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Just went on a 10 mile bike ride of hills with @randanelson! About to have some lunch then head for a hike.🤗 Being in nature feels GOOD! And the hills are so green and beautiful after the rain. Then later hopefully we will take a hot yoga class. This Sunday I'm treating my body well.💚 What's everyone up to? Let's chat in the comments.😁

Idyllwild, California

We are so similar and so different all at the same time!😁 tag your bestie @randanelson

These popsicles are how I feel right now!🤗 I can't tell you how much your sweet comments mean to us. I love reading that our videos brighten your day or make you laugh. You comment that you love us and I just need to say that WE LOVE YOU. It's amazing getting to share our personalities and weird sense of humors with you all. I remember watching some of my favorite youtubers when I've had down moments and how much it lifted my spirits to watch their videos. The fact that we can have a similar affect on some of you is just mind blowing. We just wanna make you guys smile.❤️PS I love responding to you guys!!

Idyllwild Park

Don't need makeup to cover up. -- NAME THAT SONG.💄 ❤️😘💋👠🌂🌹🍒⏰

Idyllwild Park

Wake me up before you go go don't leave me hanging on like a yo yo.🎼❤️🎬--- responding to comments!

Gotta get back to Kauai soon!🌞 Get that vitamin D and tanned skin.😊 What's everyone up to? Let's chat in the comments! What kind of videos should we post this week?

Idyllwild Mountain Park, Idyllwild, California

Been fun hanging with family and friends in Idyllwild! Nice to be in nature and not wear makeup.🌟 photocredz to dad @vegsource

Boxing is FUN!! Tried it for the first time yesterday and I'm sore already.😱 Definitely going to be doing more of this in 2017.🤗

True love.😍 Comment some "Would You Rathers" for our next family YouTube video!!😂 Let's get WEIRD.🤓

When you're over the flu!!!!🤗

These smoothie bowls are GOALS!😍 In 2017 I really want to start posting more photos to Instagram! What kind of stuff do you guys want to see?😊 I was thinking about doing some more fashion inspired shoots. What do you guys think?⭐️ photo by @foodbloggerandrea

In 2017 I want to be more positive, to travel more, take more yoga classes, and to love more. What are some of your resolutions? Let's chat in the comments.❤️

How's everyone's Christmas?!🌟🌟🌟 let's see how many likes we can get on this photo?!😂 like this photo if you read this caption!😁

Christmas in year 2000. What a special time in Yosemite.❤️ @willienelson24 @randanelson

Vegan cinnamon rolls have always been a Christmas tradition!😁

El Matador Beach

Happy Christmas Eve from us to you.🌟 photo by @irenerudnykphoto

Baby Nina.🌟🌟🌟Bangs weren't bad on me! #fbf 🤓 PS thank you for 500k on YouTube!!!!😱❤️

El Matador

When you're not wearing your retainers and zit cream.🤓👼🏻🌟 Thank you @irenerudnykphoto for taking my favorite photo of us ever.❤️ She's amazing! Just wanted to say how lucky I am to have all you guys in my life and how crazy it is that we are about to hit 500k on YouTube.😱 You lovelies make us smile every day and thank you for being part of our journey.❤️

Thank you @therealchefaj for these healthy twinning pies!!! Everyone go comment on her page that you want to see the recipe!😊 These pies are low fat and unbelievably amazing.😍 #VEGAN

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