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My heart is broken. Chris Cornell was my hero. He was everything I ever wanted to be, and he showed me kindness and compassion from the first day I met him. I idolized this man, and he treated me as an equal even though I approached him as a fan. He went on to give patient advice and attention to a kid he barely knew at the time. He changed my life. He treated people like people, no more and no less, even when he had the power to do otherwise. The last time I saw him was when he reunited with Tom Morello and Audioslave in downtown LA. I had not arranged to go, and I messaged him to say hello and to hope he had a great show, and that I was sad I couldn't make it. He proceeded to scramble his people to sneak me and my friend inside, telling me to keep it quiet as he was only supposed to have a limited amount of guests. As always, it seems, he went out of his way to be kind for no other reason or motive. At that concert, I took this picture. It was my birthday. My heart goes out to his beautiful, beautiful family, and Tom, and the countless others who are feeling this right now. Please give them the space they need. We didn't just lose a musician and singer with an incredible vocal range and songwriting gift today, we lost something more - we lost a great man. I'm going to listen to your music today like I have since I was thirteen. #ripchriscornell #chriscornell

Duomo di Milano - Duomo Cathedral


🏃🏻📚📚 spot me.

Oslo, Norway Vigeland Statue Park

So there's this thing.

Astrup Fearnley Museet

Happy Mum'z day, mumz. Thanks for making me a thing that is alive and also keeping me alive with food and stuff. @shannonleetweedsimmons

Astrup Fearnley Museet

Murakami at @astrupfearnley.

Astrup Fearnley Museet

Here is the night. Be not afraid. @astrupfearnley

Akershus Festning

There was dust on the man in the long black coat.


I know that feeling.



👼🏻 #teampixel

Moscow Kremlin

Aaaaaa motherland. #teampixel

Moscow, Russia

Russiany churchy things. #teampixel

Go for the goldblum. @youthinkimajoke @jeffgoldblum


#nationalsiblingday @sophietsimmons

Baby me and infant @alexessoe. 📸: @williamgalindo


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