Эванна Линч


Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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Merrion Square

In rehearsals for a short film about Lucia Joyce today. I’m working with a small but very passionate and talented team who are determined to honour Lucia as the artist she was. She is often spoken about in the context of her mental health struggles, and much of literature romanticises her alleged madness to the point where it overshadows her contribution to modern dance in the early 20th century. To me, walking the line between creative expression and mental health is a precarious journey and art has always been the outlet for emotions I need to rid myself of aka. I would be totally mad if my creativity was repressed. So I’ve always felt very sympathetic towards and defensive of Lucia when I read about her and I’m excited to be exploring who she was as a dancer in this tribute. If you are interested in helping us make this project please consider funding the work via the link in my bio! We are so hoping to get this made on film. There are rewards such as signed photos and film credits etc. All the info is at the link. Costume by: @clairegarveydesigner_ Director: @deirdremulrooney Choreography: @junkensemble #LuciaJoyce #LuciaJoyceFullCapcity #moderndance #silverfish #EvannaLynch

Did you know that people with light coloured eyes often have photophobia aka a heightened sensitivity to light due to the lack of pigmentation in the iris so it hurts to look into the light and people with dark coloured eyes will never understand the suffering we endure for selfies and sometimes we have to repress the urge to slap a camera out of people’s hands who take an age to take a picture? Shoutout to all my squinty blue eyed brethren. 👀 #photophobia

Took some time to make a vegan cherry cake this weekend 🤤 And filmed a video tutorial with @dereksarno for @wickedhealthy which will be on their channel soon :) Credit to Mama Lynch for the recipe!! . I find the energy of January hard to manage honestly. The rush of positivity and fervor to create something, manifest a dream, achieve everything at once gets me sooo stressed and snappy 🙈Nothing is ever enough in January. I get impatient and unforgiving towards myself and then I strangle my own creativity. There is something healing and rebellious about walking away from all the dreaming and scheming to make a cake for no other reason than it’s fucking delicious. 👍🏻 Hope you all had a nice weekend 😽

Happy Birthday to my little bro @p_lynz13 Here we are a long time ago in a potato field with you obediently doing the dirty work. It was nice when you were born and I finally had someone to oppress and queen over. I think our collective efforts were very well measured because you’ve grown up into such a thoughtful, smart, funny, kind, curious and spiritual (!) young chap. You’re the first person I would go to if I committed a crime cos I know you would be much more entertained than horrified and you like collecting odd stories. Please don’t die or stay in Vietnam, but have grand adventures. Love ya 🎂🎉 💚

New year’s resolution to meditate daily becomes INFINITELY more challenging when your cat sits on your lap mid-way through and releases a string of silent, terrible farts. 😖😷 #LilPuff #persiansofinstagram

Sunday mornings are for quiet cosy introspection with Puff and her Puff. 📖

London, United Kingdom

Sistas 💙💚💛

BAM, here it is! Thank you guys for tuning in earlier to see the #KinderBeauty January box reveal! And thank you for helping make this real! It has been months in the making with @daniellamonet and the @kinderbeautybox team and it’s surreal to see our box has finally been born with every beautiful little detail in place 👌🏻💋 📦 We promise the products we include are always cruelty-free, vegan + palm oil free because keeping animal exploitation out of the beauty industry is at the heart of our mission 🙌🏻 The January box includes the @andalounaturals Enlighten Serum, the @juaraskincare cleanser, the @honeybeegardens eyeliner, the @inikaorganic mineral eye shadow and the @100percentpure coffee bean caffeine eye cream. They are all such beautiful products and I’m stoked for you to try and to discover these fantastic CF brands. Let me know in the comments if you’ve signed up to get one! And if you haven’t, sign up at the link in my bio cos the January box is selling out fast! Thank you for supporting us and cruelty free brands 🙏🏻 📸 cred: @andalounaturals #KinderBeauty #kinderbeautybox #veganbeauty #crueltyfree #vegan

Throwback to a year ago when we did Disco Pigs in New York and brought Puff to Brooklyn and spent Monday afternoons puffing around Prospect Park! I miss these times! 😸#LilPuff

2019 so far: moved into a new place and away from my terrifying neighbours that I had to routinely call the police on ✔️ Tested several hundred cruelty free beauty/makeup/hair products. ✔️ So do not tell me there aren’t enough CF brands or I will cry. No. I won’t cry. But I will direct you to @kinderbeautybox and tell you to subscribe because our January box (aka. First ever!!) ships in ONE WEEK 😍💋 We have some of the BEST vegan and CF brands in our upcoming boxes, brands that I have loved for a long time and new ones too!! It’s so exciting! My dad is helping me unpack my apartment and he keeps laughing at my face and calling me ‘very fancy’ as I test these things go subscribe at the link in my bio if you wanna be more fancy 💁🏼‍♀️ #KinderBeauty #veganbeauty #crueltyfree #vegansofig #KinderBeautyBox #1week

Better than chocolate or sex but not as good as the sensation of encountering a new cat on a quiet street and crouching down to greet it and presenting your hand to be sniffed and it lets you stroke its silken, precious coat and then walks you halfway home. But close. 📚 (I got this tile on Etsy, book nerds cos I know you will ask. 🤓📖) #VladimirNabokov #books #literature

Maximum fluff levels achieved once again. ☁️☁️☁️Bow down witches, Puff has already crushed her 2019 resolution. 😼 #lilpuff #2019 #floofsofinstagram

So excited that the first Kinder Beauty box shops in just 2 weeks!! 💕📦💄Link to shop is in my bio! . I am so proud of the @kinderbeautybox team and my partner in kindness + beauty @daniellamonet! Building this project was one of the beautiful gifts 2018 delivered in my lap and I could not be more happy and proud to spread awareness of vegan beauty brands and products, to fight against animal testing and to help people switch to using only cruelty free products. . If you have just gone vegan this new year or you’ve yet to overhaul your cosmetics and beauty supplies then this is a great time to sign up to @kinderbeautybox :) Once a month we ship you a box full of awesome CF products that we have both tested and loved 🥰If you are new to cruelty free beauty and don’t know how to start, we got you! Transitioning product by product, step by step, when one thing runs out at a time is how a lot of people switch to cruelty free products. @kinderbeautybox can make that transition SO much easier and more fun and spangly of course. ✨The box is $24 but has a value of $80 so go and sign up at the link in my bio!! 😮🤭 . And if you have already signed up, thank you for being kind, and get excited cos we’ll be showing you the new products real soon 🙂 #KinderBeauty #KinderBeautyBox #veganbeauty #crueltyfree

Studying for 2019. Sashay everywhere. Keep your head up. Assume people like you. No more waiting for permission. Or questioning your worth. Seek pleasure, not approval. Stay curious. Give up playing small. Take extravagant long guiltless naps. Stretch luxuriantly. Keep impeccable grooming standards. Choose people who choose you. Trust your instincts. In summary, be more cat. #cat #spiritanimal #2019intentions

When it’s almost Veganuary so you arm yourself with a truckload of @wickedhealthy vegan brownies to celebrate 😍🍫jk...I always have brownies to hand. These ones were made by the talented @dereksarno and are available at Tesco from #WickedHealth. But seriously, if you’re thinking about trying #Veganuary and you’re gearing up for a rough month of depriving yourself of treats and eating bowls of salad (😖), consider reframing your thinking. When I first went vegan I thought my diet was defined by what I didn’t eat and I focused on avoiding those things. It made me miserable and resentful of veganism and I quit many times. But I always came back to the original reason I’d started - for love of animals and abhorrence of violence - and knew I had to find my way into it. I had to make it joyful in order for me to want to stick with it - if you try to make a lifestyle change fueled only by guilt you’ll end up depressed and mad at everyone. A friend told me to focus on crowding out the animal products with new vegan foods so it would feel like an abundant lifestyle. You have to treat it like a new language or culture, accept there will be an adjustment period, that you’ll have to learn about new foods and you’ll be confused AF at first. The biggest mistake new vegans make is removing the animal products from their plate and then trying to live off the side of vegetables! Learning some vegan recipes will teach you a different way to cook vegetables and pulses and tofu and soy meats that makes them delicious and filling. But to start with, know that you can replace all your favourite animal products with vegan alternatives. You don’t have to give up anything, you just have to research a bit and learn to substitute. I’m not even a foodie but my way of eating has improved soooo much since I first became vegan and I never feel like I’m missing out now. I encourage you to follow chefs like @dereksarno and @wickedhealthy who can teach you so much about vegan cooking and make it easy. Also, do sign up to @weareveganuary for the daily tips and recipes. I’ll share more of my vegan resources and inspiration this month too. Thanks y’all for caring ☺️💚 #fortheanimals

Every Christmas I come home and have the urge to excavate and tidy my old bedroom and inevitably come across relics of my Harry Potter fangirl days! Well this one I did not expect! For Half Blood Prince, the producers asked me would I draw up some designs for Luna’s lion quidditch hat and I knew exactly what it should look like. They’d shown me a few mock-up versions of the lion hat but in my mind I thought it should look way crazier, with beads and braids in his mane and like it was eating her head. I remember coming home from set and rushing through my homework so I could work on these ideas til the wee hours! I gave them to the art department and they somehow turned these sketches into a perfect replica of the lion hat I’d imagined. Good times... Happy Boxing Day, Potterheads! Remember to listen out for a chorus of Pygmy puffs. #fangirl4eva #Potterhead #lionhat #LunaLovegood

HAPPY LYNCHMAS! 🎄Wishing you all a beautiful holiday!! 😘🎅🏼👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

They should make a spinoff of Fantastic Beasts called Flawless Beasts and it would just be CATS and Newt on a quest to uncover the intricate mysteries of how cats manage to be this fabulous all the damn time. I mean just look at this angel!! 😍 #FlawlessBeasts #spinoff #onlyhalfjoking #catsofinstagram

“We know [Aphrodite’s alchemy] when we appreciate the capacity we have to make what we focus on beautiful and valued because it is imbued with our love.” I love this passage about the alchemical powers of the goddess Aphrodite aka. Love 💗 This piece perfectly expresses how if you want something to grow and blossom - an idea, a project, a person, yourself - you have to love them first. Nothing can bloom if love is withheld, conditional on the potential transformation. Only love has that transformational (alchemical) quality that is akin to magic. I’m going to be calling on Aphrodite’s awesome alchemical energy a lot to manifest and create in 2019 :) ✨💗 This book is ‘Goddesses in Everywoman’ by Jean Shinoda Boleyn if you wanna read about the ultimate badass babes, the Greek goddesses as our inner archetypes. Aphrodite and Hestia are my favs! 😍 #goddesses #Aphrodite #alchemy

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