Нене Черри


Шведская певица, поэт, композитор и рэпер, дважды номинированная на премию Грэмми и MTV Europe Music Awards. Черри — это фамилия приёмного отца и просто звучный псевдоним.
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Nr 10 in the U.K. nr 1 to me 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

11yrs old in Japan. Loved that jacket made me feel grown:-))

22 yrs today since Don moved on, still present, feel the love, feel the pain, 💙eternal now...xx

Tree... Somehow my travel outfit today ended up being all @moschino @itsjeremyscott seems like a good time to say big thank you for all the blessed gifts! Actually have something to wear! 💙xx bag fits all my shit:-))xx

Colours #malaga

This Sunday morning I'm giving thanx to my divine insanely beautiful daughters...my best work haha xx quite unusual to have a picture with all of us together! backstage at Mabel's gig other night 💕Takes my breath away💕💕@mabelmcvey @tysonmcvey

Napoli ❤️xx

Hmmm not so sure?! #naples

Loving my dear friend& sister out of law @sofiawemandesign jewellery...so talented! Wear my monkey necklace most days❤....see more sofiaweman.com xx

Big thank you from me and @crackstevens for all the generosity @chanelofficial & to all people dancing last night! One love ❤️xx pure glamour xx #naples

Serious tings...Naples we so fly ooh la la @chanelofficial party oooh my my better drop some tunes already xx

Heaven....❤on so many levels thank you Mabel xx

I'm heading over there later still on tomorrow too xx @somethingtohateon #frieze

Happy birthday Naima! @rubysound beautiful women✊🏾❤️xx #andi's

Tying the knot ❤️...Beautiful day! #eddiemonsoon #jaymaskrey

An exhibition taking place in Shoreditch for the next couple of days. Think it'll be cool to check it out, I'm going ❤✊🏾

💜💜💜#hassanhajjaj #somersethouse #contemporaryafricanartfair

Such amazing work! #hassanhajjaj #contemporaryafricanartfair #somersethouse Go!! Xx

Lovely taking part in Poly Styrene @iamaclichedoc meeting beautiful daughter @celestabella @culturegrazing @somethingtohateon so happy this film is being made! Xx

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