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Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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I'm in a very 'how hard can it be?' mood and trying to do things I previously paid lots of £ for professionals to do. As you can see from Puff's patchy new cut, styling Persian cats' fur is VERY HARD and you probably need more training than a few YouTube tutorials. Luckily she still hasn't figured out mirrors. #LilPuff #persianstyle #catsofinstagram

I think making this was my proudest life achievement! It took me FOREVER to locate all the hella obscure ingredients in the recipe but by the vegan gods, was she worth it. (Also it supposed to look more marbley and the lesson is to not phone up your friends mid cake-solidifying) #VeganChocolateMarbleCake #vegan #TheUncookBook #chocolatecake #chocolatedeath pls come over @amykiberd @youjustgotboyd @marklyminster to help me eat it 😛

Mission accomplished! 👏🏻👏🏻✊🏻Victory for caged rabbits today as MEPs voted in favour of ending the cage age for rabbits in Europe! They will be introducing legislation to phase out and ultimately ban the use of cages for rabbits across Europe. 🐰🐰 The final tally was 410 for, 205 against, with 59 abstentions. Thank you so much to everyone who signed their name to this campaign, urging MEPs to take action for rabbits, it wouldn't have happened without your support. Thanks @ciwf and @animalequalityuk for educating me and thousands of others on this matter.

Freshly brushed sun-floof. #sofluffy

Today is the last day to make your voice heard for battery farmed rabbits. Please sign the petition at www.ciwf.org/MEPvote to have your vote counted and acknowledged by British MEPs tomorrow as they make the case for rabbit welfare. Also, a few of you last week were confused as to what is wrong with keeping rabbits in cages, and I thought it would be helpful to see the difference between having a rabbit at home who sleeps in a cage and runs around the house every so often, and the rabbits who are raised in battery cages in cramped filthy conditions, and spend their lives there. Video footage by @ciwf. For more details and a more in depth look at the rabbits lives, check out their website.

She just about tolerates me 😾 Purse by @angelaroi

In love with my new @angelaroi bag! She named it 'The Luna'! Thank you for creating such beautiful vegan bags! It comes in pastel pink and white too :) #AngelaRoi #veganfashion #veganbags


It was such a pleasure to be at the launch of Philip Lymbery's new book, Dead Zone: Where the Wild Things Were. Congrats @ciwf , I'm gonna go devour this chunky book 🙂#CIWF #DeadZone #newbook

Ahh such a nice surprise from @thevegankind of vegan treats! This is definitely what you meant by recycling the packaging, right? 😆#LilPuff #catsinboxes #vegan #vegantreats #carnivoresinveganboxes

Important info if you love rabbits or just care about equality for animals 🐰💕🐰Despite being the second most farmed animal in Europe (330 million are slaughtered each year 😓😞) rabbits currently have no legal minimum welfare standards to protect them and almost 100% of them are raised in barren battery cages. However, on March 14th MEPs will have a chance to change this!! This day and this vote means a huge deal to the welfare of millions of rabbits and your signature on this petition can greatly influence their decision. Please show the EU parliament that people care about rabbits. Join me in signing @AnimalEquality petition urging British MEPs to #BanRabbitCages on March 14 at the EU Parliament: www.animalequality.net/banrabbitcages

They never let me cuddle the animals on set! Now look at us! You probably won't be able to cuddle them either BUT you can experience the Forbidden Forest and bow to this bleary eyed Buckbeak on March 31st at the Studio Tour in London! Also, my hair is only looking bloody fabulous thanks to @salonrubyb for coloring it yesterday, you absolute hair goddess thank youuu @rhbyrne 💁🏼#WBstudioTourLondon #Buckbeak

When the photographers yell 'Ham it up!!! Look afraid' but you actually find spiders fricking adorable. 🕷 🕷 #WbstudioTourLondon #Aragog #cutelilspider #followthespiders

It's ooouuuuuuuttttttt!!! Available to watch now on all the things!! Link to buy or rent is in da bio. #MyNameIsEmily #MNIE #irishfilm

When your best friend doubles as a pillow 😺#LilPuff

Actors- read this book! I was supposed to get up early today and go to the gym n shit... but instead spent the morning finishing this. I didn't like it at first, his early adventures were a bit too...macho? For my interests... (I can see why you liked it @p_lynz13 ) but the second half is all art and story and family and so much hustling. The stories he tells of having to fight tooth and nail for the nuance and authenticity of his character choices were the most inspiring, and eye opening to read that at every level actors have to earn respect and be bold enough to make their voices heard. He also illustrates with anecdotes of his auditions and near misses just how many variables go into getting a role, that talent is important but being a persistent, hungry, passionate actor is key. Such an honest, authentic, insightful, witty book from a crazily talented and humble actor. I learned more from his adventures and misadventures than from most acting handbooks. #BryanCranston #ALifeInParts

This would have been a good day to get my period 🤔 big shoutout to @beyondskin for lending me their amazing shoes for this shoot. In the past I have been too shy and afraid of being 'difficult' to request only vegan shoes on photoshoots. But I've become more and more uncomfortable with selling images that showcase animal skin as fashion items so this was the first shoot I made a point of not endorsing leather. 'All red and vegan' is pretty narrow criteria for shoes so I'm extremely grateful to my friends at @beyondskin for coming through and helping me stay true to my ethics in fashion. All the love to companies like this who are making this movement become more mainstream and accessible for those of us who don't like to compromise on fashion or compassion! #Interviewmagazine #BeyondSkin #genuinelynotleather #veganshoes

It was such an honour to be interviewed by my friend @thisisbwright for @interviewmag !! ❤️❤️ check out the interview where we talk film + stories + the awkward transitions in between (link in bio!). Thank you @iakovosphoto for the beautiful pictures. Makeup by @pablo_rodriguez_makeup & hair by @thomas.r.silverman & styling by @thomasliamdavis #Interviewmagazine

People of insta have been commenting that Puff is looking a little scraggly lately so we took this afternoon to have a good toothbrushing session because that is the only type of hairbrush she will tolerate. The look of murderous loathing in her eyes is specially for the commenters 😾❤️ (Also, my spangly gold kicks are by the amazing @beyondskin, I'll take a proper picture of them later.) #LilPuff #catsofinstagram #persiansofinstagram #BeyondSkin #veganshoes #veganfashion

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