Нико Пепадж


Американский актер албанского происхождения.
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Melrose Avenue

Close up @ariaemoryphotography


Cenote Paraíso #xelha

Azulik Tulum

Some people want to be on top of the world...I just wanna be in top of this net🤔

When your boy @ariaemoryphotography is a photographer and you put him to work by lying and saying let’s get lunch and bring your camera😌

Sunday funday #PlayadelCarmen

Cobá, Quintana Roo, Mexico

I love conquering my fears #tulum #cenote

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa

Living my best life 👐🏽

Incase you were wondering....I was staring at a bus full of tourists staring at me #Photoshoot #LA Photo by @ariaemoryphotography

This should be a new #Gucci campaign Shot by @ariaemoryphotography Legs by @eva.pepaj

When @violet_abed forces you to take a pic cause my instagram has been non existent for too long #mothersknowbest

Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who has a dog 😌 #dogmom

Finally got footage of a sketch @montygeer came up with a year ago called “Evil Doll” #OnHiatusWithMontyGeer #Enjoy

San Diego nights with these guys

It’s Monday! Smile, it’ll make you feel better🙃

Guess? #Guess

The face I make when people ask me stupid questions as I walk

Gazing into the wilderness of Los Angeles #LA #wildernessculture #WildLifeRescue

Happy Birthday, my love. I hope this year brings you so much joy, good health and many more kisses from one another. 😌🎈

Happy Valentine’s Day to my one and only love. Words can’t really describe how I feel about you and you know that, but I want to share our happiness with the world. I’m so blessed to call you my lover and best friend. Your the air to my fire and together we’re unstoppable. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and you’ve helped me grow so much but still let me be a kid. You’re my inspiration. I love you so much Alena. I can’t wait til the day I call you my wife. #TrueLove

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