Мелани Фиона


Канадская певица из Торонто, Онтарио. Родилась в семье иммигратнов из Гайаны.
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Mood. ✊🏾Stand/Sit/Kneel for something... or fall for anything. #Awake #TakeAKnee xo

All I do, is #RememberU 💜 Available now on all music platforms. Xo

Have U heard #RememberU ? Click the link in my bio 💜 Available Now! Xo

Remember U 💜Available Everywhere Now. Xo #RememberU

Part 2: You've got some nerve to be often thinking about me, #ForWhat You've got some nerve to tell everybody that wrong story, #ForWhat Maybe one day I'll get it right, I'll be the one, I'll say it tonight, Cause I can't continue to fail and let this heart be over, over whelmed by you... Cause baby... 💜 #NewMusic #RememberU #Tomorrow 9/22 • • • 🎥: @ziggazaggastudio

#TBT to the beginning... #TheBridge 💜 what's your favourite song of this joint? #xo

Waiting for Friday like... 💜 9.22.17 #NewMusic #RememberU xo • • • 📸: @ziggazaggastudio

PART 1: I can't, fall back in love again, You broke this simple heart, That used to beat for you my friend, And I say that you've got some nerve just to come back and say that you're sorry... #ForWhat You've got some nerve to break what I feel and play me now you're sorry... #ForWhat? • • • #RememberU 💜 9/22 xo 🎥: @ziggazaggastudio

Third Eye Tribe. ✨ xo

Long ting ... 🍯 xo

foreWord by #FelonyMiona 👊🏾 #ForWhat #RememberU xo • • • 🎥: @ziggazaggastudio

A rare sighting of #FelonyMiona preparing to drop bars like dove. "I spit hot fiyah... Dy Lan Dy Lan Dy Lan". 😂 That ish will NEVER get old to me. xo • • • Photography in the back by @ziggazaggastudio 🏆

#TBT to 6 months ago when Cameron refused to take his morning nap. So I did what any West Indian mother does... put on something with a reggae skank and tried to sing/dance/rock him to sleep. Song of choice: "Just Friends" by Amy Winehouse. By the end of this video, you'll see I lost the battle. 🤷🏾‍♀️ But at least I have this super cute video of us. Today, Cameron is officially a year and a half... and I STILL can't believe how fast the time is flying. In celebration of you both... #HappyBirthYearAndAHalfCameronLincoln #HappyBirthdayAmyWinehouse 💜#MotherhoodAndMusic xo • • • Shout out to the one and only @salaamremi on the production of this chune. 🏆 Let's work again soon.

...And then SHE came along, and I fell back in love with a voice and sonic that reminded me of my favourites... Sam Cooke, Patsy Cline... she would soon join that list among others who I could feel just by listening to them. A TRUE artist at her heart and soul, I celebrate you always. 💜#HappyBirthdayAmyWinehouse xo

The BIBLE. 🏆 19 years ago, this album debuted at #1, and changed my life forever. This album singlehandedly inspired me to believe that I could be as deep and musically diverse as I wanted to be. I mean... when you can open up your album with hip hop beats and bars like "it's funny how money changes situations"... and then by track 3 be crying on "Ex Factor", Lauryn Hill came to show the world that there would be no boundaries put on her creativity. Masterful to say the least, nothing compares to this body of work to this day. Salute Queen MLH. • • • What's your song? 💜 xo

In destress, not distress. 💜 xo • • • 📸: @ziggazaggastudio

Straight Outta Time Out. 👊🏾 @beatsbydre

enLighten Up. 🕉 xo • • • 📸: @ziggazaggastudio

Take a Cam to work day 🎧 @beatsbydre xo

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