Нэйтан Сайкс


Певец, родился 18 апреля 1993 года в Глостере, в Великобритании.
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‪This was taken late last night and I think it’s the perfect way to show how much food we ate!! Just wanted to say thank you for all of your lovely messages! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that those of you lucky enough to spend it with family had a day full of love!‬

Pre-dessert little sing song. Please excuse my Christmas bed hair

‪Off to watch @jesssykes1996 in Panto (oh no I’m not) ‬

Ok I know this isn’t the most interesting picture in the world but I thought it was cute and everything was really peaceful so here we are

I think she’s missed me over the last few weeks ‬

If you have asthma don’t forget your scarf! Wrapping it loosely around your nose and mouth can help prevent asthma attacks on days like today when it’s absolutely baltic! @asthmauk #scarfie #centralpark

‪Central Park, New York ‬

Excited for you tonight @sharondastur!! Here’s to you and here’s to @spitzermarc for always being the kindest (you too @rachelwood77)

‪Tomorrow will always bring the hope of something new ‬(unless you’re really content with life then the thought of something new would potentially be quite scary)

My resting unamused face 📷: @evapentel 👕: @jaredstylist 💁🏼‍♂️: @bryony_blake

Love this time of year

Loving this song - Only Wanna Be With You by @sammhenshaw

‪Average Saturday night ‬

Sunday blues - New York State Of Mind @billyjoel

Happy Sunday

Congrats on yet another win @anthony_joshua (no, he’s honestly not crouching, it’s just that I’m a lot bigger than people give me credit for (he’s a bloody nice guy as well))

Home will always be where my heart is

‪#tb to the time I got the opportunity to perform #MTYEK with some of the greatest musicians around for the amazing @littlekidsrock!! Full video on my twitter page if you want to see more!


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