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Simpler times.🌊 Sunnier days.🌞 Flower thoughts.🌺 Bigger smiles.😁 Free hearts.🦋 Hawaii Love.🌈

Oahu, HI

One Direction dance parties are my JAM!🌈 Also we posted another video to our channel!! We have a medical doctor answer important health questions and I think you guys would really enjoy her advice! LINK IN BIO TO WATCH! @out_of_the_doldrums

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Never Have I Ever ft Surfer Guys is up on our channel!! LINK IN BIO!🌺 Comment if you want to see more of @koasmith and @triggtrav 🙂🌈

Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii

We uploaded a Hawaii vlog to our channel this weekend! We show what we eat and our aloha adventures! Link in bio if you haven’t seen it.🐢 We fly back to LA today, but we will be back here in a few weeks I️ predict.😂🌺🌞

Waimea Bay, Hawaii

So lucky to be here. Hawaii is unreal.🌈


Banan is officially one of my fave spots on Oahu 😍 So many yummy and healthy vegan ice creams.🌈

Oahu, HI

We love Hawaii rain or shine! There’s always a rainbow here.🌈🌞🌺 Triplets?!

Haleiwa Beach Park

Angels on Oahu.👼🏼🌈🌺

Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii

A shaka a day keeps the doctor away! No seriously this sunshine has made me so happy.🙂🌺


GUYZZZZ why don’t we have Banan in LA?! Omgggg frozen banana ice cream? YES PLEASE. It feels like summer here on Oahu.🌺🌈 Let’s chat in the comments!

Oahu north shore

Stopped by @sunriseshack on the North Shore! 🌈 I’m loving Oahu. I️ could live here.😏🌺

Oahu, North Shore

Island elf takes on Oahu🌺

Happy Halloween from your favorite popes!🎃


This baby just booked a ticket to go to Oahu!!!! We leave in 6 days.😂 I am so excited because I've never been before! Do you guys have any suggestions as to what we should do? If we had a meet up who would come?!🌺 #IslandElf

If you could only see the couple we could be, Cuz my heart feels it every day. The warmth of your smile feels like the summer sun and melts my winter blues away. You're sitting close to me at lunch beneath the sky. If I just had the nerve, If I were not so shy. But there she is again, My fantasy must end, and I Can't Have You.🌑🌧 --- This was the first original song we posted to our channel. Can anyone relate to this song?🥀

Guess who just arrived at Disneyland!!!!🌺🌺🌺

Tomorrow could you be here, And we could say all the things we didn't say. Like how I'm in love with you, and hoping you love me too. Maybe we'd have the chance, A life full of romance. Baby you're more than a friend, will I ever see you again?⭐️-- Piece of an original song we wrote. Should we post the whole song to our YouTube channel?

Santa Monica Pier

Already back in Santa Monica! We'll be scootering around on our @fuzionproscooter 🤗

Santa Monica, California

Feeling like a champion after running the 15k #monsterdash today in Santa Monica!!💪🏼 Getting up at 5 am was rough I gotta say, but totally worth it because I feel good!!! Oh and congrats to @williepnelson who won 3rd place overall in the men's division! Special thanks to my running sidekick BATMAN aka @at_pierre 🤗 photocredz to @vegsource

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