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What stories have you been told? Do you believe them? His-story included? Where did these stories come from? What was the intention behind the telling? How has it shaped you? Your life? Expectations? Preferences? Limitations? Who's version is valid? Reclaim our minds. Mental diet time. Love

Going somewhere chilly


@onebywankaya this product right here!!! My fave try it. Trust

James Baldwin


Hamlet at the public theatre. Go see! Went last night. Felt like I heard it for the first time.(and I've seen 3 versions) bravo! The cast is fire!!

Clown #ignorethehat #love my family. Big bro, mum, sis, sis in law. I jump out the car to approach the birds

Angela Davis #mood

Beloved. Beloved. Beloved. Beloved. Beloved... Your words still ring in my ears. Rest In Peace Please send prayers to Nelsan Ellis's family and friends. An incomparable artist, writer,thinker, familyman and friend. Beloved. @nelsanellisofficial

Don't believe in this scarcity...Homogeneous ish. let's spread this flame!! Watch each other shine!!! Burn brighter!! Don't dim that light🔥

And never forget it

Umm? Who's body is that though?! #fanart

This one too!

Thank you guys

Fan art! Thank you!

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