Ник Свардсон


Американский актёр, сценарист и продюсер. Впервые снялся в фильме «Почти знаменит».
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Today's set 🤘

My video editing is FIERCE, FAST & FUN! Wedding videos by Unicorn Film Factory. 🦄🤘🎥

You shouldn't let just anyone tell your story. Make sure it's being authentically captured. For there is great power in TRUE storytelling. ----- Have you ever watched a documentary that had the power to change or make you rethink something?? If yes, WHAT WAS IT CALLED? AND WHAT DID IT MAKE YOU RETHINK? Comment below, I would love to hear from you! 🤓🤘

Dana Point, California

Don't let society dictate your choices in life. Nothing new was ever created that way... Live hard & live free! 🦄🤘

Dana Point, California

Don't let a unicorn fool you.... we can be pretty badass.🤘Let your inner child come out & play! WHAT OUTDOOR ACTIVITY MAKES YOU FEEL YOUNG AGAIN?? Comment below, tell me about yourself!🦄

A behind the scenes look 🎥 On set with @chalenejohnson filming the new program (( 131 DIET )) 🦄

Family video, all you need is your iPhone and good times. 🤘🎥🦄 @codyminnick1985

Yaaaaa buddy. Today's film set with "ring of fire" lighting on point.🤘

Freeze frame from this weeks shoot! @chalenejohnson

I don't want to spend time figuring out how to perfect one step IN storytelling. I want to perfect the actual story. My stories are real. I want the ugly, I want the honest, I want messy, dynamic, colorful, but more importantly I WANT THE STORY OF HOW YOU GOT YOUR FREEDOM....True filmmaking is not solely focused on "what we see" its forced on HOW it makes us feel when we see it. Nothing is more important then the story NOTHING. 🦄

" I'm a dreamer and f'n proud of it! 🤘" Some shots from yesterday's shoot with my favorite mentor @chalenejohnson

There's nothing anyone can stage that is better than real life. 🤘🦄

When I'm not filming, my next favorite activity FOOTBALL 🤘🏈🦄

Sand City, California

Sunsets are always a good reason to pullover and take a moment. 🤙❤️ @codyminnick1985

Sand City, California

WAIT FOR IT... last night while driving home from San Fran, we went through a lightning storm 🙀🤘

Happy opening weekend of football 🤘🏈🦄😎 @codyminnick1985

Laguna Beach, California

Just because you're filming a real estate video, doesn't mean it needs to look like all the others. No matter what you do in life, ALWAYS PUT YOUR TOUCH ON IT🤘Because no one can do it exactly like you. 🦄

Dana Point, California

Dear GoPro, I think it's time you let a unicorn edit your footage. 🦄

I may be a unicorn...But I feel like LeBron James every time I film & edit an action sport video.🤘What makes you feel like a badass? @dylanlleee

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