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Певец, родился 18 апреля 1993 года в Глостере, в Великобритании.
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Got a disc for the most romantic song I've written so far on Valentine's Day. Cute. Thanks to everyone who has used it at weddings etc. Hope you're all still happy and in love

Been locked away in the studio recently! In the meantime, here's a #tb to #Famous

That face you make when someone is translating something you just said but you don't know if he's just making it up because you have trust issues

Awesome day in Paris!! 👕: @theory__

Awesome night at the #meltyfutureawards!! Hope you enjoyed my performance of #Famous!

Obligatory tourist boomerang

Still my favourite middle 8 @johnlegend #OrdinaryPeople

I did a 2017 calendar and this picture ended up being February. I mean, I probably should have posted this on the 1st ...

Had the most amazing day with this one at her and her sister Belle's 6th birthday party! This time last year, Jess was in ICU and didn't have enough breath to blow out the candles on her cake and to see her dancing with all of her new friends now that she has been allowed to start school fills me with so much pride and happiness. I know that sadly not every story has a happy ending but I'll be forever grateful that this one does. Happy birthday girls xx

The remixes of #TheresOnlyOneOfYou are on @iTunes and @spotify! Go check them out!

‪Here's the slightly longer version of #Starving by @haileesteinfeld from the other day!! Enjoy!

Had fun @capitalofficial last night catching up with @romankemp and talking about #TheresOnlyOneOfYou 👕: @davidnaman

Jammin' at home, thinking of a new cover ...

#tb to the #Famous video shoot!!



Focused af today. Meanwhile, here's another picture of me in a pool

Such a nice day by the pool yesterday

Smile, it's the weekend

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