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Американская актриса перуанского происхождения, наиболее известная по роли Нилы в фильме «Тройной форсаж: Токийский Дрифт», Дэни Альварес в сериале ABC «Следствие по телу» и Грейс в сериале Lifetime «Нереально».
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Lush tropical dreamscape on #35mm @editionhotels

In this picture we are celebrating the day of @gene.vi.eve's birth by eating my homemade arroz con pollo in the park. Pic by @aishaschliessler #impossibleproject

The Miami Beach Edition

pre-soundbath vortex ⚡️🔮

A Miami Moment by @ahotellife courtesy of the @editionhotels and @yogaforbadpeople 🐬#35mm

Swamp dreams in 35mm 🐊

happiest of birthdays to my favorite G 😎 @gene.vi.eve ✨💘 #iloveyou #eventho #wedriveeachothercrazy

The Miami Beach Edition

Thank you @editionhotels miami and @yogaforbadpeople for an incredible weekend of sun, yoga, eating and dancing. It was just what my soul needed. I can't walk today from all the dancing and whatever that workout was yesterday but it's so worth it! 💕🌞🌴👙

My ray of sunshine, my beautiful friend - thank you for your kind heart and endless wisdom. Let's drink tea and cup each other for a very long time ❤️

Sup @gene.vi.eve 💕

30 years ago my mother immigrated to Australia from Peru looking for a better life for the both of us. As immigrants we were hard working, never taking our newfound opportunities for granted. 10 years ago I immigrated to the US but I can trace my ancestry to this continent long before Trump and his ancestors ever set foot here. What right does he or anyone else have to shut people out, people who are just looking for a better life - like his ancestors did before him? First we massacre and humiliate the indigenous people of this land to carve out a sanctuary for people fleeing religious persecution. Then hundreds of years later we shut our doors to the very people we built a country to protect?? Usually I'm much more eloquent but my stomach is in knots at the recent turn of events and this horrific treatment of our fellow human beings. Our borders are safe, our vetting process is just fine. Trust me, I've been grilled at the airport for hours because of the color of my skin. This is the most ridiculous, inefficient way of diffusing radicalism I've ever seen in my life. Oh the stupidity. #NObanNOwall

Enchanted forest walks in GA 🌲

hello 2017. 🤚🏽 i come in peace 🕊 by @yanayatsuk


✨ preview of magic to come ✨ by @jessmlowe

marbled landscape 🙏🏽 #hwy1 ⚡️

Feels like so long ago that I was living in Vancouver shooting UNREAL and @circa_1983 took me on an epic hike up Lone Pine Mountain. The cat in my arms (who I named Pikachu) lived with a family on the reservation, but followed me all the way up the mountain! I was enamored- and convinced that we had been friends in another lifetime. Here's to you @circa_1983 and pikachu. Thanks for the memories 💙


📸 @yanayatsuk

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