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Shirley Chisholm


Sunday!!!! I love the changing seasons.Soooooo... its been a hostile few years. We all have tales and can commiserate...THEN the LAST two weeks violence and division 🤯🧐😭😤 TODAY I’d like to take a moment to ask. Whats something you LOVE about yourself that could use some play time? A gift, a skill, a curiosity, a drive, your song, a way of seeing the world...nothing superficial. NOT your hair, smile, your car... something TRUE, inner-standing...that TIME can barely touch...identify that thing and share it. Not only with me on this interweb-social engineering thing, but with your surroundings, at work, grabbing coffee, with friends, with family. And when the squad ( some of them) start looking at you like your speaking...urdu? mandarin?aramaic? Xhosa? Stay with IT and “ walk it like you talk it” (thank you Migos). Nurture it, allow that thing to grow. You deserve THIS. And if people react negatively, thats OK, this is YOUR exercise. This life is your experience/experiment... what is possible?? We see what IS in the world...Im interested in what is POSSIBLE. One day that language you’ve speaking won’t seem foreign anymore, rare perhaps. Dust off your 💡. Love people, enjoy them but DO NOT arrest your DEVELOPMENT for anyone And TRY (this ones a kicker) TRY to hold appreciation for those who don’t understand, it’ll help you define and refine. Resentment is heavy please don’t pick it up, we need you agile, fluid, flexible. Historically progress is never understood...AT FIRST. Sooo...What is that thing? That golden core, that 🔥 you sitting on? How can you USE your unseen beauty, small as it may seem...AT FIRST. (Feels good don’t it?) PART2️⃣NOW identify someone in your sphere that also has “something” but is not celebrated or acknowledged for it. Let them know you see it and send them love, a nudge, a non creepy wink. DO NOT pick up, carry their load or try to fix them just let them know you see ALLLL that light tryna get out...👀However you do it. There IS enough of everything we need to go around. Its simple, you have the time. Lets shift this energy.#connected #abundance #radicalchange #selflove #selfie #fearfullyandwonderfullymade


Proud of you Sis! @ericapeeples Triathlete 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️GET ‘em!



Im into kink

Tell someone you love them today... thats all. And Mean it.

Better late than never. Im with you. Feels like it only JUST clicked. AMEN

2 things...1.This was a GOOOOD night! Got incredible folks in my life! Giving thanks for ya’lls talent and conviction...inspiring me!@naturi4real(4 having my back😘, shes a real1).The homie Shaman @theocroker on trumpet. @irwinhall beautiful and dangerous on Sax. The incomparable @deedeebridgewater sanging! @birdlandjazz #nycnights #blackmagic #brazil #josephinebaker #starpeople #jazz#beautifulanddangerous #loveya#fromyokyotonashville 2. I went to brazil earlier this year more on that later...

Opens in more cities TODAY #monstersandmenfilm @neonrated @johndavidwashington @iamreigreen

I missed ya ‘ll, could you tell?. needed. Nature time. @maxwele @odysseus33 @sethnumrich #reunion#almamater

Tore my lil Sis away from her studies, gotta break sometime!! #proudbigsister #hiatuskaiyote #naipalm @juliette_x_o @artykarateparty @theroxy

So this aint glamorous BUT its 1 of the MANY reasons I love these WOMEN!!!Talented, beautiful, aware, dynamically intelligent and Generous🙏🏽They lift people up( and have helped me get it together more than once)! Thanks @daniebb3 for inviting us the @feedamerica_ #volunteer #service @iammetch @teyonahparris @zenibabritt

Only take 3 minutes, heres some info. Find ur state and get it! https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/06/us/politics/state-voter-registration-deadlines.html. And lets get/ be informed about the issues. Environmental. Allocation of funds. retirement. Immigration. Their history w Corporate interests. Whos getting tax cuts? Education. Education. Education.Disparity drawn across economic and ethnic lines. Gender equality. Infrastructure spending. Renewable energy...What are your Reps saying? Its time to PUSH them towards proper Ends.

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