Мелани Фиона


Канадская певица из Торонто, Онтарио. Родилась в семье иммигратнов из Гайаны.
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Charlotte, North Carolina

This is Marcus 💜 (I hope I spelled that right). He spotted your girl ordering some Mediterranean food and made it a point to come over and prove his trillness by validating that he is a “faithful follower on the gram”. One of his first questions was “Is the baby here?” 😍 I truly love meeting awesome, fun, cool as hell, genuine people... and I especially love personally inviting them to my shows. See you next week Marcus. #Orlando... you’re up next 🤘🏾 xo #LetLoveRuleTour #TheSingingNurse

Melanin-Lewinsky. 🌻🌻🌻 xo

The Fillmore Charlotte

At the altar.... ✨xo

Back in this thang... 💜 #LetLoveRuleTour • • • Song 🔊: “I Tried” by 💁🏾‍♀️ xo

Raleigh, North Carolina

Me: “hey” Her: “I love you” Me: “I love you too!” Her: “you don’t understand... every part of you... I love you” 💜 • • • I make a living, by living in my purpose. #TheSingingNurse. To be a vessel of love and light. Because that is what I have been given. This is my why. These are the moments. I am so grateful. Thank you #Raleigh. 🙏🏾💜🙏🏾 see you tonight #Charlotte #LetLoveRuleTour Xo

Raleigh, North Carolina

Tour Starts Today! 🔋🔋🔋 xo

Raleigh, North Carolina

I just went in to cop a new pair of kicks, and met this riot of a woman 😂 Making new friends in every city. I love these moments! See you tomorrow!! 💜💜💜 @ledisi @tweet #LetLoveRuleTour xo

🗣“I mean.... look at her socials... it just seems like she’s really into the “being a mom” thing... we’ll pass for now.” • • • Yup, that’s an actual quote. I have had people who once looked at me as a viable musical talent now treat me like damaged goods. For the record, I have never “stopped” doing music to become a mother. I made a choice to make a life... not just a living. In the last 3 years I have been able to be present in body and spirit through my pregnancy and the priceless first years of my son’s life... and I will NEVER regret that for anything or anyone... no matter who stops calling. My self-worth is not dependent on my social media presence, or what some statistical analyst says it is in comparison to fast traction and fleeting fanfare. My worth is in this picture.... and the way my son looks at me while I’m singing 💜. So for all you quote worthy assholes like the one I mentioned above... you’re absolutely one hundred thousand percent right... I REALLY AM into this “being a mom” thing. And when you see me shine brighter than I ever have before, we’ll both know that you had nothing to do with it. Thank you to those who have never stopped showing love. See you on tour.... 🤘🏾 xo #LiveInYourTruth #MotherhoodAndMusic

A mother’s love be like... 💜 xo #Introspectivus #TheSingingNurse

See you soon 🚀🚀🚀 #OnTour www.melaniefiona.com for Info. Xo

Dear Stress & Anxiety, ...Once again I feel you coming for me. I know what you look like even when it takes me a little while to recognize your new disguise... but I can always feel you. Even though I know you are no good for me, I somehow allow you to get the best of me... and my health has suffered for it. You’ve made my hair fall out, and my immune system turn on me. The worst part is, you tend to attack me at my most vulnerable points... working through the people I’m supposed to trust and depend on, play on my insecurities.... and even worse.... making me question ever wanting to do music again. I recognize that I am enabling you.... and I am working hard to stop that. But it’s REALLY hard... because I’m ruled by my emotions, and disappointment is a motherfucker. Our relationship is unhealthy... and I don’t have room for you in my life anymore. I only want to be surrounded by the things and people that fill my cup... not empty it. And although I recognize that life isn’t easy... I also believe it doesn’t need to be hard. I will have to stretch outside of my comfort zone and make tough decisions to outgrow you. You will never care more for my well being than I do... so moving forward, I have to be more dedicated to myself than ever. My well being is paramount. I’m over you. See you around. With Love...💜 #LiveInYourTruth xo • • • Thank you @ziggazaggastudio for always asking the important questions. #Introspectivus #TheSingingNurse

How I spend Mother’s Day, and pretty much every day... surrounded by mad LOVE, smiling with my whole heart... while trying to wrangle Cameron to take a decent picture. 😂🤷🏾‍♀️ who can relate??? #HappyMothersDay #EveryDayIsMothersDay xo

Tag a mom who deserves her props today and everyday!!! 💖 #EverydayIsMothersDay xo

You literally are the most beautifullest ever. The only thing more beautiful is the legacy you’ve created in your children and grandchildren. You are the glue that holds our entire family together. Every Day is for You. #EveryDayIsMothersDay. 💜💜💜 Love you Mama. Xo

17 days away.... 💜 #sanginasstour xo

💜 Meet & Greet Now Available 💜 • • • When the tour first announced a lot of people asked if there would be a meet and greet... so we made one... that I have personally tailored. You will not feel like a herd of cattle being shuttled around in an assembly line. I want this experience to feel like a family gathering... let’s sit, talk, vibe, make some new friends, take some photos... while we listen to some oldies and burn some incense. Sound good? Can’t wait to meet you. 💜 • • • Link in bio for passes. Xo

Did you get your tickets yet? Don’t sleep... #SanginAssTour xo • • May 24 – Raleigh, NC – Ritz May 25 – Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore May 27 – Orlando, FL – House of Blues May 29 – Greensboro, NC – Cone Denim Center May 30 – Greenville, SC – Peace Center PAC Jun 02 – Atlantic City, NJ – Borgata Resort & Spa Jun 03 – Montclair, NJ – Wellmont Theatre Jun 04 – Boston, MA – Wilbur Theatre Jun 06 – Cincinnati, OH – Taft Theatre Jun 07 – Detroit, MI – MotorCity Casino Jun 08 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues Jun 09 – Hammond, IN – Venue @ Horseshoe Casino Jun 10 – Kansas City, MO – Uptown Theatre Jun 13 – Nashville, TN – Schermerhorn Symphony Center Jun 14 – Memphis, TN – Minglewood Hall Jun 15 – Dallas, TX – House of Blues Jun 16- Houston, TX- House of Blues Jun 17 – San Antonio, TX – Aztec Theatre • • • Meet & Greet Packages Available now. Click the link in my bio 💜 xo

Waiting for this week’s trending topic shenanigans to be over like... 🖤 #SlaveryIsNotAChoice xo • • • 📸: @ziggazaggastudio

Recognize when something special comes along. Respect when a true artist stays true to who they are....When they take risks to make other people pay attention... to spread a message and not a gimmick. When they take their time to craft a project of quality and integrity. Recognize the amazing @janellemonae. This album is so well thought, produced and executed. I haven’t been inspired by something/someone in music like this for a while.... thanks sis. Keep shining 💖🤘🏾 #DirtyComputer #WCW #BlackGirlMagic xo

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