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Guys.....I can’t take it.....I want to eat him he’s so STINKIN CUTE!!!! #nephew #cute #baby #babyfever #family #aloha #waterbaby #hawaiianbaby #nugget

Thank you to the amazing cast of #beatleslove @cirquedusoleil for having me the other night. The show was INCREDIBLE ❤️❤️❤️

These kooks are exactly why we need common sense gun laws..... #Repost @vice with @get_repost ・・・ We meet Pastor Sean Moon and the believers of the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary—a church that has been accused of being a cult—to understand why they believe they need guns to build God's Kingdom on Earth. 📹 Watch the full video at the link in bio.

Can we all just take a minute with this one..... I can’t love this little nugget anymore. He’s getting so big!!!! #nephew #uncle #studmuffin #slick

#Repost @kamalaharris with @get_repost ・・・ Anthony Borges was the last Parkland survivor to leave the hospital after being shot while barricading a door to a classroom to protect other students. He was only 15. A new and powerful cover by @nymag. 📷: @michaelavedon

You guys....I was holding on for dear life #Repost @clistudios with @get_repost ・・・ On Tuesdays, we TURN!! Here’s a quick breakdown of how @nicklazzarini preps his pirouettes for success 👊🏽 #CLIStudios #TechniqueTuesday #pirouettes101 #quicktip #fullvideoonourappandsite #create #learn #inspire

Canada 1 US 0 #Repost @justinpjtrudeau with @get_repost ・・・ Starting next spring, it’ll no longer be free to pollute in Canada. We’re putting a price on pollution in provinces that don’t yet have a plan to fight climate change. Click the link in bio for more on our plan to cut pollution, grow the economy & create jobs. #EnvironmentEconomy

#Repost @thebiancadelrio with @get_repost ・・・ LET’S GET IT TOGETHER, AMERICA! ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️ VOTE!!!!! #transpeoplewillnotbeerased #votethesebastardsout

“Support for democracy” did you hear that AGENT ORANGE? #Repost @berniesanders ・・・ Why does Trump love dictators so much? The president makes it more and more clear with every authoritarian he meets that he not only admires them but wants to follow their lead.

More lies from AGENT ORANGE #Repost @berniesanders ・・・ Trump doesn't believe that universal health care works anywhere in the world. He should listen to what he said about Canada, Scotland and Australia. Every other major country on earth does it. Stop lying Mr. President.

No caption needed #impeachtrump #dragonenergy #whatthefuck #huh #couplegoals #vomit #dumptrump #vote

#Repost @berniesanders ・・・ Remember this when Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and their friends talk about how they want to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to balance the budget. The government ran a $779 billion deficit in FY2018, but it would have run a surplus of $156 billion if Republicans' "fiscal responsibility" strategy hadn't gotten us into two wars and given multiple rounds of tax breaks to rich people and massive corporations.

#Repost @silverhardtthegreat ・・・ The Mid Terms are Nov. 6th Please get out and Vote , Call Your Friends, Family get the word out ! Also be aware of many polling places that try to turn voters away so Please Read this and share it ! #MidTermElections #DontGetTurnedAway #VoteVoteVote

#Repost @kamalaharris ・・・ A new poll shows that if voter turnout is low on November 6, Republicans will hold on to the House by just one seat. This is why it’s so critical we talk to our friends, we talk to our neighbors, and we get everyone we know out to vote in 22 days to elect Democrats.

#Repost @kamalaharris ・・・ All this and more will be on the ballot November 6. What are you voting for?

This is so important. This article by agent orange was put out to deliberately lie to senior citizens about Medicare for all..... be present. #bewoke #wokeaf #Repost @berniesanders ・・・ Not only is Trump lying about Medicare for All. This president, who fought to throw 32 million Americans off of health insurance, is acting like he cares about health care for seniors or anyone else.

This pic makes my heart happy. I love how happy my dad looks in this pic. He’s gonna be a great grandpa cuz he was the best dad ❤️ #family #grandpa #finally #love

#Repost @elizabethwarren ・・・ We won't sit down. We won't shut up. November 6th is just 31 days away. Here we come.

#Repost @ourladyj

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