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Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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Tune in on Monday live at 1pm EST for an interview with meself and @backstagecast (it will be on their Facebook channel) 🎤🎭 #DiscoPigs20 #OffBroadway #IrishRep

Absolutely regal 😭👑

When you’re having a stupid day so you crawl into your cat’s box and wait for it to pass. 🤷🏼‍♀️📦 #besties #LilPuff

Auction time! Win 2 VIP tickets to Disco Pigs, and a backstage tour with me + a 2 night stay in a hotel in NYC by bidding on this prize in aid of @peta The link to bid is in my bio. ⬆️Thank you @tarafinneyproductions and @peta for making this happen! . . Speaking of @peta we at @chickpeepspod are planning an episode all about this charity and are interested in listeners’ questions. I deeply admire the work of PETA and learn so much about animal rights and veganism through their investigations and exposés. But I have also noticed that this charity attracts a lot of criticism from meat eaters and vegans alike and I’m looking forward to this episode for the chance to delve into understanding their strategies, ethos and their vision. I believe, from what I’ve read and seen that they are unfairly targeted by the animal agriculture industry, and that each PETA representative I’ve met and worked with has their heart firmly in the right place where animal rights are concerned. So feel free to send questions or comments here (oh and bid on the prize to support their amazing work!!) 💗💜

Even floofs get jetlag 😴The baby is safely in New York and all traveled out! Planning on taking her to the park and I keep seeing dogs in little shoes and am just wondering is that a thing that park-cats in New York need too?

Did a fun interview with my new BFFs @playbill @tylergmount and @felicianicole86 🎭 will be posted on Friday on their pages! 🙂 #Playbill #DiscoPigs20 #theatre #offbroadway

#DiscoPigs20 in NYC 🙂 opening night tomorrow at @irish_rep Thank you for all the love and support thus far 💗💙💚

Got to do a takeover of the @playbill instagram today! Check out their story for a behind the scenes look at Disco Pigs in the Irish rep and to get some overly personal pre-show warm up tips from yours truly 😀😘 also, our show is in previews week in New York at @irish_rep theatre and runs until February 18th so please come see the lil Irish pigs on stage! #DiscoPigs #theatre #Broadwaybaby #offbroadway #DiscoPigs20 #Playbill #EndaWalsh

So excited to get stuck into @chickpeepspod tomorrow and to record this episode with @robbjarvis and @tylorstarr ! We’ll be discussing my two great loves: Harry Potter + Animal Rights, and the ins and out of being vegan in the wizarding world! I’ve been distracted from podcast work with previews week for Disco Pigs and woke up to 200+ messages of this extremely, wonderfully nerdy variety with @chickpeepspod discussing the dilemma of procuring a vegan wand 😅 so please send us your questions and queries on this subject for the episode. To be released on Wednesday, January 10th! 🎤🎧✨🔮🐉 #TheChickPeeps #vegan #HarryPotter #CanWizardsBeVegan #Episode9andthreequarters

Happy Veganuary! 💗🍎🍇🍉🍎🍌 and mega congrats to Jane, Matthew and all the team at @weareveganuary on the launch of their brilliant new book! I had the honour of writing the foreword to this book and cannot recommend it highly enough as a launchpad to kickstarting and inspiring you on your vegan journey. Also, don’t forget to sign up to Veganuary if you haven’t already, and get a friend to join you so you can take the challenge together, which is always more fun 🙂 Good Luck, noble Veganuarians! 💗 #Veganuary #GoVegan #HowToGoVegan

My vegan wish for 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ is that vegan businesses continue to thrive so as to make veganism so easy + accessible that everyone is accidentally ordering the vegan option 🙂 Also that anyone who is curious about veganism, but feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of going vegan, will discover @chickpeepspod and let us help you align your beliefs with your practices in a safe, positive, welcoming environment 😃🙂🙃 Our episodes resume on 10th of January, and you can catch up on all previous episodes on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify and www.thechickpeeps.com 😉 💚💗🐄 Photo credit: @sfisherx

✨ Light of my life ✨ Happy New Year, everyone 💕

Next I’m gonna get a cushion of this photo and the cycle will keep repeating until there are Puff cushions allllll over my house 😼👱🏻‍♀️#LilPuff #catsofinstagram

The giving season is upon us 🎁🎄and as an animal advocate I love finding new ways to make the world a better place for our fluffy/feathery/furry friends. World Animal Protection Canada has wonderful holiday gifts that help animals all over the world. Click on the link in @WorldAnimalProtectionCanada’s bio to look through their holiday catalogue for gift ideas that will make a world of difference to bears like this guy, and many others ☺️ #worldanimalprotection #bears #cute #christmas

Icymi: (why?! Subscribe to @chickpeepspod on iTunes and that will never happen again!) We have a new episode up with @fatgayvegan discussing equality and how you can be a vegan even when you’re not an ‘animal person’. I think a lot of people think vegans are all animal crazy and that is often true (hi) but Sean teaches that you don’t have to love someone to respect and honour their right to life and freedom, and veganism is also an all-encompassing commitment to social justice. Found this chat so fascinating and truly admire his dedication. 💛 Also, I really love my ChickPeeps fam, including all you listeners who’re helping grow this project- thank you 😘🙏🏻

Mmmm treats! 😛 Vegan treats! 🌱Vegan Harry Potter treats! ⚡️ I teamed up with @peta2 to make the perfect #vegan holiday gift basket to give to your HP friends! Check out all the magical treats in the link in my bio ✨💖(be quick yo, Christmas is next Monday!!) also if you @chickpeepspod listeners haven’t already, be sure to enter our competition to win one of these babies. :) #chocolatefrogs #yum

“I know that for as long as it takes, her pain will also be her comfort. It will be all she has left. Grief is love’s souvenir”. Wow... Yes to all this 👏🏻 thanks to my beautiful cousin for always prescribing the right book @amykiberd #LoveWarrior

Gorgeous quote from a beautiful soul, Ollie Wylde @mydogmyguru in our @chickpeepspod interview this week! Check her out on her account, her work is amazzzzing and eye/heart opening 🐶👩🏻 I loved the advice Ollie gave on how spiritual leaders are still human and they don’t have all the answers, that the wisest, kindest thing a teacher can do is lead us back to meet the truth we already know within our souls. This and so much more wisdom shared on the latest ep on @chickpeepspod about how veganism can enhance your spiritual life. Shoutout to the ultimate spirit sista @oh_momoko for inspiring the subject of this episode!!!! 💎

Nailed itttt 🙃😎

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