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I measure my success by how much fun I'm having! On way to a meeting with @awesomenesstv 🌺


Santa Monica, California

The thoughts you put out into the universe become your reality. If you think negatively about yourself chances are you won't feel confident in your day to day life. If you think you're incapable of pursuing your dreams, then chances are you will never try. Believe it and you can achieve it! The beach always makes me feel more positive. If you want some inspiration then get out into nature.🌊🌞🌺

I don't think you're ready.😏😏😏

Comment what emoji describes you! Here's mine 🐯 #selfie

My favorite dance partner.💙💚💛💜❤️ photo by @tea.ah

Eagle Rock (Santa Monica Mountains)

Sunshine makes me feel free! Let's dance to celebrate this wonderful life.🤗🌺 -- responding to comments!

Always love taking @joeydeclan's classes at @soulcycle in the morning!🤗 So motivating!! After class we hiked for over 6 miles in the beautiful sun.🌞 Ps feels good to not wear makeup today.🙂 #FreckleSeason


The simplest things in life are the most wonderful. We are home again when we're barefoot and feel the sand in our toes.🌊🌞 Comment your dream place to travel! I love talking with you guys.🌺

Venice, California

Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun.🌞🌺 --- Name that song! #WanderingFree 💙 photo by @tea.ah

Tag your wife.👰🏻😂 @randanelson 🌸 photo by the lovely @tea.ah 🌺

I enjoy standing on pianos in my free time.😂 We are filming a Q&A so comment your questions! Let's get personal with it. 🙃 photo by @balletzaida

Venice, California

Successful people want everyone to succeed! There's no need to be jealous or compare yourself to other women. Let's all build each other up.🤗 Photo by @tea.ah 🌺 #internationalwomensday

Venice, California

Surround yourself with positive people and your life will change in a wonderful way! Lucky to have my sister as my best friend.💜💙💚💛❤️ Tag your bestie! Photo by @tea.ah 🌺

About to film a video! The reason I have clean hair and makeup on.😂 A selfie to celebrate.🤗🌺 Comment what videos you guys wanna see!! Love this insta fam.❤❤❤ Thanks for liking my photos and for your sweet comments. Ps yes I know my eyes are slightly different colors.😉

Some of you don't know, but @randanelson and I grew up dancing since we were 4 years old. Ballet is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. People think we are disciplined now (which we are) but anything I do these days compared to ballet feels almost "easy." Dance class also taught me almost every exercise I know and I didn't realize at such a young age how much that would help me out in the future.😅 What are some of your hobbies? -- Let's chat in the comments.🤗 photo by @balletzaida

Took a @soulcycle class this morning and I feel AMAZING! Getting those endorphins pumping and really breaking a sweat is SO important. If you're feeling down or sluggish then try a cycle class. You won't regret it I promise!!😄 You have the power to create a happy life! Thanks @joeydeclan for an awesome class.🙂 PS not wearing any makeup and feeling FRESH. What are you guys up to this Sunday?❤

When you let out a silent, but deadly fart.😏 photo by @aestheteandderive

Abott Kinney, Venice

Had so much fun shooting with @tea.ah 🌺 Excited to see how the photos turned out! PS what do you guys think of today's video?! 😂 The link is in my bio if you haven't seen it. It's called Awkward Dating Struggles.😉

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