Николь Бахари


Американская актриса.
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Yeeees!!! Congrats @lenawaithe





#Repost @rutina_wesley (@get_repost) ・・・ #Friends ✊🏿💜🙏🏿#Repost @cassiedamsel (@get_repost) ・・・ This woman right here!!!! I miss her already!

Friday nights !

Prayers for Texas. So many thoughts about this... but for now. Support and prayers

Not sure where I got this but...yeah. Good night. Marinate on that.

A true inspiration. Proud to call you my friend.@joy_o_np

Artist rendering whoa! Honored

Woke up with a MEAN cold!! Pissed. Bc I wanted to do so many things today.i woke up... In a moooooooooood. Then I looked at my wrist. The bracelet my sister sent me. #checkurself #blessediwokeupatll.

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