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Wow guys New York City was AMAZING. I'm so excited for what the future has to bring!🤗 I felt sick yesterday on the plane ride back to LA, but I'm already feeling better this afternoon. Hopefully I'll be back to 100% by tomorrow! This morning @randanelson and I planned lots of exciting videos for you guys!! Is there any specific kind of video you want to see?😊 Let's chat in the comments! -- also someone bring me veggie soup please.❤️

Midtown East, Manhattan

People from LA see snow and be like.😄❄️

Midtown East, Manhattan

Just uploaded a WHAT I EAT IN A DAY in New York City video!!! Click the link in my bio to watch.❤️🤗 We will be responding to comments on our video right now! #vegan #NewYorkCity #VeganRecipes

Rockefeller Center

We have 3 very exciting meetings today!! Lucky to have my best friend as my business partner.🤗 Special thanks to everyone who's supported us along our journey. We get to do what we do because of all you wonderful people.❤️ #TwinPower #FamilyBusiness --- responding to comments!

Central Park

It's a winter wonderland in Central Park!!🌨❄️ Btw it's crazy that we had over 137,000 people in our Instagram livestream earlier! @randanelson and I are gonna start broadcasting our workouts so you can workout with us.🤗

New York, New York

Just had a great meeting here in New York City and we are very excited for what's to come!!🌟 photo by mom @mrsvegsource

Upper East Side

Cold rainy nights in NYC call for ginger mint tea.😊 What's your favorite tea? Let's chat in the comments.❤️

Upper East Side

Hanging on our balcony! I took this photo and immediately put a jacket on afterwards. Let's be realistic.😂 I see all these amazing fashion photos on insta of people dressed super cool in NYC and I'm like HOW CAN YOU WEAR JEANS AND A TINY JACKET IN THIS WEATHER??? I'm too California for this ice.😎

Central Park

Hanging in our vegan coats by @tommyhilfiger in NYC! It's COLD and I'm thankful for my coat.😍 I can barely type this caption because it's hard to move my fingers.😧

Upper East Side

Having dinner at a vegan restaurant called Candle Cafe.🌟 Flowers have my heart.😉💐

Me in New York City.🤓

Runyon Canyon Park

Another day, another hike!💚 Love how green everything is right now because of all the rain we've gotten recently in LA. The rain isn't my favorite weather, but I always love the outcome. PS tomorrow we leave for NYC.🤗 📸 @dylanmbradley

Topanga Canyon State Park

I love me some hiking!💚💚💚 Should we have a meetup next week in NYC?!🤗

Peaches are my absolute favorite fruit! California has the best peaches in the summer and I can hardly wait until then.😍 Comment your favorite fruit and let's chat!🍑🍑🍑

Idyllwild, California

Hey loves! We have a video on our family trip to Idyllwild!! It's a fun vlog. Click the link in my bio to watch.😊💙

Topanga State Park

"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." 📸 @rytayy

Topanga State Park

Nature gals always and forever.🌟 It's amazing how good you will feel being outdoors and in the sunshine.❤️ photo by the wonderful @rytayy


One of my goals is to post way more Instagrams! It's such a great way to connect with you guys. I love responding to your comments. You guys make my day!❤️🌟photo by @omgbrookeberry

You know what's just as important as a healthy diet? A healthy mindset! Make goals, practice yoga, tell yourself you're beautiful, and know you are worth it! You get as much as you give.❤️🤗 photo by @shemoi

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