Эванна Линч


Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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1️⃣ more show! 😲 Game-face! I will NOT miss wrenching my hairs into these merciless bunches. Thank you for supporting Disco Pigs these past couple months you lil angels 💗💘💗💗💗 Photo by #SimonAnnand #DiscoPigs20 #TheHalf

My dad sent me this picture I drew circa the mid 90s and I'm not saying I'm psychic...buuuuuttt is this or is it not an artistic prophecy of my future best friend, Lil Puff?? 🤔😯😮😼 #LilPuff

It's my bday so I decided to dress as my best self today aka. my bitmoji 👱🏻‍♀️what a style icon though, seriously. Thanks for all the birthday love! Happy to be 26! #bitmoji

Um, duh, obviously I colour checked my cushions to complement Puff. #LilacPuff #catsofinstagram #instagrammodel

In honour of our last week of Disco Pigs here is a collection of mine and Colin's most hideous selfies. From top left clockwise: after we'd completed our first full run through in front of real audience members, 10 seconds before I started throwing up violently; when we almost missed our show cos a bike race closed all the roads in Trafalgar Square and we had to charm our way back in; when I had my worst show ever and proceeded to get belligerently drunk and did things I shall never speak of again as Colin watched bemusedly; the pose we do every time we walk past the poster. Here is to a killer last week with this pig!! 🐷Thank you everyone who has come to see Disco Pigs so far, we are really grateful for the support! 💗

Been having all these mad thoughts of chopping off my hair lately and then tonight I spontaneously rewatched Swan Princess and remembered Odette has been my dream hair goddess since I was a tot 👸🏼what a truly sick lapse of judgement! 😷Identity crisis averted for another 3-4 months 🙌🏻👸🏼Also I bloody love hand drawn princess movies, bring 'em back, studio people!. #SwanPrincess #hairgoals #longhaircareaLOT #Odette

Golden voiced boy!!! 😇@officialandel I don't think there's anything hotter in this world than talent + passion 🎤 Check out my boy's beautiful cover of @iiswhoiis song "Praying". He's legit so brilliant! Oh and you're great too, @aramismerlin 🎹📹👏🏻 Their full cover is on YouTube: https://youtu.be/2KLBbmpUbig #AnDel #Praying #proudgirlfriend

When Bad Idea Brian comes to stay @brian505 left right by all my nuts and chia seeds and good intentions... 😅

...And sometimes you open your mouth to say your next line and all that comes out is "Fra fra freee frafra fuff?" and you can't unsay that so you ask 'God: now would be a perfect moment to end the world, please' but he doesn't so you keep going and just try to stay standing and not wee yourself and keep saying words and you bow at the end because you're still alive and that feels like a mega, mega win for today 🙌🏻 Theatre is a bloody lark, guys. #DiscoPigs20 #DiscoPigs #neardeathexperience #melodramaticmuch

"I want da tide to take me oudda me and give me someone different". -Probably my favourite line of Runt's from Disco Pigs. 3 WEEKS LEFT TO CATCH THE SHOW @trafstudios Ticket link in bio! Thanks to all the wonderful people who have come to see the show thus far, we love you!! 🐷🐽🐽😃#DiscoPigs20 #DiscoPigs @tarafinneyproductions

Yaaaasss to finally living in the same city again!! 💕💘💙

When it's Leo season so you make sure your mane is on point 🦁 T-shirt by the fabulous @pinupgirlclothing 👗👚

Oh sweet blessed baby Jesus, @naked_bakery have sent me another heavenly box of vegan macarons!! So come catch Disco Pigs in the next few weeks as I think this will be my last acting job as I'm about to gain a ton of weight and become a vegan dessert blogger instead. Jk but still I'm not about to share these 👌🏻thank you, vegan treat angels @naked_bakery #vegansofinstagram #veganmacarons

We don't mind a bit of rain ☔️ #LilPuff #catsofinstagram

Picked up the @thevegankind July box today and it is amazing! And then my cat sitter messaged me saying that she saw that I'm vegan and wants to try make the transition herself...so in the spirit of the lovely people at The Vegan Kind who are forever sending me vegan treats to try, I passed the box on to her. What better way to seduce people into veganism than with a box of treats mwahahahaaa 🍫🍬🍭🍪🍩 Personally I found when going vegan, that in order for it to be sustainable I had to not just believe in it, I had to ENJOY it...and these guys prove there are so many ways to keep your vegan life sweet and fun. 🍬🍬🍫😛

"Jus me. Jus da Runt". #DiscoPigs20 Photo by Alex Brenner

"Da two liddle baby beebas a Pork Sity". Thanks everyone who has supported Disco Pigs in previews this week 🙏🏻 Ticket link in bio if you wanna catch a show! #DiscoPigs20 #DiscoPigs Photo by Alex Brenner

"Are you capitalizing on my looks again to advance your vegan agenda?" "...Yes." "Well, that's delightfully evil". @officialandel 😈🌱 #HotBoysEatingVeganFood #vegandesserts #vegansofinstagram

Vegan macarons for brekkie! Don't mind if I do! Thank you so much @thevegankind @naked_bakery . When I was transitioning to veganism from being vegetarian, macarons was the one thing that used to always trip me up so these are nothing short of a revelation 😍😊😊😊😃 and they are yum!!! #thevegankind #veganmacaroons

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