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Womens March 2019

Sisters!!! 👯‍♀️❣️ Video from Women’s march LIVE now on Youtube. @corgiisthenewblack

To bang or not to bang

Y’all know I love a good time and a delicious beverage and I am SO excited to be able to share with you that I’ve partnered up with @PuraStill to kick off my 2019! 💙 We have so much in store for you and I can’t wait for you all to try it, and for the endless blooper reels to come with me trying to create informative videos while actually sipping on an alcoholic beverage (SWIPE TO SEE) Cheers! #21+ #purastill

No im not pregnant. Im either bloated or the wind caught my dress. #tbt

When they tell me xtra avocado is an additional 7 bucks.. 📸 @ryanmichaelkelly 👗 @barbbvelez 💄 @davidrazzano 💁‍♀️ @jacobrozenberg .. thank you ♥️

Watched #birdbox last night. It was a great sci-fi suspense comedy but I actually thoroughly enjoyed it 👍

You know what they say.. abs are made in the kitchen and in my case in QUIRKY’S Kitchen @corgiisthenewblack 💪 We made our first cooking episode and it’s LIVE now on my YouTube channel! Tune in to see what quirky champions eat for breakfast 🍳 @taylorbphoto

Ok 🚨 dont wanna be all sentimental and emotional but just had a really great weekend and im taking a moment to set myself up for the week to come. I like so many others deal with anxiety that some days completely shut me down and make me stay in fetal position for hours if not days, hiding from everything and everyone. But just having a couple of days feeling free of it makes me realize that making an effort to work on my mental health and practice self care and self love does make a difference.. so yeah. Have a great week Instagram fam ♥️

Since nobody cares unless i take my clothes off here’s another semi naked picture of me

Went on a date with Jack last night and actually tried to be hot. Woke up this morning like myself again, hungover with a mask on. Feels good to be in a comfortable relationship 👍

New video up on my YouTube! Check it out to see how pale I actually really am without this filter ♥️ Link to channel in my bio 🤙

The Bachelor might be premiering tonight but guess what else is live... @corgiisthenewblack first episode of 2019! LIVE on my YouTube Channel! So if you’re not into watching a guy making out with 30 girls on their first date ( I AM and i set my DVR to watch later ) watch our video instead ♥️ #quirkyisthenewblack

New York, New York

Tried to recreate this in my shower and almost broke my glass door. Welcome home 😑

Last day in paradise. Time to ditch the sunscreen and rum punch for bfast 🍹

Got a lil chilly so put on a shirt 🌴

COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

Walked around for a good couple of hours feeling like a sexy pina colada till i saw this. Thanks “friends”.

Didn’t see ya there

*googles if its illegal to drink and drive a golf cart* I believe it is so this didnt happen but my jumpsuit is fire so.. @allthingsmochi

Currently laying on a heating pad from arching my back. Ur welcome.

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