Мелани Фиона


Канадская певица из Торонто, Онтарио. Родилась в семье иммигратнов из Гайаны.
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Mom. 💜 xo 📸: @ziggazaggastudio

#TBT to 2012. 💜 #4am #TheMFLife and @wolfjames playing the perfect boyfriend who got the bad wrap lol. @iamricolove @rivetingentertainment xo • • • Repost @1derocka

Los Angeles, California

THIS Love. 💜 It’s no wonder you were born on #PiDay... You are infinite and unique in every way. Happy 2nd Birthday to the heart outside my chest, 👑 Cameron Lincoln Cotter. Xo

Issa Sangin’ Ass Tour. 👑💜👑💜👑 Can’t wait to hit the road with these lovelies @ledisi @tweet_ xo


F-E-M-I-N-I-S-T 💜 Happy #InternationalWomensDay xo


The art of learning from your mistakes... 💜 #introspectivus #TheSingingNurse • • • Interview by: @ziggazaggastudio xo

“No cigarette smoking in my room...” 💜 xo

It’s easy for me to see the beauty in others. I am not shy of paying someone a compliment where one is due. But for some reason, my knee jerk reaction to this question was “uuuuhhgh!!! 🤪” TRANSLATION: “Like what Reesee? You want me to compliment myself?? Why?!?!” But.. why not? I have often been called out for being “too humble” when it comes to receiving a compliment... They say I get awkward and make some witty humorous response to deflect the attention. And I never believed it until now. It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself when you take the time to pay attention to yourself. And it’s even more interesting that I never really gave much thought to what I find beautiful about my face. But had she asked me what my least favorite feature was, the answer would’ve come spilling out before she could finish the question. It’s so easy to put ourselves down... easy to criticize and critique all the things we wish we could “fix” about our bodies. So I encourage you (& me) to CELEBRATE yourself more. COMPLIMENT yourself more. LOVE YOURSELF MORE. 🍪🍪🍪 • • • What is your favorite part of your face? Comment below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾💜 @ziggazaggastudio #Introspectivus #TheSingingNurse xo

Toronto, Ontario

When being a TomBoy is Life : Loves to dress like a 👦🏾 . gets🤰🏾has a 👦🏾 . Continues to dress like a 👦🏾 xo

“This Time” feat. @realcoleworld 💜 #TBT #2012 #TheMFLife xo • • • One of my fav joints off this album. Cole came straight off of a dumb 20 hour flight from South Africa to shoot this video with me. Jet lagged and exhausted... he still showed up for your girl. So blessed to collab with a real one. Magic captured forever in time... xo @rivetingentertainment Thanks fo @1derocka for the dope video clip

Toronto, Ontario

#MotherhoodAndMusic Be Like... 💜 xo

New York, New York

Vintage Feels. 🤘🏾 xo

What’s my favorite word?!?!?!????🤘🏾xo #Melamemes

New York, New York

A 1 Day 1’s. 💜 xo

Smiling on the inside. 💜 xo

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