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Watching the sunset as we play cards Thinking to myself, hey this isn’t hard Cuz you got a free soul and you’re such a lover That’s when I realize ooooh there’s no other Anyone can see honey you’re so lovely You don’t even know all of the things you’re doin to me Won’t you kiss me slow and never ever let me go 🍯🌺🌊🌴 @randanelson and I wrote this song 6 years ago in Kauai. Should we post the whole thing to our YouTube channel? It’s one of my faves of the songs we’ve written.❤️ #originalmusic #music #lovesongs #singing

Happy Galentines Day!!!🥰❤️💋💃🏻🌹

Los Angeles, California

We joined a volleyball league for adults with @zogsports!!🏐 It’s so fun playing volleyball by the beach and making new like minded friends in the process. Checkout @zogsports to see if there’s a league near you! Use my code NINA10 for $10 off their league because Spring registration is opening! Randa and I played a lot of sports growing up, and it’s so nice to be on a team again. I can’t wait to play soccer next!! ⚡️ #ZogSports

IMMA NEED SPACE. #nasa ☄️⭐️💥⚡️ @randanelson @arianagrande

Tell me how good it feels to be needed.🥀 Did anyone else ball their eyes out when they first heard this song? Or was that just me and @randanelson? 😅 @arianagrande #ArianaGrande #ThankUNext

I just came onto instagram and compared myself to a few different girls I don’t even know, and I gotta say, it made me feel like a piece of shit. I went down the rabbit hole. I legit felt so great and then scrolled through some people I don’t even follow and ended up crying. I feel like as a woman and a highly conscientious person, I already put so much pressure on myself. “Instagram girls” (and “instagram guys” too) can be a perfected illusion, and the comparing I was doing to other girls made me lose it tonight. What a waste of time. At least I’m aware now. There’s always going to be someone prettier and more successful than me. (Hopefully not funnier lol) And when you’re already sad about another situation, then the comparison makes it even harder to deal. I just want everyone (including myself) to feel GOOD ENOUGH. If something makes you feel like shit, THEN DON’T LOOK AT IT. If you are following me, I hope you’re not comparing yourself to me. I prefer to post dancing videos because I just want to make people laugh and make them feel that it’s OK to be silly! I find it funny when people tell me that it seems like I’m always happy. It’s a nice way to view me, and I take it as a compliment, but if you were my close friend, you would know that I have problems just like everyone does. You would know that sometimes it’s hard for me to get out of bed. You’d know that I still miss my cat Jaki every day. And you’d know that I’m still dealing with heartbreak. This is life. Instagram is not.

Yesterday we became rap artists. Have you seen our diss track to ex vegans?😂 Meant to be FUNNY guys, relaxxxxx.😎 Link in bio.🤪

HOLY F*CK!!!!😂 Gotta love the rain man.🤪

I can’t be your only oneeee.💃🏻

Can’t play guitar without thinking of his name And I wonder if he ever feels the same Cuz I haven’t seen his face in quite some time But I can’t seem to fuckin get him out of my mind Oh I tell myself it wasn’t real But I still love him No Big Deal.🥀 #originalsong #WritingAgain

Roses really smell like 💩💩💩🌹Can anyone else relate?🤪 @randanelson #dance #wetsuitgals #Outkast #beach

Malibu, California

Note to self: the waves look a lot smaller from shore. Another note to self: check wind conditions before running into the wild ocean. A third note to self: if no one else is surfing there’s probably a reason.🤣🏄🏻‍♀️

New video on our ASMR TWINS channel! We softly sing 70s classics. Oldies but goodies.❤️ The nostalgic feels are real and I hope we can help you relax with these tunes.💥 Link in bio to watch and let me know what you think.☺️ @randanelson

Malibu, California

Enjoy the simple things and life will be sweet.🌝🌺 Ps check out that PINK water! What a wonderful world.🌎

Malibu, California

Sunsets by the beach remind me of you.🌺💙 Ps keep a sleeping bag in the trunk of your car. You never know when you’re gonna need it.😁

Somewhere in a far off galaxy I’m still your girl, in another world. 🌌🌎🌝 Song by my wonderful friend @matthewjordanmusic ❤️ @randanelson

PLOT TWIST!😘 love dancing around with @randanelson 💥

Malibu, California

Merry Christmas Eve!!! What are you doing to celebrate? 🌟💃🏻

Malibu, California

Yooo we got a new What I Eat in A Day on our channel, and I know for a lot of you that it’s your fave.😏 We show you some holiday recipes, chili, and more! Link in bio to watch. Also I think I’m gonna go scootering in Venice/Santa Monica today. Holla atcha gurlz if you see us scootin along.🤪🌺

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