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We posted a bikini try on haul video to our YouTube channel! And all the swimsuits are under $25.🤭 Link in bio to watch!🌞

Had fun celebrating the engagement of @brettski and @shmandi3 today!💛💛💛

I’ll tell you what happens next.🤭 Ps @randanelson wrote this chord progression 6 years ago.


Quando 🥀

Malibu, California

I remember your eyes so brightttttt.😉

Cuz I’m missin more than just your bodddyyyyyy

Santa Monica, California

Farmers market, flowers, fruit, friends, and FUN!🌻 Feeling extra lucky today.🤩

Malibu, California

By the sea, by the beautiful sea. You and I, oh how happy we’ll be.🌞

Malibu, California

One of them is not like the other...😉

ASMR singing is meant to make you relaxed and even make you fall asleep. Almost like lullabies.🙂 Click the link in my bio to watch the full video and subscribe to our second channel if you feel like it.❤️ @randanelson #harmonies #ASMR #singing #disney #music

Los Angeles, California

Hanging at the SPAR headquarters with my friends! The SPAR app has changed my life and if you want to feel better about life, I suggest you get on the app and join some fun challenges.😊❤️ Small positive habits will make big changes.

Planet Earth

CAN’T STOP THE FEELIN!🌞💛⭐️ Ps I’m wearing @true_img

Ok the @merrelltwins new clothing line is SOOOOO CUTE!😍 We are wearing their new clothing line @true_img 🤩

Did you know you could use your sunscreen bottle as a microphone?🤪💃🏻 I think everyone in life should shimmy every day.

So @randanelson and I posted a new video today on a second channel today! We sing Disney songs ASMR style and we hope it can relax you or even put you to sleep! ASMR is great for anxiety and has really helped my sleep schedule. We hope you can smile and zen out to some sweet Disney. Click the link in my bio and feel free to subscribe if you enjoy it.❤️ #FreckleSeason

We made healthy banana pumpkin bread ASMR style!!!🤪 LINK IN BIO. Let me know if you’re entertained.😁

Santa Monica Community Gardens

Dreaming about our future gardens like.✨🌱 Has anyone had any interesting dreams lately? I had a dream this morning that felt like it really happened. Perhaps in another world it did take place.🤔 Who am I to say......🤭

Malibu, California

I love you as much as I love the beach.😘🌊

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