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Английский актёр, который стал наиболее известным после своей роли Филиппа Свифта в фильме «Пираты Карибского моря: На странных берегах», Финника Одэйра в фильме «Голодные игры: И вспыхнет пламя», принца Уильяма в фильме «Белоснежка и охотник», а также исполнил роль Алекса Стюарта в фильме «С любовью, Рози».
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From the beginning... and until the end. I love you. Happy Valentines Day wifey ❤️

30 years you have been on this planet. And for 30 years I have loved you little brother. Happy birthday. Here’s to the next chapter. @joeclaflin

Who wants to go train in Arctic temperatures when you have a nice warm car to sit in? @audiuk Thank you for making me TOO comfortable 😜 #beastmode @tonyameli

I never properly knew or understood dogs until I met this little feller. And because of him, because of the joy, and the love, because of the energy and at times absolute chaos he brought in to my world, I finally knew what I had been missing in my life. It’s because of him that I fell in love with dogs. Its because of him that I went out and got myself a dog. It’s because of him that my wife is who she is today. And because of all that, I can’t be too sad. He was way more than just a dog. He was a friend. A protector. A playmate. The Yin to Rosie’s Yang. And a champion cuddler. Thank you Archie for all of the memories. We, all of us miss you already. Good boy.

Punch out that Christmas Pud. Already a savage start to the year courtesy of all the lads at @stateofmindfitness. Much more to come. ________________________________ Big up Barry O’Connell @jodonnell_boxer @dana_zaxo_ @donny.blanco_fhr @felixfitness1 @curtcatfelix @teamspencer_thekid

Me and my pal. On our way to work. #thesnailtrail

Thank you @dkny for this character breakdown. I’d say you know me too well. 100% me.

New mascot alert. Disclaimer: No snails were harmed in the making of this photo. In fact, this little thing survived the washing machine. Or he’s not real... or he is and he just moves really, REALLY slowly. Stealth mode snail. ————————————— Part of the enjoyment of having kids though: you put on a pair of jeans for the first time in a little while and you never know what you might pull out of the pockets. #thesnailtrail begins

By order of the Peaky fookin’ Blinders, here’s ya sneak peek. Photographer: Matt Squire | © Caryn Mandabach Productions Ltd 2017

Fart smell.

O2 Academy Brixton

Tom Misch you are absolutely spellbinding. Magic man. If you haven’t already, check out @tommisch (and the plethora of talent he has supporting him).

What a night. What a show. And what a star! I met this beautiful man over a decade ago, and he has remained dear to me ever since. Seeing him blossom and grow in to the wondrous powerhouse he is today has filled me with more pride than I knew I could muster. I am bursting with love and pure admiration. @simonanthonyrhoden you always have been and will always be such a huge part of my heart, and I’m lucky to call you a friend. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your incredible journey. And for those of you who haven’t already, go see KINKY BOOTS. So much fun. #lamdaproud

It’s time to hang up the wings, and put on the hat. From Charlie’s Angels, to Peaky Blinders. A big thank you to everyone on the CA team for making me feel so at home, and for letting me come play. November 1st guys. Check it. With love 😇 #charliesangels

Tweets from a piece of the Berlin Wall.

The perfect weekend break, in the perfect pink moat cottage, with some pretty perfect people. Thank you @thisiswilderness for hosting us and giving us and the babes a home away from home for a few days. #thisiswilderness

By order of the...

Sometimes it’s just as good to look down as it is to look up. I miss my little family.

Thank you so much @emporioarmani for hosting us last night. Such an incredible show with spectacular colours in Armani’s very own hangar at Milano Linate Airport. @giorgioarmani you are a god. #RunwayOnTheRunway #Armaniboarding #MilanFashionWeek

I could not be more proud. THE NIGHTINGALE won the Special Jury award at Venice Film Festival, and our very own #baykaliganambarr won best newcomer. What an incredible journey we have been on. How fortunate we are that the importance of this story resonated with some people. Let’s hope the Nightingale can continue to fly. Thank you to all who have seen it and have given it the recognition I believe it deserves. #jenniferkent thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for bringing this wonderfully raw and brutally honest story to life. Thank you Venice for the most incredible memories. @madeupstories @bronstudios #thenightingale #venicefilmfestival @shutensky @brunapapandrea @aisling.franciosi @damonherriman @green_wood and every one else. This was a team effort. Such a team effort. And I am so proud of everyone involved.

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