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Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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Interviewing @nathanrunkle of @mercyforanimals with @tylorstarr for our podcast today! @chickpeepspod We'll also be interviewing Nathan on my Facebook page in an hour, so tune in at 12.30pm pacific time for that! #MercyForAnimals #Vegan

Really inspired to see the turnout at the protest held today by @ciwf to raise awareness and help Stop Live Transport of animals. Making these poor animals travel in such deplorable conditions only to be slaughtered at the end of it is so brutal and unnecessary and needs to stop. I protested alongside CIWF 2 years ago with the Cow On Tour (pictured) to highlight this issue and it has still not been addressed. @ciwf has been campaigning tirelessly to help alleviate these animals' suffering and if, like me, you missed this protest but want to help you can sign their petition to ban live exports in the U.K. at: www.ciwf.org.uk/ukexportsban (CIWF are also the guys who got legislation to ban cages for rabbits in the EU earlier this year so if you sign your name to the petition they will get shit done! ✌🏻) #StopLiveAnimalExports #CIWF

Delighted to tell you that if you enter code LILPUFF at checkout for any of the incredible @susistudio shoes you'll get 15% off AND she will donate 30% of proceeds to @animalequality 😱😍 Beautiful shoes not made of animals + helping an amazing charity continue their vital work = THANKS LIL PUFF! And thanks Susi Studio! @susistudio is a Los Angeles based company that designs vegan footwear and aims to inspire compassion towards humanity, animals and the environment through creativity. It is a female owned and operated business that has made it their mission to make sustainable footwear stylish and accessible while providing peace of mind. I'm kind of obsessed... 😍 (ps. Don't forget to enter the damn code, I always forget that bit at checkout...🙄) #LILPUFF #veganfashion #veganshoes #attractivism

Wrist swag by @inthesoulshine belly fluff by Lilac Puff #BeKind #LilPuff

Coming soon!! Today @tylorstarr, Robbie and myself are recording the first episode of our upcoming vegan podcast - The ChickPeeps!! I have been planning this slowly for some months and finally getting to put real time into it. I'm so excited to get to talk to many inspiring vegans and discuss the multitude of ways people approach vegan life. My goal for this pod is to help change people's perceptions of veganism and to show them that it is a joyful, abundant, rewarding lifestyle that is based on compassion for animals AND people. Artwork by the spangletastic @youjustgotboyd Typography by the amazing @coreylubo Big shoutout also to my badass life coach @lucysheridan who has been cheering this on every step of the way and without whom, this idea would still be curled up shyly in a remote corner of my brain. Follow @chickpeepspod for updates #vegan #veganlife #Veganpodcast #TheChickPeeps

Me: *grumbles about all the ppl on insta who are obsessed with their own physical perfection* @officialandel : 'Hey, don't criticise my craft.' #mcm to my boy who never fails to make me laugh and see the light side of things. Lately vanity and narcissism have been wearing me down, mostly because I'm seduced and fascinated by superficial things too and I don't want to be and yet the obsession is everywhere and it's so boring. And here is someone who wears beauty very lightly, neither trying to deny it nor be defined by it. I always found him strikingly beautiful and told him so and he's always shrugged and agreed because it's nice but it isn't that important and it isn't what makes him so attractive. Meanwhile I often take compliments begrudgingly because I chastise myself for vanity and in doing so make it much more of a problem than it is. He checked me in a moment of cattiness and reminded me if I accepted it, it'd be much less important and another simple source of joy in the day. I'm sick of the beauty obsession and I want to dig deeper in myself and in others but I'm sick of insecurity being trendy too and I get the feeling acceptance of all these shadow sides is the key to freeing oneself of them. Not sure why I'm posting this other than to celebrate a beautiful person and to say that self love is elusive some days and is best learned by spending time with people who are better at it than yourself. #mcm #ilovemyboyfriend

Day 3 of @Leakycon and proudly wearing my @wearelumos t-shirt! Now is a great time to donate to this incredible organisation as you can be in with a chance to win a trip to the set of Fantastic Beasts. Gah! Want! And also get this sweet tee! Every donation goes directly to helping vulnerable families and it really does make a difference. Check out #LumosCrowdrise to donate and be in with a chance to win 🐒🦄🐢🐛🦋🐆🐲 http://bit.ly/2gpSssp #WhynoNifflerEmoji #Lumos #BeTheLight

Because it's almost September 1st and because it's @leakycon weekend... here's an authentic photo of me on my first day of Hogwarts. Jk it's 8 year old me's first attempt at cosplay, when I wasn't sure if I fancied Harry or wanted to be him. And yes that is my school uniform and wand-of-tinfoil because you gotta get creative on a budget. Who else is coming to Leakycon Dublin?! #cosplay #HarryPotter #Backtoschool #Leakycon

I should come home more often!! 🌻🌳⛅️

Dreamy window kitty 🌤

Ma + Puff

Quality time with bae 😾 Outfit by the very cool, ethical, eco-friendly and obvi vegan label @weargoodapparel Puff grew her outfit herself, cos cats are all around superior beings. #WearGood

1️⃣ more show! 😲 Game-face! I will NOT miss wrenching my hairs into these merciless bunches. Thank you for supporting Disco Pigs these past couple months you lil angels 💗💘💗💗💗 Photo by #SimonAnnand #DiscoPigs20 #TheHalf

My dad sent me this picture I drew circa the mid 90s and I'm not saying I'm psychic...buuuuuttt is this or is it not an artistic prophecy of my future best friend, Lil Puff?? 🤔😯😮😼 #LilPuff

It's my bday so I decided to dress as my best self today aka. my bitmoji 👱🏻‍♀️what a style icon though, seriously. Thanks for all the birthday love! Happy to be 26! #bitmoji

Um, duh, obviously I colour checked my cushions to complement Puff. #LilacPuff #catsofinstagram #instagrammodel

In honour of our last week of Disco Pigs here is a collection of mine and Colin's most hideous selfies. From top left clockwise: after we'd completed our first full run through in front of real audience members, 10 seconds before I started throwing up violently; when we almost missed our show cos a bike race closed all the roads in Trafalgar Square and we had to charm our way back in; when I had my worst show ever and proceeded to get belligerently drunk and did things I shall never speak of again as Colin watched bemusedly; the pose we do every time we walk past the poster. Here is to a killer last week with this pig!! 🐷Thank you everyone who has come to see Disco Pigs so far, we are really grateful for the support! 💗

Been having all these mad thoughts of chopping off my hair lately and then tonight I spontaneously rewatched Swan Princess and remembered Odette has been my dream hair goddess since I was a tot 👸🏼what a truly sick lapse of judgement! 😷Identity crisis averted for another 3-4 months 🙌🏻👸🏼Also I bloody love hand drawn princess movies, bring 'em back, studio people!. #SwanPrincess #hairgoals #longhaircareaLOT #Odette

Golden voiced boy!!! 😇@officialandel I don't think there's anything hotter in this world than talent + passion 🎤 Check out my boy's beautiful cover of @iiswhoiis song "Praying". He's legit so brilliant! Oh and you're great too, @aramismerlin 🎹📹👏🏻 Their full cover is on YouTube: https://youtu.be/2KLBbmpUbig #AnDel #Praying #proudgirlfriend

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