Ник Тебри


Иранский сценарист и режиссер.
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San Fermin (6-14th July) Pamplona

Heat 1 - Bulls 0 #heatvsbulls day 4: toros de fuente ymbro

Monument Valley At The View

tomorrow never dies + quantum of solace #bmwmotorrad

introducing groucho barx.

half dog, half drugs; ask the clubs, good boy, that's wassup.

trying to explain why we cant be together and the difference between loving him and being "in love" with him. hardest thing in the world.

you're born alone, you die alone; and in the middle, if you're lucky, you have a dog. #Lhasa

We're #1 ... in pedophilia! They don't need to take JoePa's statue down, just fix it a little bit.

wicket & gizmo fucked, made this

dog is my copilot

little slut

son and sire

"We have many bowls in that closet," he thought. "But I like the snakeskin ones best of all."


The Playlist: City of Angles

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