Мелани Фиона


Канадская певица из Торонто, Онтарио. Родилась в семье иммигратнов из Гайаны.
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Worth While. 💜 #Tribe xo

Millennium Park

Summertime Chi 😍 #Chicago xo

When your BFF texts you a "picture of a picture", to remind you that once upon a time...brown lip liner and Vaseline was your lipstick of choice 😂😂😂 #SchoolDays #Freshman #TBT xo

🤘🏾CANCER ♋️ SEASON 🤘🏾 #Stonesism xo

Just in case you've been sleeping... 💡#Awake. Thank you @trevornoah @thedailyshow xo

No Conviction 😤 we've all seen the photos, the videos, the eye witness accounts... and still, the system continues to disregard the lives of black people to excuse the murderous actions of fear driven, ignorant police officers. And today, in the recent case of #PhilandoCastile, the police have the audacity to release new footage that further proves how the officers unwarranted and hasty actions, resulted in fatally shooting that man in front of his child. What a fucking coward. To the deciding powers that be, including every juror who turned a blind eye and voted against justice, I wish you luck. Your guilty conscious and due karma is by far a greater burden than death. 👊🏾 xo #NoJusticeNoPeace

After 10 days of traveling, 8 hour day rehearsals, countless hours of show prep, creative input, 3am studio sessions, wardrobe fittings, FaceTime parenting, Birthday/Fathers Day planning, all leading up to an hour long performance... in the rain 🤧... Cameron let me sleep in today, and put this 👑on my head. Thanks for the reminder Cam.... ATTENTION ALL MOMS: You're a BOSS... You're a QUEEN...even in your sleep. 💜 Take that crown off for no one. 👊🏾 #CurrentMood #MotherHood #MomLifeMonday xo

You are more than I could ever have dreamed of for our son. Thank you for loving us the way you do. 💜 Happy Fathers Day @jaredcotter xo

Father. Grandad. Husband. Hero. 💜Happy Fathers Day Daddy. Xo

My Dear Gemini, Always in your head... Always in my heart. 💜 Happy Birthday My Love @jaredcotter . Xo

Milly who?? We "Gully Rock" around here 💃🏽 @tanishascott xo

It's fun doing what you love ❤️ @tanishascott xo

She got the moves... 🏆 @tanishascott xo

Shall we dance? 💙xo

Adult-ing is hard 😝xo

Mommy-ing. 💜 #FunFact the last time I wore this dress I was 1000 months pregnant at my baby shower... sporting the massive basketball look 🤰🏾🏀(swipe for the reminder). Celebrate the small victories ladies... like repurposing your wardrobe. 👌🏾 #MomLifeMonday xo

Camelback East, Phoenix

... For when you reach the top, the uphill climb will be worth it 💜 xo

Camelback East, Phoenix

Keep Going... 🌵🌵🌵 xo

Phoenix, Arizona

Peace from Krypton ✌🏾 xo

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