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Шведская певица, поэт, композитор и рэпер, дважды номинированная на премию Грэмми и MTV Europe Music Awards. Черри — это фамилия приёмного отца и просто звучный псевдоним.
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So excited to finally share my new single with you ❤️❤️❤️ Kong is an attempt at putting to words the ever growing disaster that is the displaced people of this world. The lyrics are trying to be personal and remembering the things that are easy to forget: the ordinary everyday lives, everyday loves, family, home left behind in deep pain trying to save life. Looking at the maps of Europe and the great West with all its promise of possibility....the lands that created all the misery in first place... Thank you @fourtetkieran & 3D (@massiveattackofficial) @smalltownsupersound @jennnkiru @karlieblacklabel @ibkamara ❤️ Link in bio

Tomorrow. Directed by the inspiring & divinely talented @jennnkiru

Kong. Produced by @fourtetkieran & 3D (@massiveattackofficial). Out Wednesday 01/08

Kong. Coming soon...


London, United Kingdom

Blessed divine thank yous to everyone involved in my residency on @nts_radio last month. Loved doing this together @robynkonichiwa @seinabosey @crackstevens @vanillasundaecocoasunset @thelastpoetsnyc @djpremier @ezracollective @kleinrus Denardo Coleman + Naima - and massive thanks to everyone who tuned in 💛💚💙 All the shows including the first one with @fourtetkieran are up now! Link in bio


It’s been an amazing month on @nts_radio! The last show of my residency is today. I’ve got interviews from the forefathers @thelastpoetsnyc and little sis @seinabosey who joined me from Sweden. London’s baddest @kleinrus will also be with me in the studio for the last hour. Don’t miss it! 2-4pm UK 🙌🏽✨

Exotic sin preparing for first performance...My daughter Naima & @kenichiiwasa project joined by Max Sterling at the closing of the amazing @lindersterling show yesterday. Huge space was given to Moki’s art...thank you! The tapestries looking divine... the music honouring Organic Music Theatre Don and Moki’s work together...so alive and well 🙏🏽🌈here and now...♥️touched my heart deeply xx and I got to sing a little ditty;)) xx #nottinghamcontemporary #mokicherry #doncherry

Listen back to show 3 on @nts_radio with @djpremier and #denardocoleman ✨ Also had @femiondrums & @tjonbass from @ezracollective in the studio playing me some sweet tunes from the new school. Pure love & family vibes ❤️💛💚 Link in bio

Tune in to show 3 now @nts_radio I’ll be joined in the studio by @ezracollective for the last hour. But first I met up with the best @djpremier and brother #denardocoleman in NY. Tune in! Until 4pm UK ❤️RIP GURU ❤️

Don’t miss show 3 of my residency on @nts_radio. This time I’m joined by @djpremier #denardocoleman & @ezracollective. Don’t miss out! 💙

Listen back to show 2. I talked to @robynkonichiwa about music and life and was joined by @crackstevens and @vanillasundaecocoasunset ... talking about projects we’ve all been working on, and making music with Dj Premier and Biggie a thousand years ago! We also played a bunch of much newer music ✨including @theinternet, @cos1ma, @slowthai, @asaprocky, @theuglygram, @abt.a.boy & @tierrawhack. Check it out! Link in my bio @nts_radio

It’s one year ago today since I woke up and saw black billowing smoke in the distance from my bedroom window....I feel full of tears and sorrow. This is a heavy day, all of my heart goes out to those grieving and affected by the fire.....Justice has to be done. We will never forget💚forever in our hearts💚

📸 @michaelleckie

Live now on @nts_radio with @robynkonichiwa! @crackstevens @vanillasundaecocoasunset joining soon. Tune in 👂2-4pm London time. Link in bio 🙏🏽

Watering xx

Episode 2 of my residency on @nts_radio is coming up this Tuesday. Joined by original souls @robynkonichiwa @crackstevens and @vanillasundaecocoasunset. Tune in! 💜


Shotgun Shack. Something new, more soon....❤️ @bbc6music #biggestweekend

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