Американский рэпер, автор треков, продюсер и актёр. С 1994 года выпустил 11альбомов, среди которых 8 платиновых и мульти-платиновых альбомов общим тиражом более 25 миллионов экземпляров.
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The King Braveheart. MLK

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Them individuals

the guys ....

BACK 2 LIFE, BACK 2 HIPHOP... @BEP music video for BACK 2 HIPHOP, feat. yours truly, is out now on YouTube 🙌 #mastersofthesun

New York!!! Who’s ready for The Governor’s Ball? See u there ! Tix on sale now. Link in bio @govballnyc

¡salud! 🥂 some joy and laughter! Praying for Many Blessings for the WORLD!!

What’s better than two Billionaires? Three! ‘Specially if the 3rd one gonna be me!! Haaa

Happy New Year

the legends in leather

hip hop soul music

This was the Joint

While Democrats/Republicans/theGovernment/mayors and and policy makers was too busy to see us, even while our parents worked real hard to feed us. ..We found our own way! Outside. In the Big City. Young Blacks/Latinos/Whites/others ..We got together we were on the same spiritual wavelength having a good fuckin time. But what do i know? These was the days i tell ya.

King Tut’s grandmother Queen Tiye. This was not at the science museum but i love this sculpture. I gota go back to Egypt soon. On my Indiana Jones shhhh haaa i need to visit all historical spots around the globe. 🤓 😂

California Science Center, King Tut Exhibit

Wooden Guardian Statue Of The Ka of The King. King Tutankhamun’s Guardian statue buried in his grave site. #nightatthemuseum

The boy King was a serious hunter, his bows & arrow’s was buried with him. Tutankhamen #nightatthemuseum

Houssien Abdel Rasoul wearing one of King Tuts chains, discovered King Tutankhamen’s tomb site , he was 9 years old the same age as King Tut. That ain’t no coincidence! My Night At The Museum was a good time.

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