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Treelightful mamma

Virtuoso 🎻🎹🥁#1790 #hbo

The big flame - Ken loach "Now I want to see the big flame. I want to see one big solid mass of us that will point the finger at those raiders and say, 'you failed in your management of us, so pack your traps, think yourself lucky and go'. Things are not just ripe for change, they're rotten ripe, and all we got to do is shake the tree and the rotten fruit will fall to the ground" Godfrey Quigley

Quattro formaggi rossi e bianchi

Here’s the massacre in full flow painted by super talented mamma mo #peterloo

#Peterloo - what do you know of the massacre that happened almost 200 years ago? Starving workers peacefully protesting for their rights, slain down like poor animals. Incredible to think they don’t teach this in schools. In Manchester. The film is out today go and see what you’re ancestors fought for #libertyordeath #mikeleigh @peterloomovie

Porthleven you beauty, dreamy skies and an even dreamier crew #YnMor 🤟

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Quick dip #croudless

Earthing with the cuzzies 🐾🐾🌍

Bello tempo a guardare #thehabitofbeauty con fratelino @mirkopincelli in monopoli massive thanks to @sudestival for a great showing, until next time !


Sunday foraging love da shrooms 💚🍄🌱

5 days later. Still stunned. Can anyone name a better film this year? #thefloridaproject

They believed it and accepted it but they didn’t understand it....and all at once they realised, that there is neither god nor gods #nietzsche #bélatarr #theturinhorse


.@portugaltheman ACE'd manchester. What a privilege to see #oohwooimarebeljustforkicks

Viva Mexico 🇲🇽 Thank you @festivalnumber6 #magical #mygmyg

dog and yogi life

Ma good friend lil Cart the Dino. Lovely day @jordmurphy88

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