Ник Свардсон


Американский актёр, сценарист и продюсер. Впервые снялся в фильме «Почти знаменит».
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Photography and filmmaking are two different worlds, but both look at the world through the eyes of a lens. I get a lot of my inspiration for video ideas from looking at brilliant images, stills & motion! One of my favorite photographers is @GGrothjan , AKA my dad 😎🤘 Happy Sunday from U N I C O R N F I L M F A C T O R Y 🦄

Need video inspiration? Follow for "The Art Side of Filmmaking" U N I C O R N F I L M F A C T O R Y 🦄🤘

UNICORN FILM FACTORY, spreading magic through video 🦄🤘🎥

REVAMPED "EDIT LIKE A UNICORN" VIDEO There are many different editing styles. My style is fast cut editing done seamlessly to the beat of a badass song! TAG FRIENDS THAT ALSO LIKE THIS STYLE OF EDITING 🦄🎥🤘 #Surfline #GoPro #Redbull #johnjohnFlorence #goprovideo

MAGIC HOUR Explore shooting during magic hour ((The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset)) Why? THE COLOR!!! This will give your footage that gorgeous, dreamy-like look! TAG friends that might like this! 🦄🎥🤘

WHAT'S YOUR STORY? Video is an amazing way to share who you are & what you know! Get creative with filming, movement is key! Tripods are out and handheld is in! Handheld does not mean "holding the camera in your hands" to get the film handheld look you need a camera rig! There's multiple different types of rigs for every type of camera, including smartphones and GoPros. Camera rigs can turn your footage from amateur to PRO! TAG FRIENDS THAT MIGHT FIND THIS HELPFUL! 🦄🎥🤘

➖NEW VIDEO➖ Behind the scenes look at @ChaleneJohnson new product coming out soon called "SmartLife Push Journal"!! 📽📽📽 I shot this video free style (no shot list, just organically seeing what to shoot as I go). Sometimes you can't plan every film shoot BUT for me my footage always turns out way sicker when I let whatever the surroundings are guide my filming! 🦄 Let's get real. Lets get raw. LETS GET WEIRD! Follow @UNICORN_FILM_FACTORY for video tips & inspiration! TAG FRIENDS THAT MIGHT FIND MY PAGE HELPFUL

**VIDEO IS THE FUTURE OF ALL SOCIAL MEDIA** If you want to stay ahead of the game, use my tips & inspiration to start creating super rad videos today! 📽📽📽📽📽📽📽 🚩REMINDER - FREE TRAINING VIDEO IN BIO - "The Videomaker's Guide To Theming Your Instagram Page"

Film shot with @ChaleneJohnson BE A UNICORN. Inspire people to grow by sharing your magic! 🦄

FOOTAGE BY GOPRO, EDITED BY ME.📽 Editing GoPro footage is all about "cutting on action" and the song choice! Use the camera movement, trim one shot so to flows into the next seamlessly. End one shot when it's blurry from (water, snow, dirt, the camera moving fast, etc.) My dream job would be working for #GoPro!! 🦄

Like father like daughter🤘Photo by my dad @ggrothjan

There is what people want to be shown, and then there is what people NEED to show. Give your pain away by giving your story away. 🦄 What's important to you?..... But more importantly, WHY is it important?

Promo video I did for surf clothing line, UNICORN FILM FACTORY Style. 🦄

BE A UNICORN. Inspire people to grow by sharing your magic! 🦄

The world is my film set 🤘🚩REMINDER - FREE TRAINING VIDEO IN BIO - "The Videomaker's Guide To Theming Your Instagram Page" 🦄

Promo video I did for a hair dresser. 🚩TIP 🚩 Yes music can transform a video but don't forget about sound effects! Check out the beginning of this video, I started with quick close-up shots of someone getting their hair done. Useing a website called "free sound effects" I matched each shot with each sound. This is a tool I use to give videos more character! 🦄

Once you truly except and understand that life is painful, that FACT that life is hard will no longer have meaning. There would be no light without dark. Get deeply lost in the dark, look at it so you will never have to look again. There is tremendous Beauty in pain. 🦄 VIDEO IS MY WAY OF SHOWING THE WORLD HOW TO FIND THE LIGHT BY EMBRACING THEIR DARK.

Imagine the world If everyone's heart stayed as pure as when they were a child...You can't know what you don't see, and you can't understand what you don't know. Viewing a situation from ALL sides is the only honest way to authenticity rediscover what truth is. It is our duty as humans to show the world what they are to blind to see. 🦄

Filmmaking is an ART, not a science. It's not about what equipment you have, its about how you use it. This video was shot using only a GoPro, and edited using only a iPhone app. I am a one-woman film production team. Non fiction, real, authentic, Visual storytelling. Using only the raw materials of real life as my film set. Fancy expensive equipment doesn't equal a good video. 🦄

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