Нэйтан Сайкс


Певец, родился 18 апреля 1993 года в Глостере, в Великобритании.
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Beauty and the Beast

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.” - RIP Stephen Hawking, it’s an honour to know we shared the same world in this incredible universe for a small matter of time

Happy #internationalwomensday to all of the incredible women but especially to 4 of the strongest women I know. The last few months have been beyond unimaginable but your strength has inspired me every single day. Thank you for allowing me to be in your lives (Mum, you don’t get much of a choice but you know what I mean)

Such an inspiring day at the @princestrust #PrincesTrustAwards!!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you from me and my family for all of your messages, thoughts, prayers and love that you have sent to us over the last few days. Can’t even begin to express how much it means to us. Anyway, here is a picture of me and Minnie on a walk earlier today before the snow that helped to clear my mind a bit!

My little cousin Jessica chose Valentines Day as her day to say goodbye and now every year on February 14th when we honour love, we will think of all of the love that we were honoured to have been given by her. I can’t begin to explain how inspiring, how strong, how funny and how kind Jessica was, and I’m so grateful that she gave me the pleasure of being part of her incredible seven years. I’m so proud to be able to call her my cousin and see her as a little sister and I will thank her every day for every memory and for changing the way I look at the world. After heart surgery when she was only 18 months old and going on to beat cancer twice, I have never known someone with so much dignity and never heard one complaint and I will never know a story so inspiring. She has touched the lives of so many people and will continue to do so through the help of her family. I’d thank everyone for everything they have done for Jess but if I’m honest it should be us thanking her for everything that she has done for us. I have never known pain like losing you Jess, but it brings me comfort in knowing that you are not in pain anymore. I will love you always.

My car for the next month! Thanks @jody_sportingtorquevip for sorting! @bmwuk

Here’s an outtake from the calendar shoot! Literally a couple of calendars left so if you haven’t got yourself one, you will find it on my merch page (if you want one (link in bio))

Don’t mind us ... Just me and @james_bryant8 with a couple of 9 week old English Setters

Don’t mind this picture, it’s just a subtle reminder that there are N|S phone cases for certain phones on my merch page

She always seems to know when I need a hug ...

‪This was taken late last night and I think it’s the perfect way to show how much food we ate!! Just wanted to say thank you for all of your lovely messages! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that those of you lucky enough to spend it with family had a day full of love!‬

Pre-dessert little sing song. Please excuse my Christmas bed hair

‪Off to watch @jesssykes1996 in Panto (oh no I’m not) ‬

Ok I know this isn’t the most interesting picture in the world but I thought it was cute and everything was really peaceful so here we are

I think she’s missed me over the last few weeks ‬

If you have asthma don’t forget your scarf! Wrapping it loosely around your nose and mouth can help prevent asthma attacks on days like today when it’s absolutely baltic! @asthmauk #scarfie #centralpark

‪Central Park, New York ‬

Excited for you tonight @sharondastur!! Here’s to you and here’s to @spitzermarc for always being the kindest (you too @rachelwood77)

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