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Just bc. Enjoy the weekend!

Good morning

It's sideways ways cuz I'm cooking and the digital world is not my strong suit. But I'm feeling what he's saying. Didn't come this far to become escapists, right? Idk. Sorting it out. ❤️❤️

He asked what happened to my face.Everyone pretended not to notice. Faux double takes"you barely notice". He asked me what I'd done to help it? If anything worked. I told him of "many doctors. So many tests. It's a symptom of a bigger issue" He was staring at my cheeks. Small bumps inflamed for months, reoccurring. Today RED from heat, allergic irritation and now...his gaze. Flinching.i want to be what I was. Before stomach and cutis rebelled. Before extra weight. Before fatigue. How could life do this to me? His words "caring too much, that's what it is, rigid... hiding but on a train" Been waiting for it to go away. But that day I put on a dress. Met my sisters. And DANCED.Moved. Intentionally. Unintentionally. Collaboratively AND by my damn self. My face hotter and hotter. Redder I'm sure, until lost somewhere in the salt sweat or drums or our synchronized thighs, I stepped off the train. For real. Felt again. Subdermis.Beyond bandaids. Ointments. Pills. Face paint and practitioners. what is my body telling me? What spirit/God is telling me. I have to use more than my eyes to get to the heart of most matters. Or trust the eyes of another when I. can't remember. I love you. Unrelenting.Honest. Friends. Dancers. We Moving this energy! bam! I love you.#truefriends #messengers Please show some love to your friends. The ppl who see you and truly wish you well. # thick&thin

Moon light

Katherine Hepburn

Tall Nikki. I don't know who did this but its hilarious...and cute

Good morning

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