Ник Свардсон


Американский актёр, сценарист и продюсер. Впервые снялся в фильме «Почти знаменит».
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Where life makes sense 🎥🦄

Here’s a lil peek at a promo i did for the @131diet & @chalenejohnson , check out full video at www.131DIET.com

WHAT'S YOUR STORY? Video is an amazing way to share who you are & what you know! 🦄

I struggled with words going up, and filmmaking allowed me to speak without them. Visual images have the ability to speak louder and more powerful then dialogue. 🦄

Christmas party swag with Team Johanson 🤘

Team Johnson Christmas party. Thing got weird. 🤙 @ms_bluesky @lexi_dcruz @icyonly1

Onset with the badass @chalenejohnson

Share your sparkle through video. What magic are you hiding? 🦄

Visual storytelling is how I make sense of the world. What's more impactful, hearing a crazy story or seeing it? 🦄

Stills shots from some of the footage we filmed today at Team @131diet & @chalenejohnson 🦄

Lighting setup 🦄

Unicorn Film Factory content creator FIERCE, FAST & FUN! 🦄

don't worry there's unicorns like me out there who will never take your head out of the clouds.🦄

BE A UNICORN. Inspire people to grow by sharing your magic!🦄

UNICORN FILM FACTORY🦄🎥 Non-fiction, real, authentic, & raw visual storytelling. Using the world as my film set. ------ Where is your favorite place to film at? COMMENT BELOW!

Dance party 🎉

“You are the nightlight to my nightmares” -🦄

What's that one thing you can do for hours and have it feel like minutes? COMMENT BELOW! 🦄🤙

Like father like daughter 📷🤘❤️

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