Ник Свардсон


Американский актёр, сценарист и продюсер. Впервые снялся в фильме «Почти знаменит».
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Something extremely beautiful happens when dark meets light. 🦄

"She who dears to dance alone, will never fear dancing alone again." - UNICORN FILM FACTORY 🦄

A wise man once told me, every new discovery, at one point, was only just a thought. Why be realistic then, what's the point? 🦄

Believe that something different can happen. 🦄

WHAT MAGIC ARE YOU HIDING? My favorite people to work with are the ones that have that fire in them, that an extreme Passion for what they do. Darin Olien (owner of SuperLife) travels the world to search for powerful earth-made superfoods that can change the course of how we look at food....TEACH WHAT LIFE HAS ALREADY TAUGHT YOU. 🦄

Laguna Beach, California

DARK CANT LIVE IN LIGHT.... Fearing the unknown doesn't mean the unknown is something to fear. Stop letting the "Dark" f*** with you. Get mad, look directly in its eyes, and make it your bitch. 🦄 #unicornfilmfactory #unicornswag #filmArtist #unicornlife

Unicorn Film Factory 🦄 "The Art side of videomaking" #unicornfilmfactory #unicornswag #filmArtist #unicornlife

Behind the scenes of PiYo with @chalenejohnson 📽🦄🤘 Here is another example of editing your video to the beat of a song! Music is so important, let the music guide you! #unicornfilmfactory #unicornswag #unicornlife #ChaleneJohnson #piyolive

The world is my film set. 🤘🎥🦄 #unicornfilmfactory #unicornswag #filmArtist #unicornlife

YOYA PROMO VIDEO 🎥 There's no set structure in making a promo video, use your artistry to guide you in your editing choices! 🦄 TAG YOUR FRIENDS THAT WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ART OF VIDEOMAKING! #unicornswag #filmArtist #unicornlife

Less is more 😎🤙🦄🎥 #unicornswag #filmArtist #unicornlife

Be a unicorn, spread your magic through film! 🦄🎥 #unicornfilmfactory #unicornswag #filmArtist #unicornlife

#TeamUnicorn 🤙 @aybaybaylee #unicornfilmfactory #unicornswag #filmArtist #unicornlife

LIVE LIFE LIKE A UNICORN 🦄🤙#unicornfilmfactory #unicornswag #filmArtist #unicornlife

"Light will always win over dark. Whether you choose to use your light or not, is the definition of choice." 🦄 UNICORN FILM FACTORY 🎥 #unicornfilmfactory #unicornswag #filmArtist #unicornlife

Juice Bar Video, U N I C O R N F I L M F A C T O R Y Style. 📽😎🤘 A promo video I did for a juice bar called Organic Tree in Dana point CA #unicornfilmfactory #unicornswag #filmArtist #unicornlife

WHAT'S YOUR STORY? Video is an amazing way to share who you are & what you know! Get creative with filming, movement is key! Tripods are out and handheld is in! Handheld does not mean "holding the camera in your hands" to get the film handheld look you need a camera rig! There's multiple different types of rigs for every type of camera, including smartphones and GoPros. Camera rigs can turn your footage from amateur to PRO! TAG FRIENDS THAT MIGHT FIND THIS HELPFUL! 🦄🎥🤘

Not just beautiful but also funny as hell! @hollyjoso 🤙🎥🦄

@unicorn_film_factory , spreading magic through video 🦄🤘🎥 #unicornfilmfactory

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