Эванна Линч


Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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It's ooouuuuuuuttttttt!!! Available to watch now on all the things!! Link to buy or rent is in da bio. #MyNameIsEmily #MNIE #irishfilm

When your best friend doubles as a pillow 😺#LilPuff

Actors- read this book! I was supposed to get up early today and go to the gym n shit... but instead spent the morning finishing this. I didn't like it at first, his early adventures were a bit too...macho? For my interests... (I can see why you liked it @p_lynz13 ) but the second half is all art and story and family and so much hustling. The stories he tells of having to fight tooth and nail for the nuance and authenticity of his character choices were the most inspiring, and eye opening to read that at every level actors have to earn respect and be bold enough to make their voices heard. He also illustrates with anecdotes of his auditions and near misses just how many variables go into getting a role, that talent is important but being a persistent, hungry, passionate actor is key. Such an honest, authentic, insightful, witty book from a crazily talented and humble actor. I learned more from his adventures and misadventures than from most acting handbooks. #BryanCranston #ALifeInParts

This would have been a good day to get my period 🤔 big shoutout to @beyondskin for lending me their amazing shoes for this shoot. In the past I have been too shy and afraid of being 'difficult' to request only vegan shoes on photoshoots. But I've become more and more uncomfortable with selling images that showcase animal skin as fashion items so this was the first shoot I made a point of not endorsing leather. 'All red and vegan' is pretty narrow criteria for shoes so I'm extremely grateful to my friends at @beyondskin for coming through and helping me stay true to my ethics in fashion. All the love to companies like this who are making this movement become more mainstream and accessible for those of us who don't like to compromise on fashion or compassion! #Interviewmagazine #BeyondSkin #genuinelynotleather #veganshoes

It was such an honour to be interviewed by my friend @thisisbwright for @interviewmag !! ❤️❤️ check out the interview where we talk film + stories + the awkward transitions in between (link in bio!). Thank you @iakovosphoto for the beautiful pictures. Makeup by @pablo_rodriguez_makeup & hair by @thomas.r.silverman & styling by @thomasliamdavis #Interviewmagazine

People of insta have been commenting that Puff is looking a little scraggly lately so we took this afternoon to have a good toothbrushing session because that is the only type of hairbrush she will tolerate. The look of murderous loathing in her eyes is specially for the commenters 😾❤️ (Also, my spangly gold kicks are by the amazing @beyondskin, I'll take a proper picture of them later.) #LilPuff #catsofinstagram #persiansofinstagram #BeyondSkin #veganshoes #veganfashion

In case you missed it... #MyNameIsEmily opens today in NYC at the Cinema Village! Please support @emilyfilmirl if you can!! For those outside of NYC, you can find a link to the full list of screening dates and cities in my bio. There will be more screenings added continuously throughout the next few weeks. And after that the film will be available to watch on iTunes, Amazon and other VOD platforms starting 2/24. #MyNameIsEmily

"For the 100th time, Puff, no I can't play Catopoly with you again, you always win!". #Catopoly #LilPuff @michael_at_berendt

Happy Valentine's Day to these babies!! One who teaches me unconditional love by peeing on all my beloved possessions and the other who is so damn easy to love he must be part cat. 👦🏽😻💘#HappyValentinesDay #LilPuff #ILoveYou #cuteboyswithcats #catman

Happy Birthday, Luna Lovegood! 🌼🌸🌻🌻here is one of my favourite fan art pieces in her honour, surrounded by owls looking dreamy but a little melancholy. By @dasstark #HappyBirthdayLunaLovegood #LunaLovegood #Baeis36today

Happy Birthday Mama Lynch!!! 🌼🌸🌼

Part teddy bear 😽🐻❤️ #LilPuff

How brilliant is this little drawing of Luna! I ordered a heap of cat-themed stationery from @lingvistov and to my surprise she had also taken time to draw Luna in all her Lovegoodness. Made my day, thank you Landysh 💙💛✏️

Baby Puff 💙

My writing buddy today, who came along and boxed me in just as I was getting fed up and considering my third trip to the chocolate cupboard. Thanks Lil Puff 📝😽

At the Travel show in the Olympia London on Saturday with @world_animal_protection_uk As a general rule, World Animal Protection advises if you can 'hug, ride touch or take a selfie with a wild animal', it is likely that the animal has undergone a cruel training regime to break its spirit. January is a good time to remind people of the hidden cruelty towards animals in tourism as people are booking vacations and so many people are blissfully unaware of these practices and support them simply because they want to be close to animals. It's an innocent wish , but it is naive and the tourism industry capitalises on your love of animals at great expense to these creatures. If you just think what must have happened for a wild animal to sit mutely and obediently for a damn selfie, you can begin to imagine the ugly backstory. Check out @world_animal_protection_uk to see videos and find out more and to learn how to stop these practices, and take the pledge to turn your back on animals in tourism. Also, fun fact I learned at the travel show: civet coffee is coffee beans that have been pooped out by beautiful little fox/cat creatures that are kept in tiny cages to endlessly poop for people who have more money than sense. You're welcome. 😓 #NotEntertainers #SelfieAware #worldanimalprotection ❤️🐯🙊🐘

She is why I will never make it as a food blogger. #wouldyoulikesomecathairwiththat? #LilPuff #catsofinstagram #catloaf

Classic Puff misadventure... she gets so embarrassed when I find her in compromising situations 😅😾#LilPuff #catsofinstagram

Shoutout to one of my favourite vegan clothing brands: @inthesoulshine I absolutely love their vibe and their positive, quietly challenging vegan slogans. I prefer to wear vegan t-shirts that focus on the joy of the vegan philosophy rather than the ugly things we're fighting against. I think wearing the latter feels like I'm carrying around anger and expecting antagonism. There's room for either approach but if you favour a less aggressive style of activism like I do, this company gets you! @inthesoulshine #veganfashion #eatfruitsnotfriends #vegansofig #vegan

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