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"LFG™. Live for gram.™" -@scottlipps I dont know why i did this. i dont know how he convinced me. i have no excuse. im very sorry.

don't box in skinny jeans. @29rooms


🌸🌺🌸🌺 @29rooms


thanks for the amazing experience @29rooms @google.

Nick x2 about to drop the most fire xmas album of all time, "Saint Nick Sinner Nick" look for it fam

found a friend.

#thorragnarok @jeffgoldblum #thegrandmaster

beebs, cecil the lion, jared kushner, jon snow.

Jon Snow and Cecil the Dire Lion. #treats #trickortreats @treatsmag @absolutelyx

Apparently I know nothing. #jonsnow

#perrierjouet #artofthewild #gardenofwonders

Congratulations to @bigbaldhead and the entire @walkingdeadamc cast and crew on 100 episodes, and thanks for having me. #twdseason8 #twd #thewalkingdead


Cousins It. @gentlemonster #gentlemonsterla

@gentlemonster #gentlemonster

Things you find on hikes. 🎹🌱

In a very real way, you were responsible for my birth. My parents met for the first time in your front yard at one of your parties. You put both of them on your covers. You allowed us into your home and your family more times than i can count. The memory that stands out most is when i was turned away, one night while visiting your son, because i didn't know the particular guard on duty that night. I thought nothing of it--i was just some kid at the gate after all. But late that evening my parents' phone rang and my mother handed me the phone-- "it's for you." You called me, personally, to let me know that it was a mistake, that i was always welcome and that i was family--a totally unnecessary gesture. And a surreal experience to have Hugh hefner cold call your landline out of the blue. But that's who you are: a gentleman, in that classic, honor bound sense of the word. Someone who went out of his way for people when he didn't have to, in private and public life. Your activism for sex positivity, free speech, and more goes under-celebrated to this day. When my parents spoke to me of your friendship over the years, their eyes sparkled, in the same way mine do when i tell people about your wonderful sons Marston and Cooper, both of whom I was lucky enough to grow up beside. The countless people you've touched will all be sharing their memories of you, and your legacy will be secure--in the zeitgeist, but also in the hearts of those you have touched. You're the kind of man men aspire to emulate not only because you lived life to its hedonistic fullest, but more importantly because you were a good, decent man who lived by his principles. #hughhefner

by @jessicagabriellart based on Polaroid outtake from #nicepeopleonly by @janesmithagency @blahblahblanda

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