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Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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If you are looking for a cruelty free vegan alternative to designer handbags I urge you to check out @angelaroi and her beautiful bags, like this one! 👏🏻 One of the best things I did in 2016 was purge my closet of leather bags and shoes, but as someone who does not like to miss out on the fancy things in life I'm always thrilled to discover new vegan fashion brands. If you are transitioning to a cruelty-free wardrobe these bags are totally worth the investment. Beautiful, classy and this style could fit a fully grown Puff if only she would indulge my cat-toting goals... 🙄 #AngelaRoi #veganfashion #veganbags #genuinelynotleather

Soooo cute, thank you @lingvistov ! #LilPuff

"Hey Mr.Cat, wanna overthrow the human race with me and reinstate cats as supreme rulers of the universe?" 😼

Eeeeee thank you @officialandel for finding the fun in every moment and spreading it all over the place 👈🏻✨😆

Absolutely in love with this Luna fan art by @limetown . To me it captures her soul - her dreaminess, whimsy, curiosity, serenity and depth. It just feels like her. Thank you to the couple at @limetown who gave me this picture and shared their process - two artists who met at art school and now merge their styles, drawing and painting together to create these magical images! I am putting this one on my wall 🌻💕 Thank you everyone I met at @ccxpoficial this weekend. São Paulo has been amazing! Thank you for your presence and all the sweet notes, art and love you shared. Kinda obsessed with Brazil now 🇧🇷 💗

@officialandel improving the artwork 💕✨💐🎨🌈

Having so much fun with @officialandel in São Paulo! Can't wait to meet some of you guys tomorrow at ComicCon! @daydream_br @ccxpoficial

Baby floof and I just moved to London! ☕️ Ready for our next adventure 👱🏻‍♀️😼🇬🇧 super grateful to my amazing dad, my @thelizzieliz, Pet Express and British Airways for helping to get her safely here, albeit smelling strongly of her own pee. I could not have done this without my fam + friends 💕 #Bathtime #London #LilPuff

Yasss 🙌🏻 Definitely don't trust these miscreants. Repost from @meowbox via @lingvistov #catlady #catninja

Had the best morning shooting with @peta2 at Whimsical Alley! They were so cool! Check them out and keep an eye out in the next couple months for the cooking video I made with them. And YAY I have a rad new con t-shirt (coming soon to the PETA store...). #vegansaremagical #PETA2

It was amazing to attend the @animalequality gala in LA last night celebrating 10 years of saving animals and to have the pleasure of meeting these badass vegan activists, among others. I am still not used to being in a room full of people who care as much (and more) about animals as I do and who are dedicating their lives to fixing mankind's relationship to animals every day, and I always come away buzzing with ideas and passion (and yes, a little drunk...). My 2017 goal is to start a vegan podcast and talk to all these rad people about their lives fighting for animal rights. I'm so lucky to have access to expert, passionate animal advocates and I am itching to share what I learn from the people who spearhead this movement. Soooo yeah that's my evil plan for 2017. Anyone got any tips on podcasting? 🤔 #AnimalEquality #vegan #evilplanz

You know when you've had a mega stressful day and need to sit down and absorb the beauty of cats for a half hour? Let's all enjoy a picture of Pushkin keeping the laundry cosy + looking particularly mouselike. #Pushkin

I loved the back of this dress so much that I spent all night back to front trying to hold conversations with fancy people over my shoulder and I probably need to see a chiropractor now...buuuut it was worth it 💁🏼 thank you so much @thefashionlily for styling me for the premiere and remembering all the things i forget to plan 😅 and thanks to the girls @shareendotcom for getting the dress made in time, had so much fun in this.💃🏼

Aww I love this pic so much @thisisbwright @thefashionlily 💕post after party when we weren't ready to quit so we traipsed around NYC in all our finery looking for the nearest bar with a juxebox. These are always the best bits.

Throwing it back at the Fantastic Beasts after party w/ @thisisbwright #hogwartsalum #shallwediealittle

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend @thefashionlily !! You are one of the fiercest babes and classiest geeks I know and you inspire me with your strength, style, humour and passion. Thanks for being a constant friend, supporter and the badass, blonde, sartorially savvy big sis I always needed! Love you, many happy returns bb ✨💕💁🏼

"Don't get over feelings, get into them". ☀️🍇🍊 This quote from my friend @louiseandrolia today really woke me up 💡 often times I feel my spiritual practice conflicts with my acting as gurus urge us to heal feelings and move past pain and hurt quickly rather than feel it. But as an actor feelings are my paints and I find so much healing and happiness in plunging in to them and splattering them around. This compulsion to be ok or happy only blocks my permission to feel intensely and leaves me empty handed in my art. It's a messy business but I find that mess is the only place an artist can thrive and I love that. I strongly encourage you to follow @louiseandrolia for her exploration of feelings and her beautiful art that expresses them. 💖

My problem child. 😓 we invested in some '100% guaranteed your cat will have a pee party in here' litter and this is what she does 😅 this cat is just not wired like other cats... #LilPuff #weirdo

Ohmygahhhhhd. That familiar routine of losing my Puff and finding her 15 mins later casually nestled among the cereals. 😸😹 We are staying at a weird new apartment this month so anytime there is a secret new space uncovered she materialises on the spot and inhabits it. #LilPuff

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