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Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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In love with this quote from our latest ChickPeeps interview with @nathanrunkle of @mercyforanimals !! It was such a privilege to be able to explore the mind of someone who is such an inspiring leader and fearless trailblazer in the animal rights community. He founded MFA at 15 years of age and he has not stopped since. @tylorstarr and I had a million and one questions for Nathan and could have kept pestering him for his insights for hours but we did cram a lot into this one pod! Listen in on iTunes or on our website www.thechickpeeps.com 🌼🐄🐷👱🏻💛 #NathanRunkle #MercyForAnimals #vegan #vegansofinstagram #TheChickPeeps

Thank you @aubrywatches for this beautiful vegan watch!! Amazing quality and their line is 100% vegan leather. So happy to see more and more incredible high quality vegan fashion companies blossom, please support cruelty free businesses like this one! #Aubrywatches #veganwatch #veganleather #vegan #vegansofinstagram

Looks like Puff has decided which suitcase to take to New York 🙂😽 #LilPuff #catsofinstagram

Can’t wait for January to be back in the weird little world of Pig and Runt IN NEW YORK!!! 😯 With the OG dream team @tarafinneyproductions @john.haidar and the far-too-serious-actor-for-social-media, Colin Campbell. If you are in NYC through Jan and Feb come see us!! Tickets are already on sale from @irish_rep at irishrep.org :) 🎟🎟🎭🐷 #DiscoPigs20 #DiscoPigs #offbroadwaybaby #NYC

Shoutout to this uber cool talented lady @hannahemersonla she wrote the theme song for the podcast that I can never seem to stop humming 😅😂 I asked my manager to find a singer/songwriter who could write something catchy and upbeat and just ‘nothing too cute’ and she wrote the cutest damn tune in the world and I loved it!!! Thank you @rockerrick for connecting us and thank you Hannah for sharing your amazing gifts for this mission! Hannah Emerson is an actress/singer/songwriter that resides in Los Angeles, CA. You can find more of her original music and videos on Youtube at bit.ly/HannahEmerson #HannahEmerson #TheChickPeeps #singer #podcast

Terrified to release this but I said I would and @chickpeepspod first two episodes are live on the website :) thank you Robbie and @louiseandrolia for staying up til 4am when I realised I didn’t know as much about podcasting publishing as I thought I did!! 😬 It has been a struggle this week working on something so bright and happy during a dark period but credit goes entirely to my friends for pulling me through this and staying on track. It is our ‘soft launch’ but I’m really proud of our team and the thing we’re building. It will be available on iTunes too within the next few days. Love y’all @chickpeepspod @oh_momoko @tylorstarr #thechickpeeps

“I'll tell you how I will go to her class and watch her dance herself into a spirit of fire. And I want to cry she is so excellent.” Quote from my favourite play, Calico, about Lucia Joyce, James Joyce’s daughter. Today I want to honour her fierce heart. She was her father’s muse but so much more than that and tragically she is a cautionary tale of a woman oppressed and unappreciated. She was his artistic match in her dancing but her artistry was stifled and that mad, passionate energy came out in ugly ways instead. She also had the greatest capacity for love, was a clairvoyant and had a vision that she and Samuel Beckett were meant to be together. Boldly, she went right up to him and told him so and she loved him with her whole heart. She was driven by her fierce and tender heart. He did not appreciate it though, messed her around and discarded her love. Some people suggest he used her to get close to her famous father. She maintained he was the love of her life but he couldn’t handle her. He was addicted to her light but he took from it selfishly and then left. Whenever I read about them I cannot fathom why he didn’t love her. She was so damn radiant. I wasn’t there, I don’t know. Her diaries and records were burned by the Joyce estate. But she lived, she danced, she loved. She reminds me that even though the world tried to shut her up, even though all that’s left of her are photos and stories, her Self was great enough to give light to me and others today. We’re human beings, not human doings, we’re not made by the things we do but by who we are, the way we love. The creation of your beautiful self. Funny story, a year after we made My Name Is Emily, Simon and I were still talking and exploring the character we’d created in Emily. I mentioned a quote about Lucia and I cited her as one of my/Emily’s heroes. Simon said ‘oh my god you’re not going to believe me but I am obsessed with Lucia too - she was who I thought of when writing Emily.’ Lately I feel Lucia moving through me, her authenticity, her ferocity her struggle to stay light. She’s giving me strength. And I know that’s you, Simon, reminding me who I am. I see that, I miss you, thank you.

All week I keep coming back to this picture and I think I’ve realised why I (and pretty much the entire female population) am so fascinated by Marilyn Monroe. I realised it’s that in all of her pictures she emits pure softness, joy, love. There is no trace of all the pain in her portraits. I’ve never seen someone be so generous with her beauty. And I keep finding myself wondering ‘how do you stay soft when life seems to repeatedly teach you to toughen up? How do you stay hopeful, idealistic, romantic when the world is telling you, over and over, that cynicism is the truth?’. I don’t know the answer to that and I don’t know this woman but her pictures and her spirit inspire me to work hard to stay light. In a way what she did is counter to what I believe is healthy -and no doubt this took its toll- because I’m all about authenticity in every moment and feeling feelings but there is such a gift in someone offering pure love to others even when they’re struggling. I’m turning off comments for a bit because I’m emotional lately and though I love reading people’s feedback I get weary of people asking me am I ok just because I feel. Feeling feelings is not cause for alarm and panic and it’s not a cry for help, it’s healing to feel. Anyway, that’s it. My intention for this week is to stay soft. 💗

My new vegan podcast launches on Wednesday November 8th FYI 💛🌻 stay tuned for links etc. I love this quote from the interview with our first guest, Erik Marcus, who has much wisdom. @chickpeepspod

Really miss my friend right now. ❤️

🌹☮️🌹PEACE BEGINS WITH COMPASSION🌹☮️ So says this v wise tee by the fantastic sisters & creators of ethical vegan label @delikaterayne in collaboration w/ @nylonmag It’s available to buy at @nylonshop and it’s in aid of @animalhopeandwellness 💗💜💗🙂

Simon, I hope you’re not resting peacefully but dancing, singing, screaming, swimming and laughing. Anything but stillness. I’m jealous that you’re in a new unknown place and we’ll never hear the beautiful words you’d write to describe it. I really thought you were going to keep living despite the odds on love and stories and I think most days you did. I don’t have any regrets with you because you taught me there was no time not to be completely honest and raw and to tell people ‘I love you’ generously and lightly. I wish the world could have heard more of your voice. It’s the greatest irony that MND took your voice away, but I’m glad your passion was so strong you found ways to make it heard anyway through your films. It helps to think that maybe MND is what made every word ring out. Everything I write sounds so stupid that I want to email you for a proof read in case you’re still in that computer somewhere. I’ll never have a friend like you again but I love that I had. I love you. Also, fuck MND.

‪To this day if I catch a weird bug in my shower I can't help but crouch down and check that it doesn't have a teeny tiny camera clutched in its fist and isn't Rita Skeeter's misogynistic male counterpart trying to get unflattering naked pics...And other ways J.K.Rowling's mind made me a paranoid and hyper vigilant muggle... call me crazy but this one looks shady af 🤔‬ #Potterheadbaggage #wtfisthis

Thank you everyone who tuned in this morning to Instagram live. If you are still confused as to what is the issue with wildlife selfies, this video should illustrate the matter pretty clearly. This poor sloth was just minding his own business in the wild when loggers came along, chopped down his home and sold him to the tourism industry for $13 where he will be used as a photo prop, his welfare and wellbeing never taken into account. I'm grateful to @world_animal_protection for bringing these rarely-seen stories to light because this is the sad reality for animals in entertainment. As it is #InternationalSlothDay I'm asking you once again to please sign the Wildlife Selfie Code (if you haven't already!) to help @world_animal_protection_uk keep wild animals in the wild! (Link in the bio ⬆️) And please share this video so people can understand WHY animals in entertainment is wrong! As always, thanks for caring, I 💗 you guys. #NotEntertainers #WidenTheLens #WildlifeSelfieCode #Sloth #slothsofinstagram

So apparently the squirrel is working on his gains? 😂 my friend sent me these bars that his family make and today I heard rustling in the kitchen and there he was snacking on a @tosihealth bar. I put the rest on the window sil for him and he's obsessed. Good job @tosihealth: vegan AND squirrel approved. I'm shutting my window now, I'm supposed to be editing my podcast and this squirrel saga is so damn distracting!!! 😓🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿 #squirrelsaga #vegansofinstagram #tosihealth

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE GREY FLUFFY THING 😾👊🏻🐿 That is one cranky ass squirrel. Really proud of how Puff conducted herself and didn't resort to yelling obscenities like this wildling. 😌

When you're a badass vegan activist but also a mega babe + glamour icon who wouldn't be caught dead out of stilettos 😆 I bloody love @pamelaanderson and how she does animal rights activism her own completely authentic, unapologetic way. This is my kind of icon. #thisiswhataveganlookslike #Pamforpresident #womancrush #SeaShepherd

🍂🍁😺Finally the weather is justifying being THIS fluffy!! #Autumn #LilPuff #catsofinstagram

In love with this vegan skincare brand @whiterabbitskincare Been using this range for the past 2 weeks and this is my skin without makeup now and I gotta say, as someone who won't even answer a FaceTime call without full makeup, it looks fucking great 💁🏼👌🏻check them out if you're looking for a completely cruelty free skincare range! (Not an ad, I just like to draw your attention to rad vegan brands - support them pls!!) #datveganglow #WhiteRabbitSkincare #VeganBeauty #vegansofinstagram

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