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Канадская актриса болгарского происхождения, фотомодель и гимнастка.
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Happy Turkey ❤️🦃❤️ #BearNecessities #friendsgiving2017🍁

Picture 1) My face when I ask my girls if they wanna work out Picture 2) My face when they say no. #ShareYourStrength #ReebokAmbassador @ReebokWomen @LesMillsTribe

Oh and in case you were wondering how my short hair became long. The short answer is #MovieMagic. The long (real) answer is WEAVE. And lotttttttts of it. Extentions on Extentions on Extentions. Cut by @riawna. Daily styling by my amazing on set hairstylist @hair_slinger. When you’re shooting two movies at the same time and the characters have drastically different looks, you trust your team of incredibly talented professionals to do what they do best... be creative and make seemingly impossible shit happen. 🎬💇🏻‍♀️🧐

This movie. These people. I don’t want it to be over!!!! @DogDaysTheFilm 🎬

And that my friends is a picture WRAP on @DogDaysTheFilm !!! If you know me, you know how much I love to laugh. On comedy sets that’s all you do all day every day. And I still can’t believe that was my “job” because it never felt like I was working. Actually, on this film, trying to NOT laugh in fear of ruining a take was the real challenge. Everyone on this film was so funny, sweet, quirky, smart and freaking laugh out loud hilarious. Oh, and there were a zillion furry little critters .... from dogs to giraffes to horses. What a dream. I just died and went to doggy heaven.

This @ralphlauren dress had me feeling frisky. If you can’t the heat @mrs.maverick, get out of the kitchen.

50 shades of why are you dancing in the kitchen? Because why not? 💃🏻 @ralphlauren


If you’re in New York and you haven’t already, do your self a favor and visit @WhitneyMuseum. Focusing exclusively on the art and artists of this country, The Whitney Museum of American Art was founded in 1930 and the permanent collections as well as the temporary exhibitions are spectacular. Last night, I got to roam the gallery on my own, save for @edwardbarsamian who was the best tour guide any girl could wish for (Thanks for renting the whole place out for me Edward, you really shouldn’t have 😜) I can’t wait to come back and bring my Mom (@michaela_paintaworld) who is also an artist and incredible painter. My whole life, from a very young age (think baby wrapped as a burrito) she dragged me to museums. I say dragged because it isn’t until adulthood that I was able to truly appreciate visiting museums and finally understand their rich history the way I have in recent years. Well, the tables have turned Mama, you used to bring me, and now I’m excited to get to bring you to this amazing place which has inspired me. Thank you to the @whitneymuseum for hosting such a beautiful event and for having me.


Tone and I just found out the movie we’re doing is called DOG DAYS. We thought it was ROBOT DAYS this whole time... 🤦🏻‍♀️ #SomeoneShouldHaveToldUsSooner. @dogdaysthefilm @tonebell

Check out my girl @jessicaszohr in tonight’s season premiere of @shameless !!! 9pm/8c #KILLINGIT YAS GIRL! So excited 😍😍😍

And that’s a WRAP on @LuckyDayMovie !!!! Congrats and thank you to everyone on this incredibly hard working crew. I feel we have made something very unique and special. I have loved every single moment (and the many challenges) of playing this role. As difficult as it was at times it was also the most rewarding and transformative experiences I’ve ever had. I am beyond excited to be a part of such a special film. So lucky to have @roger.avary and @lukebracey by my side, partners in crime. You are both gems and I appreciate your support! See you on the next one fam! 🎬❤️

Follow me into a dark cave and lets see where it takes us... 😈 @luckydaymovie 🎬

It was a lucky day when he showed up. @LuckyDayMovie 🎬 #CliftonCollinsJr @mrwupass

Last night I binged and finished STRANGER THINGS season 2, and now I’m left sad and hopeless. WHAT WILL I DO FOR THE NEXT 365 DAYS UNTIL THE NEXT SEASON COMES OUT?!?! I have no purpose left in life. Don’t worry if you don’t here from me. If anyone is looking for me, I’ll be right here on my couch. Waiting. Patiently. Anxiously. Hey, @netflix... hurry up! I need my next fix ASAP! The only person who could get me out of this rut is @MillieBobbyBrown ... I would say she’s the only one who could come over to get me to leave the house before next year, but then again I need her to be on set shooting the next season... so you see my predicament. 🤔 @strangerthingstv

Take a listen to my friend @DerekHough ‘s single, "Hold On". He and @kaylaewell filmed a beautiful and heartbreaking video created to bring awareness to a very important issue about mental health and suicide prevention. If you like it share the song and it’s message as you go throughout your day. Let’s be the change! #Repost @derekhough ・・・ After experiencing first hand the effects of suicide in my extended family I became curious of the human condition and how we could possibly reach a point where we felt there was no hope. The thought of someone suffering in silence,feeling alone and feeling like there is no way out breaks my heart. This video represents that isolated loneliness we can often feel. Especially in the wake of traumatic events. But in the end it's about reaching out for help and reaching out to help others. When we connect as human beings we become stronger and we are able to share the burden that one might feel. If you or if someone you know is going through a difficult time, don't be afraid to reach out. H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends Link above ☝🏼#holdon #Movember


Happy Halloween Eve 👻

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