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Американская актриса перуанского происхождения, наиболее известная по роли Нилы в фильме «Тройной форсаж: Токийский Дрифт», Дэни Альварес в сериале ABC «Следствие по телу» и Грейс в сериале Lifetime «Нереально».
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Atlanta, Georgia

But are you ready?? 💅🏽 Wednesday night 🥂 9pm on @thecw 🍾

Check out my tan on Dynasty tomorrow! 9pm on the CW💦🌞 #unrelated

waterfall offerings with my sweet @stoneflowerhealing 💦🌿✨🙏🏽

My twin flame. My muse. My creative partner. 🌿 in our matching @lindseythornburg coats 🌿

song for you 🔹 link in bio 🔹 @rhye

@rhye new single out now 🔹link in bio 🔹 t-shirts feat @gene.vi.eve’s beautiful nude body also available on website #fangirl 🔹 thanks to dynasty hair and makeup who took 3 versions of this photo before i approved ;)

Cristal and Iris bringing the holiday cheer!! If you are not caught up on @cw_dynasty - binge watch it now on the CW app if you are in the states or on Netflix internationally. The next episode airs on the 17th ⭐️

We are bringing @secular_sabbath to Mexico City... Feb 3rd. Stay tuned 🌵⭐️ 35mm from Diego Rivera’s studio ⭐️ #cdmx

Song for You 🔹I have been a huge fan of @rhye’s music for a long time and so to collaborate with him and his lady (my gyal) @gene.vi.eve on his new music video was the manifestation of simultaneous dreams ✨🔹 thank you both for believing in me to capture the essence of your beautiful music. Thank you @staud.clothing for the blue velvet love... and thank you universe for bringing these two into my life. Here’s to many more adventures and many more nights all cuddled watching mk ultra documentaries ;) ✨🔹🙌🏽

My oldest and best friend @travelswithnina is on the most awe inspiring trip to Ethiopia. In addition to her stunning pictures - her meaningful insights are reminding me of the beauty and transformative nature of travel.... the wonder that still exists on this planet. Thank you Nina for your heart, your relentless curiosity and contagious joie de vivre... 🦋 also on a side note: she surprised her husband with this trip on his birthday. I mean how beautiful is that? @travelswithnina @peterwindrim you make me hopeful about love...❤️

The Boathouse Palm Beach

Missing my hometown 💔 🇦🇺 cc: @travelswithnina @peterwindrim ✨ wearing @tresnomad ✨

Elevator Factory

Last nights secret @secular_sabbath in Atlanta. For those of if you want to sign up to be on the mailing list please DM your email to @secular_sabbath. If you want to know more, swipe and check out the videos and the amazingness that is @rhye ✨✨ thank you @gene.vi.eve @elevatorfactory @sdurry @crswd @ekoh92 ✨

Feels so yummy to be back in my space. Also feels yummy to be draped in blue velvet.... courtesy of @staud.clothing 💙 📸 by my baby @gene.vi.eve

🙌🏽 @jenniferbehr you are amazing 🙌🏽 by @valheria123 💥💥

Balmoral Beach

Left fragments of my heart back in my hometown... if found, please return 💔 #heartsick #homesick but the show must go on... time to go back to my dream job 🎥👩🏽‍🎨🎞

Point Piper, New South Wales, Australia

Happy 2018 everybody!!! May your year be filled with as much love as my NYE was. As usual when I’m having the time of my life I forgot to take photos, but if we crossed paths that night thank you for your kindness and support. If we made out- it was unforgettable! @shannondesordre - you are my new best friend. I’m so happy we spent the first hours of 2018 together. I loved being decked out in head to toe @desordreboutique ❤️❤️ and @jordyburrows you are a legend ;) thank you for being my NYE partner in crime ❤️❤️ SYDNEY - my hometown! You have never been more spectacular. I can’t wait to be back here again.

Milk Beach

Ummm... remind me why i left home again? 🤔


One of the highlights of my time here was getting to play dress ups with @shannondesordre and @lauramay_ at @desordreboutique ✨ honestly my favorite boutique in the 🌎 Shannon I will be your dress up Barbie any day 🌹

Palm Beach Sydney

When you get the cove to yourself... #billsbay 🔹 @travelswithnina @peterwindrim THANK YOU for bringing me here!!!! I can go back to the states happy now 🇦🇺🐠🍾

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