Мелани Фиона


Канадская певица из Торонто, Онтарио. Родилась в семье иммигратнов из Гайаны.
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Recharging....🔌🔌🔌 xo

Thank you for this @britneyrenee__ 💜👑💜 super dope. Xo #FanArt

Had the pleasure of checking out the #DarknessAndLightTour this week. What an amazing show! @JohnLegend continues to be one of the truest and most consistent voices live. It's been my honor to collab with you over the years... Much L.O.V.E. and Appreciation. 💜 Feeling inspired.... #Glory xo

Going ⬆️ or Going ⬇️? xo

Drawn to the Light ✨ xo

On this weeks outtakes, we have cameos from La Croix sparkling beverages, the evil eye baby, and "no dinner rolls" 😂😂😂 Enjoy xo #FlashForwardFriday 🎸: @the_klg • • • Link in bio for full video or see previous posts.

Part 2: "Guillotine x Give It To Me Right" 💜 @jonbellion x @melaniefiona #FlashForwardFriday • • • I had to repost cause the original file wasn't working. I had no idea till this morning 😒see previous video for Part 1 🎸: @the_klg

Part 1: #FlashForwardFriday "Guillotine x Give It To Me Right" 💜 @jonbellion x @melaniefiona xo • • • 🎸: @theklg See next video for Part 2

Phoenix, Arizona

It only took one random jam session, and some jokes over chocolate and red wine for me to know this girl here is a real one. 🏆Wishing you an amazing rest of tour... you were killing last night. 💜 @natashabedingfield #WokeWomenWednesday #wcw xo

Shinin', shinin' shinin', shinin' yeah.... all of this winnin' ✨✨✨#bmw xo

Celebrating The Great One, with some Great Ones. ✨💜✨Happy Birthday Stevie xo

Much like parenting, you don't always get it right on the first try 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 Enjoy the blooper reel #HappyMothersDay • • • Click the link in bio or see previous post for the full video.

💜We wrote a lullaby for Cameron... Dedicated to every child who's mother's love, knows no end 💜 #HappyMothersDay xo • • • 🎸: @the_klg

When I was 7 months pregnant, @JaredCotter and I wrote this lullaby for Cameron. We wanted to simply and sweetly capture how we anticipated loving and protecting him... before we had even met him. Now that he's here, that feeling has infinitely multiplied. My love as his mother, knows no end. We hope you enjoy "Here For You (Cameron's Song)" 💜 #HappyMothersDay • • • Click the Link in bio for the full video. 🎸: @the_klg

If it doesn't look, feel, or inspire like this, I don't want it 💜 #Love #FridaKahlo #FridayFeels xo • • • #repost @santaisla

Shhhleepy ✨😌✨ xo

Vocal warmups, with Nina in the back 💜 #momlifemonday xo

And now, it's time for the outtakes. 😂 Check out my last posts for the full video. #FlashForwardFriday xo • • • 🎸: @the_klg

Songs about LOVE 💜 #FlashForwardFriday "Jealous" x "Wrong Side of A Love Song" @Labrinth x @MelanieFiona xo • • • Check previous post or click link in bio. 🎸: @the_klg

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