Никола Пельтц


Американская актриса, дочь знаменитого американского промышленника и миллиардера Нельсона Пельтца.
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my boy

my angels 👼🏼 animals are the most beautiful creatures. all love. only pure intentions 🦋

were all the same

sleepy guppy 🌼


taken by my mama ❤️

THIS WOMAN. THIS ANGEL. THIS QUEEN. THIS HERO. MY HERO. MY MOM. happiest birthday to you. i love you more than anything. you inspire me every single day to do good in this world. you are hands down the most beautiful person inside and out. thank you for teaching me all the good in the world. never stop spreading your magic. this world needs it. i love you ❤️

and so it is

red kitchens in paris is a vibe 🥫🍒🥡🌹

my shirt.


love my soul more than my body 🥀

my boo 🔥

M I U 🐱 M I U

my mama always by my side ❤️

don’t mess

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