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Porthleven you beauty, dreamy skies and an even dreamier crew #YnMor 🤟

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Quick dip #croudless

Earthing with the cuzzies 🐾🐾🌍

Bello tempo a guardare #thehabitofbeauty con fratelino @mirkopincelli in monopoli massive thanks to @sudestival for a great showing, until next time !


Sunday foraging love da shrooms 💚🍄🌱

5 days later. Still stunned. Can anyone name a better film this year? #thefloridaproject

They believed it and accepted it but they didn’t understand it....and all at once they realised, that there is neither god nor gods #nietzsche #bélatarr #theturinhorse


.@portugaltheman ACE'd manchester. What a privilege to see #oohwooimarebeljustforkicks

Viva Mexico 🇲🇽 Thank you @festivalnumber6 #magical #mygmyg

dog and yogi life

Ma good friend lil Cart the Dino. Lovely day @jordmurphy88

Aye eye ay

A 2 finger swivel to the peopl with closed minds who lack love #gothupforsophie and text SOPH05 £(amount) to 70070 for @sophie_lancaster_foundation #sophielancaster

It's 10 years today that Sophie Lancaster and Rob Maltby were viciously and cowardly attacked for how they looked. Sophie later died from her brutal injuries. Attacked for their difference. For looking different.... Let that sink in. Our Differences are all unique and should be loved and embraced....for what a dull world we'd live in if we were all the same. Thoughts are with sophie and Rob and all their loved ones. #gothupforsophie and text SOPH05 £(your amount) to 70070 to donate to the @sophie_lancaster_foundation #S.O.P.H.I.E #R.O.B


Principessa popping up on the telly #inthedark

Capturing boulders #trentacinque

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