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Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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Wearing yellow earrings with miss yellow eyes in honour of my friends who are affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Not too late to post your #CFyelfie and take a moment for CF awareness week. @cftrustuk

I have to whistle for the play I'm doing and this is my absolute best whistle work after several days. Why is this so hard?! ...Come see Disco Pigs btw! Everything in it except my whistling ability is top notch!! 🌬👎🏻 #DiscoPigs20 #whistling

Haha, savage!! I spend a lot of time wishing that animals would start talking, and compel us to feel their feelings. But vegan art is the next best thing imo... ever grateful for people who use their gifts to speak for animals. By Gary Larson @thefarsideofficial

Oh my, the drama happening in my garden today... Puff is not shy about telling male intruders to shove it 😂😾

Long, long after I've given up...my dad has adopted the dream of training Puff to be able to walk on the leash. He's been leaving the harness on ('her bra' as he calls it) and nudging her along as she does a sort of weird crocodile crawl. In case you were wondering where I got my cat thing... 🙄 #LilPuff #catsofinstagram

New interview on Disco Pigs + other stuff w/ #HuffPost, link in bio :) 🐷 #DiscoPigs20 #DaRunt @trafstudios

Someone needs to start the hashtag #HotBoysEatingVeganFood. Never mind, I got it. #attractivism #cute #veganfood #veggiegrill

When you ask the groomer for a 'lion cut' and they go with 'teddy bear's picnic' 😂😅😅 I love it!! And Puff is 100x happier than she has been the past few weeks, I didn't even realize she was so uncomfortable. Bring on da summer!!! 🌞😎 #LilPuff #newdo #catsofinstagram

Anyone know what dat flower she's sitting next to is gonna be? 🤔 #Caturday #nature #flowers #LilPuff

Having some garden time to take Puff's mind off all the food she isn't eating (the vet says she has to lose .5kg of chubb so no more treatz for a while). 😿😿😿#LilPuff #catsofinstagram

Agh it's getting close! See ya there?? #DiscoPigs @trafstudios @tarafinneyproductions #PigandRunt #London #theatre Ticket link in mah bio!

Who needs wings when ya have a human slave who builds cushion towers for your convenience? 👑#allhail #PrincessPuff #royalty

Puff and I romping around in a whimsical magical sunflower art world by @oona_who !! Love this so much, thank you Oona! I only wish Puff was this compliant! #LilPuff #catsofinstagram #adventures

A few days ago I learned that in some places of the world people eat turtle meat. I had a few moments of sadness and despair at the fact that no animal, however exotic or unlikely a farm subject, is exempt from the seemingly endless creative ways humans have thought to exploit them. But the good news is that this is an uncommon practice and one we can end with a bit of determination and insistence. 🐢🐢 Green Sea #turtles at Cayman #Turtle Centre are crammed into small, shallow tanks, mishandled by tourists, and used as photo props. Unnatural conditions cause the turtles stress, skin lesions, injuries and disease. Carnival Cruise Line knowingly sends customers to this #cruel attraction. Please go to the link in @world_animal_protection’s profile bio to sign a #petition urging #CarnivalCruiseLine to put #animalwelfare ahead of profit. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 oh also thank you to everyone on here who cares about the voiceless, you're my favourite kind of person. 💗

When friends draw friends 🙌🏻🎨👏🏻how beautiful is this artwork of @scarleybyrne 💗💕 follow @louiseandrolia for more art to make your eyes + heart happy 💚🌺

Thinking of you @arianagrande and your family and of all the people who have been hurt and affected by the tragedy in Manchester. I feel so sad for all the friends and families innocently enjoying fun and music together - what could be more joyful? Everything anyone says sounds trite today but please keep spreading your love and light in ripples and waves to all around you. And remember to reach out to people who desperately need love and acceptance, connection is the only way forward. 💗🇬🇧💗

1️⃣ year with this beautiful lump of a boy! 💕👦🏽 my favourite @officialandel p.s We miss you @pereira_marina !!

I know you meant for me to work out + sweat in this gear @asteriaactive @senanyc but I'm using it to sit in the garden and feel comfyyyy. Lovvve it, thank you @asteriaactive #asteriaactive #yoga #yogaposeractually

Surreal moment of today: when the postman delivered the latest copy of @veganlife_mag into my hands! 👐🏻 so honoured + humbled + ZAZZED to be on the cover of this month's magazine talking about my vegan philosophy and my upcoming podcast!! This magazine has been guiding and inspiring me through this lifestyle for the past two years and helped make it become my norm in a joyful, sustainable way. Check it out!!! (Also I'm a couple weeks behind on launching my pod but have been busy locking down co-hosts + guests and learning how to edit out my unconscionably loud neighbours from the audio - watch this space 🙂) interview and photos by my new fav vegan power couple @deniveganfitness + @tobyshawphoto 👫💪🏻❤️ shoutout also to my cover mate Crumb Hobden from Huglett's sanctuary 🐂💕#veganlife #vegansofinstagram

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