Ник Свардсон


Американский актёр, сценарист и продюсер. Впервые снялся в фильме «Почти знаменит».
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New video series coming soon, called "Superfood Hunter" hosted by Darin Olien owner of #SuperLife aka @SuperLifeLiving 🦄🎥🤘

Like father like daughter, photo by @ggrothjan my dad 😎🤘 Photography and cinematography might be two different words but we both see the world through the eyes of a lens.

FOOTAGE BY #GOPRO, EDITING BY ME.🎥 One of my favorite editing styles, using GoPro footage, is "cutting on action". Videos should flow seamlessly, so pay attention to how you piece each clip together!🤘🦄

Film equipment today is getting higher in quality but much smaller in size. Making shot ideas limitless. SO DON'T GO BIG, GO SMALL 😎🤘🦄

The original OG @ChaleneJohnson , who give me my first filmmaking job. But more than that she believed in my work and my vision. She allowed me to be ME, and for that I will be forever grateful❤️🤘🦄🎥

#ThrowbackPic - The time I quit my serving job to pursue a film career // The only difference between now and then, is me finally choosing to grab life by the balls! 😎🤘If somebody says "you can't" I say... WATCH ME! 🦄🎥

➖NEW VIDEO➖ Behind the scenes look at @ChaleneJohnson new product coming out soon called "SmartLife Push Journal"!! 📽📽📽 I shot this video free style (no shot list, just organically seeing what to shoot as I go). Sometimes you can't plan every film shoot BUT for me my footage always turns out way sicker when I let whatever the surroundings are guide my filming! 🦄 Let's get real. Lets get raw. LETS GET WEIRD! Follow @UNICORN_FILM_FACTORY for video tips & inspiration! TAG FRIENDS THAT MIGHT FIND MY PAGE HELPFUL

The perfect mix between a video & photo, Is what I like call a #MovingPhoto. 🤘🎥 Instagram video // Model - @hollyjoso U N I C O R N F I L M F A C T O R Y Style. 🦄

NEW VIDEO Bathing suit line @loungeunderwear Model @Hollyjoso Song @LightShow "Need a lighter"

Instagram video U N I C O R N F I L M F A C T O R Y Style. 🤙🎥🦄 Special thanks to this badass @hollyjoso

Today's set with the gorgeous @hollyjoso DO WORK SON🤘special thanks to @aybaybaylee & @d0llywood 🦄🎥

UNICORN FILM FACTORY 🦄🎥 getting my film on @universalcorewellnesscenter 🤙

Ridin' dirty 🤙🎥🦄

Sneak peek of my newest video, coming soon! Special thanks to @hollyjoso & @aybaybaylee #TeamUnicorn 🤘🎥🦄

I always let whatever song I choose guide my editing, SONG CHOICE IS KEY! 🤙🎥🦄

The people you surround yourself with, should make you shine brighter then you never thought possible. #TeamUnicorn 🤙🦄 @codyminnick1985

Say hello to my little friend #CameraRig 🤘🎥🦄

"It's not about what you are doing, but why you are doing it." If my answer is based off bettering myself, and not based off guilt, fear, money, or recognition, then I am living the life that is asked of me. This is where Magic is created. What magic are you hiding? 🤘🎥🦄

When telling a story, the idea is to verbally try to express what the eyes saw. Yet my eyes have not seen what you saw. Some stories need to be told slower, some need to be told differently, and some need to be told later. This does not make the teller of the story higher in human quality. This should only show that we are of equal value, who each have seen life through only our own one set of eyes. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ TAG FRIENDS THAT LOVE STORYTELLING 🤘🎥🦄

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