Ник Свардсон


Американский актёр, сценарист и продюсер. Впервые снялся в фильме «Почти знаменит».
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🌈Life isn't all about puppies & rainbows. Sharing your life experiences will not only empower you, it has the ability to help others! Visual storytelling is universal. Reach the world through video🤘

"Light will always win over dark. Whether you choose to use your light or not, is the definition of choice." UNICORN FILM FACTORY 🦄 What magic are you hiding? Share your thoughts, Comment below!

I don't want to spend time figuring out how to perfect one step IN storytelling. I want to perfect the actual story. My stories are real. I want the ugly, I want the honest, I want messy, dynamic, colorful, but more importantly I WANT THE STORY OF HOW YOU GOT YOUR FREEDOM....True filmmaking is not solely focused on "what we see" its forced on HOW it makes us feel when we see it. Nothing is more important then the story NOTHING. 🦄

"She who dares to dance alone, will never fear dancing alone again." - UNICORN FILM FACTORY

2 for my favorite people🤘Think outside the box & capture moments like a unicorn!🦄

Behind the scenes look at a photo shoot for the @131diet LAUNCHED TODAY!! @chalenejohnson

-WHO YOU ARE IS EVERYTHING.-Wise words from @chalenejohnson , on set of her new project (( 131DIET )) 🦄

Doesn't matter what you do, sell, or message you want to share. I'm a storyteller and I tell others stories through video.🦄🎥WHATS YOUR STORY?

THE UNICORN EFFECT 🦄 No matter what you film, the magic is in the editing. The "vibe" of a video is not only formed by what you film but what you do with the footage. Making videos can almost be like a big giant puzzle with many piece, where the end big picture is whatever you can imagine! TAG FRIENDS THAT MIGHT NEED HELP ON THE ART OF VIDEOMAKING! 🤘🎥 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Promo video I made for Villa Real Estate & @marilie_bunce

Capturing the moments that matter. REAL RAW & AUTHENTIC storytelling seen through the eyes of a Unicorn 🦄


"SPEAK YOUR TRUTH"🦄 ------- There is something in you more power then our minds can comprehend. Even though filmmaking has been apart of my life since grade school, but it took me a while to truly believe that I can turn my passion into a career! // WHAT GREATNESS ARE YOU HIDING?

-WHO YOU ARE IS EVERYTHING.-Wise words from @chalenejohnson , on set of her new project (( The one 3 one Diet )) 🦄

Halloween work party at SmartLife...A work family that dresses up together, STAYS TOGETHER🤘🦄

A wedding story, told through the eyes of a unicorn🦄

UNICORN FILM FACTORY, spreading magic through video 🦄🤘🎥

What's your passion? What's that one thing you totally get lost in, where your adult self & your inner child become one? This is where Magic is created, where surviving ends and living begins.🦄

A unicorn love story 🦄❤️

Where I am most comfortable🎥🦄

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