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Open mics and open minds

Yes that's Elijah Wood. Sxsw was fun. #hereditary

Check out the article!!! Yay!!! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/alex-wolff-sets-cast-directorial-debut-cat-moon-1093877

Because I miss these two guys so much @skylergisondo_og @immanuelgant . I'm not crying YOU'RE crying. #thecatandthemoon


Final pic. Broken hand. What a time. #thecatandthemoon

When the goodbye gift from @skylergisondo_og is just too good. #threefavoritedrinks #favoriteperson #flowers #biggiesmallscard

I don't know how on earth this is my last day...but I will never forget every single second of this dream come true

Lost count but I think week three...?


Sempri fi crew

GO watch the trailer for #hereditary ! @a24

Next week...

Turnstyle Underground Market

This is absolute best frozen yogurt and mochi I've ever had. @16handlesxmochidoki at turnstyle underground market. Goooooooooo at the 57th and 8th near time warner. Ridiculous.

People are shitting themselves...@a24 #hereditary

Thanks @a24 (I'm the vertical one)

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