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Американская актриса перуанского происхождения, наиболее известная по роли Нилы в фильме «Тройной форсаж: Токийский Дрифт», Дэни Альварес в сериале ABC «Следствие по телу» и Грейс в сериале Lifetime «Нереально».
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Fritzi. Love of my life ❤️rescued from @ambercdoesmakeup's car engine... soul captured here by @lizgillz ❤️ #ijusthaveonequestion #areyoumommysboy? #matchesmydecor

🇲🇽Just donated to Topos Mexico (Mexican rescue brigade) via PayPal using the email in my bio. It takes a little patience as their site is down but your help is greatly needed and appreciated. Sending love and strength to all those affected by the earthquake. 🇲🇽

🔸dreamtime in sandstone 🔸#35mm

Icelandic brujería with @gene.vi.eve ✨

forgotten film #taos 🌵

Fjord feelings by @gene.vi.eve 🌸



A film capture from earlier this summer when @zach_roerig pulled our 1959 Yellowstone camper from Atlanta to Oregon for the @spiritweavers gathering #insupportofthefeminine #packedwaytoomanytoolstho

RIP to my underarm hair, lovingly cultivated over this last summer. You were a soft, sensual and comforting presence in my life and I will miss you. Thank you to @gene.vi.eve for capturing her final moments in a hotel bathroom in Iceland. Until I can grow u again! 💕

💅🏽 Cristal captured by @benjoarwas for @tvguidemagazine and @gettyentertainment at the #TCA2017 ⚡️ makeup: @nicolewalmsley / hair: @anthonyholguin ⚡️

Arkansas. Who knew? 🦎

Strictly Tropical! 🌴🌴🌴 by @lizgillz wearing @crescioni_ca

👽 #iceland #35mm 📸 @gene.vi.eve

Domingos 🔸Casa Perla 📸 by @lizgillz 🔸adornment: @crescioni_ca 🔸

Perched on a billabong 🌱📸 @travelswithnina #35mm

🌈🌈🌈 #35mm

Taos Pueblo

beauty and decay 🔸 Taos 🔸

get in line 💄 #cristalcarrington #dynasty

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