Эванна Линч


Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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Thank you to the awesome duo of @cloochy on makeup and @pauldaveyhair doing hair for getting me ready for an interview today using 100% cruelty free products 😀 I am always nervous to ask professional hair and makeup artists to work within these restrictions but Christine and Paul took to the challenge with relish and proved it’s not a ludicrous task! The beauty industry is listening and changing, we just have to keep asking! Brands used for hair: @natulique and makeup: @drunkelephant @vitaliberata @coverfx @hourglasscosmetics @hudabeauty @kevynaucoin Brushes by @urmakeup @cozzettebeauty

It’s soooo cold in England but on the bright side it’s the perfect weather to a be a stupendously fluffy Puff. 😽😛 #catsofinstagram #LilPuff

It’s been 3 months since I cuddled a cat 😻 Puff knows this and is afraid. I can feel my powers returning. #catlady4life #LilPuff #reunion #happytears

Getting so excited about @kinderbeautybox as we’ve been testing all the samples and learning about so many amazing cruelty free products 😍 I am kind of stunned by how many ethically conscious and committed brands there are out there that are just not mainstream yet. I can’t wait to help more people revamp their beauty routine and kit to be completely free from animal tested products. To answer a few of your q’s... 💄 The box will ship in mid January and will have $60 worth of beauty products! Subscriptions start at $20 per month. 💋Shipping is free within the US and $2.95 to ship to the UK or Ireland. 🐇 A portion of each box will go to charity. For January, donations will go to the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation to help the wild animals who have been affected by the fires in California. If you have any other questions head over to @kinderbeautybox where all things kind and beautiful are going down. 💗💕 THANK YOU all who have supported this venture so far, we are so excited to get these boxes out there!! #kinderbeautybox #KinderBeauty #crueltyfree #vegan #crueltyfreebeauty

Proud to wear my @WeAreLumos @FantasticBeastsMovie pin badge. All proceeds go to Lumos, helping children out of institutions, and into loving homes. You can order yours today from the link in my bio 🙂 #wearelumos #wandsready

And to my partner in crime and dance of the past few months @keo_motsepe, who must be so sick of my gushing about him on this damn show, thank you for being the BEST teacher/partner/coach I could have wished for. We were labeled as underdogs from quite early on which, hilariously, I was completely oblivious to at first because you always made me feel like we were hot shit!! I knew when I met you that I’d have to get on your level, and your teaching, patience, strength and creativity inspired me to do that. You taught me the work ethic of doing things ‘step by step’, not obsessing over past mistakes or borrowing anxiety from future challenges and that’s how we got to the finale. I was so sad that I didn’t win you your first mirrorball but that is just my ego talking and I have no doubt you will win in the very near future because you are a FORCE and people better be ready!! I am jealous of your future dance partner who wins but I learned what I needed to from this chapter and I will be campaigning the loudest for your future wins/s!! Also, I am so happy for @mrbobbybones and @sharnaburgess for winning as they have inspired so many people with their hard work and positivity. Bobby always took the time to chat with me and say kind things about our dances, during the shows which is hard to do when you are riddled with nerves about performing. It’s very easy to become self absorbed when in the spotlight and Bobby never does. I also got to see during our team dance how bloody hard he works to get every little step. Many of the other contestants picked up steps much quicker and I remember being stunned to see the sweat pouring off him as he strained to learn a few simple steps of our team dance. That kind of determination to work on something that doesn’t come naturally is really brave and inspiring and your win was hard earned and you should be so proud @mrbobbybones and @sharnaburgess of what you accomplished and of the awesome people you are. ❤️ #dancingwiththestars #TeamKevanna #TeamKevannaout

Some photos from my favourite day ever! Not going to lie, I’ve spent the past couple days intermittently weeping and staring into space 😅 This journey started back in early September and every day since then has been so rigorous, intense and joyous without letting up and I’ve loved every minute. Even when it was hard and I struggled, I always felt there was no place I’d rather be. I am so grateful to @dancingabc for letting me be part of this amazing family and the world of dance. And SO grateful to you all who supported and encouraged me to keep going and working hard. When I signed up I wasn’t worried about the dancing but I knew it would be a struggle to stand out and get votes when I am naturally an observer and an introvert. I have wished and tried so many times to be more outgoing and extroverted, but ultimately I’m bad at not being me and I always end up drained and confused hiding in a corner when I try and contort my personality into something else. This show, I had to just focus on the work and hope our dances would express the things words couldn’t and that enough people would connect to keep us there. Well, we made it to the finale and had every opportunity to dance, and you have all reminded me to embrace who I am and spend more time investing in my work and my passions than in my fear and self doubt. I am feeling all melancholy and reflective today hence the confessional tone but rest assured this show has helped me rediscover my inner fire and passion and I’ll continue to tap into that in all my work going forward. Thanks for that most important reminder and thank you for following along this journey and I don’t know how to end this melodramatic piece without sounding like I’m about to get on a spaceship and depart this earth so happy thanksgiving y’all. 🙏🏻❤️ #dancingwiththestars #grateful #TeamKevanna #emotions

Last chance to vote for Team Kevanna! I loved getting another whirl of our tango and unleashing the not-so-inner cat lady again 😼 Live voting is happening NOW and ends shortly before this show ends 10pm ET/ 7pm PT so now is the time to vote!! 🙀😺 To vote for Keo and I to win, go to the link in my bio or https://dwtsvote.abc.go.com where you can vote 5x times. Phone votes don’t count tonight!! We appreciate every one of you supporting us and voting; your encouragement and love has spurred us on the whole way through and I’m SO excited to share one last dance with Keo on this stage! Freestyle dance coming up! #TeamKevanna #dancingwiththestars

Last rehearsal ever 😭😭😭 Ready to show the world our freestyle dance but not ready for it to be Team Kevanna’s last dance 😢 It’s been a dream experience from start to finish and I’m SO grateful to you all for voting us in til the end. Let’s go finale!! #TeamKevanna #dancingwiththestars

💃🏼Important voting information for Monday! 🕺🏿 We are in the finale and we are doing everything we can to win but it is all up to you people!! 🙏🏻The main thing you need to know to vote is that it’s an ONLINE VOTE ONLY for the duration of the show. Phone votes will not count so you have to register for an abc account (for free) and then you can vote 5x times for us. ⭐️The online-only window for Last Chance Voting opens at the top of Monday's live finale (8p ET / 7p CT / 5p PT). It will close a few minutes after the final competitive freestyle dance of the night. ⭐️Voting is open only during the initial live broadcast in the ET/CT time zones and not during subsequent broadcasts on the west coast. ⭐️So please if you intend to vote for us on Monday sign up now at the link in my bio so you’re ready for and won’t have to do that fiddling during the show! This is the last push and we are determined! We are so so SO grateful to be here, thanks to your love, constant positivity and votes!! Thank you for supporting our journey 💗 can’t wait to show you our freestyle dance on Monday! #TeamKevanna #dancingwiththestars #KeoMotsepe #evannalynch #dwtsfinale #letsdothis

It’s Oh So Quiet... 🤫 #TeamKevanna #dancingwiththestars #Bjork #Kevanna

Wooo happy launch day to mine and @daniellamonet’s new project aka @kinderbeautybox! 💄😍Please follow us on instagram and you can subscribe to Kinder Beauty at the link in my bio :) I am very excited to share that our cruelty free + vegan beauty subscription box project has been born, and our mission to spread more awareness about animal testing and to highlight cruelty free brands has begun! Daniella and I are both passionate animal rights advocates and ethically minded vegans, so animal rights come first in anything we put our names to. We are also classy + sassy ladies who like to look good and we don’t believe animal abuse and exploitation should be tolerated in the beauty industry. That said, figuring out which products are vegan AND cruelty free can be such an epic mission and seems like an awful lot of studious research to put into tracking down a decent highlighter 🤨📖 So we are here to do that work for you and help you learn about and try cruelty free and vegan beauty products every month so that you won’t have to worry about using anything that has been tested on animals 👍🏻 Sign up for our January box at the link in my bio, and use my code ‘EVY’ to get a free gift 🎁🤓 also yes, homegirl did do her own hair and makeup for this photoshoot using all CF/vegan products so you know I got you when it comes to vegan beauty 🙂 #KinderBeauty #KinderBeautyBox #vegan #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #veganbeauty #evannalynch #daniellamonet

We’re in the finals!! 🤭😳 Thanks to you wonderful people who’ve been voting for us! But all of it begins and ends with this beautiful person and incredible coach @keo_motsepe who has crafted and guided this experience to where we are now! The past few weeks people have been telling me I’ve changed and transformed and they are great compliments but I find myself puzzled when I go home and contemplate the feedback as I don’t feel very different within myself from when I started. I feel like I’ve always been this person that people are seeing now through our dances HOWEVER I know that I’ve struggled to be that in public and around other people. I know who I am but I can’t help but shrink when I go outside and encounter other bright, bold people, and I tend to save my true self for people I know and trust. So while I don’t feel like I’ve ‘changed’ in the way a lot of people are identifying I know that for the first time in public I’ve managed to be my full self and I could only do that because Keo saw who I am and created the space to be that. Without someone so fiercely positive, generous, caring and intuitive I wouldn’t have been able to trust enough to let go. I would have continued playing sweet and agreeable and mild and kept my fire burning in secret. What has been ‘transformative’ is having a powerful, talented person fully invest his faith in me. My therapist told me something at the start of this season when I was worried about being too quiet and introverted to do a reality tv show, about not being impressive enough; she said ‘real charisma is holding space for other people to shine’. I have been trying to practice that but honestly nobody lives that philosophy more emphatically and more genuinely every day than this stellar, strong and super sensitive chap from South Africa who pssssst by the way does not have a mirrorball yet!! Thanks for being a dream partner @keo_motsepe, let’s go rehearse 😀

Danced for my friend Simon Fitzmaurice tonight! Thank you @dancingabc for letting me share his story and dedicate our contemporary dance to him and thank you, you brilliant genius @keo_motsepe for creating a dance that Simon would have loved. I wish you could have been there, Si! Simon was an incredibly talented writer/director who had many more stories in him than he got the time to tell so if his story spoke to you please look up My Name Is Emily and It’s Not Yet Dark to connect with him. And please vote #TeamKevanna tonight to win the mirrorball, we are dreaming and working hard and it would mean so much 😍🙏🏻 Call the toll free number 1-800-868-3405 or vote online at https://dwtsvote.abc.go.com/ Thank you for supporting us and getting us this far! #TeamKevanna #dancingwiththestars #contemporary

Let’s do this, partner! @keo_motsepe It’s the semi finals tonight on @dancingabc, will you be watching?! #TeamKevanna #dancingwiththestars

Here I am being a third wheel to Keo and Len’s beautiful partnership. Honestly, @keo_motsepe looks at Len the way I look at cats. 😁 Also, I can’t wait to redo our foxtrot on Monday and redeem ourselves from that 5 after Len’s coaching! We have two dances, contemporary and foxtrot and I love them both so much 😍 #TeamKevanna #mancrush #thirdwheel #dancingwiththestars

Wait, why can’t every week be Team Dance week? 😢 I miss #TeamHayNow #9to5 #dancingwiththestars

Right before we danced I did a meditation on visualizing our dance and getting great scores and I put the vision in a pink bubble and yo magic is real cos it worked!! Thank you to my amazing partner @keo_motsepe aka King of rumba and also to @carlypearce for letting us dance to her beautiful song. To vote for us please call 1-800-868-3405 or vote at the link in my bio! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement 💗 #TeamKevanna #countrynight #dancingwiththestars

I promise these are not our rumba outfits 🤠🤠🤠 Tune in to @dancingabc tonight for Country Night! And please keep voting for #TeamKevanna! #dancingwiththestars #Rumba

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