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Канадская певица из Торонто, Онтарио. Родилась в семье иммигратнов из Гайаны.
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We want shrimp. 💓xo

More Life 🌺 xo

These days... 💜 xo

...And now, for the outtakes 😂 #FlashForwardFriday xo • • • #Location x #ChangeTheRecord @thegr8khalid x @melaniefiona Check out my previous post or Click the link in my bio. 💜

New #FlashForwardFriday up... check my previous post or click the link in my bio. 💜 xo

#FlashForwardFriday "Location" x "Change the Record" Mashup 💜 @thegr8khalid x @melaniefiona. • • • Click link in bio for full video. 🎸: @the_klg #Location #ChangeTheRecord #Khalid #MelanieFiona

Boom Draw 🔥 #TBT #420 #NoCigaretteSmokingInMyRoom feat. Yours Truly xo • • • Happy Birthday @StephenMarley ✨ xo #MelanieFiona #StephenMarley

😘 & 😮 with @hellonecole xo

Happy #420 ya'll ✌🏾 xo

It's still #WokeWomenWednesday on the west coast... and I'm closing out with the ever radiating and uberly talented being that is @janellemonae 💜Evolved as an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress and model, there isn't anything this electric lady cannot do. When she's not advocating for women's rights ✊🏾, she's killing the stage with her signature look and a soul that broods deep in thoughtfulness and strength. She is trendsetting and inspiring to all those she meets... myself included. A true gem to know, it's been my pleasure to witness her much deserved success. Oh! Did I forget to mention she's a @covergirl as well??? Bars. 🏆 xo #WCW

👏🏾 One time for the #MarathonWoman Katherine Switzer on this #WokeWomenWednesday 💜 50 years ago she was physically attacked while running the #BostonMarathon, for being the first woman ever to participate in the legendary race. Now at age 70, 50 years later, she completed the 26 mile run this year. She is a pioneer in empowering women to be fit, bold, and to know that life and change are indeed not a sprint, but truly a marathon. 🏆 xo • • • Swipe to see some of Katherine's defining moments 👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾

This beautiful ball of light, is a teen activist, actress and all around amazing young woman. @yarashahidi kicks off today's #WokeWomenWednesday 💜. Poised with intelligence and and the soul of someone who has lived many lives, she is a total inspiration to young girls, encouraging them to embrace who they are and to fight for who they wish to become. Naturally, she made @essence #woke100 list, representing a movement of young women destined to change the world! Shine Yara, You are needed, You are magical. ✨ WCW xo • • • @chocolatemommyluv Congrats! You made an amazing human being. #PhenomenalWomenMakePhenomenalChildren xo

More Love. Always. 💜 #StudioFlow #AlbumMode xo

What a time, to be alive 💛 xo

💜👽💜 xo #StudioFlow

Always Thinking... 💜 xo

Adventures with Cam...👣 xo

Park Days... 🍃 xo

You know what they say... "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and post the outtakes" 😂 Link in the bio. 💜 New video post. Link in bio. Xo • • • "Land of the Free" @joeybadass x "Ay Yo" @melaniefiona #FlashForwardFriday #JoeyBadass #LandOfTheFree #MelanieFiona

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