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Ирландская актриса, известная ролью Полумны Лавгуд из серии фильмов о Гарри Поттере.
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Picked up the @thevegankind July box today and it is amazing! And then my cat sitter messaged me saying that she saw that I'm vegan and wants to try make the transition herself...so in the spirit of the lovely people at The Vegan Kind who are forever sending me vegan treats to try, I passed the box on to her. What better way to seduce people into veganism than with a box of treats mwahahahaaa 🍫🍬🍭🍪🍩 Personally I found when going vegan, that in order for it to be sustainable I had to not just believe in it, I had to ENJOY it...and these guys prove there are so many ways to keep your vegan life sweet and fun. 🍬🍬🍫😛

"Jus me. Jus da Runt". #DiscoPigs20 Photo by Alex Brenner

"Da two liddle baby beebas a Pork Sity". Thanks everyone who has supported Disco Pigs in previews this week 🙏🏻 Ticket link in bio if you wanna catch a show! #DiscoPigs20 #DiscoPigs Photo by Alex Brenner

"Are you capitalizing on my looks again to advance your vegan agenda?" "...Yes." "Well, that's delightfully evil". @officialandel 😈🌱 #HotBoysEatingVeganFood #vegandesserts #vegansofinstagram

Vegan macarons for brekkie! Don't mind if I do! Thank you so much @thevegankind @naked_bakery . When I was transitioning to veganism from being vegetarian, macarons was the one thing that used to always trip me up so these are nothing short of a revelation 😍😊😊😊😃 and they are yum!!! #thevegankind #veganmacaroons

My favourite new t-shirt courtesy of the awesome people at @inthesoulshine !! I ordered 2 tees from them and they sent me like ten omg!! Going to be spreading the aggressively cheery sunshiney vegan vibes all summer longgg!! Thank you @inthesoulshine #BeNice

So rehearsals are fun!!! 🤡 #DiscoPigs20

I am incredibly honoured and proud to have been a part of @animalequality latest's 360 VR project which reveals the daily life of a dairy cow. I hope this video will open people's lives to making more vegan choices in their day to day life. I want you to know I don't make these posts to make you feel guilty. I just want to help expose the truth and make sure you're not supporting an industry -an ideology- that jars with your soul, as I realised it did with mine several years ago. I just want to make you ask questions and feel what you feel about this because you are paying for it. I also realised while watching Okja the other day that I'm not going to defend my beliefs any more because they can't be argued or reasoned out. My reasons for fighting for animal equality is not nutritional, environmental, social or any of that mind stuff. It's just my little heart steadily pounding a beat that says animal exploitation is fundamentally wrong. I can't debate that feeling, I just know it. So I will be here promoting compassion for animals and not arguing about it in the comments, for anyone who is open to learning about these issues. Check out the full 360 degree video I narrated on @animalequality 's Facebook page. Thank you to the amazing, brave people at this organisation who go right on to the slaughter house floor and film this stuff, these people are my heroes and I'm so proud to be involved in their work for I could not do what they do.

This this this. 🙌🏻

"Happy dat all dat's left a Pork Sity is my roam, your roam and da Palace Disco". Absolutely pooped after week two of rehearsals. Anyone else's weekend plans to hole up and watch 'Okja'?! Have been counting the days til it hit Netflix! #DiscoPigs20

"So on an off da off beat dat is dance we move." - Pig and Runt doing what they do best... #DiscoPigs20

Had to repost this from @veganmakeupshare as I almost missed this policy change. So disappointing to see Nars has lost its cruelty free status. I was such a fan of their vegan products. It doesn't matter where in the world you are testing on animals, the brand is still funneling its customers money into supporting this cruel and absolutely unnecessary practice. These companies will give you long winded answers about how they do everything to prevent animal testing and fund efforts to find alternatives blah blah blah but that's not really satisfactory when so many companies already succeed in creating amazing products without torturing little rabbits and guinea pigs etc, and they stand firm in their ethics by choosing not to sell in countries where animal testing is mandated by law. You either support or fight against animal testing. This is a big step backwards. If you were a fan please speak up and let NARS know you don't support this change. Hopefully they will take note 🙏🏻 #notcrueltyfree #stopanimaltesting

Wearing yellow earrings with miss yellow eyes in honour of my friends who are affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Not too late to post your #CFyelfie and take a moment for CF awareness week. @cftrustuk

I have to whistle for the play I'm doing and this is my absolute best whistle work after several days. Why is this so hard?! ...Come see Disco Pigs btw! Everything in it except my whistling ability is top notch!! 🌬👎🏻 #DiscoPigs20 #whistling

Haha, savage!! I spend a lot of time wishing that animals would start talking, and compel us to feel their feelings. But vegan art is the next best thing imo... ever grateful for people who use their gifts to speak for animals. By Gary Larson @thefarsideofficial

Oh my, the drama happening in my garden today... Puff is not shy about telling male intruders to shove it 😂😾

Long, long after I've given up...my dad has adopted the dream of training Puff to be able to walk on the leash. He's been leaving the harness on ('her bra' as he calls it) and nudging her along as she does a sort of weird crocodile crawl. In case you were wondering where I got my cat thing... 🙄 #LilPuff #catsofinstagram

New interview on Disco Pigs + other stuff w/ #HuffPost, link in bio :) 🐷 #DiscoPigs20 #DaRunt @trafstudios

Someone needs to start the hashtag #HotBoysEatingVeganFood. Never mind, I got it. #attractivism #cute #veganfood #veggiegrill

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