Olympic Games.🤤

Athens, Greece

Athens is awesome! 🇬🇷Should we have a meet up tomorrow?!🙂

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