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Go for the goldblum. @youthinkimajoke @jeffgoldblum


#nationalsiblingday @sophietsimmons

Baby me and infant @alexessoe. 📸: @williamgalindo


It took a few takes. @the14thfactory 📸: @crystalleigh


Had a moment. #gogopowerrangers

The overdressed for everything siblings and the casual parentals. #itsmorphintime @powerrangersmovie

Daisy, Daisy. @the14thfactory

these hoes ain't loyal. Also pitchforks. @the14thfactory

The most amazing day at @the14thfactory. You must go. This is an exact replica of the room from 2001: a Space Odyssey.



I think it went well. Happy 21st birthday mom. @shannonleetweedsimmons 📸 @briangove

People I can more or less tolerate. @alexessoe @erich_watkins_rhodes @dick__richie



Literally doesn't get better than this lady right here. I don't know what i would do without you. Someday you will bottle your blood and sell it as an anti-aging immortality potion, because at 60 you are more alive and vital than most of my friends in their twenties. You take absolutely no shit from anyone, and your voice never shakes when you speak the truth. If i end up with half your reservoir of integrity, i'll be an asset to the world. Love ya, birth giver, thanks for the whole life thing.

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