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Ocean City, Maryland

Family Vacation 2018 #ocmd #happiness

Brooklyn Fire Proof

SEAFOOD PAELLA #yum #getinmybelly #workflow #foodstylist #werk

Fire Island Pines, New York

Morning Glow #balloons #dawn #fireislandpines #fip #happiness

Fire Island Pines, New York

ROSE TINT MY WORLD #myboys #missingmatt #boysweekend #mondayblues #takemeback #mcm #visorswag

New York, New York

All American #applepie #summertime #ilovepie

Fire Island Pines, New York

Pink Pines Ladies #fireisland #getaway #boysweekend @javipee @victorborbolla @traviswall

Chula Vista, California

Today my family and I celebrated the beautiful life of my dear sweet Grammy or “Champagne Annie” as we called her. I said goodbye to my buddy, my 70 lb juggernaut. Grammy was the foundation of our family always ready to celebrate the smallest moments of life and the grandest moments. That bright big smile and that big beehive would stop anyone in their tracks. I love you forever Grammy. Today you are finally with your husband of 67 years. Today you are reunited with your entire family, watching over us. Yellow roses were one of your favorites, and today we were showered with a gorgeous bright sunshine and lots and lots of your beloved yellow roses. Until we meet again my dearest love. I will miss you beyond measure.

STARTING THE JULY FOURTH HOLIDAY OFF RIGHT! ✨🇺🇸❤️💙 #shortribsliders #guacamole #pigsinablanket #feedme #hungry #merica #happyfourth

The sun is shining inside and out. #thankful #nyc #apt #sunflowers #sanctuary #happiness

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I lost my Grandmother this week at the beautifully young age of 93. Two months ago we lost my grandfather at 92. They both were so full of life and love. One foundational way we always said we loved each other was through food. My grandfather was a Navy Chef in the Second World War. And my Grandmother was a lovely cook. Today I remember them both by making a homemade turkey pot pie and crust (all left overs but that was always the best way!). My Grammy would have picked out all of the vegetables but man she would have loved this one. Here’s to you Grammy and Pop Pop. . How do you remember your loved ones? #love #remembrance #foodforthesoul #missingyou #alwaysinmyheart #grandson #turkeypotpie

Broadway Bares: Game Night at Hammerstein Ballroom

Is there a CLOUD 11? Cuz I’m on it...😭 The amount of absolute intimidation, self doubt, and fear that bubbled up during these past few weeks leading up to Broadway Bares was palpable. But these INSANELY STRONG, TALENTED, GORGEOUS, POWERFUL women lifted me, supported me, guided me. And in the end we lifted each other to heights we never knew were possible. I’m am beyond humbled to have been apart of the ALL GIRLS, I SLAY, WITH MY MUTHAF#CKIN HEELS ON NUMBER. Together we made #womenempowerment insanely hot and incredibly powerful and made it very load and clear that dominant women are wildly sexy. I couldn’t be more proud of this women and of when was created. Thank you @oliviacipolla for always trusting me and being ever so patient with my process. @arianadebose you have rocked me to the core. I adore you beyond. @nkenkel @layabarak and Aaron words can’t describe how much I appreciate the chance you gave me again after 6 years. I will never ever forget it.

Broadway Bares: Game Night at Hammerstein Ballroom

What a SUCCESS Broadway Bares was!! #broadwaybares #tiemedown #dirtydirty #stripathon . Together We collectively raised over 1.8 MILLION DOLLARS for this year’s Broadway Bares. I cannot tell you the amount of gratitude, love, emotions I have for each and every person who donated, volunteered their time and talents or performed in the show. I am humbled by the out-pouring of love and support. We f#cking DID IT!!!! @arianadebose @oliviacipolla @nkenkel

New York, New York

Guys I’m selling these roses to help save lives! #broadwaybares @bcefa . . It’s the Final PUSH! we had our first run thru today and this show is going to be FIRE. PLEASE HELP ME REACH MY GOAL! I moved with so much emotion with all my family and friends that have donated to this beautiful charity. BCEFA sends millions of dollars all over this country and world to people in all kinds of needs from healthcare, food, supplies, support. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

New York, New York

ITS THE FINAL PUSH! THINGS ARE GETTING STEAMY!!! #broadwaybares #stripathon #videodames #everydollarcounts #pleasedonate @bcefa 📸: @dusterzdeux . . Be a hero! Save a life! Support a family in need! We have ONE MORE DAY TO DONATE!!! Help me reach my goal!! I’m GETTING NAKED FOR A GOOD CAUSE 😏🙋🏻‍♂️💗. Link is in my Bio!!

New York, New York

THURSDAY #thot #bcefa #stripathon #broadwaybares #charity #proud #thisis35 #sorrynotsorry 📸: @dusterzdeux . . I’M HALFWAY TO MY GOAL! ITS GETTING DOWN TO THE WIRE. Please help me to the finish line! It’s crunch time people! 10 days until showtime!!! LINK IN MY BIO 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

New York, New York

STRIPPED: AND HALF WAY TO MY GOAL! #broadwaybares #stripathon #bcefa #thankful #everydollarcounts . . . Some fun shots coming up! Please help me have the guts to post them! 🙈 and take two minutes to donate to the beautiful cause. It means so very much to me and the thousands of people this money services.

New York, New York

Feeling all warm and fuzzy today... (literally very fuzzy these days) why do you ask?? I’m just so thankful for all the beautiful friends and family who have supported my journey towards this year’s Broadway Bares. It’s honestly such an important charity to me and has been for years. I’m also just so thankful that I was able to come back and participate again. I adore the broadway community and the tireless efforts they put forth to put on such a gorgeously hot sexy and super fun show. I’m thankful for all the hero’s who have donated to my page.... Please visit my donation page linked in my bio. One dollar makes a difference. Every cent counts and changes the lives of many many people around the country and around the world. #broadwaybares #gamenight #fullout

Manhattan, New York

DIVING BACK IN! It’s been 6 years....! But I’ve OFFICIALLY decided to take off all my clothes again for my favorite Charity event of the year. BROADWAY BARES: GAME NIGHT! And so it begins! Please help me in my BARES journey and donate to my page and this beautiful charity that I hold so close to my heart. Please visit my link in bio. 😍 I promise you will begin to see more skin as the donations roll in!!! #broadwaybares #gamenight

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan

A little heat thrown your way #tbt #smize #smolder #holdingupthatwall

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